6. Assassin's Creed Rogue Sequence 3Update notes

Sequence 3 is the turning point of the story and focuses on Shay's recovery. There are four memories, like Sequence 1, and it should not take very long to complete.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Sequence 3

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Sequence 3-1: The Color of Right

  • Do not get stunned by smoke
  • Do not get shot

Shay will awaken in a house in New York thanks to the kindness of Barry and Cassidy Finnegan. When a ruckus erupts downstairs, follow them down to check it out and defend their household from gang members. After you do this, the couple will give you your gear back and Cassidy will pull out her late son's clothes for you to wear.

Leave the house and a gang member will start mouthing off. Chase him down, but avoid the smoke he throws whenever possible. You don't need to stay directly on his tail; waiting for smoke to clear or finding a long way around is perfectly acceptable here. You'll find two more gang members near the one you were chasing, and one of them will tell you where their boss is hiding out.

Run on over to the gang hideout just a few seconds away and set your sights on the flag and the gang boss, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. You should try to wipe all three snipers out, preferably with berserk darts so you can take advantage of their long range attacks to kill other gang members. The snipers' absence will give you a far better chance at finding the gang boss and killing him without being shot, especially since the run-of-the-mill soldier doesn't really shoot all that much. Take the boss out with weapons of your choosing and take their flag down to stop their influence on this district of New York.

A man named Colonel Monro will introduce himself to you and will thank you for clearing out the hideout. He'll then show you how the small economic system works around town with renovations and the like, providing Shay with a steady flow of income when more renovations are made. When the two of you separate, the memory will end; consider helping out the rest of New York to give yourself a better cash flow sooner rather than later.

You are now free to complete just about everything in New York. It's highly suggested you do so in order to increase your flow of income.

Sequence 3-2: A Long Walk and a Short Drop

  • Prevent Gist's hanging by shooting the rope
  • Blow up three barrels with firecrackers

After letting the Finnegan know that you're alright, Colonel Monro will ask you to save a friend of his from being hanged by other gang members, Christopher Gist. You have a three-minute timer to do this, so rush over to the fort and try to shoot the rope he's being hanged from when you have the opportunity to do so. After freeing him, take care of any surrounding enemies and follow him to the ledge with your sights on the Morrigan, where you'll see a stalker run from the bushes into a shed. Lure her out with one of your firecracker darts and kill her, then look around the fort you saved Gist from and around the docks for at least three red explosive barrels; shoot these with the firecracker darts to really make some noise and fulfill the other optional objective.

After you've gotten that out of the way, run around the dock area and hunt down the remaining stalkers waiting to strike you down. They're incredibly easy to defeat for whatever reason. To end the mission, climb to the mast of the Morrigan and cut down your old assassin flag. Gist will ask to be your first mate with his impressively dramatic voice and the two of you will set sail for Monro in Albany to report back.

Note: After this memory, you'll be able to equip outfits and customize the Morrigan's appearance. Some outfits and items are only made available through uPlay.

Sequence 3-3: Circumstances

  • Hang the key holder using the rope dart
  • Kill Le Chasseur without taking any damage

The united trio sets their sights on a French fort up north, where their enemies are creating a poison gas. Gist will suggest that they stop to take some supplies from an outpost along the way to provide the Morrigan with something special. When you reach the outpost, run towards the large log wall the French have placed around the place and use a tree to climb up onto the roof of a building past the wall. Continue running along the tree branches until you're directly above the guy holding the key to the warehouse here (find him with eagle vision), use the rope dart on him, and drop from the branch to hang him.

With the key holder dead, protect the alarm bell nearby at all costs so reinforcements don't come at you. Loot the warehouse when it's safe to do so, then return to the captain's cabin and buy the mortar to give the Morrigan a big advantage. Take your new toy to the fort that Monro mentioned earlier and use it to inflict damage on its three towers. You can also damage towers by firing cannons or the Puckle gun at them, but remember that you're likely being attacked by other ships and are also under mortar fire.

When the fort's towers have fallen, you'll be able to dock and start your siege. Kill the two lookouts in sniper towers here and fight your way to the door in the back to find a familiar face, Le Chasseur. To kill him without being hit, try to block his attacks and then cn_A slam him into one of three objects in the room. This will inflict a lot of damage to him, making the fight shorter and therefore less dangerous. To get your last few hits in, you'll need to use cn_A again after blocking his attacks. If you get hit at all during this fight, you can just reload the checkpoint to try again.

The fort will become English territory once you've killed Le Chasseur and all of the map in this region that isn't blocked by viewpoints will reveal itself.

Note: After finishing this memory, you'll be introduced to the naval campaign side-game. You'll want to complete as much of this as possible, and it also requires an internet connection. More on this is on the third page of the walkthrough.

You can also earn the Ninja achievement for getting to the warehouse completely undetected. It's easier to get it here than in other outposts because you'll only be asked to reach the warehouse undetected instead of reaching it and leaving the area.

Sequence 3-4: Keep Your Friends Close

  • Kill three guards with a single grenade
  • Put ten guards to sleep

After speaking with the colonel, find Ben Franklin and receive the prototype grenade launcher. Then return to Colonel Monro, who has identified a hideout in which the gangs have been making poisonous gases. As of now they can only produce gas that induces sleep, but they'll soon create something far worse. Infiltrate the hideout with your new weapon and look for the gas tank in the middle of the area; three enemies will occasionally stand next to each other here, and you'll want to switch to the shrapnel grenade in order to kill all three at once for the optional objective.

After they're taken care of, focus on putting ten enemies to sleep. You can use both sleep grenades and sleep darts to get this done, so you should have no issues with this given that there are ammo crates everywhere here. Once you've put ten people to rest, Blow up the tanks in whichever order you see fit and leave the area quickly so as to not get caught in the overall explosion.

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