Latest Assassin's Creed Pirates (WP) News

TA Top Five: Possible Assassin's Creed Settings

This week has seen not one but two new entries in the popular Assassin's Creed series hit our consoles. Over the years, this series has seen us exploring a number of different historical eras and loc

Posted 9 years ago by Chewie

XBL Content Roundup: August 14th, 2014

Xbox One Games After a brief delay to allow for table transfers from the Xbox 360, the Xbox One gets its first new title since the end of June. Pinball FX2 Size: 420.03 MB Price: FREE All of your fav

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Assassin's Creed: Pirates Announced

Ubisoft has announced yet another Assassin's Creed adventure and it is coming to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. This new adventure, titled Assassin's Creed: Pirates will take place

Posted 9 years ago by Joshua Rust

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