Assassin's Creed Pirates (Win 8)


Assassin's Creed Pirates (Win 8) Achievements

Most Earned

Master of the Seas
Master of the Seas10 (10)Destroy your first enemy ship
Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship11 (10)Unlock the Wanderer
On my way
On my way12 (10)Complete A Legend is Born
Join me!
Join me!12 (10)Recruit your first crew member

Least Earned

Captain Blood
Captain Blood28 (10)Destroy 1000 enemy ships
The Seeker
The Seeker26 (10)Reach 100% sync on Grand Bahama
The Discoverer
The Discoverer25 (10)Reach 100% sync on La Habana
The Adventurer
The Adventurer25 (10)Reach 100% sync on Los Mártires
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