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Hints and Tips

Assassin's Creed II

  1. There are no secondary constraints to the missions in this game.
  2. There are no missable achievements in this version of Assassin's Creed 2.
  3. You can track your statistics in the options menu from pressing cn_start
  4. You can turn on the English subtitles if you wish to understand what the characters saying in Italian.
  5. In terms of collecting feathers, there are two ways you can do this:
    Either collect them as you go along, or try not to collect any throughout the game and then go back and collect them after you've completed the story.
    You can track how many feathers you have left in each area from the synchronistion menu. Everything you need to know about collecting feathers can be found here.
  6. The same is said for the glyphs, and everything you need to know is found here.
  7. The statuette collectibles in Monteriggioni is very straight forward and can be done in one go, with the guide found here.
  8. There are a couple of Assassin's Tombs that you will need to complete. Information on them are found here.
  9. When you start out in a city, make sure to get as many viewpoints as possible, as this will make everything a lot easier. I cannot stress this enough.
  10. Your mini-map will be a big asset to you in terms of just about everything. Make sure to use it as much as you need to, and you can filter what's displayed on the map.
  11. The easiest way to make money in this game is to invest very florin you have spare into the villa area. Some may want to just leave their xbox running idly while filling up the Villa's chest, though I don't find this necessary.
    Make sure you buy all the art you can as well, but make sure that Ezo's armour and weapons are appropriate for where you are in the story first. The last thing you need is to be an 'underpowered' Assassin.
  12. In Sequence 7 - Memory 7 you will learn a new technique called "climb leap" which will allow you to climb higher walls you couldn't reach otherwise, thus reaching places you couldn't get to before. To perform it after you've learned it, do this: while climbing hold cn_RT, press cn_A to make Ezio attempt to reach any grabbable part, then press cn_B (a bit of timing is needed) to have him grasping it just like when you grasp an item to avoid a free fall.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The Borgia Towers--Destroy the Borgia Towers as quickly as you can. In addition to the achievement "Tower Offense," it will allow you to renovate Rome, which will increase your bank vault. Second, it will reduce the number of Borgia soldiers throughout the city; thus, making missions slightly easier to complete. In addition, destroying Borgia towers will allow you to recruit more assassins to your guild. You will have access to all of the Borgia Towers after DNA sequence 6.

The Borgia Flags--I recommend you collect all of the flags together that way it's easier for you to keep track of what you have left. Also, you can collect them by district. Keep in mind that if you collect 25 Borgia Flags, you will be able to buy a map from the Art Dealers which displays the locations of the flags and feathers in that district. This makes it considerably easier to find the flags. However, you can always use the video guides I have linked.

The Assassin's Guild--I recommend recruiting the maximum number of Assassins. First, it will insure you have Assassins to call upon if you need help. Second, sending them out on missions is a good source of income. Thus, the more assassins you have, the more florins you can earn. In addition, increasing the number of assassins on a mission will increase the likelihood of success on the mission. Honestly, I never took a chance with my Assassins. I always made sure their success rate on a mission was above 90% before I sent them out, because I didn't want them to die, which would have forced me to re-train (level up) another recruit. Also, get to FIVE assassins as quickly as you can. Once you have FIVE members, you will gain access to the arrow strom. This is an invaluable asset during combat or during missions where You (Ezio) must remain undetected.

The Romulus Shrines--Except for one, you can complete these at any time. However, I recommend you complete them as soon as you can because you will be awarded with the best armor in the game upon completion.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

In this page we'll go through some of the new features of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. There is nothing you absolutely must read, but even if you're not new to the saga and will probably not need much of the following info, it might be a good idea to spend a few minutes reading about these new functions to help you in planning your "achievement-routing".

If you install the game to the HDD, you may experience an issue where the DVD will continue to spin when you launch the game, despite the installation to the HDD. In case this happens, the disc will stop spinning after a few seconds (it's usually not a matter of minutes); the best thing to do is to leave the game at the title screen, doing nothing until the disc stops spinning. The disc can stop spinning at any time anyway, but it seems to stop more quickly if you're not doing anything. It may also start to spin again while playing the Desmond Sequences; it will stop again eventually, just deal with it.

A couple of new controls have been added into the game. The "Eagle Vision" is no more by pressing Y, but it's by pressing cn_LS instead. It's also more powerful than it used to be, and it has two new functions which you will use in some memories. One is when you have to "follow the tracks" of somebody: in many cases, using the Eagle Vision will let you see a "ghost" of the character you're chasing, and his tracks. This helps if you don't know where to go. The other use is to "spot your target": in the previous games, your target received a "gold aura" just by putting him into your line of sight; sometimes in this game you will have multiple targets in gold, and you have to "scan" them by making the oval in the middle of the screen (during Eagle Vision) go on the suspected targets; by doing this, if you're "scanning" the real target, you'll be told so; if you're scanning the wrong target, you'll be told so by excluding that target from the possible suspected. In-game this will be very clear anyway, and you're usually told when to do all this.
The Y button has been mapped to play the role of your ranged weapons; the hidden gun is usually the best choice, but if you don't want to get caught you will probably prefer the poisoned darts instead. Remember to purchase the "Fast Poison" upgrade from some Doctors around the city too.

Aiming for enemies is still linked to the cn_LT button, but sometimes it doesn't seem to work. If you're struggling to target a specific enemy, use the Eagle Vision, put the target you want in the oval in the middle of the screen, and then press cn_LT. At this point you should have locked on to the desired target.

It's possible to activate some "cheats" as you are replaying memories. To find them, open your game menu with Start, go to the Options, and the "Cheats" entry will be between "Hud" and "Credits". The game won't save progress while the cheats are turned on, and turning them on/off will reset the situation (for instance, restarting the current memory). The cheats must first be unlocked as you play and perform certain random tasks. And yes, nobody would [need to] use cheats for Assassin's Creed, so I'll stop speaking about them right now.

Chests are not as important as they used to be in the past. If you're still upset about the "shop quests" from Brotherhood, they are no more in this game, and you might as well ignore the chests which will mostly earn you some "bomb components", as they will just stack on a long pile of ingredients you will hardly use.

If you don't like the color of Ezio's clothes, remember that you can dye the clothes; there's a nice "White of Masyaf" color, for the nostalgic players.

You get rent every 20 minutes spent in-game; the more the shops you own, the higher the rent (you already know this if you've played the previous games); the more Banks you've unlocked, the more they'll be able to store (up to 120,000 coins at once). Since there's a limit to the cash they can keep, make sure you withdraw your money every now and then, and invest it soon! You will need a lot of money to get some "Books" (related to the "Sage" achievement), so it's better to start unlocking all of Constantinople's shops early in the game (ideally, as soon as you're allowed to do so; a good time to work on them is around Sequence 3 Memory 4, when money will be easy to get and the "Assassin level 11 glitch" explained in the Overview won't be a problem anymore). By the way, the money used in the game is "Akçe", but I'll refer to it simply as "coins".

There's also another way to make good amounts of coins (the best way is still leaving the controller to let the game accumulate your rent automatically while you do something else; remember to plug-in your controller, or it will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity; if you don't have a wire for it, simply move the LS every 10 minutes or so), especially useful early in the game where you need to unlock the shops. For some reason, whenever you access a "bomb crafting" shelf (they'll be introduced to you in Sequence 3 Memory 4 for the first time), you're given free ingredients. In particular, you're given three units of: Impact Shell, Arabic Gunpowder, Phosphorus. If you exit the location where you just were, and enter it again, you can interact with the "bomb crafting" shelf again and receive another set of free ingredients. Selling all 9 of them nets you 3*(150+150+315) = 1,845 coins a time. This is best done in Piri Reis's residence, since you can already sell the items to him. Although not very fun, it's obviously quicker than waiting for rent, especially when it is not very high yet. Here's a video showing this being done.

The Bombs are a new kind of ranged weapon in the game. There are three types of bombs, grouped by effects: Lethal bombs will kill (or at least damage) the targets; Tactical bombs have some miscellaneous effects (one of them is the old "Smoke Bomb" from the previous games of the series); Diversion bombs have the effect of luring the targets elsewhere. You have everything explained about how to create a bomb in-game, so just wait until then to be able to try this new feature.
Bombs are made of three components. What makes the difference in their effect is the component called - guess what - "Effect". The other two components used to make a bomb are the "Shell" and the "Gunpowder". The shell determines how fast the bomb detonates, while the gunpowder determines the effect range of the bomb. Let's take a quick look at them.

Impact Shell - Detonation on impact
Fuse Shell - Detonation after 3 seconds
Trip Wire - Detonation on touch (you set bombs made with this shell on the ground; when someone steps on it, it blows)
Sticky Pouch - Detonation after 5 seconds and possibility to stick it on a target (literally, you can throw it at a guard, and it'll remain stuck on him until the detonation occurs)

Indian Gunpowder - Minimal range of effect
Arabic Gunpowder - Medium range of effect
British Gunpowder - Maximum range of effect

For the Effect components, we can sort them by "group of bomb". You will read: [Effect] - [Name of the bomb with that effect] - [Description of the effect].

Lethal Bombs Group
Shrapnel - Splinter Bomb - The Splinter Bombs kill or injure by dispersing deadly shrapnel with its explosion.
Datura - Datura Bomb- Datura Bombs release a poisonous cloud that slowly cripples all those who inhale its fumes.
Coal Dust - Thunder Bomb - The Thunder Bomb cripples or injures foes with an intense explosive force.

Tactical Bombs Group
Lamb's Blood - Blood Bomb - The Blood Bomb expels a thick spray of blood over its victims, stunning them briefly with the fear that they have been badly injured.
Caltrops - Caltrop Bomb - The Caltrop Bomb impedes enemy movement by dispersing small spikes across the ground, rendering its victims vulnerable during a fight.
Phosphorus - Smoke Screen - The Smoke Screen blinds its victims and breaks their line of sight. Use Eagle Sense to see your enemies through the smoke.
Skunk Oil - Stink Bomb - The Stink Bomb drenches its victims with a foul odour, repelling all those who come too close. Useful for separating a marked target from innocent crowds.

Diversion Bombs Group
Sulfur - Cherry Bomb - The Cherry Bomb explodes with a loud bang, luring all guards within earshot.
Salt of Petra - Smoke Decoy - The Smoke Decoy releases a quiet but persistent smoke signal that lures all soldiers who catch sight of it.
Pyrite Coins - Gold Bomb - The Gold Bomb disperses chunks of glittering pyrite coins, attracting hoards of scrounging citizens who will become aggressive towards any guard who approaches.

Have fun!

The territory of Constantinople is almost all available since the beginning of the game, and you only can't access the Southwestern part of the map, the "Arsenal" quarter (unlocked during Sequence 5 Memory 3), and an underground cave called "Cappadocia" (Sequence 7); later they will be unlocked and stay available in the post-game. You can find the "Boat to Cappadocia" in the Southeastern part of the Galata district here, if you can't find it). You can see the limits of the Districts by pressing cn_RB while having the full-screen map; this is actually the function to view the situation of the Templars/Assassins, but can be used to view the districts' boundaries as well.
Make sure you uncover the map by climbing up the towers of the "Synchronization Points" (they look like rhombuses with an eagle in the middle of it, on your map) and pressing cn_LS while standing on a specific wooden edge (triangular in shape), usually located at the top of the tower (sometimes the towers have pinnacles too, but the wooden edge is lower than the apex). Nothing new, if you've played any of the other Assassin's Creed games.

The territory is also divided into areas controlled by templars and areas clearer from their influence. Much similar to the "Borgia Towers" from Brotherhood, you have to kill the "templar captain" of an area controlled by templars, and then set a specific tower on fire in the middle of that area controlled by templars. This will free the area from the influence of templars, but not permanently (we'll see why soon). You have to set free an area from templars during one of the very first Memories (Sequence 2 Memory 7), so you will soon see what I mean. Killing the templar captain is easy; you will be randomly required to "find him" (by using the Eagle Vision and scanning soldiers to find him) or to "kill him before he runs away". In the first case, the easiest thing to do is actually going into open conflict with any guard of the area controlled by templars; the captain will most likely join the fight too, and you'll kill him easily as a regular soldier. If you're against a "coward captain" instead, simply chase after him and defeat him as quickly and silently as possible. Finally, to set a tower on fire, you will only have to climb up that specific tower inside the area, after defeating the captain, and press cn_B at its top. This will also automatically "synchronize" the area. Once it's set free, an "Assassin Den" will be placed in that territory, and you'll be able to enter it (it's a small room).

The freed area will remain like that until the templars "attack" that area. When this happens, it will be full of templars again (in particular, watch out for those armed with guns which stand behind some wooden protections; use your own ranged weapons against them, and pay attention because they really hurt) and you'll have to "interact" with the door which leads to the Assassin's Den. This will trigger the "Den Defense" minigame. Before taking a look at it, you want to know that the templars will attack when you have full Notoriety.

Notoriety has a different role in this game than it had in the previous games; if you don't know what it is, it's "how red" the square around your icon in the upper-left corner of the screen is. When you commit crimes such as open conflicts with guards, your notoriety will raise; if you keep raising it to 100%, the "red square" around your icon will be complete, and the icon itself will turn red. At this point, you are "Notorious". The difference with the previous games comes just now: when you're notorious, guards won't attack you more than they used to do. However, if you commit more crimes, your Notoriety will be soon instantly reset to zero at the price of having one of your Assassins Den attacked by the templars.
There are two ways of lowering your notoriety gradually instead of making this "sacrifice": you can bribe a herald (you can see these figures on the map; they're people speaking bad of you, in front of a small crowd, and they're usually on some wooden platforms) for 100 coins (then steal the coins back, if you want), to lose 25% of your Notoriety; then you can assassinate witnesses (they appear as "eyes" on your map), that are armed characters escorted by two guards; this will make you lose 50% of your Notoriety.
Keep in mind that purchasing shops (Banks, Blacksmith, et cetera) will increase your Notoriety.
Given this annoying scenario, you have two options: either continuously lower your notoriety after every shop you purchase, or simply don't care about it and let the templars attack your Den. Then, when you've finished going shopping, play the Den Defense minigame and set it free again. I personally preferred the second option, but be aware that the rent from the shops around the Den under attack will not be deposited to your Bank until you set it free again.

Den Defense is a simple "strategical" game. It has really little strategy involved, to be honest. You first come across it during Sequence 2 Memory 6. The minigame works like this: you have to place your units (the Assassins) on the roof of some buildings to tackle the enemies (the Templars) charging at the Den. If you win, the templars will leave and the area will be yours again; if you quit, you will lose the area (just conquer it again like you did the first time, in that case).
At first you only have some basic units, then you will get some better units too; that's not very important anyway. The units you can place are limited to their "cost"; the "value" you use to deploy them is called "Morale", and the Morale is generated gradually during the assaults. A quick look at the different units should make the idea clearer (not as much as the practical test of this by yourself in-game though):

- Leaders: place them on the roofs to be able to place any other unit around them. No leader on a roof = no other unit can be placed there. Leaders generate Morale automatically. It's a good idea to start the minigame by placing a leader on the two opposite roofs which are on the side where the enemies come (the enemies will come from the right side the great majority of times; paradoxically, when you first do so during a Memory, they come from the left instead, but this is a rare exception)
- Archers: standard units, you will place them all over the same two roofs of the first leaders. They're the typical units you want to use to take care of large amounts of regular templars
- Gun-equipped assassins ("Riflemen", if you prefer): more advanced units, they are not good to greet massive amounts of opponents; on the contrary, they are better used in the last part of the Den Defense minigame, and they are best located on the two (or more) roofs on the opposite side from where the enemies are coming. The reason for this is that they are stronger units which will work greatly during the attack of battering rams, special enemies which most of the time will end the templar assault (they can rarely miss, but 99% of the time you'll have a ram as last enemy). Also, when you feel that the battering rams are coming, you should replace the archers dying on the first roofs with your gun-equipped assassins, so they can already give some shots at the ram (at that point, the assault is almost over and you won't need to replace dead archers with more archers, since there won't be many more regular templars on foot, and your main target becomes the ram)
- "Other" assassins: they are not very useful until they get upgraded to assassins able to use bombs; even then, although the bombs are supposed to take down large amounts of enemies at once, they are not very helpful. Honestly, going with archers and gun-equipped assassins is all you need

In addition to this, there are barricades:

- Regular barricade: rather cheap; place it in the middle of the way (it's not always usable, and not everywhere) of the enemies, to obviously slow them down. You can repair it by spending Morale points and pressing cn_A on it. Doing so can also "upgrade" your barricade (make it stronger), but it's not a very good deal during the first phases, but it can help once you have some extra Morale to spend
- Armored barricades: expensive and not very useful if you set your archers properly. Since they're easily wiped out by the rams, it's usually better to spend your Morale points on multiple regular barricades instead of these ones, which would just shoot the enemies once before being taken down. Just use them if the game lets you place an armored barricade earlier, during the waves of enemies on foot (this doesn't happen "that" often)

Behind both types of barricades you may occasionally be able to place extra attack units; they don't make much of a difference, anyway.

You can also attack the enemies with Ezio, and this is extremely important. To attack them, just shoot the enemies with X after moving your target on them (the shots are free, don't worry about using your bullets). This instantly kills any enemy on foot, and is crucial to deal with Stalkers (see below). It's also a good way to increase your morale, along with the looting option which can be done on the enemies you kill. Targeting an enemy with Ezio will also focus the attention of your units on that enemy (for instance, the ram). Make sure you manually shoot as many enemies as possible and loot their bodies, so you never run out of Morale.

Finally, there is a special attack (with cn_LB) which is a cannon shot from nowhere; this shot can take down large groups of enemies at once, and is an emergency attack. It always misses the target when used on battering rams, so it's not necessary all in all, and you'll stop using it after a couple of Den Defenses.

As far as the enemies are concerned, remember that you can press cn_Y before starting the minigame to know which enemies you will face. You can find:

- Regular enemies (on foot); there are various types of them, but you can consider them all the same. Some can deal more damage than others, some can run faster than others, but then again: consider them the same, just kill them all as quickly as possible (it's not like you can plan a different strategy for different enemies like them, anyway)
- Battering rams: most of the time they are present, and they end the assault; they are resistant and you need as many gun-equipped units as possible (and solid barricades) to deal with them. Occasionally, they can be escorted by more or less large groups of soldiers; sometimes it's just a bunch of units, but other times you will find dozens of regular soldiers escorting it. Make sure you take them out before the ram in that case, and keep your barricades up. There are also different types of rams (some can shoot, some are weaker), and they usually become "more powerful" after every Den Defense game. Once again, there's nothing you can do about it: give everything you've got regardless of the type of the enemy
- Stalkers: the most dangerous enemies; they climb up the roofs and kill your units quickly. They must be taken out as soon as you notice them. They will always start attacking your units from the roofs closer to an enemy's front, as you can imagine. When you see one, shoot him down by yourself, and expect more of them around. Replace the killed units as soon as you can of course

Side note: there are also other "Stalkers" in the game, who have nothing to do with the Den Defense, and they are random rogues who will occasionally try to kill you. If you read this word somewhere else, you know it could mean either "Stalker".

At the end of the Den Defense game you'll be rewarded with cheap stuff (some coins and some ingredients for crafting). There's no point in aiming for a "100% Synch" here, but just in case you wonder, the parameters used to calculate your performance are:

Assassins Lost - 20% Max (the exact number depends on how hard the Den Defense was, but you usually can't lose more than 2 Assassins)
Cannon Shots Fired - 15% Max (must use 0)
Den's Remaining Health - 50% (15/15; mustn't be attacked)
Morale Remaining - 15% (I'm not sure how much you need here, but it's something higher than 100, probably 130 or anything around that)
Total - 100%

There is one achievement for performing a "perfect" Den Defense without using the cannon. It's best done on Sequence 2 Memory 6, when the defense is the easiest. Although the definition of "perfect" would let you imagine otherwise, you don't need to score the 100% for that; just don't take damage to your Den during the attack, without using the Cannon support (with cn_LB) and you'll be fine to unlock it:

ACR | Iron Curtain

Perform a perfect Den Defense without using the cannon.

ACR | Iron Curtain
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

After rescuing a Den, you'll be allowed to place a "guardian" (the game calls them "Leader") in its defense. The guardian is one of your assassins, and he has to be at level 10, at least, to become such; this will be first explained during Sequence 3 Memory 2. Once a guardian, or leader if you prefer (also referred to as "Master Assassin", but he's only a wannabe for now), has been placed, a mission will be available in that Den (speak with the apprentice inside of that small room). Once he reaches Level 15 (15,500 Exp points required), your Master Assassin wannabe is ready to become a real Master Assassin: it's then that he can be a real guardian for that Den, and secure that "Locked Den" against the attacks of the templars (the icon of these dens is a bit different, as you can see if you look at the legend on your in-game map, by pressing cn_LB). Before this can happen, you need to perform another simple quest to complete the training; these quests will not take place in the Dens themselves, but on the streets (there's the usual black icon of the Master Assassin missions for them).
Summing up again, you will need to: train an assassin to level 10; then assign him as leader of a Den and perform a quest (its name will be "[Something], Part 1"); then wait until he's at level 15 (which is the "Master" level); finally find and perform a second quest ("[Something], Part 2") to Lock the Den and consecrate your apprentice as Master Assassin.
Ideally, doing this for all your Dens will ensure you immunity from these problems. You don't necessarily have to train the apprentice to the grade of Master Assassin before starting his "quest for training", so you can just assign an assassin of level 10 as leader, and then send him to missions until he finally reaches level 15; when he's ready, complete the second quest.

In addition to the comfort of not having your Dens under attack, some of them will earn you special weapons too. They are very powerful, and in order of power they are:

- Yusu'f Turkish Kijil - Complete "The Deacon, Part 1" (Den in Bayezid District - North)
- Mehmet's Dagger - Complete "The Trickster, Part 1" (Den in Constantine District - North)
- Almogavar Axe - Complete "The Champion, Part 1" (Den in Bayezid District - South)

After completing all six "Part 1" quests (The Guardian, Part 1; The Vizier, Part 1; The Thespian, Part 1) you will be rewarded with the Master Assassin Armor, which is the best possible armor (on par with the Ishak Pasha's Armor) and never gets damaged.
The Ishak Pasha's Armor is a reward obtained after completing a secret location in Hagia Sophia (unlocked after collecting the 10 Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages (refer to the Miscellaneous and Collectibles section).

Training the assassins was important in Brotherhood and is even more important now. For the usual sum-up for the few new to the saga, the "assassins" are special units which help you during the course of the game. They will be introduced as you play Sequence 3, so don't bother finding them earlier than then. To recruit a new assassin, you have to rescue him (there will be a specific icon pointing them out, in due course) from the four guards attacking him; some other assassins can also be recruited by completing extra missions specific for them (you can check these missions, "memories", in the DNA sequence, after the main memories), and you will find these too eventually on your way to recruit all the assassins you can. You can recruit more assassins after freeing more Dens from the influence of the Templars (two more assassins per Den freed).
Once recruited, the assassins can be summoned by pressing cn_LB when the red gauges in the upper-left corner are filled. Each gauge can indicate one or two assassins, and there are up to three gauges (so you can summon max six assassins at once). If you have three full gauges you can also hold cn_LB to use the "arrow storm" attack which will instantly kill a lot of guards at once. Assassins deployed in battle can take damage and even die (Master Assassins can't die, but only get wounded); if they survive, they get some "Exp" to level up. As they level up, they get better weapons and "Skill Points" which you can use to upgrade their two parameters: Armor and Combat. The place where you can spend the Skill Points is just the Assassins Den (any), or some pigeon-houses here and there (you use one of them at the end of Sequence 3 Memory 2). These are the basics, and it's nothing complicated once you see this in-game.

To really train the assassins though you will need to send them on quests. These are called "Mediterranean Defense", and are again available from the Assassins Den and pigeon-houses (introduced at the end of Sequence 3 Memory 2). The Mediterranean Defense is very similar to what it used to be in Brotherhood, with another name but a similar concept; the main difference is that this time the cities where you tackle the quests will have better quests (so you can gain much faster Exp to train your Master Assassins) and especially the fact that they have an alignment. By default, as you can imagine, the cities are under the Templar influence; after completing many missions for that city, you can set it free. You can see how much the percentage of influence of the Templars will decrease after each specific mission at the time you pick the missions themselves. There are also simple missions which have a modest difficulty and are called "Reclaim the City"; they are the best ones if you just want to set it free quickly and have some decent Assassins to send. It's never a good idea to send assassins on a quest if they have a low success rate: possibly, confirm a mission only if the success rate is at least at 90%, if not 100%.
Once conquered, the city can be attacked by Templars too; there will be missions to "Defend the city" to keep them, as well as missions to increase the Assassins' influence (basically the opposite effects they had on the Templars' influence). There is one achievement for controlling all the cities at the same time, but other than that there isn't much point in keeping them under your control. Nothing worth your time, that is. The Mediterranean Defense still remains the best way to train your assassins anyway, so send them on the best quests you can find as soon as possible, to train your Assassins to the Master Assassin grade and secure your Dens. After training seven Master Assassins you will be rewarded with an achievement too (you train a Master Assassin during the story, and that's for Galata District; then there will be six Dens and therefore six Master Assassins). In particular, we're talking about these two achievements:

ACR | Armchair General

Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranean Defense game.

ACR | Armchair General
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

ACR | The Mentor

Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.

ACR | The Mentor
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

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