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Assassin's Creed ValhallaThe Forgotten Saga

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The Forgotten Saga

The Forgotten Saga Achievements

The The Forgotten Saga Title update for Assassin's Creed Valhalla has 9 achievements worth 260 gamerscore.

  • Sacrificial Victory

    Defeat Hel with the Draugr's Toll Outfit equipped (The Forgotten Saga)

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  • Freedom Fighter

    Reunite the dead within Kaldstad, Døkkerland and Nidheim (The Forgotten Saga)

    2 guides
  • Pure of Heart

    Defeat Nidhogg without using an Elk Shrine (The Forgotten Saga)

    1 guide
  • Crossing Dókkerland

    Complete all encounters in Dókkerland (The Forgotten Saga)

    1 guide
  • High Kick

    Knock 10 enemies off of ledges using the Kick of Tyr Ability (The Forgotten Saga)

    1 guide
  • Royal Treatment

    Find Hel's Majordomo (The Forgotten Saga)

  • A Favored Customer

    Buy all of Nar's Favors at least once (The Forgotten Saga)

    1 guide
  • The Queen's Fall

    Defeat Hel, ruler of Niflheim (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Returning to the Roots

    Return to Odin's Camp for the first time (The Forgotten Saga)

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