8. Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Story WalkthroughUpdate notes


This page is the walkthrough for the main story, side missions and miscellaneous achievements.

There will be spoilers throughout this page, due to descriptions for each memory.

Before Starting the Sequences

ACB | Technical Difficulties

Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time.

ACB | Technical Difficulties
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Additional Information: There are two missable achievements in this game:

ACB | Mailer Daemon

Access your email in 2012.

ACB | Mailer Daemon
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

ACB | Dust to Dust

Find 1 Artifact in 2012.

ACB | Dust to Dust
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

I would recommend that the second you can exit the Animus for the first time, you go for these two achievements. I recommend doing them before Sequence 7 is completed. The first is simple enough, go to your computer and access your email.

The easiest artifact to get, for the second achievement, is to go outside, then turn left and climb up the villa (using the fountain to start you off). Climb to the very top of the tower, and on one of the corners, you'll find a glowing box, which is your artifact. Once you've done both of these, you can reenter the animus.

Sequence 1


There are no secondary constraints for this Sequence's memories.

Mass Exodus

Be ready for a quick time event near the end of this cut scene. After it's over, you'll be in the Vatican, and the game starts off where it ended in Assassin's Creed II. You'll be given a quick tutorial on how to use Eagle Vision, and you'll have to climb out of the pit that you're in. Use Eagle Vision to find the hand grips that you'll be climbing. When you've gotten to the top, follow Mario, but don't let him get too far away.

After a second cut scene, follow Mario into the courtyard for a fight. You'll be given a tutorial on how combat works in this game (it's basically the same as II!). Once you're done fighting, follow Mario through the city, dealing with any enemies that you may come across. Once you've left Il Vaticano, the memory is over.


You'll be going back to the Villa (Monteriggioni) and after a cut scene, you'll have three memories to start in the area. The first one we'll do is the one that's southeast of your locatin. There's be a woman having trouble carrying some flowers. Pick them up and follow the woman to the memory's end point.

Horsing Around

You can start the next memory by talking to the man at the stables near the south entrance of the Villa. One of the horses has run away and you need to bring it back. The horse will soon go galloping past the stables.

As you chase it, the horse runs back and forth between two points on the road. Simply catch up to the horse, mount the horse and ride it back to the stables to complete the memory.

Target Practice

This memory is started by talking to some soldiers on top of the Villa wall at the south end. They're trying to get a cannon working but need your help. You can find the engineer by following the rampart northwest. The engineer is napping under a bastion. Talk to him and walk him to the broken cannon. After some dialogue, you'll get a chance to practice firing the repaired cannon. Blast five targets to end the memory.


Return to the Villa for some dialog and then head upstairs, through a door in the southeast corner, for a steamy cut scene. After the scene plays out, Ezio hops onto a horse and you must charge through the city. The horse will essentially automate its way through the city if you just press and hold forward on the control stick.


When you get knocked off the horse, hop over some barrels and swing across some poles to reach the rooftops. On your left side, there is a ladder on a wall, so attempt to climb it, and don't get concerned when you fail. The wall crumbles leaving you with a series of hand holds you'll need to climb to reach the rampart. Get to the top of the wall and follow the map marker to the cannons.

Man a cannon and you'll need to take out the enemy cannons as quickly as possible. Your cannon takes a long time to reload, so don't waste your shots. You can make each shot count double by laying your aiming reticle between two enemy cannons, as one well-aimed shot will take out two cannons at once. After a while, you'll have a cut scene, which will force you to man the second cannon and start destroying the enemy cannons on the right. Eventually a bunch of enemy soldiers breach the Villa walls.

Run east, heading toward the tower at the corner. You need to reach the top of the tower to jump over to where the enemies are, but no need to climb. Instead, look for the lift on the right that you can activate to fling Ezio to the top of the tower. From the top, look down to the other side of the tower and target the enemy captain (he'll be glowing). Equip your hidden blade and assassinate him.

Take out all of the enemies here. Most of them are supremely easy to kill, but a couple of axe-wielding enemies will provide more resistance. Use Ezio's new kick ability to break the axe fighters' guard and then quickly follow up with a combo attack to kill them. When all enemies are dead, a cut scene plays out to finish this memory.

Emergency Exit

After the cut scene from the previous memory finishes, you're left on the streets with a small handful of fighters that need to get through the Villa and its assailants. There's a marker on your map that's guiding you back to the main Villa entrance. When you get there, you'll find Claudia who's under attack. Help Claudia fight off the enemies. When she's free enough, she'll start leading you to a secret passage around the back of the Villa. Fight only the enemies that hold you up, and follow Claudia downstairs to finish the memory and sequence.

ACB | Battle Wounds

Complete DNA Sequence 1.

ACB | Battle Wounds
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Sequence 2


Desmond Miles, Present Day

There's no 100% requirements for this memory.

You'll be playing as Desmond for this memory. It's a very straight forward memory, so I won't go into too much detail (this will be applicable for any straight forward memories in this walkthrough). All you need to do is work your way through the caves under the Villa until you get to the room under the Villa where Altair's robes were keep in Assassin's Creed II.

Once you're here, you'll need to go up the stairs with Lucy and use your Eagle Vision to spot the glowing numbers on the wall. After a cut scene, you'll have to get power to the Villa. You'll need to use your Eagle Vision to find them. After getting the one at the top of the stairs, start by walking to the north end of the Villa building and turning right, heading east. Beyond a grated well is a set of stairs that leads down to another building. Eagle vision will reveal power lines leading to the next power rerouter at the base of the stairs. Then turn north, following the narrow road as it turns further east. Though the nearby power lines aren't glowing anymore, they'll still lead you to the next set of glowing lines. Follow the lines further east, and go down more stairs to the next power rerouter mounted near a red motorcycle. Activate the unit and then step through the archway to the left of it. The final power rerouter is just across the street.

Go back to the Villa and activate the Animus chair to complete this memory.

ACB | Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus.

ACB | Sanctuary! Sanctuary!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

I'd highly recommend buying the Crossbow as early as possible, and it's available from Sequence 2. It costs 12,800f, and the ammunition is 175f each, though you can usually get these by looting archers. In my opinion, it's an incredibly useful weapon.

As Good as New

Full Sync Requirement: Do not drop below one health square.

You'll start off in control off Ezio, who won't be able to do much while he's wounded. First thing to do is to head to the Doctor that's shown on your minimap. You'll be given some medicine, so use it. You'll be back at full health and able to climb, run etc.

You'll be given a marker on your map, where you'll have to climb to the top of a church tower. It's not hard to climb, and you have to get to the highest point on the tower. When you're at the top, sync the map and perform a leap of faith. As soon as you've landed, you'll spot some guards nearby. Wait for them to walk away before leaving the hay stack. You'll have to follow the group, staying far enough away for them to not notice you. Stay on ground level, there's no need to climb anywhere. Eventually, the game will tell you that you need to kill the group of enemies. None of the enemies are difficult, and I'd recommend using your counter ability (cn_RT + cn_X ) to kill them all. Once all the enemies are dead, the memory is over.

Well Executed

Full Sync Requirement: Kill your target with the hidden blade.

This memory can be completed quite efficiently if done properly. Talk to the grieving widower at the gallow to trigger the memory. You must find and kill the executioner. The Il Carnefice is in a restricted area at the top of the hill. Make your way towards the map marker, then climb onto the top of the building. You'll see a group of guards, including your target, back here. If you're standing fairly close to your target (while remaining on the roof), you'll be able to perform an air assassination with the hidden blade. Once he's been assassinated, kill the rest of the guards.

New Man in Town

Full Sync Requirement: Throw the Borgia captain into the scaffold to kill him.

This mission introduces you to Borgia Towers and what you need to do to be able to open shops around Rome. There are only two towers that are tied to missions, this one, and one that is located on an island. If you wish, after this mission, you can start destroying towers that you are able to access. You'll need to burn down all the Borgia Towers for the following achievement.

ACB | Tower Offense

Burn All Borgia Towers.

ACB | Tower Offense
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

There are a total of eleven towers in Rome, with two Towers being destroyed during the main story. It won't be until Sequence 7 that you will be able to access the final Borgia Towers, but I'd still recommend destroying the Towers that you can get to.

Some Borgia Captains will try to flee instead of fight. If they escape, you will have to wait 12 in-game hours for them to come back, or you can quit and reload the game. If you dying after killing a Captain, but before you burn the tower, you will have to repeat the whole thing again. The Pistol is the only long ranged weapon that can kill a Captain in one shot. Remember this, is will make your life a lot easier. While there are varying difficulties for the Towers, I personally didn't find them that hard to do, utilising the crossbow to take out normal enemies, and the pistol on the Captain when I was able to identify them. It made it a lot easier to manage.

Once you have destroyed a tower, you'll be able to renovate shops. I'd recommend starting with Blacksmiths, then Banks and Doctors. The others can follow afterwards.

Talk to Machiavelli in the middle of town and follow him to a shop. He gives you some money, and you need to use to it buy a Stiletto small weapon and the Roman Spaulders armour. Afterwards, continue following Machiavelli slowly through the city. Don't bring any unwanted attention to yourself.

Eventually, Machiavelli stops as Ezio takes it upon himself to kill a Borgia guard that's blocking the stables. The guard is inside a small building within the larger stables compound, and there's no way to get to him without stirring up attention. So you might as well not bother trying to be stealthy. Rush into the stables compound and move toward the red marker that points of the captain's location.

You can fight off the enemies around the Borgia captain without any issue. However, if you want full synchronization you'll need to kill the captain by throwing him into the nearby scaffolding. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to execute, though we suggest killing off the lesser enemies first to make it easier still. Grab the Borgia captain toss him toward the scaffolding. Aiming is difficult, though using cn_LS will help. Tossing the captain into the scaffolding results in instant death. Return to Machiavelli afterwards.

Finally, you need to burn down the stables tower to properly rid it of Borgia influence. I suggest entering the stables by climbing to the top of it and from there you can climb a ladder at the south side of the tower. Make your way to the top of the tower to end the memory.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Full Sync Requirement: Do not lose any health.

You'll start off this memory by having to renovate the stables. It won't cost you anything, but in future, any renovations made will cost you. After the renovation, get on a horse and follow Machiavelli. There's not much to do in this mission, but in order to get 100% sync, do not start any fights. Walk past the guards carefully, being mindful to not hit them with your horse.

Eventually, a cut scene will interrupt you and you'll have to chase down a thief. Sprint after them and tackle them when you're close enough to end the memory.

Who's Got Mail

Full Sync Requirement: Catch the Borgia courier in under 1 minute.

This is another memory that starts you off with following Machiavelli. Keep up with him and don't hit any guards, otherwise you'll end up having to fight them. Eventually, you'll run into some guards that are accompanied by a cut scene. As the scene ends, start kill everyone you have to.

When all of the guards are dead, you've got to chase down a Borgia messenger to grab the letter he's got. Immediately run left and (if you wish) target the messenger to track him more easily. It shouldn't be tough to catch the messenger with the one minute time limit imposed . Just use the skills you practiced against the thief in the previous mission to perform a diving tackle and end this mission. To avoid climbing up random objects don't cn_A down for the whole time that you run since climbing a random wall will waste time and will make full sync more difficult. Once you've caught the courier, the memory will end.

Crepi Il Lupo

Full Sync Requirement: Don't lose any health.

Follow the map marker out of the Colosseum area and into another section of ruins. When you reach the marker, a cut scene shows Ezio get surrounded by men dressed as wolves. These guys are known as the Followers of Romulus. You've got to fight them off. To make matters more difficult, you can't lose any health for full synchronisation.

I'd recommend taking a defensive stance and countering attacks. Don't go for a kill streak either, you'll more than likely get hit this way. Just stick to counter attacking and it'll be less likely for you to get hit. Once all the enemies are dead, the memory will be over.

The Halls of Nero

Full Sync Requirement: Complete the memory within eight minutes.

This memory is the only memory involving Romulus Lairs. You'll need to complete all the shrines, and all information on them can be found on here.

After you've completed this Lair, you'll be able to go about completing the others. Bare in mind that you won't be able to access the last of the Lairs until Sequence 7. Lairs will be shown by a wolf icon on the map. There's one icon that is gold, and this is where the armour and weapons are. You'll only be able to get these items once you have collected the scrolls from the Lairs. This location is also where a Borgia Captain is located, so I'd recommend taking out the Borgia Captain before getting the items.

You'll be lead into an underground area to start this mission. You'll have to start off by activating four switches to reveal the entrance to the Romulus Lair. Start off by climbing up the small pillars, then working your way around activating the switches. It's not hard to do, as there's a fairly obvious route. Once all four have been activated, you'll get a cut scene. Afterwards, dive into the pool below.

The second section involves you needing to get through a door, behind a large wooden gate that you cannot climb. Look for the only open path from the central room. Go through there and work your way around until you see the second pillar. Climb in and jump to the western wall, then shimmy around until you''re above the big gate. From here, you'll need to jump backwards onto the other wall. Climb onto the pole and use the hanging lantern to swing over the top of the next gate.

Run around the corner and climb onto the only full pillar, then jump to a couple of wooden beams. From the second beam, Ezio will be able to jump to another hanging lantern, which will swing him around the corner. Jump across the beams again, and swing onto another lantern to drop over the final gate. You can then pull the lever to get through the wooden door.

This area has a fire floor, and you have to cross it. So look to the southern wall for a pillar which you can climb up. From the top of the pillar, jump backwards onto the shoulder of the statue. Cross the statue and leap onto the wall. Now you'll have to get across the wall, and at the end, jump backwards onto the arms of a headless statue. From here, jump down to the floor.

Run up the series of crumbling pillars so you can leap off another headless statue and onto another wall. From here, get to the ledge to the right. Once on the ledge, continue right onto a series of rock steps, and get Ezio onto a hand grip at the top of a huge pillar. Shimmy right along it until Ezio's back is facing a second pillar. Jump backwards onto it, then climb up to the highest point you can go. Shimmy left into the next room. Jump down, and go through the archway ahead of you into the next room where you'll have a cut scene.

When you're back in control, go to the western side (where there's hole in the wall) and climb up into the next room. From where you land, head to the right and climb onto the short pillar in the room, then jump to the right wall. Shimmy left as far as you can go, then jump backwards to the opposite wall. Shimmy right around the corner. Climb up a couple of hand rings, then perform another backwards jump onto a short ledge. Wall run up the central structure, then shimmy left until the camera pulls back. Jump backwards onto the pole and swing into a hall. This hall will lead you to where you saw the Followers in the cut scene, so go through it.

This final section, in the hall, is by far the longest bit. If you have less than two minutes remaining by this point (you can see how much time you have left by using cn_start), I'd recommend restarting the memory. You'll know when you're almost out of time as an alarm will sound.

From here, make your way to the opposite end of the hall. Climb over the throne to a ledge above, then head left onto a beam where a skeleton is hanging. From here, jump onto the next beam, then wall run up to a higher beam. Climb to the top of the beam, then jump left to get across four beams. On the fourth beam, jump onto the narrow, long platform. Run the length of the platform, then jump onto a beam jutting out of the wall. Keep going, jumping onto a balcony. From the balcony, jump onto a pillar that will crumble when landing on it. This will provide you with a way up if you fall down.

Once on the wall, shimmy left to reach other series of beams that will take you to another balcony. From this balcony, jump down to the narrow platform on top of the pillar below you. You can then follow a line of platforms until you get a cut scene.

When you're at the final pillar, jump onto the face of the eastern wall and climb up it. You'll be able to get on top of a beam which will let you jump north. You'll then be able to swing across some poles and land on a small balcony, where the entrance to the treasure is. Enter this room, get all the treasure and open the box in the centre of the room to claim a Scroll of Romulus. Climb the ladder to complete the memory. You'll also unlock the following achievement.

ACB | Golden Boy

Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano.

ACB | Golden Boy
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If you'd prefer to use videos, this one shows you how to complete the Lair in 8 minutes.

This video will show you where the Borgia Flags (that you need to collect) are found. I'd recommend doing this on a separate run.

Roman Underground

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

Follow Machiavelli to an underground entrance and then select the only location available - Tiber Island Hideout. The memory, and Sequence 2 will be completed then.

ACB | Rome in Ruins

Complete DNA Sequence 2.

ACB | Rome in Ruins
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If you have achieved 100% synchronisation for this memory (by getting all the full sync requirements in the memories), you'll also unlock

ACB | Perfect Recall

Achieve 100% Synchronization in any Sequence other than Sequence 1.

ACB | Perfect Recall
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

I'd also recommend getting the following achievement out the way

ACB | Déjà Vu

Replay a Memory.

ACB | Déjà Vu
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

You only need to load up a memory for the achievement to unlock.

Sequence 3


Before Starting the Missions

You'll now be able to access a Borgia Tower in the Antico district. The Antico District is the Southern District of Rome. All you have to do is renovate five buildings in order to unlock the achievement. Renovating The Thieves Guild counts toward this achievement. To double check that you're in the Antico District, press cn_back and move the cursor to your location. The top left corner of the map will tell you where you are.

ACB | Home Improvement

Renovate 5 buildings in the Antico district.

ACB | Home Improvement
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

This is a map showing all the districts in Rome.

Rome Overview

Double Agent

Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected while reducing notoriety. Remain undetected until rejoining La Volpe at the Thieves Guild.

After meeting up with La Volpe and having some dialog, run to the yellow marker on the map to meet him again and receive a cut scene. You'll have to help him take out some archers, so do so. Once you've kill all the enemies, you'll have to escort Claudio back to his Thieves. Walk slowly and stick to the ground, otherwise Claudio won't be able to keep up. Look for crowds of people you can use to blend your way past crowds without being detects.

After getting Claudio to the waypoint, you need to reduce your notoriety. Doing this is simple enough, but you must do it without getting caught. The easiest way to do this is to use the posters, they'll reduce your notoriety by 25% (Heralds reduce by 50% and Officials by 75%). Posters are the easiest to use as they'll be littered everywhere. You'll be able to see a poster near your location when you start this section, and a herald isn't much further away from the poster. After bribing the Herald, you'll have to kill a Witness, which can be dangerous as you'll be spotted fairly easily. So try to corner an Official and calmly walk up to them to assassinate them.

By now your notoriety should be at zero, so make your way to the waypoint to speak to La Volpe, who will ask you to renovate the Thieves Guild by talking to the architect. After renovating the Guild, the memory will end.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Full Sync Requirement: Kill Only the Borgia Captain.

I'd recommend having a full pouch of bullets for this mission, it will make it a lot easier.

This is the second memory that involves a Borgia Captain, and the last memory that will prevent you from burning a Borgia Tower. You'll be in Borgia territory for this memory. Talk to Bartolomeo, and when he leaves, you'll be asked to help with a Borgia Captain. When you gain control of Ezio, immediately chase after the fleeing Captain. Don't bother fighting any of the other soldier if you want full synchronisation.

There are two ways to killing the Captain, the first is the way I did it. Target the Captain and equip your pistol. When you have a good line of sight of the Captain, shoot him. It's by far the easiest way. The second is to chase the Captain and equip your hidden blade. When you're close enough, you'll be able to assassinate him.

After he's dead, you'll need to burn down the Borgia Tower, which is on an island. To avoid being attacked, jump into the water and swim towards the island. Climb to the top of the tower and burn it down. Return to Bartolomeo to renovate the Arsenale. This will end the memory.

High-Stakes Negotiation

Full Sync Requirement: Do not swim.

After starting the memory, you just need to head to the waypoint on the map. You'll need 2500f to continue, so if you don't have enough money, go about pickpocketing from people. Once you have enough money, go to the checkpoint for a cut scene. After the cut scene, you'll have to fight and kill some enemies, so head onto the ship to engage them. I'd recommend using your kill streak ability here, as you'll be able to kill a lot of enemies fairly quickly. And just make sure you don't fall into the water.

Once they're all dead, head to the Brothel (Rose in Fiore) to meet up with Claudia and Maris. After some conversation, you'll need to renovate the Rose in Fiore for 2500f by talking to the architect.

Collective Intelligence

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

Head to Machiavelli to trigger a cut scene. Afterwards, find the architect to renovate the Tiber Island Hideout and complete the memory and Sequence 3.

ACB | Fixer-Upper

Complete DNA Sequence 3.

ACB | Fixer-Upper
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Sequence 4


Castello Crasher

Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected.

Getting through this memory without being detected can be a bit tricky. At the start of the memory, you'll have a series of checkpoints that you'll need to move between. Your first checkpoint will be just outside a courtyard of the castle. Instead of going across the bridge, dive into the water and head to the wooden posts that will get you to where you need to be.

There will be three guards patrolling the courtyards, so when the nearest guard has walked away, jump over and into the hay pile near you. A guard will walk by the hay pile, eventually, so assassinate him from the hay when you can. The two other guards keep to the far side of the courtyard. If you have the crossbow, you can shoot them both without being detected. If you don't, use throwing knives. After killing them, loot the guards for supplies as you'll likely gain some ammo. Afterwards, climb up the ladder to the next checkpoint and you'll receive a cut scene.

Afterwards, climb up the tower, but stay clinging to the wall, don't jump over yet as there will be a guard stationed there. From where you are, you can assassinate him. Get onto the rampart and look for a patrolling archer. Shoot him with the crossbow/throw a knife at him. Head back along the rampart, pass the hay stack and jump down to see your next checkpoint. From here, you'll see a guard patrolling underneath where you are. If you jump onto the window bit sticking out in front of you, you can assassinate the guard without being spotted. If you don't want to assassinate him, use the crossbow or a throwing knife to take him out.

Climb across this wall, towards some scaffolding and eventually a building. There will be a guard up here, so if you're quick, you can take him out with a ranged weapon. Otherwise, wait for his patrol route to face away from you and assassinate him. Another guard may start running towards you, so take him out too without being spotted, either with a ranged weapon, or by hanging off the building and assassinating him when he turns away. You'll be able to get to the next checkpoint.

Head across the rope bridge and start climbing the big, round building in the middle. I personally had no issues with being detected doing this bit, and the climbing section is straight forward enough to do. You'll hit a checkpoint and receive a cut scene, and afterwards, you'll have to start climbing again, heading back down to another checkpoint. You'll have a little cut scene on your way down. Once you've hit that checkpoint, start climbing upwards for another checkpoint, and another cut scene.

Climb to the top of this building, and there will be two guards that can be taken out with your throwing knives/crossbow, or by climbing around the top edge and assassinating them from behind. There will be a guard patrolling the courtyard below, so air assassinate him after taking out the two guards. Go through the doors (you'll get another checkpoint) and then head down through the doors. Be careful as there are a couple of guards patrolling here, with one being at the bottom at the first set of stairs. So when you see him moving, use your crossbow or throwing knives to kill him, it's a lot safer than assassinating him. Head all the way round and when you get to your final checkpoint, there will be two targets you'll have to kill. It's easy enough to kill them if youare quick enough. Once they're dead, the memory will end.

Femme Fatale

Full Sync Requirement: Do not lose more than 10 health squares.

From your starting point, backtrack all the way back to the courtyard. You'll see Lucrezia talking to a person. Begin to scale the wall to climb over the spiked gate between you and her. When Lucrezia spots you, she'll call out some guards for you to kill. They're easy enough to kill, just make sure you don't get yourself hurt. After you've killed all the guards, grab Lucrezia and start heading back to Caterina's cell. She'll put up a bit of a fight along the way, so you'll find yourself having to run after her a couple of times. You'll also be interrupted by guards along the way, but they're easy enough to kill. Once you're at Caterina's cell, the memory will end.

The Burdens We Carry

Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected.

You'll need to move quickly, as two guards will appear outside the jail room almost immediately. Walk Caterina to a corner and drop her. One of the guards will walk into the jail room so you need to be ready to sneak up behind him for an assassination, as full sync in this mission requires you not get detected. The second guard stays in his room, staring at the different walls. Assassinate him, then grab Caterina and take her downstairs.

As you round a corner in the next hall, note that three guards run down ahead of you. Two of the guards patrol back and forth while the third just stands there, alert. You can assassinate this third guard from behind, but back away before the other two come back around. Ready your throwing knives and tag each of the other two guards with throwing knives as they investigate the dead body. Carry Caterina down past the dead guards and turn right. There's an open doorway that leads to the next checkpoint, with a guard that stands in front of an opening. So assassinate him. Drop down and you're left in a stack of hay just as one guard appears, so assassinate him too.

There's another guard patrolling outside this room. Wait for him to turn east before following him briskly and killing him. Down the hall and around the corner to the right, is a doorway with another guard in it. He keeps his back to you indefinitely, so casually walk up and assassinate him. Bring Caterina out the door and place her in front of the gate. There are two cranks you need to turn in order to open up the gate. To the right (west), look for a guard patrolling the upper platform with the crank. You can come up from behind him quite easily to kill him before turning the crank. To the east, the second crank is positioned much higher. You'll need to scale a wall to reach it, but be careful of the rooftop guard. You can climb up the building he's on and perform a ledge assassination before turning the crank. Return to Caterina and carry her out of the castle to end the memory.

Guardian of Forli

Full Sync Requirement: Achieve a kill streak of at least 5 guards.

The memory starts with a simple horse ride through a bunch of people. Don't bother trying to fight anything right now, just ride with Caterina until you reach the end of the bridge that exits the castle. You'll need to fight off guards for a set period of time. You'll be surrounded the whole time, so this is a good chance to fulfill the full synchronization requirement of getting a five guard kill streak. Watch the actions of the guards around you as you chain your attacks and do your best to target the ones who's overhead icons begin to flash, as you can interrupt their imminent attack with your kill streak.

When time runs out, you need to run away and lost the guards. Leave the boundaries of the restricted area and either outrun the guards or kill them all. I'd personally recommend running away. When you've lost the guards, the memory ends.

Man of the People

Full Sync Requirement: Do not lose more than five health squares.

Start this memory by opening a door at the top of a building. You need to recruit two Assassins to the Guild. An icon appears on your map that will guide you to the first citizen. They will be fighting a group of Borgia guards. You'll need to help out with the fighting and when all guards are killed, talk to the citizen to recruit them.

You still need one more recruit, and the map will now be full of icons showing where citizens in distress are. Go to one of those and help them. Then recruit them to complete the memory. Remember that you can't take much damage for full synchronisation.

Throughout the course of the game, you'll be able to recruit Assassins to your brotherhood. You'll recruit the first two during the story, and from there on out, each Borgia Tower you destroy will allow you to recruit another Assassin. Having gained two from playing the story, you can recruit another (due to destroying a tower in Sequence 2). Now you'll have three, and you'll unlock

ACB | Brotherhood

Recruit 3 Assassins.

ACB | Brotherhood
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I'd highly recommend sending your recruits out on missions as often as possible. Missions are organised from Assassin Towers or Pigeon coops. For each mission you send them on, you'll be able to send a maximum of 5 Assassins. I never set off a mission that had a probability of less that 95% success, as I actually had a mission fail at 90%. Each Assassin will gain a certain amount of XP per mission, and money/items for you. Leveling up the Assassins makes them more powerful.

You'll only need to train one Recruit up to Assassin rank for the following achievement, but I found it quite useful to train up as many Assassins as possible. This meant I could send the Assassins on missions that would bring back a bigger monetary reward. You'll need a total 3500xp to get to the rank of Assassin, and when you do you'll have to go to the Tiber Island Hideout to complete their initiation.

ACB | Welcome to the Brotherhood

Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin.

ACB | Welcome to the Brotherhood
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At the top left hand corner of your screen, you'll see red meter, which will identify whether you can call in Assassins to help you. You'll need to call them for some missions, but this will be noted for each mission. Using cn_LB will use up on bar and bring Assassins in. You'll have 3 bars worth of Assassins to use, and when you get far enough in the game and have enough Assassins, you'll be able to use the Arrow Storm ability. This is done by holding cn_LB and uses all three bars.

Serial Offender

Full Sync Requirement: Kill your target using the Assassin recruits.

A damsel in distress will let you know about your target, who is running away. Check your mini-map for blue icons that'll lead you to a series of helpful courtesans marking the trail of the fleeing target. Run from one courtesan to the next until a red icon shows up on your screen to point out the target. Give chase, closing the distance between you and the target. When you get within range, target the enemy but don't assassinate him yourself. Instead,use the Assassin recruit by pressing cn_LB. Once he's dead, the memory will end.

Human Cargo

Full Sync Requirement: Kill your target using the Assassin recruits.

Talk to the boy on the docks to pick up your next memory. You need to track down and follow a target, so start by going towards the yellow icon on your map. As you get near to the icon, it turns into a large, highlighted zone. Use Eagle Vision to pick out your target in the open yard. You need to follow the target without getting too close or spotted.

Eventually, the man will enter a restricted area, and you'll be allowed to kill him. If you want full synchronization, target the man from a distance and call in your Assassin recruit to kill him for you. Help the recruits finish off the rest of the enemies and then follow some instructions to check out a pigeon coop to close out the memory.

An Unexpected Visitor

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

You'll hear whispering and you need to find a source. A blue icon on your mini-map gives you an idea of where the voice is coming from. Investigate the cardboard box on the ground, next to a building, to trigger a cut scene. Per Leonardo's request, sit down on the bench. Provided you have the cash, you can buy one of Leo's inventions and get the upgrade instantly. What you choose to buy is your business. Make a choice to end the mission.

You'll be able to locate Leonardo from here on out by looking for the 'L' icon on the map. You'll be able to buy the following inventions from him:

Metal Cestus6100Sequence 4
Double Hidden Blades3800Sequence 4
Poison Darts750Sequence 4

Note. You cannot equip any Vambraces Armour until you have bought the Double Hidden Blades.

War Plans

Full Sync Requirement: Send the Mercanaries into a fight.

The Templar Overseer you need to take out is nearby. Run for the yellow mini-map marker and, en route, hire the Mercenary group whose path you cross. They cost 150f (unless you have been using them often in which case they will be cheaper). You'll need them in order to get full synchronisation. Upon entering the yellow area marked on the map, use Eagle Vision to pick out the Overseer. Target the Overseer and command the hired Mercenaries to go into battle. After that, help them kill the remaining enemies. When all are dead, the memory ends.


Full Sync Requirement: Do not kill anybody before destroying the blueprints.

This memory is your first memory involving Leonardo's War Machines. This is one of the more easier ones, in my opinion, and getting to the blueprints before killing anyone isn't too difficult. If you are detected in this mission, you will fail it.

Start off by dropping down the east side of the cliff, then follow the road to the south east corner of the map. When you're at the corner, watch for a patrolling guard just north of you. When the guard turns away from you, run behind him, hugging the wall. Walk north, past a building with a ladder on it, and stop at the base of the next northern building. There will be a guard above you, so wait fro him to turn away before climbing up the building your next to. Move to the northweat corner of the roof.

You'll be able to see the blueprints in the northwest corner of the area. Wait for the guard patrolling in the area to turn away, then make a run for the blueprints. Be careful heading towards the blueprints to make sure you don't get spotted. Afterwards, you still won't be able to be detected, but you can now kill people if you so choose. You won't lose your 100% synchronisation requirement by doing this.

Once you've destroyed the blueprints, the guard patrolling near them will stop, so you can climb the northern wall. Once at the top, you'll see a carriage below, with three guards around it. You'll need to destroy the carriage. Stay along the western wall, and drop off the north end of the building. You'll be able to approach a glowing barrel from behind without being spotted. Ignite the barrel, then run away, following a series of checkpoints. After the carriage blows up (unfortunately it's not fully destroyed), you'll have to chase it down on horseback. Follow the enemies and watch for logs along your way, as these will block your path. You will always have alternative routes to take if you get blocked off. Eventually, you'll be interrupted by a cut scene.

Now you'll be in control of the carriage. I'd suggest using the tactical camera, as you'll be able to see everything easier. You'll have to ram any enemies that pull up alongside you. After you'll gotten rid of a few, you'll end up having to take control of the machine gun. Take out all the enemies that you can, paying attention to the red lines that show that enemies are about to attack you. Focus on these enemies to preserve your health, and eventually the memory will end.

ACB | Bang!

Destroy the Machine Gun.

ACB | Bang!
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The Plan

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

You'll find the next memory marker in the assassin den marked on the map. After a cutscene go and examine the map on the desk. After that, exit the hideout, end the memory and complete the sequence.

ACB | Principessa in Another Castello

Complete DNA Sequence 4.

ACB | Principessa in Another Castello
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Sequence 5


Escape from Debt

Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected while escorting the Senator.

Talk to Ezio's mother and then to Claudia to start the mission. When you exit the brothel, you'll find a yellow marker on your map. Follow it to highlighted area and then use your Eagle Vision to locate the Senator. Once you've found him, you'll need to save him from the guards. Now you'll need to escort the Senator between a series of waypoints on the map. To get full synchronization, sure you don't get detected. Unfortunately, Egidio (the Senator) can't climb. And he attracts guards. So I'd recommend using your Assassin Recruits to help you.

As you move toward the yellow map markers, watch your mini-map for enemy positions. You can order Egidio to stop in a safe corner and then assassinate guards that are in the way. Alternatively, you can hire courtesans for a distraction. This will allow you toslip by with Egidio without getting any unwanted attention. Once you've gotten to your location, you'll complete the memory.

Follow the Money

Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected and do not touch the ground while tailing the Senator.

You'll need 3,000 florins to start this mission. After some dialogue between Egidio and the guards below, you'll have to follow the crew as they move money around town. You need to stay relatively close to the money, but line of sight is more important than distance, if the countdown timer starts getting low, move the camera so that you have a clear view of Egidio and the guards to reset it. While you're keeping an eye on the money as it moves along the streets, be sure to also watch for rooftop guards. Assassinate them from behind/use your crossbow or throwing knives or, in more difficult situations, call in your assassin recruits.

However, note that at the end of Egidio's delivery path, he and the guards walk across a large, empty courtyard in front of the Pantheon. Don't bother getting close to them. Just wait for a cut scene to take over, after which you can finally touch the ground. Find a face of the Pantheon that you can climb up and hit the checkpoint at the top of the building.

Now you'll need to take out the guard that's down fondling the money at the bottom of the Pantheon. Cling to the inside edge of the hole in the building's ceiling and climb down the ceiling. Climb down low enough that you can target the enemy. Once you've got a target, you can just call in your assassin recruit to take him out silently to end the memory.

When in Rome

Full Sync Requirement: Arrive at your destination in less that three minutes.

You need to transport the money across town, but you don't have any map marker or anyone to lead you there. You have to pretend like you know where you're going, and a guard will let you know when you're going the wrong way. Start by heading west and listen for clues that you're either on the right track. When you hear a negative statement, immediately change course and you'll get confirmation that you're heading in the right direction.

You'll need to run to complete this memory in under three minutes. However, note that Ezio will drop the package if you run into another person. If you drop the package, you'll need to pick it up again before continuing the route. In general, the route will bring you southwest. When you reach the end of a large bridge, the memory ends.

In and Out

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the banker from the bench without being detected.

The mission starts with Ezio following a target enemy. Hire courtesans to surround, and use them for cover when the guards you're following occasionally stop to look behind them. Your hired courtesans will occasionally get picked off by other interested parties, so hire every new group that you find. Eventually, the target you're trailing changes and heads into a restricted area. Keep blending and following the target until a cut scene introduces a half-nude banker, Juan Borgia.

You need to follow the banker through the area, going past a number of guard stations. Use courtesans as cover and don't be afraid to use the rooftops. When you reach the final area, a cut scene will interrupt you for a bit. At this point, you need to find a way to silently kill the banker. The banker walks around the courtyard, and there are benches positioned along the southern end of the courtyard. But there are also guards (even though they may not show up on your mini-map). Hire the courtesans at the northeast corner of the courtyard and use them as cover to reach the benches to the south.

Once you've sat down, wait for the banker to stroll by. Target him and perform a silent assassination. After the assassination, simply escape the area to end the memory. One way of escaping the area is towards the back of the square there is a 'Leap of Faith" into a pile of hay. Afterwards simply run to the right then left and you will be in the middle of town.

Paper Trail

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

Go to the waypoint to set off a cut scene and end the memory and sequence.

ACB | Fundraiser

Complete DNA Sequence 5.

ACB | Fundraiser
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Sequence 6



Full Sync Requirement: Do not take any damage.

Go see Bartolomeo and you'll have to help him defend his fortress. Enemies will swarm the area, and there are three gates that you need to close to stop the invasion. You need to first fight off all of the enemies near a particular gate before you can use the gate crank to close the entrance. To make things more difficult, full synchronisation requires you get through the mission without getting hit. Play an aggressive defence, using counter attacks. If you take too long, more enemies will flood through the gates, making things a lot more difficult.

I'd suggest going for the northern gate first, as it starts with the fewest enemies. Clear the area around it, and drop the gate before moving your efforts to the southern gate. I'd also suggest calling in your Assassin recruits.

When you've finally closed all three gates, simply finish off the remaining enemies. A cut scene interrupts you temporarily, after which you need to hop on a horse and chase after Bartolomeo. Just follow him to another fort and the memory ends.

French Kiss

Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected.

You need simply to kill 20 French soldiers to complete this mission. What makes this mission challenging is that, in order to get full synchronization, you need to do it without being detected. A number of markers appear on your map pointing out a handful of French camps. Make your way to the nearest camp and watch for French soldiers patrolling outside.

The easiest way to do this without getting spotted is to order others to do the killing for you. You can hire Mercenaries and send them into battle, or call in your Assassins. If you've managed to recruit enough assassins, you can also call in arrow storms to kill multiple targets at once. Move between camps employing these tactics and you'll easily get the 20 kills you need.

Trojan Horse

Full Sync Requirement: Do not lose any health squares.

Meet with Bartolomeo and his men at the north end of the city. The group will stroll through the city, past a number of French checkpoints, en route to the main French fort. It's your job to ensure Bartolomeo's men make it there without dying, and without being spotted by the enemies.

To get full synchronisation, you need to not lose any health. Follow the group down the road and you'll soon run into the first pack of enemies. For some reason, during this encounter you're not being stealthy. You just pick a fight with the enemies and hope they don't kill one of your own.

After clearing the first barricade of French soldiers, you can't raise any alarms. Bartolomeo's group will continue marching forward until they run into a French checkpoint. When they get to the checkpoint, they'll stop and a countdown timer begins.

Before the timer reaches zero, you need to silently kill the nearest French soldiers (usually three of them at a time, a counter in the upper-right corner of the screen lets you know). Don't get spotted while you're killing the enemies, because that'll cause you to fail the mission. When all enemies are killed, Bartolomeo and his men will resume their march.

It's worth actually staying in front of the friendly army, because you can spot French guards and kill them before the countdown timer even triggers. Watch for one trio of enemies guarding the entrance of a small village. One of the enemies is on a rooftop, and if you don't kill him first he's likely to spot you while you assassinate the others.

Soon a cut scene will show your crew entering the main French fortress. As the scene closes, you need to fight. Fortunately, there are just a few enemies to kill to close out the memory. If you have full Assassin signals, use them to call an Arrow Storm, right before battle begins.

Au Revoir

Full Sync Requirement: Finish the mission in less than five minutes.

Take to the rooftops and start making your way toward the yellow spot on your map. There are a few rooftop guards you'll want to take out before making your way to the gate to the northeast. Eagle Vision will reveal that the four guards at the gate. Target them and perform an air assassination from the rooftops, then fight off the remaining ones.

With the enemies cleared, locate the gate crank to raise the gate and gain access to the area where the Baron is hiding. After the cut scene, be sure that you remain unseen or the Baron will execute Bartolomeo's wife. First, turn east and run to the wall. There's a guard standing on a deck in front of a door that you can easily sneak behind and assassinate. With that guard dead, turn north and head for the castle.

Climb up the wall of the castle and watch for a guard overhead that you can assassinate from the ledge. Climb onto the rooftop, turn west and climb another level. There's one last guard on the upper rooftop that you need to watch for. Assassinate him.

From this upper rooftop, you should be able to look over the ledge to the north and spot the Baron de Valois. Target him, get near to the edge of the rooftop and perform an air assassination.

ACB | Forget Paris

Complete DNA Sequence 6.

ACB | Forget Paris
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Sequence 7

All areas of Rome, except for the Vatican, will now be accessible to you, so I'd recommend going for

ACB | Tower Offense

Burn All Borgia Towers.

ACB | Tower Offense
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If following the hints and tips, you should've been destroying Towers as you go along. And if you haven't, go and destroy them all now. There's no reason not to.


Patching the Leak

Full Sync Requirement: Do not drop below five health squares.

Meet up with La Volpe at the Thieves Guild and he'll ask for your help in a couple of errands. The first task is to defend against the onslaught of enemies trying to discover the Guild's location. The enemies come in three waves, getting progressively more difficult with each consecutive wave. Monitor your health, use medicine when necessary, and employ the help of your Assassins.

After fighting off the enemies, hop on a horse and follow La Volpe. He'll stop at a thief in distress. Fight off the thief's attackers for a quick dialogue. After you've rescued the thief, you'll follow La Volpe on horseback again.

La Volpe will lead you to two more thieves in distress. Fighting off the enemies while watching your health shouldn't be a problem. If you have difficulty, try staying on your horse while you fight. Just be careful you don't accidentally kill civilians while flailing about. After rescuing all three thieves, the memory ends.

Call All Stand-ins

Full Sync Requirement: Use the Assassin recruits to assassinate your targets.

Run toward the green area on your map and, as you near a large gate, you'll be interrupted by a cut scene. After the scene plays out, hop on a horse and chase after Micheletto, but don't get too close. Follow him to a stone structure and he'll get off his horse and head west. The area he enters is restricted. Climb the pillars left of the guards at the area's entrance. From the pillar tops, turn west to enter the restricted area and stick to hopping across pillars to cross the massive yard.

You can successfully reach a platform overlooking Micheletto and his contact without ever touching the ground. Wait for Micheletto's contact to get a red marker and then target him. Call in an assassin recruit to assassinate the man.

Micheletto takes off again and you need to resume the pursuit. Run toward him and look on the south side of the wall bordering the stairs to find a couple of horses. Once again, Micheletto will stop when he reaches a restricted area, forcing you to follow stealthily on foot. Again, take to the rooftops to bypass the guards below.

This time, however, you'll need to watch for a rooftop archer. Reach the outer wall of the central courtyard to bear witness to another meeting of Micheletto. As Micheletto walks away, lock onto the targets and call in your assassin recruits to take them out. Drop down to the circular courtyard and start going north, after Micheletto. He'll lead you to another restricted area.

This time, climb the restricted area from the wall to the right of the guards at the entrance. You should be able to quickly follow Micheletto to where he meets his contacts. As he walks away, call in your Assassin recruits to take out the targets.

Micheletto takes off on foot. You can jump off of the highest rooftop into a hay pile on ground level. Follow Micheletto on foot to the next building to close the memory and automatically start the next.

Exit Stage Right

Full Sync Requirement: Do not kill anyone other than the gunmen.

At the memory's start, you need to climb the outside of the Colosseum to reach a waypoint pointing off the side. While you're climbing the face of the Colosseum, you'll cross in front of a bunch of guards staring off the ledge of the wall. Sneak past them without killing them. When you reach the top of the Colosseum, look for another waypoint to drop down to. The camera will pan to the right, showing a theoretical path down to the play stage far below. However, the path pictured in the panning camera is useless. Instead of turning right (west), turn left (south), keeping to the wall ledges to avoid a few guards as you make your way toward the target gunmen.

There are four gunmen you need to kill before finding the waypoint behind the stage on ground level. All four gunmen are on the same section of Colosseum platform, and you need to kill them without being spotted. They each follow separate patrol routes that lead them into secluded corners where you can carry out your silent assassinations. Alternatively, you can call in assassin recruits to do the killing for you.

With all four gunmen dead, a yellow marker appears on your map, guiding you down to ground level, behind the stage. There are four Assassins dressed in costume, waiting for you. Join them and, after switching into a costume of your own, quickly make a beeline for a waypoint to the north. A countdown timer rushes you, so be quick.

Upon hitting the checkpoint, another countdown timer starts. You need to find your correct spot on the play stage, and quickly. Use Eagle Vision to reveal a glowing spot on the ground. It's just a small spot of hay that you need to stand in for a few seconds before a second (and then a third) correct spot shows up to guide you closer to the crucifixion action taking place at centre stage.

Finally, once you've reach the final spot, you'll get the cue to take out Micheletto. Eagle Vision will reveal the glowing Micheletto among the other cast members. Quickly walk up behind him and assassinate the target to finish the memory.


Full Sync Requirement: Do not swim.

You need to run Pietro to a nearby doctor. Turn south and follow the stream of folks fleeing the Colosseum. As you exit the Colosseum, watch for guards patrolling by. If they spot you, they'll give you trouble. Fortunately, there's no real rush to get Pietro to the doctor just across the street. Wait for the guards to walk past so you can cleanly deliver Pietro.

After the cut scene, you need to chase down and tackle a fleeing thief, which can be an issue with the guards that will get in the way. The thief will take paths between roadblocks of guards. When you run through them, double-tap cn_A to make Ezio perform a short forward jump. The jump is enough to throw the guards off balance while you run past.

The same technique will save you from fast-running guards that come up from behind and try to stop you. As these sprinters get near, just double-tap cn_A to leap forward and hang up the pursuer. Eventually, you'll catch up to the running thief. Perform a tackle to bring him to the ground.

Finally, a countdown timer limits the time you have to find and stop La Volpe just west of your location. Make your way toward the next yellow map marker but beware the river separating you from the waypoint. Look to the rooftops for a wire bridge that spans the gap across the river, letting you cross to the western side and hit the waypoint to end the memory.


There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

Go and talk to La Volpe for a cut scene to see out this memory and sequence.

ACB | Bloody Sunday

Complete DNA Sequence 7.

ACB | Bloody Sunday
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Sequence 8



Full Sync Requirement: Do not be detected.

In the very first area, there's a guard patrolling the lower area. Either assassinate him from behind or call in a recruit. When the guard is killed, climb a ladder to the south that leads to a platform halfway up the rampart. From there you can climb to the top of the southern rampart. Watch for two guards patrolling the rampart, one right at the first checkpoint and another further west. Wait for the nearest to turn away from you before climbing up over the rampart to assassinate him, then climb back over the side of the rampart and sidle up to the next guard.

The next checkpoint is north of the second guard, on the next vertical level. Climb onto the covered barrels against the wall, and climb up to the next checkpoint. A cut scene then follows. When the scene is over, head east along the rampart, watching for a trio of guards. One guard is patrolling the rampart and can be assassinated from the ledge or by simply running him behind him.

The other two guards patrol the southeast corner of the rampart. Call in an Assassin to deal with them for you. Make your way to the cleared-out southeast corner of the rampart. Around the corner, to the north, is a guarded area you don't want to mess with. Before the tall fencing on your left begins, hop over the rampart ledge and drop to the small rooftop platforms below. Use a series of swinging poles and beams to move north. From the last beam, turn left and jump onto a stairway. Follow the stairway to the top and enter the door.

You need to get to a passage in the ceiling of the western side of this large room. Start by running up the western wall, left of a locked doorway, and shimmying to the right around a small lip in the wall. After shimmying right, you can swing from a pole to fling onto a beam. From the beam, wall run upward to another lip and continue shimmying to the right, around a corner. Drop down onto the beam around the corner and, from the beam, jump east to swing on a pole and land on an elevated platform. Follow a beam south, jump to another beam and then move to the opposite side of the beam so that you can hang and shimmy southward to the next corner.

Continue shimmying around the southern wall. Climb up a bit to find another lip around the very top of the wall. It'll bring you within jumping distance of a very elevated platform in the southwest corner of the room. From that platform you can climb into the ceiling passage to continue. Around the corner to the north, watch for a patrolling guard. When he walks away you can easily run up behind him to kill him. Further north, you'll go up a set of stairs to a familiar area. There are two guards patrolling the semi-circular hall at the top of the stairs. Watch for the red dots on your radar to move away from the next checkpoint before stepping out and into the next stairway.

Go to the top of the stairs but not much further. In the next room there are two guards patrolling, one on floor level and one on the level above. Wait for the guy on the upper level to turn away before running out to assassinate the ground-level enemy. Then, wall-run up a bookshelf on the left to grab onto the balcony where the other guy is patrolling. You can kill him with a ledge assassination.

There's a second guard on the upper level, looking out a window to the west. Take him out from behind and hop onto the window ledge, swinging around so that you hang out of the window. The last waypoint can be seen to the right (south). Shimmy along the hand holds in the wall to reach it and end the mission.

An Apple a Day

Full Sync Requirement: Do not kill anyone.

Climb up and south around the wall to reach a rooftop platform with a couple of guards on it. Drop down a level and jump into the window with the glowing waypoint. After the cut scene, run through the door past the crying woman and head downstairs. Once in a semi-circular hallway, turn right down more stairs and follow them to another waypoint. After the brief encounter with Cesare, you need to climb upward out of the castle. Move up the stairs a bit so that you can run up the eastern wall and jump south to grab the lowest of the overhead beams. From there you can hop across the beams to climb out the passage above you.

There's a guard at the top of the passage, but you'll need to ignore him. Run past the guard, up the spiral stairway behind him, and to a high-above ledge that overlooks Cesare as he runs by. From this high ledge, you can perform a leap of faith into a pile of hay on the rampart below. Run west to a corner wall, climb over the wall to jump on a platform hanging from a rope, and perform another leap of faith into a hay pile on the other side of the castle moat.

You now need to head to the Basilica Papale di San Pietro, just a few blocks west of your location. En route, do your best to lose the enemies chasing you. You can't kill them if you want full sync, so take to the rooftops to lose them. When you reach the destination and are anonymous, use eagle vision to spot the glowing structure in the centre of the courtyard.

The Apple of Eden

Full Sync Requirement: Do not lose any health.

You're given a new weapon, the Apple of Eden, but using it takes from Ezio's health. And getting full synchronisation in this mission requires you lose no health. Which means you don't get to use your cool new weapon. Instead, you'll be running. Head east and don't stop to fight. You'll be swarmed by guards and fighting them is too risky. If you run, the only guards you'll need to worry about are the fast runners that come up from behind. When they get near you, double tap cn_A to force Ezio to jump. Jumping will cause the nearby chasing guards to lose a step, giving you valuable inches of space to avoid their attacks. Head due east to escape the yellow-highlighted area. When you've successfully left the Vatican, jump into the water surrounding the castle and swim under a bridge to become anonymous and end the memory.


There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

There are five specific guards that you need to kill in the area. They're marked by red markers and they glow gold with eagle vision if you need help picking them out. The challenge, however, is that you've got just the Apple of Eden to fight with.

Gather up the enemies around you and use the Apple of Eden. It causes nearby enemies to fight each other, so essentially you don't need to kill anyone yourself. However, if you charge the Apple up completely, it'll release a burst that does kill.

You need lots of health to power a kill shot, though, so stop using the Apple long enough to regain your health units. Make sure all enemies are dead to end the memory.

Seeing Red

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

Run north toward the green zone and use your eagle vision to pick out the target cardinal next to one of the small, ruined buildings. You need to tail the cardinal to his destination without alerting him. You'll be lead to the centre of the Colosseum. You'll have to fight your way inside using just the Apple, so repeat the strategies from the previous memory.

Once inside the Colosseum, you'll be attacked by three waves of enemies with a couple of targets per wave. Start each wave by running around the Colosseum to gather up the baddies and then execute a fully-charged Apple of Eden shot to kill as many enemies as possible. You can also call in all of your assassin recruits. Kill all three waves and the memory ends.

All Roads Let To

There are no full sync requirements for this memory.

Now you'll have to fight Cesare and his men. Run around and use the Apple, run around and regain health, repeat. There's a countdown timer and you simply need to last until the timer hits zero. When it does, run to the yellow waypoint to end the memory and the sequence.

ACB | Vittoria Agli Assassini

Complete DNA Sequence 8.

ACB | Vittoria Agli Assassini
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Sequence 9


Pax Romana

Full Sync Requirement: Do not drop below five health squares.

Be ready for a quick time event in the middle of the cut scene. Afterwards, you'll be surrounded by enemies that you can very quickly kill with a hefty execution streak. Get on the nearby horse and ride north toward the map marker. Cannon shots will land near you but there's nothing to worry about. Eventually, the horse will be taken out forcing Ezio to continue northward on foot.

The entire area north of you is a restricted area, so don't bother looking for a way around it. Instead, charge forward and expect to fight. There are many, many guards. After hitting a checkpoint to the north, push through the enemies that'll appear, heading north to the next checkpoint near a siege tower that you must climb. Before bothering to climb the tower, however, I do suggest you fight off all surrounding enemies. Climb up to the first level of the siege tower and climb into the structure. There's a series of ladders to climb to the top of the tower and the first one is hard to spot (it's on the right). When you reach the top of the tower, you'll move on to the next area.

Head toward the next waypoint and expect minor enemy resistance. You'll run through a small village to the next checkpoint, run up some stairs and then have to climb another siege tower. Start by climbing up the left side of the tower face and migrate to the right. After climbing to a small ledge, you'll need to climb up some very obvious ladder pieces to reach the top of the tower.

Run past the battling people and head north to the next checkpoint. It's here where you'll finally do battle with Cesare, who's armed with a gun. Close the distance and attack aggressively to keep him from firing at you. Use kicks to break his guard and consider using your own gun on him. After damaging Cesare some, a quick time event requires you mash the attack button. For the next phase of the battle, Cesare is joined by a handful of guards. You'll want to kill off the guards quickly without leaving Cesare free to shoot you so, again, be aggressive. You'll go through this same pattern a couple of times, with quick time mash attacks between each, until finally finishing off Cesare. Full synchronisation in this mission requires you not drop below five units of health so be ready to use medicine to replenish yours. Shots from Cesare do lots of damage, as do attacks from the heavily-armed baddies near the end of the fight.

Once the fight with Cesare is finished, you'll have completed the Ezio storyline of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood!

ACB | Requiescat In Pace

Complete DNA Sequence 9.

ACB | Requiescat In Pace
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Present Day with Desmond

When you're playing as Desmond, head upstairs from the Animus vault and use Eagle Vision to check out the pyramid drawing on the wall and the numbers that look like dates. Cue next cut scene.Now you're at the Colosseum as Desmond and get to do some exploring. Start by dropping down to ground level and turning left through a passage. Find a nearby generator and run up the wall behind it to climb upward. From the top of the climb, jump backward onto another ledge.

Shimmy left to hop across a beam and onto a mid-air path formed by a series of beams. Continue straight on the obvious path and Desmond will eventually jump to swing on a hanging pot. Turn left and continue forward until you see a sign for another electric generator. Drop down to the ground at the electricity sign and then climb the wall on the right. From the top of the wall, turn right (so that you're facing the direction opposite the path you just followed here) and climb up to a series of narrow wood platforms. From there you can jump down to a swinging pole and onto a series of beams.

Follow the beams to another swinging pot that drops you onto a ledge. Jump onto yet another swinging pot ahead and, once back on ground level, run straight to yet another electric generator. Climb up the wall behind the generator and jump backward from the top, grabbing onto the ledge of an archway. Follow a trio of beams forward and then right, eventually reaching a wall with seemingly two possible directions. Turn left (going right results in an almost immediate dead end) to find a couple of poles Desmond can swing across to reach a wall above another generator. From the top of this wall, shimmy to the left to slip into a hidden passage.

You'll hit a checkpoint after a bit more forward progress. Once again, the wall behind a generator proves useful. Climb up the wall and jump backward to the opposite wall so you can shimmy left and then jump backward to a ledge. Jump down to ground level ahead and use some wooden poles to hop over a chasm ahead. Climb up the pile of stuff on the left and use it to jump to a hanging wood platform. Swing down to the ground level ahead and use the automated lift line to reach the area overhead. After a bit more beam traversing, you'll take a leap of faith down a tall, tall pit.

Use Eagle Vision to reveal two glowing spots on the walls and activate each of them. You move into a new area, one much darker than before. Climb on top of one of the boxes against the walls and jump to openings above the locked gate. Instead of dropping to the other side of the wall, jump to the wall in front of you and shimmy left to grab a beam that runs over the hall. Swing forward until you get to the last beam you can reach. From the end of this beam, jump across the room to grab the opposite wall. Shimmy left onto a big beam and you can jump and swing on a pole to land on an open passage ahead for another encounter, with an apparition. Once again, use Eagle Vision to find two glowing spots on the walls and activate them to go to the next area.

In the narrow room you hit next, run up the wall with hand holds above and climb as high as you can. From the top of the hand holds, jump backward onto a beam and then jump onto another side of the well to continue to the top. You'll have a cut scene when you emerge from the well. Run straight across the large room and climb up the stone object with a portrait on the side. Climb to the tip of the cross sculpture, and jump to the ledge ahead to activate a switch that causes some transformation of the ceiling.

Turn away from the wall switch to look across the massive room. Go left a bit and you can jump across a series of horizontal flag poles to reach a balcony. From the balcony rail, jump onto a hanging lantern, turn to the left side of it and jump backward onto a hanging, hefty beam. You'll need to complete a number of similar jumps from the myriad lamps hanging around the perimeter of the room. As you make these jumps, keep two things in mind:

  1. Always jump from the highest point you can possibly reach while hanging from a lantern.
  2. Position Desmond's back to the next target and move the camera so that it points where you want to go—if the camera isn't looking directly at the next lantern, you're likely to jump the wrong direction.

Through a lot more jumping via a path that should be easy to figure out, you'll reach the part of the ceiling that dropped down when you pulled that switch earlier. There's another switch to pull while standing on the platform. After the cut scene that plays, swing down a series of poles to return to ground level and activate the odd pedestal.

After the scene, move forward to activate another pedestal. A number of wafer-thin platforms will appear along with two switches sticking out of a wall. Use the thin platforms to reach the switches and use eagle vision to pick out the switch you need to hit, it glows yellow permanently, while the wrong switch pulses, before jumping onto the switch to activate it. Another series of thin platforms appears with another set of switches. You need to use the next set of platforms to reach the next switch quickly, otherwise the platforms will recede and you'll have to start all over again. Jump around the room to hit all four switches (remember, use Eagle Vision to hit the correct switch) and then return to Desmond's group in the centre of the room.

Walk up to the glowing pedestal at the top of the stairs. During the cut scene that follows, you may think that Desmond is frozen. Just continually tap a direction on the cn_LS to progress the scene and end the game.

ACB | A Knife to the Heart

Secure the Apple of Eden.

ACB | A Knife to the Heart
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Miscellaneous Achievements


For this achievement, you'll need to throw a long weapon, a heavy weapon and a smoke bomb more than 10m at a guard. The easiest way to do this is to first acquire the weapons you need (you'll get a long weapon from the guards with the pikes, and a heavy weapon from Brutes (an axe). Then what you need to do is find a set of stationary guards, place a map marker on them, and move so you're at least 10m away. You'll be able to tell by looking at the counter next to your minimap (walk away until the number next to it says between 10 and 15). When you're far enough away, hold cn_X to throw the weapon.

Go for these one at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself. Once you've done all three correctly, you'll unlock:

ACB | Strong Arm

Throw a Long Weapon, Heavy Weapon, and Smoke bomb more than 10 m at a guard.

ACB | Strong Arm
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


You'll have to work your way through 5 rounds of fights at Bartolomeo's place. The fight club is in the basement. Make sure you have a fair bit of money, in case you lose. Bet as much as you want on the first 4 rounds, then on the last round, bet the highest amount possible. The best way to deal with these fights is to spam cn_X and only use counters when you're about to be attacked. You can also stun enemies by holding cn_X to throw sand at them. I found the fights a little difficult in the beginning, but when you've found something that works for you, it becomes quite easy.

ACB | The Gloves Come Off

Win the highest bet at the Fights.

ACB | The Gloves Come Off
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


This achievement is luck based, and all you need to do is keep playing and betting until you've won 10,000 florins. It's cumulative, so you don't have to do it in one go. TO play Hazard, you need to go to the Thieve's Guild

ACB | High Roller

Win 10,000 florins playing Hazard.

ACB | High Roller
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +


There are five harequins littered around Rome.

External image

You'll just have to kill them all. And if one doesn't appear when they're supposed to, leave the area and return until they respawn. The game will give you a tracker to show how many you've killed. Once all five are dead, you'll get the following achievement.

ACB | Clowning Around

Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins.

ACB | Clowning Around
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable


The easiest way to get this achievement is by playing Sequence 6 Memory 1 of the story, since there will be a large group of enemies on which you can use Arrow Storm.

ACB | Airstrike

Kill 10 guards with a single arrow storm.

ACB | Airstrike
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


The best place to do this is in the Assassination Mission Serf's Turf. Just stay on horseback while killing the targets, as there are five of them.

ACB | Grand Theft Dressage

Steal 5 horses from their riders, while remaining on horseback.

ACB | Grand Theft Dressage
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


This is a straightforward, but slightly tricky achievement. There are lifts scattered around the Centro District. Once you come across one, you'll have to get the attention of some guards and get them to chase you. Head towards the lift, and when one gets close enough, use cn_RT to use the lift, kill a guard and nab this achievement.

ACB | Going Up

Kill a guard with the bag that drops from a lift.

ACB | Going Up
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


This is a simple achievement, find a well and throw some money in it.

ACB | Your Wish is Granted

Throw money in a well.

ACB | Your Wish is Granted
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


You can nab two achievements while in the Virtual Training Programme. I'd recommend going for the kill streak training, so you can get

ACB | Serial Killer

Perform an Execution Streak of 10 kills.

ACB | Serial Killer
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

and if you need a couple more, complete the free run training programmes, as I found these the easiest. Once you've completed three, you'll unlock

ACB | Perfectionist

Earn 3 gold medals in the Animus Virtual Training Program.

ACB | Perfectionist
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


This is another simple achievement. You'll find random people using brooms. Run into one of them to knock the broom out of their hands. Pick it up, find a guard and use the broom to kill them by using cn_X

ACB | Spring Cleaning

Kill a guard with a broom.

ACB | Spring Cleaning
7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player


Again, another simple achievement. Get your notoriety up high enough so you can bribe Heralds. When you can, go to one, pay them and then pickpocket the money afterwards.

ACB | Easy Come, Easy Go

Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket him afterward.

ACB | Easy Come, Easy Go
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Side Missions

Below lists all the side missions/memories that are available throughout the game. While there isn't a specific achievement for most of these missions, you need to complete all of them to get 100% synchronisation for the game, which will count towards

ACB | Il Principe

Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of The Da Vinci Disappearance.

ACB | Il Principe
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Apparently you do not need to complete Cristina's Requests, or do the Copernico Missions. You don't need to complete all of the Guild Challenges either, just enough to get the related achievement.

Cristina's Requests

Cristina's Request memories become available as you achieve a higher synchronisation. The sync levels required to unlock each mission are listed below. The icons for these missions are a broken heart in the map.

A Second Chance

Total synchronisation required: 15%

You'll need to trail Cristina, just as you would with any other target. I'd stick to the rooftops to make it easier for you. Eventually Cristina will reach her home, and after a scene plays out, you'll need to beat up a guy. You'll only have your fist, no weapons or counter ability. So target the enemy and spam cn_X. After a while, you'll complete the memory.

Last Rites

Total synchronisation required: 30%

Lead Cristina to the yellow marker on your map. You'll have to stick to the ground and avoid confrontations. When you reach the way point, you'll have to beat up a guard with your fists. So mash cn_X after targeting him. Another waypoint will appear on the map, so head to there. You'll stop just shy of three bodies that you'll have to move.

Hop onto a nearby balcony and perform a leap of faith into the straw to avoid detection. When the enemies are facing away, go and pick up a body and take it down to a boat that will be shown on your map. You need to be careful to not get spotted, and if you do, jump into the water and swim behind the boat. Once you've gotten all three bodies on the boat, the memory ends.

Best Man

Total synchronisation required: 45%

You'll start out by having to sprint. You'll have a timer to get to Manfredo, but it will stop when you get to him. Jump onto the bridge he's on and kill the three attackers to end the memory.

Persona Non-Grata

Total synchronisation required: 60%

Use Eagle Vision to find Cristina. Move towards her stealthily and then press and hold cn_A to plant a letter on her. Retreat quickly to the waypoint to end the memory.

Love's Labour's Lost

Total synchronisation required: 75%

You'll only have three seconds to make it to the target marker. As you arrive, you'll break up an attack on Cristina. Cristina runs off and the guards will chase after her, making it difficult to fight them. We suggest starting the fight with a smoke grenade to freeze the guards in place, allowing you to assassinate them while they choke in place. Kill all four targets to end the memory, and complete Cristina's memories.

Assassination Missions

Most Assassination missions appear on your map, and you'll be able to get them from a pigeon coop (the same that you use to send your brotherhood assassin's on missions). Periodically, you'll have to head to Bartolomeo's villa and talk to his wife to pick up more missions. Note that two missions show up at the coop about the Assassin's Hideout, though the icon won't indicate it. So if you've run out of mission and this section isn't at 100% sync, check that coop.

I'd highly recommend having most of your weapons (hidden blade, crossbow and poison would be the most advantageous) for this missions and enough Assassin recruits for an Arrow Storm. It'll make your life a lot easier.

Two's Company

Full Sync Requirement: Kill both targets with the hidden blade.

This is a very straightforward assassination. The targets aren't near each other and it shouldn't cause you any problems.

Tactical Correction

Full Sync Requirement: Finish the memory within two minutes.

You need to kill five enemies in two minutes for full synchronisation. A couple of enemies are on horse back, so I suggest leaving them for last. Fight the three on-foot enemies, using a kill streak to make life easier (or Arrow Storm if you have it). Now focus on the two on horseback, if one starts to run away, use your pistol or crossbow to take them out, and then do the same with the other enemy on horseback.

And Three's a Crowd

Full Sync Requirement: Kill three targets within two minutes.

There are three specific guards you need to kill, all on the rooftops in the nearby area.

and threes a crowd

There are other guards on the rooftops to watch for but you only need to kill the three targets. I'd start with the target at the top, then work your way down. Your crossbow is a useful weapon here for easy kills if you won't want to use your hidden blades. Do your best to make the kills instant assassinations so that you can finish the mission in two minutes and get full synchronization.

Serf's Turf

Full Sync Requirement: Assassinate three guards with the hidden blade.

The waypoint on the map will leas you to a large pasture with five enemy guards riding around on horses. You need to kill three with a hidden blade for the full sync requirement. What I would personally do, is get yourself on a horse and then go from one guard to another on horseback. You can get all five guards this way. It will also count towards one of the Mercenaries' Guild challenges.

The Three Amici

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the targets with the hidden blade.

To start this memory, you'll have to go to the pigeon coop on top of the Tiber Island Hideout. You'll get three enemies marked on your map.

three amici

You can be detected in this memory, so if you wish to kill the targets that way, feel free to do so. All you must remember is to always use your hidden blades.

Red Letter Day

Full Sync Requirement: Kill both targets in under 60 seconds.

Two targets will appear on your map, and you need to kill them both in under a minute. Run to the targets and you can quickly assassinate one of them. The remaining target will have a lot of guards around him, so either keep focusing on the target until you've killed him, or use an Arrow Storm for quick and easy killing.

The Merchant of Rome

Full Sync Requirement: Use the Assassin recruits to assist in the diversion.

You must have at least one arrow bar to use the Assassin recruits for this memory.

Your target will be wandering back and forth inside a hallway, which will be guarded at both ends by guards. Target a group of guards and then call in as many of the Assassin recruits as you can. This will help you with getting to the target to kill them.

Bearers of Bad News

Full Sync Requirement: Do not let your targets call for reinforcements.

I'd recommend having an Arrow Storm available for this memory.

There are six targets all near each other, but with a lot of guards. Killing them all without them calling in reinforcements requires you to be a bit stealthy. From the rooftops, tag some of the guards with poison shots from your pistol (equip the poison hidden blade and press and hold the attack button to shoot poison shots). And if you've got enough assassin recruits, you can target one group of enemies with an arrow storm to wipe them out without reinforcements having a chance.

Cardinal Sin

Full Sync Requirement: Kill only the Cardinal.

Make your way to the waypoint via the rooftops but do your best to avoid confrontations. If you want full sync, you can't kill anyone but the target. When you reach the destination, use Eagle Vision to pick out the cardinal and line him up for an air assassination. You may need to chase him across the city a bit, but stick to the rooftops to remain undetected, as detection ends the mission.

Turning the Tables

Full Sync Requirement: Kill at least one brute, one seeker and one papal guard with his own weapon.

Getting full synchronisation in this memory will help you work towards this Mercenaries' Guild challenge.

There are three pairs of enemies marked on your map, marked for death. To get full synchronisation, you need to kill at least one of each pair with his own weapon. The first pair of enemies are both seekers, the second pair are both brutes and the third pair are both papal guards. To kill them with their own weapons, disarm yourself and stand guard. When you get attacked, perform a counter to try and wrest the weapon from the enemy's hands. If you don't have luck, try punching the enemy first to soften him up a bit.


Full Sync Requirement: Kill three targets within two minutes.

The guards you're to kill are all in a courtyard that's hard to get to. Though you can actually stand outside of the courtyard, target the guards and call in your Assassin Recruits to kill them for you, though you'll actually need to infiltrate the courtyard yourself in order to trigger the end of the mission.

To get into the courtyard, infiltrate the castle from the centre of the south wall. Climb up to the parapet wall via a ladder and use the tower on the east to climb up and shimmy around to the far side.

From there you can drop into the courtyard. Whether you sneak into the courtyard before or after the papal guards are killed, we suggest using your Assassin Recruits to do the dirty work if you want full synchronisation. Or you can lure the guards to the top of the ladder in their courtyard and knock them down from up high.

Brutes and Brutality

Full Sync Requirement: Kill three targets within two minutes.

This mission doesn't show up on your map like the others. To accept the mission, access the pigeon coop on top of Ezio's hideout.

Fortunately, the countdown timer for this mission doesn't start until after you've found and got near to the target guards. There's a group of thugs hanging out on a bridge. The easiest way to do this memory is to get close enough to the guards so you can target them, then use an Arrow Storm to take all the guards out within 5 seconds.

Thief Assignments

Most Thief assignments appear on your map. Periodically, you'll have to head to the Thieve's Guild and talk to La Volpe to get more missions.

Lost Pup

Full Sync Requirement: Save Aldo in under two minutes.

Run to the map marker and kill all of the guards. To do it quickly enough you'll want to string together a nice execution streak. Quickly talk to Aldo afterwards to finish this memory.

A Clash of Interests

Full Sync Requirement: Survive the fight without any thieves being knocked out.

A simple brawl for this memory, and you'll only be relying on your fists. Spend the whole time beating up on enemies already fighting other thieves.

Up to Speed

Full Sync Requirement: Complete the course in under 60 seconds.

You'll have a race for this memory, and you'll have 1 minute 30 to complete, but you'll need to complete it in under a minute if you want 100%. You'll have checkpoints to help you navigate your way through the race.

Class Warfare

Full Sync Requirement: Kill all of the bandits with the pistol.

Three markers appear on your map and each guides you to the area where the three targets are roughly located. You'll need to use Eagle Vision to pick out the targets from the rooftops. They're typically running the rooftops. Once all three are dead, the memory's completed. Don't forget to use only the pistol.

Pointing Fingers

Full Sync Requirement: Remain undetected.

The target to kill is on rooftops and is most easily killed with a simple ledge assassination. Loot his corpse and then toss it onto the road. A new target shows up, who is wandering the streets. Walk up behind him, holding down cn_A so that Ezio plants the evidence on the target. Do everything without being detected for full sync.

Eye on the Prize

Full Sync Requirement: Kill three targets within two minutes.

A map marker points to a courtyard surrounded by buildings. The entrances to the courtyard are guarded so the best way in is via the rooftops, but watch for rooftop guards. Drop into the courtyard and open up the chest on the ground marked by a blue waypoint on the map. Climb back out of the courtyard and go to the next waypoint to end the mission without being seen.

Young at Heart

Full Sync Requirement: Complete the course in under 60 seconds.

This is a pretty difficult race, you'll need to stay as high as possible, and dropping down will cost you severely. Look for checkpoints both high and low. And watch out for the jump between the two last checkpoints, you may end up performing a leap of faith if you're not careful. Instead use the awnings to your left to jump across.


Full Sync Requirement: Kill the traitor with your hidden blade.

Follow the thief along the rooftops. Eventually he leads you to a corner and then attacks you. With your hidden blade equipped, wait for a counter opportunity and finish him off for full sync. Survive the group of soldiers that join the fight and leave the area to complete the mission.

A Blanket Fish

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the Cento Occhi leaders with the hidden blade.

Grab a horse and ride to the map marker. There are three enemies to chase down and kill, and they're also on horses. Thankfully, they all ride together, making it easier. As the enemy horses take turns on the roads, cut corners to make up distance. Target the nearest enemy and, with the hidden blade equipped, tap cn_X for a leaping assassination. With any luck, you'll be left on the dead guy's horse, allowing you to instantly work to attack the next enemy.

For the Fans

Full Sync Requirement: Complete the course without taking any damage.

You'll be racing up the Colosseum for this race. It's not a hard course to do, just make full use of the time limit you have.

Courtesan Assignments

Again, the Courtesan assignments appear on your map. Periodically, you'll have to head to the Rose in Fiore and talk to Ezio's mother, Maria, to get more missions.

Property Dispute

Full Sync Requirement: Stop Santino before he beats up the Courtesan.

Run to the target, and use your fists to beat up the man hitting the Courtesan. Knock him out, then pick up his body and take it to the map marker. Drop the body to end this memory.

Old Habits Die Hard

Full Sync Requirement: Assassinate the target from a hiding spot.

Use youe Eagle Vision to spot Giuletta and begin following her. When she leads you to the target you need to kill, casually walk behind him and jump into the well next to him. From inside the well, you can assassinate him for the full synchronisation requirement.

The Morning After

Full Sync Requirement: Complete the mission in under 400 seconds.

This isn't a hard memory, just follow the Courtesan through the city. She'll point out people for you to beat up, and if you're careful you can take them out straight away if you attack them from behind. Once you've taken out the last guy, talk to the Courtesan to finish.

Running Scared

Full Sync Requirement: Kill only the Ambassador.

Find Guiletta in an open courtyard and the chase her. She'll lead you to your target. You have to not fight any guard that stands in your way if you want the 100% synchronisation. When you find the Ambassador, kill him and then lose any guards chasing you. Talk to Guiletta afterwards to finish.

Live Bait

Full Sync Requirement: Kill a target using the ledge grab.

Follow the Courtesan to the first target. He'll be standing on the ledge of a building, setting himself up for the sync requirement. Run up the right side of the building, and then shimmy around to assassinate him. Resume following the Courtesan, making sure you're not spotted. The next two targets are on street level and can be killed stealthily or with your Assassin Recruits.


Full Sync Requirement: Do not kill the Doctor.

The time limit for this mission is surprisingly strict. I'd suggest using your map to plan out your route to the doctor to avoid wasting steps. Or you can just call your horse. Either way, when you get to the doctor simply walk into him while holding cn_A to steal the antidote and then quickly run back to the Courtesan to complete the memory.

Closing In

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the target using the hidden blade.

Go to the map marker and use Eagle Vision to pick out the target. Follow behind him and hide whenever he turns around. The target will eventually walk into a round garden building and take the Courtesan hostage. Avoid the main doorway and instead climb up on top of the cylindrical building. Drop into it from the open roof and come up behind the target with the hidden blade to assassinate him.

Bad Politics

Full Sync Requirement: Kill all targets in under 60 seconds.

Follow the Courtesan on horseback through the countryside. She'll drop you off at a building that is soon overrun with enemy guards. Your best best is to use an Arrow Storm to take out all the enemies so you can get the full sync requirement. Talk to the courtesan to close the memory.


Full Sync Requirement: Finish the mission with both mercenaries above half health.

Take to the rooftops as you make your way to the area marked on your map and hire a group of Thieves or Mercenaries along the way. From the rooftops overlooking the two Mercenaries you have to save, call in an Arrow Storm to wipe out the eight target guards. Drop down to the street level to defend the Mercenaries for the duration of time counted down by an on-screen clock.

The hired Thieves/Mercenaries will help distract the guards while you do your best to defend the two Mercenaries with blue icons over their heads. Toss smoke bombs to stall the enemies and call in Assassin Recruits as your meters rebuild. When time runs out the Mercenaries will escape, leaving you to finish off the guards by yourself.


Full Sync Requirement: Complete the mission in under two minutes and 20 seconds.

Two minutes and 20 seconds isn't a lot of time (the countdown timer starts at 3:20 so you need to be finished by 1:00). Call your horse and ride it to the messenger. Jump off the horse, and while holding the fast walk button bump into the messenger with a yellow marker over his head. Letter thefted. Quickly run to the nearby courtesan to give her the letter and she'll do her doctoring before handing it back to you. Again, call your horse and ride to the messenger. Plant the letter the same way you stole it to finish the mission.

Guild Challenges

For this achievement, you need to complete 10 Guild Challenges. It's not necessary to complete all the challenges. I personally did a mix of challenges, going for what it easiest. I've underlined the challenges I believe to be the easist.

Assassin's Guild (Altair's Sword is awarded for completing all challenges)

  • 25 Assassins signaled during a fight (you must be in combat when you signal them).
  • 15 Arrow storms.
  • 20 Assassin recruits signaled to kill a target.
  • 5 Assassin recruits signaled within a core memory.
  • 5 Recruits rose to the rank of Assassin.

Mercenaries' Guild (Bartolomeo's Axe is awarded for completing all challenges)

  • 10 Mercenary groups sent to attack guards.
  • 5 Scaffolds destroyed by thrown guards.
  • 25 Brutes killed.
  • 25 Papal guards killed.
  • 25 Guards killed while on horseback (the guard must be on horseback).
  • 10 Guards on horseback air assassinated.
  • 10 Double assassinations.
  • 5 Guards disarmed and killed with their own weapons.
  • 5 Kill 5 guards within 10 seconds.
  • 10 Streaks of at least 5 kills.

Courtesan's Guild (Maria's Dagger is awarded for completing all challenges)

  • 10 Courtesan groups sent to distract guards.
  • 10 Enemies evaded using the crowd and other hide spots.
  • 20 Enemies stationed at guard posts killed using the crossbow without being detected (the guard must be standing with his arms crossed, and not speaking to other guards).
  • 10 Horses belonging to guards commandeered without killing the rider.
  • 5 Dead bodies hid in well or haystacks.
  • 15 Guards poisoned.
  • 20 Guards killed during a smoke bomb attack.
  • 10 Guards assassinated from behind.
  • 5 Guards assassinated from blend spots.

Thieves' Guild (La Volpe's Bite is awarded for completing all challenges)

  • 10 Thief groups sent to lure guards.
  • 1 Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters.
  • 20 Jumps from a horse to a beam.
  • 40 Leaps of Faith.
  • 1 Perform a dive from a height of 25 meters (use the top of hideout at Tiber Island).
  • 250 Florins pickpocketed.
  • 1 Glide a cumulative total of 500 meters with the parachute.
  • 25 Guards killed with a ranged weapon (your crossbow is perfect for this).
  • 5 Guards air assassinated from a beam.

ACB | Show Off

Complete 10 Guild Challenges.

ACB | Show Off
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Templar Agents

You'll have to kill the following Templars. The Templar icon will appear on your map showing you where to start each mission.

Down to Earth

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the target using the hidden blade.

Find your target using Eagle Vision. He'll start running around, going to the rooftops. Make sure to use your hidden blade to kill him.

Counter Propaganda

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the target using the hidden blade.

At the start of the memory, you'll have to take down five posters. Use the map to find them. As you pull down the last poster, your target will attack you with two goons. Make sure to only use your hidden blade, so you can't ruin your chance of ruining the full synchronisation requirement.


Full Sync Requirement: Kill Brother Ristoro by air assassination.

Go the area marks and climb to the top of the church. If you're detected, you'll fail the memory. Stop to the rooftops and assassinate at least one of the two guards on the roof. The target is wandering in the courtyard below. Target him from the roof and air assassinate him.

Firing Line

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the target using the hidden blade within 45 seconds.

You'll need to be quick with the memory. Run after the target and scale the wall when he closes the gate. He'll lead you past a couple of guards that you'll have to ignore. When he enters a large fortress, look for a swinging pole on the right side. You'll then be able to chase down the target and kill him with the hidden blade. Make sure to only use the hidden blade here.

If you're having trouble with the other guards along the way, use your Assassin Recruits to help you.

Red Handed

Full Sync Requirement: Kill the target using the hidden blade.

Make your way to the marked area. In the centre of the ruins, you'll find your target. Chase her down and kill her with the hidden blade to complete the memory.

The Ringer

Full Sync Requirement: Kill only Donato Mancini.

Go to the marker on your map, and you'll find your target on a horse, in the middle of an open field. He's surrounded by a lot of guards. You can run up to him and pull him off the horse to assassinate him, or I found that I was able to get close enough and use my pistol to kill him. Run away and become anonymous to complete the memory.

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