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Eight Ubisoft Xbox 360 server closures coming in September

Ubisoft has issued a two-month warning for multiple Xbox 360 server closures, with three Assassin's Creed games (III, Brotherhood, and Revelations) among the titles losing online support on September 1st.

Posted 3 months ago by Luke Albigés

Sam's favourite Xbox games of the decade

To supplement our Game of the Decade voting event and to perhaps give you some inspiration, we're releasing a series of articles from our writers, as well as a round-up of our volunteer staff's picks for GOTD.

Posted 2 years ago by Sam Quirke

Top Five Next Steps for the Assassin's Creed Franchise

Assassin's Creed Origins has emerged almost unquestionably triumphant. It was full of bold steps forward and surprised everyone... but how does Ubisoft follow that success? Let's throw some ideas out there.

Posted 4 years ago by Sam Quirke

April's Games With Gold Announced

With just over a week left of March, we've learned what the April's Games With Gold are. Next month you'll be able to play as a Roman warrior, one of the four horseman, one of gaming's best children and everyone's fave assassin.

Posted 5 years ago by Andy Mills

TA Top Five: Assassin's Creed Games

2016 marks the first year in nearly a decade that gamers went without a new mainline Assassin's Creed game. But with the Ezio Collection and big budget movie out now, we thought it's still a great time to look back on the series.

Posted 6 years ago by Mark Delaney

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