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    Assasin's Creed: Review

    Price: 10 - 30 euros
    Live: No
    Age: 15+
    Genre: Action/Adventure

    This game is a game that has attempted something different from the others. Made by our friends at Ubisoft who came out with Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed uses many ideas and inspiration from these two games. As it is coming from Ubisoft you would expect something good and we have something new on our hands, if not groundbreaking or revolutionary. But fair play to these guys for trying something new in the world of video gaming, which like forums, is full of unoriginal games and ideas. Here is my review of the game, broken up into a few sections, please do read on. This is a review of the Xbox 360 version of the game so I may be referring to achievements which are not available in the PS3 version.

    Gameplay (8/10):
    Lets start of with a brief explanation of the story. It's a little complicated but you will come around and understand it. You see the story from two sides. You are a man living in modern times but have been taken by scientists in order to find out about a past relative who was an Assassin. You play as the Assassin, also known as Altair. The game is set in the 1100's and is Altairs story about how he lost respect from his master after failing a mission and is forced to assassinate people in order to get it back. That's what the scientists are trying to find out, just don't even ask me why as it remains a mystery.
    The gameplay in the game is similar to Prince of Persia and is a little to default for the hardcore gamer as the controls are very simplistic and many actions you do feel like the computer is controlling the game, not you. Of course this makes it more of a game for the casual gamer who is looking for a bit of challenge. The A button and RT is your friend in this game. It helps you to jump, climb and do whatever other actions are necessary in the particular location. Outside combat there are a number of various actions you can pull off including assassinations of the guards, blending in with the crowd or grabbing people and throwing them. You can also pickpocket certain individuals, all which is a bit easy. The leap of faith is also a really great piece of gameplay, you get to jump from a huge height into a bale of a hay. 50 of these for an achievement.
    Combat on the other hand is quite challenging and will take a while to get used to. Especially some of those combat moves that can be practised before putting them into use. This is a bit more strategic than your common hack 'n slash game and the combat system works really well. You can combo, counter and block all at the touch of a button. My personal highlight was taking on 3 guards and hopping around before killing all of them. Wonderful, you have of course the ability to assassinate guards outside of battle. Just equip your hidden blade, up your sleeve and attack from behind. Doing this against guards on rooftops is great fun and also some good practise for the later missions. The enemy AI is alright I guess, their moves are pretty standard and predictable but vary over time as you progress in the game. Enough to keep you intrigued.

    Sounds/Graphics (10/10): The graphics are definitely one of the games high points. Jerusalem in 1191 AD has never looked so wonderful. The towns or streets are so detailed, every building is brilliant looking and all of this helps you to soak up the atmosphere. Interesting fact, the game is so detailed that the characters you must assassinate were actually real people. That is not to say there were bad people but they existed at this time. However, the assassinations on them is just a myth, it didn't happen but that still impresses you as to show the detail gone into this game. Also, Altairs costume looks beautiful along with the outfits of many other characters in the game. Every last detail can also be seen on his face and from what I can see, there is little to no problems with frame rate or popup. All you expect from a next generation game as this is only available on PS3 and of course, the 360. A lesser console would not be able to produce such graphical ability and it is only now we are seeing these consoles potential. Expect more graphical genius in games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gears of War 2. Games are becoming more detailed and this graphics engine that Ubisoft are running is just spectacular. I can't imagine a game with better graphics.
    The sounds and voiceovers in the game are perfect for it's style. You will hear many little conversations in the village and the amount of voiceovers in this game is pretty amazing. The sights and sounds help add to the experience of playing the game along with that cool, light atmosphere.

    Lifespan (7/10):
    Yeah, did I mention that the game didn't support Xbox Live or PS3 Network? Bit of a kick in the teeth really. Wouldn't it be cool to create your own Assassin and take him online? Maybe for a sequel but at the moment there is no add on downloadable content or gameplay so I am afraid all you have is the single player campaign. Once this is done there are a variety of things that can be completed and the achievements will keep you going for a couple of hours extra.
    You can do missions in all of the three towns for citizens which will unlock a few achievements, however it is believed that some of these achievements are a bit glitchy to unlock. There is also a search for flags, very similar to GTA's hidden packages I guess. You can find flags, guards and other items in order to unlock many achievements. In total there are 44 achievements, I think with any effort you could easily get 35+ and then go for the more difficult ones. The largest achievement is for completing the story mode (100 G's) so this game is popular for scorewhores around the community.

    Final Thoughts:
    What could have been a classic turns out to be something just very, very good. That's how you can sum it up. Let down by it's automatic gameplay, this is one for the casual gamer but it becomes more challenging as the game progresses and the battle system impressed me as well. The graphics are stunning. The best out there to date, the lifespan and no Live play lets it down in this department. Perhaps they will make a sequel with Live play? Yep, that would do nicely I think. The ability to take your assassin online intrigues me. Also, it could work kinda like an RPG as you rise up levels etc. But that's just my thoughts, I'll shut up now and go play gears as this game finds it hard to keep my interest.

    Good = Stunning Visuals
    Clever Combat System
    Fascinating Story

    Bad = Automatic Controls
    Slightly Dodgy Camera
    No Live Play

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    The RewardGood review, although in my opinion no online is a good thing.
    Posted by The Reward on 29 Jul 13 at 12:23
    witter56I rate this 0/10
    Posted by witter56 on 13 May 17 at 13:41
    MaurickShepherdNice review, but my one question is this: at the time, gaming was just really exploring the capabilities of multiplayer. It's really weird to criticize a game for not having online when it was never communicated to be that type of game in the first place. It's like watching a movie and criticizing it because it wasn't 3D.
    Posted by MaurickShepherd on 12 Dec 18 at 15:00
  • Tasty PastryTasty Pastry382,436
    30 Oct 2009 28 Nov 2010
    50 1 6
    Single Player:

    This is where you are going to be spending all your time in this game, so let’s get right to it. The plot is something like this: you’re in a clan of assassin’s, and therefore, your job is to assassinate people. You are apparently very talented but a bit too much of a thinker, which causes your master to reconstruct your life. You are sent out on multiple missions to rid the world of so called evil doers. You’ll do this by traveling to different lands such as Jerusalem and what not.

    You’re in the ancient world, somewhere around 1100 A.D. However you yourself are not exactly the man I’ve just described. You’re actually a fairly common man from modern times who is being experimented on in order to understand the past. Of course there is an evil corporation behind it with a old man who has a deadline and the beautiful assistant who thinks they are being too hard on you. But anyway.

    I don’t want to ruin the plot for you, so I will mostly stay away from it. When you reach each town you’ll have to do a number of things. Although you’ll know whom you have to assassinate, it isn’t clear when their weak point is or how the town is laid out. Therefore you’ll have to climb buildings and get a birds eye view of the area. This will result in some button pressing and control stick manueving. When I say building climbing I mean it literally – you will be actually climbing a building on the outside. When you get to the top of this very tall building you’ll press a button and experience a cinematic that circles around your assassin. It’s actually quite beautiful, but I’ll leave that for the graphics section.

    In order to figure out when your targets weak moments are you’ll have to do some different things. You can choose to eavesdrop, which is exactly as it sounds, or to interrogate guys by *cough* “roughing” them up. Once you gather enough information you go and meet up with the local head assassin, who will agree that you are ready to attack after you describe your plan. You only have to do the minimum amount of things, but you’re always welcome to do all of it. Your minimap that comes on your screen after you climb up a building and get a bird’s eye view will lead you to the locations of the other mini-missions to accomplish your main mission. Usually there are about twenty things to do in each town, give or take five. You can also choose to be nice and save some citizens who are getting attacked.

    All right, so onto the good stuff. Throughout the game your weapons and abilities will substantially increase, and thus, your enemies power will increase. In almost every area there is some sort of group of guards that you won’t want to annoy. Running past them, bumping into them, bumping into people around them, or obviously, killing someone next to them, will get their attention and cause a fight. You’ll start the game with a knife that will come out of your sleeve that you can use to assassinate guards from behind. You’ll also be given a sword which you can use to defend yourself primarily.
    You can attack forcefully by just running at guys, but you’re supposed to be an assassin. You are always capable of running away. There is a meter on your screen that will indicate how badly you are being sought after. You can get away and thus get your meter down by running out of their eye sight and hiding in a shack or in a haysack. You can also become part of a crowd of monks if you activate the correct triggers.

    If you do get stuck in a fight there are some things you can do besides just run. You can choose to fight obviously, and that itself is very specialized. You can either go at them, swinging, or you can take a more defensive pose. You can block and use a countermove that you’ll learn as you progress through the game. This countermove basically translates to a one or two hit kill, depending on the type of guard. Sometimes the guards will try to pull or push you around, which you can also countermove. I guess now is the best time to say that once you learn the countermove, the game gets ridiculously easy. You can start ignoring the fact that you are supposed to be an assassin and just become a one-man wrecking crew. I’ve gotten in fights with over fifty guys and not taken a single piece of damage. It should also be noted here that your health recharges as long as you aren’t getting hit, slowly, over time. It should also be noted that your health bar will increase as you progress the game.

    The game is excellent in teaching you how to use all of your moves. After you complete a level you’ll be introduced into the practice arena where you must show the students how best to perform. You can practice any move you’ve learned previously as well as the one you most recently learned as often as you’d like.

    The whole world is basically an open sandbox. You can choose to go mostly anywhere throughout the game, as long as you’ve been there before. There are some invisible walls to protect you from advancing the game too far beyond what they want you to do. You can run by the way, or you can hijack a horse.

    Here’s a point to take note that the game makes great use of collectibles. There are flags in each area that you can choose to collect if you feel the desire to do so. Some areas have up to one hundred flags while others have as low as twenty. These trigger achievements and are largely unnecessary to find if you’re indifferent to getting a one hundred percent in the game. There are also guys by the names of templars, who are essentially non-moving bad guys that are better at fighting and have more health than the normal bad guys. They are located in areas, mostly hidden, throughout each level. Kill them all to unlock achievements as well, but besides that they are mostly ignorable.

    In summary, you’ll have fun swinging around the levels, climbing ridiculously tall buildings, and throwing knives at bad guys. But the game isn’t perfect; the game gets pretty repetitive as you go into each town, find a high spot, eavesdrop, pickpocket, save some civilians, find some more high spots, and then assassinate the target. It also gets annoying how easily the guards will be ticked off by you. All you need to do is walk past them and your warning lights will go flashing and they will be after you. Something else notable is your inability to swim. You are a great assassin, capable of climbing buildings with jutted out rocks, but you are incapable of swimming in a river. It’s also kind of laughable sometimes how you can hide in a pile of hay, right in front of a guard, and he thinks nothing of it. But the largest problem of all is the godly power you get given in counterattacks as you progress through the game.

    Despite this, the game is actually pretty fun and was a bestseller for a reason. The graphics and sound only add to this, as described below.

    Single Player Score: 9/10


    There is no multiplayer

    Multiplayer Score: n/a


    The graphics on assassin’s creed are a major selling point to the game. If you watch the game videos and trailers from before the game was released the whole thing basically focuses on the beautiful sceneries you’ll be experiencing. And to their credit, they do indeed look good, especially when you do the bird’s eye view from atop a very tall building. But even if you’re not in that mini-cinematic you’ll be seeing realistic (as far as I can tell) looking buildings from circa 1100 AD. The roads look good and the people look good as well. They take extra time into the templars and the main bad guys that you must kill as your main mission on each level, but the townspeople weren’t ignored. However, you will see some of the same looking people, which detracts a little from the glory of the graphics.

    You’ll also see little movement when you dive into a haystack, which is a little unsatisfying. But overall they clearly took an exceptional amount of time on the graphics and really did them well, and my snide little comments are only to make sure you realize that I took close inspection of the graphics and am not a assassin’s creed fan boy. It should also be noted that the “real life” events look wonderful as well, and they made sure to emphasize the changes in the time periods by shifts in color variance.

    Graphics score: 10/10


    You’ll hear the uproar of crowds as you walk around the city. You’ll also hear random quips of “what is he doing?” when you’re climbing up the side of a building. There are also people on their soap boxes giving speeches about what’s wrong with what. There is also the interrogation and eavesdropping parts of the game that they made sure to put an emphasis on good sound quality. You’ll also hear the gallop of horse feet along the ground, the singing of monks, the sounds of hawks in the sky, and the sound of free falling as you travel towards the ground. Overall very good attention to detail in the sound effects.

    Sound score: 10/10


    If you consult a guide you can have about 800 of the achievement points in one playthrough. There are no difficulties to select to my recollection, which means there are no “beat the game on ____ difficulty” achievements. You’ll basically get achievements for beating the game, beating parts of the game, 100%ing the parts of the game that you don’t have to do (Climbing all high points), and then your generic collector achievements. The collector achievements are collecting all the flags in each area and the other one is killing all the templars.

    You must consult a guide if you want any chance at all of completing each of these, and these are very available along the world wide web. However, finding a video on a site like youtube is a bit iffy, so if you’re more of a visual learner, like me, you might get upset. I have 38/44 achievements (875 points) and I managed to do two of the flag collection achievements before I got too upset. If you are willing to complete the game in full once you get started, the achievements are pretty straight forward and to the point. If you get bored about halfway through you’ll maybe have about one hundred points. Therefore the game is good at making you complete every part of it through their achievements. However, as I stated earlier, completing everything in the game can get a little tedious and boring, and collecting flags and killing templars is the epitome of milking the game for gameplay. None of the achievements are too difficult – just tedious.

    Achievement score: 7/10


    There are two picture packs available for this game. For all purposes I’m going to call this nothing important.
    DLC score: N/a

    Final Score: 9/10



    • Exceptional graphics and sound really make this game one of those “must plays” to see what the xbox 360 is capable of
    • Easy controls to understand for a fighting game
    • Very interactive environment
    • Extremely deep in the amount of gameplay available
    • You choose how much you feel like doing
    • Interesting storyline
    • Great for the people who like analyzing codes
    • Tedious gameplay at times
    • Extremely simple once you learn countermoves
    • Confusing storyline may lose some
    • Flag/Templar collecting/killing requires the use of online guides and is very tedious
    • The amount of achievement points given for flag/templars is not proportional to the time it takes
    • You can annoy guards a little too easily, which might get you annoyed
    • You can’t swim, which means you’ll end up killing yourself a good couple of times

    Final Comments:
    I recommend that you buy this game. They have the next one coming out relatively soon, so if you’re on the cusp or on a tight budget you might want to wait this one out The second one has been released, as well as the third. The gameplay can get tedious, I do concede that, but there is something to be said for seeing the majesty of the graphics of this game, as well as the extreme depth that the game has to offer in the single player game. It’s also simple to learn the controls of, and a very interesting story. It should be said that in the new game you are capable of swimming and you theoretically don’t annoy guards as easily, so if those sound like big turn offs, you might want to wait to the new game comes out. If you have any comments/questions write in the box below.
  • DudeWithTheFaceDudeWithTheFace1,181,555
    25 Feb 2009 25 Feb 2009
    52 4 1
    Assassin's Creed

    DISCLAIMER: I feel there are no real spoilers in my review, but if for some reason you are extremely worried about the story, don't read it.

    Desmond Miles wakes up inside of a device. He is held within a "lab", in the future, as a Dr. Warren is peering overhead. An attractive assistant, Lucy Stillman, is across the table. Warren explains to Desmond that he is being held captive and will be killed if he doesn't comply to their commands. The machine he lays in is called the Animus. It reads memories that Desmond never knew he had, memories from his ancestor; an Assassin named Altair.

    This leads into the memories, which have you playing as Altair. The entire game takes place in both the "present" and the past memories, swithching to the present when you complete a block of memories.

    Altair's story is that he has lost rank and weapons because he has broke the 3 rules in the brotherhood. You must complete assassinations to earn respect, yet the brotherhood doesn't kill innocent people as one rule, so you must gather evidence that your target actually is a bad man. Altair is up against the Templars, a group that is bent on taking over all of the kingdom and snatching the Arc of the Covenant.

    All of this occurs while you unravel two mysteries. One occurs in Altair's day, somewhere in the 12th century, and the other is back in the present with Desmond. The story is fairly complex and can get trite or corny in some aspects, but still, overall it does a decent job of tying things together, keeping you involved, and shedding light on the situations at hand.

    As I very much enjoy the action genre, this was a fun venture to say the least. Climbing your way up and around the cities is very gratifying, not only because it is done well, but It's always fun to explore new paths and jump around, much in vein of the likes of Spider-man 2 or Prince of Persia. The game makes being an acrobatic assassin very simple as all you need to do is hold down RT and A to perform the actions. Even though more control would be great, I've always felt this works well, at least for this first outing.

    Not only is it easy to control, but the city truly is your playground. Altair can grab onto most anything as he climbs, jumps, and swings on the sides of structures. Very rarely will you find yourself without another brick or wooden piece one jump away.
    Also, finding places to climb is very easy while running through each portion of each
    city. Although the city's do somewhat change in look and feel, the mechanics are the same.

    There are three major cities in the game, Damascus, Acre, and Jerusalem. Each city is broken into poor, middle, and rich districts. Each area is locked until you are required to go to it for an assassination. With nine leaders you are meant to kill, you can see where the areas fit into play. In addition to the cities there is also a vast kingdom to travel through to get to one city to the next, a small village by your brotherhood's hideout, and the hideout castle itself.

    The combat is fun, but gets very repetitive. It doesn't vary much from: target, block, hit at the right moment to perform a kill. The best kills being two dozen or so very quick animations, that is, after you perform the correct timing. These are fun to watch, but get old. The AI is extremely dumb, and within a few fights you should be able to have everything they do memorized. In addition, escaping from them is too easy, only taking a few seconds to accomplish once you've had a few "practice" rounds.

    A huge problem in the game is advancing to the next block, and even to the assassination. The evidence missions amount to little more than do this task, and there are only a handful of types. You can interrogate an individual in the know, eavesdrop on a conversation, save someone being picked on, pickpocket a letter, collect a few flags (an obstacle course in a way), or kill a few people in exchange for some info. While fun for the first few blocks, it gets to be extremely tedious and feel like the same thing (obviously).

    When this game was released there seems to be a lot of push on the stealth aspect. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be too much opportunity to do it, and even less of a need for it. While you can hide amongst monks or walk in the streets in low profile mode, this is incredibly boring and slow after the first few times, especially since you can quickly scale the nearest building and jump from roof to roof to get to your destination. It is not only faster and safer this way, it's just plain more fun. Add to that the AI being incredibly stupid, and there really isn't a whole lot of point to rely on any stealth approach.

    The actual assassinations are each unique and very fun, but sometimes their effect is worn out due to the amount of boring tasks you went through to get to it. Even so, this is probably one of the best portions of the game, second only to running through the cities.

    Finally, there are no Xbox live features at all, but it is somewhat understandable.

    The graphics are great, one of the best features of the game. The models are good, the environments are beautiful, and there are not that many errors, animations included. Altair looks graceful when moving around, and the killing moves are amazingly well done. The soldiers all look respectable, and move fluidly as well. The immense crowds that can be on screen also have great animations and usually are aware of their surroundings enough.

    The city is well modeled and highly detailed. Not only does each district look different, each city has a unique feel. All of these places yet still maintain the same general structures, which is fine as it ties it into the time period and area.

    There are some errors with clipping and drawing in the distance, yet it doesn't ever become too bothersome. Also, each city entrance is glorious. Usually you can see the entire city in the distance without a problem from a cliff, or a great 360 view from the tallest viewpoints.

    The mechanics of the free running are almost flawless. As I stated the controls may be too simplified, but by no means is that really a downside other than personal preference. The fact that it is so easy and seamless to bound across the cities is a feat.

    The only glaring and annoying problems in the technical department lie within combat. Although it is fun at first, the effect wears off and it becomes boring and flawed. Altair is just too good, and the AI is just too stupid. In and out of combat,the AI is only a challenge to the gamer during the initial learning curve, which is a very short period.

    The achievements in this game were great for the most part, with a few exceptions. There are pretty standard complete the mission ones. There are many achievements based on performing actions x times: 50 stealth kills, 100 guard assassinations, pickpocket 200 knives. There are ones for completing all free missions.

    Ones that are easily missable are the observe 85% of glitches, talking with Lucy every time you can, and assassinate all targets with a full DNA bar. Then, there are the annoying ones. Because I had no idea, I missed the Lucy conversation one, and definitely didn't get all the collectibles. There are roughly 400 flags scattered across the cities and kingdom, in addition to 60 "hidden" templars to kill. Although not difficult, getting these will be time consuming.

    Overall though, assassin's creed is not difficult to get 1K on, just time consuming.

    Final Verdict:
    Despite its flaws Assassin's Creed still feels like an original action, stealth, platformer with a decent story to boot. It's very innovative and if this is the kind of game you crave, there isn't really much else out there that is similar. Yet, keep in mind it comes from the same studio that brought us Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia, which means we shouldn't feel too guilty for wanting a little bit more.

    This is allegedly the first of a trilogy, and it will be seen as to whether Ubisoft listens to fans in regards to improvements to the second game. Assassin's Creed is definitely worth a single playthrough though. Anything more than that would be a good indication you are whoring some achievements you missed on the way through it the first time (like me smile).

    4/5 Stars
  • Topodude2236Topodude223679,120
    04 May 2009
    36 2 5
    Assassins Creed is a fairly original, easy to pick up and play game. I found it highly entertaining, but can get repetetive and boring for alot of gamers (so I have heard).

    I found the story to be quite interesting, since the assassination targets are real people who dissapeared in those times, and following the main character's (Altair) story is also quite immersive. AC is not perfect (but what is?), the missions repeat over and over, although I enjoyed it, many people seem to get bored with doing similar missions repeatedly.

    The graphics are awesome, although AC is a couple of years old, it still stands out to me as beingone of the best games graphically, the sceneray is fantastic, you really feel as though it is a real place, no places two laces look the same.

    The controls are fairly simple, anyone can pick this game up, it is aneasy game to finish, maybe too easy, especially when you unlock the 'dodge' and 'counter' moves, this makes you almost invincible even against a large number of enemies, if you are good with timings and reflexes. Scaling buildings is one of AC's stong points, I cant think of it ever being attempted like this before (not even Spiderman is this cool), it is extremely reallistic, every ledge or pertruding brick can be grabbed and used to lift yourself up, but most buldings can be climbed by just tilting your analogue stick upwards. It is easy enough for most people to get 1000 gamerscore, it just takes alot of time.

    Overall, this is a great single player player game, the free running and climbing huge cathedrals just make this game like no other. However, if you are easily bored by repetetiveness, then maybe AC probably isnt for you. A great game but far from perfect, its well worth its current price. 9/10
    28 Apr 2009
    29 4 6
    The game in general is fun and addictive for the first couple of hours. But when you start the getting use to the missions, and all the side quests you come to the realization that nothing new is coming your way...ever. But on the bright side, you can always try to complete the missions the way the game intended, with stealth.

    most of the missions you spend your time running away form guards if you technically just run around and assassinate people. But if you slowly walk around (very time consuming but does not alert the guards) then you can safely enjoy the surroundings. Rooftops are key to run freely till later in the game when the guards start showing up everywhere. But towards the end you have the whole place looking for you anyways so it is hard not to alert anyone.

    Your arsenal is also a good tool. you have throwing knives, fists, and of course your sword. the more missions you complete, the better you get at hand to hand, thus fighting off guards so you can escape is so much easier!!

    When it comes to the controls, they work exceptionally well. the camera is not the best but it does not completely ruin the game play. If you are a Lara Corft fan, then the control scheme is nothing new.

    Well overall the game was fun and entertaining. If you rush through the missions it will still take a handful of hours to complete the game. If you throw in all the side quests and try to earn all the achievements, then you have hours upon hours to look forward to. but like i mentioned before, one side mission is like the next.
  • Price de NicePrice de Nice106,328
    17 Jul 2009
    24 6 7
    When I play games I typically ignore what others have said about its content and regard my own feelings about the experience as absolute. This is wholly necessary with Assassin's Creed. This is a game universally acclaimed for sloppy developing and boring, repetitive gameplay.

    These reviews are all wrong.

    Assassin's Creed does have its faults. It can be repetitive, especially for completionists, finding all the flags for achs and saving all citizens is truly a repetitive task and it's hard to shake the feeling that you've been sent on a meaningless Easter egg hunt for useless pieces of cloth, but it's all in the approach. Assassin's Creed's gameplay is just so fun. It never gets old assassinating anything and although many negatively critic the fighting mechanisms of the game, it allows you to flow in and out of combat almost like watching a badass assassin killing a group of guards in a movie. Which is exactly what I want to see out of a game like this. Like I said, it's entirely up to how you approach the game. The climbing and running in the game is also very well done and foreshadows ubisoft's later free running type movement used in Prince of Persia.

    Gameplay (9/10)

    The graphics are nice, and all the cut-scenes are done with game engine graphics, so there's no final fantasy feeling of seeing something superbly badass immediately followed up with much less beautiful game graphics. They are however in line with all other ubisoft titles and don't push the boundaries of gaming graphics remaining comfortable with the generic 'video game' look.

    Graphics (8/10)

    The story doesn't math up to the epics of our time like HL:2 or Bioshock, but then again, I didn't expect it to, thanks to the lowly expectations set by the gaming community. The story however; is good and has a little twist at the end, which some may see coming, or others may not, but in any event it has a beginning, an end and it all makes somewhat sense.

    Story (7/10)

    Fun. Yes. This game is fun. Don't expect to have a 30 hour immersive Fallout 3 experience, but an hour here or there, even after you've beat the game, can be a lot of fun. The battle system is enjoyable and like I said, assassinating somebody is The lack of weapons is disappointing, but ubisoft seemed to have fixed this with the sequel.

    Fun (10/10)

    This isn't something you'll be playing ten decades from now. But if you're in between blockbuster titles, it's a worthy gameplaying experience.

    Overall (9/10) or 5 stars.
  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,825,589
    01 Feb 2011
    22 6 10
    the first time i started assassins creed a few years back now, i was stunned of the game. it had everythin i hoped for and more, but sadly it didnt constantly motivate me to finish it on 1000 ^^.
    that was before i joined TA and became an achievement whore. a few months back i skimed through my games, in search for something fun to finish and came upon assassins creed. thats also why i decided to do a review on this one :)
    ohh before i forget, the main developer of this game is a hot chick, so play the game if u like hot chicks xD

    Story 9/10
    you start off as desmond, a normal guy, tryin to pay his bills as a barkeeper. waking up in a clinical looking building u find out u got kidnapped and the ppl which did that want u to use a strange device to get in your head. they actually use the device to use memories of your ancestors which are saved in your DNA and find out that you are a descendant of an assassin. killing for the greater good u make progress on either the side of desmond (the normal guy) or altair (your alter ego) and try to survive both realities.
    this is one of the deepest storys i ever played. each single character got his story, got his personality and it always feels like uve taken the live of an individum (of course i mean the main plot characters). the strenght of the game comes over time and each target u assassinate got his reasons. cutscenes never apear dull, they look different and through the story glitches u always see different angles of the game.
    the only thing i have to criticise here is actually that u travel a lot, jeah thats true and see different cities, BUT for each assassination a new part of the previously visited cities unlocks. its not a major flaw since the cities look great, but it sorta feels like "ive allready been here" and thats sadly the fact.

    Gameplay 8/10
    the overall gameplay is great. fighting is really deep since u can counter, dodge, block and attack and thats for an adventure a lot since its not the main focus (even though enemies act sometimes rly dumb). using stealth always serves u good since, after all, u are an assassin and direct conflict is not the solution for everything. using daggers, throwing knives and hidden blades makes u a deadly wepon and no person to be trifled with.
    preparation is everything and so u have to gather information regarding the best ways to deal with ur targets. its a fun way, BUT u always do the same which kinda gets boring (beating up ppl, steal stuff, etc.) and since u never rly change the city it kinda gets tedious.
    the big plus (even though it got some small flaws) is actually the ability to crawl on nearly each building, making you feel like the king of the world. its breathtaking watching the beauty of the cities and i really mean it. but, sadly climbing up buildings doesnt always work the way u want it, resulting in falling down, gettin stuck, etc.

    Graphics, Sound, AI 9/10
    the graphics and sounds are great. cities look real and i have to mention that the developers of the game actually reconstructed the cities to nearly 100% the way they really were back then. so running through jerusalem during the crusades doesnt only feel like u are in a real city u actually are in the real deal! characters might look a lil bit strange, but nonetheless they look great if u think of the time when this games was originally made.
    the sounds create an atmosphere u cant ignore and even though theres only a small amount of different soundtracks, it always feels authentic and fiting.
    well, the major flaw is actually the AI on this game. even though u are circled by 7 enemies, they always take turns beating you, which is rather dumb considering their numbers. being caught in conflict never feels like u are dead and mostly its more like an annoyance than a real hindrance.

    Achievements 4/10
    the achievements are mostly a grind.
    playing through the campaign might net you a decent amount of GS, BUT u miss actually the majority.
    the main achievements are for collecting flags. sounds tedious and actually it really is. each city got about 100 flags scattered across the districts and there are 2 mayor flaws to that :
    1) u HAVE to have a checklist so you dont end up searching for 1 specific flag in a huge city.
    2) u cant access each part of the city, leaving u hoping till the end that u realy got all of them (theres nothing more rewarding than hearing the bling once the achievement unlocks, i swear the gods)
    also there are some missable achievements and without a progress bar its hard to tell if u are still on track.
    i should alos mention that theres a glitched achievement which, if u got bad luck, wont unlock and leave u with another playthrough to get it eventually ^^
  • MorathorMorathor30,540
    16 Mar 2011 16 Mar 2011
    15 8 4
    * Minor Spoilers*

    Why write a review for a game over three years old? Two reasons:

    1. My intended audience is primarily completionists and/or cheeve-whores.

    2. I just 1000GP'd this game and I need a therapeutic purge.

    I picked up this game because I could download it for $15 and I read that it was possible to 1000GP it in one playthrough. If this sounds like something you would do, this review is for you.

    It has been mentioned already but I will do so again. Use this and read the achievements guide! Now before you judge me. Let it be known that I am not so cheeve-whorish as to pick up a brand new game and just run through it with a walkthrough on my lap. To do so would be the height of boredom in my opinion. There are absolutely no PLOT spoilers if you use the map sections on that website. I enjoy playing through a game, fumbling around, becoming immersed in the plot and discovering hidden surprises. What is not enjoyable is running around the entire game world searching for over 400 tiny flags and buggy templars.

    If you have played this game before you might be thinking, "but Morathor, you can go back and do your collectables after you have finished the game. This is true however there is one dastardly achievement that will keep you from doing this if you want all 1000GP in one playthrough: DISCIPLE OF THE CREED:
    Assassin's CreedDisciple of the CreedThe Disciple of the Creed achievement in Assassin's Creed worth 40 pointsAssassinate all your targets with a full DNA bar.
    You must do all of the of the investigations in every section of every city in order to unlock this cheeve. This will eventually get very tiresome for you when you have enough info to make your assassination but you must, for example, run around for an informer and guess what! Grab more flags! Yay! Stab me now! You might as well grab all the flags and templars as well.

    I promise you that you will grab several flags by accident and occasionally aggro a templar while fighting guards. Good luck remembering which ones if you choose to do your collectables after you complete the game. To make matters worse the flags and especially the templars are known to glitch by just not appearing. A quick perusal of chagrined gamers on google will reveal that the only reliable solution to this problem is to go back over every single location after you have left an area or reset your system cache, which may or may not be the equivalent of blowing on a Nintendo cartridge, and see if the flag or templar has decided to spawn this time. It has crossed my mind that it could be working as intended for some sadistic reason because you will find that most people are stuck on 59/60 templars or 99/100 of a type of flag. Yes, at least the flags are different colors. Yipee! You will be forced to constantly refer to your in-game map and the aforementioned map on your laptop. This really breaks the immersion and any kind of continuity to the game. By the time I was on my sixth assassination I was just playing to get to the end. Which leads me to my final bitching.

    If you have been sneaking through the game, immersing yourself in the world of a silent assassin, striking from dark corners before slinking back to the shadows, there is no achievement for this by the way, you will be woefully under-skilled for the game's finale. The last hour or so of the game is a hack and slash fest out in the open. You might as well chuck your hidden blade in the garbage and get out the battle-axe. It occurs to me the developers missed the mark here. Perhaps a better setting would be the Spanish conquest of the New World where the main character kills everything in sight while simultaneously collecting bags of gold instead of flags. It is such a shame that the game's end feels like such a punt to me as clearly the developers cared for the setting and plot very much at least from the design stage.

    Yes, I actually like some aspects of this game. I loved taking part in the beautifully rendered world of the Crusades. The game uses actual historical figures. Robert de Sable was a real dude. They even go so far as to justify the liberty they take with some of the historical facts through a plot device that I will not spoil. The animus is also a great vehicle to justify and prepare a gamer for being immersed. I suppose if I had no cheeve-whoring inclinations this game might have been quite a ride but alas I am glad it is over and I can move on to something else.
  • JazernocsuhJazernocsuh271,389
    15 Mar 2017 08 Apr 2017
    4 2 0
    Welcome to the game that sparked a huge storyline that Ubisoft ran off together with.

    Game Rating: 4.5/5
    Loved the game, but collectibles are horrid and there is a slight repetitiveness to some missions.

    This game has a great storyline. One that boasts almost too many sequels that are all similar, yet different. You are an assassin that doesn't enjoy the rules as much as you should, so you are forced to start fresh by doing smaller tasks that are beneath you. During the game you have to take out a bunch of leaders, that are all tied together somehow. Before you can do each hit, you must find out as much information from the surrounding area doing smaller missions that are interesting at first, but get seemingly mindless and repetitive over the course of the game as a whole. While doing these assassinations, you discover that there is something grander at work. Questioning your own guild and the motivation for these killings. Towards the end of the game you discover that the very own leader of the assassin's isn't the greatest guy on the planet and only is out for himself. After an epic final battle of mystical powers and blades, our hero finds himself soul-searching and finding a new meaning for the entire order of assassin's that now look up to him. His findings and new teachings are what pave the way for the "current" storyline, as well as for future games. Oh, and did I mention that you are actually playing a man that is living all of these adventures through his DNA? That. That also happens too.

    Assassin's Creed as refreshing gameplay for when it first came out. It had a nifty introduction of parkour into modern games as well as a cool open world feel. The open world takes place in cities and some lands in-between during the time period of the Crusades. Being a mobile, parkour-using assassin is a pretty cool aspect of the game. It gives it a new way to escape, chase, and even just seek out the game's collectibles. During the course of the game the smaller missions seem to almost have a puzzle aspect to them. Things from tailing someone without being seen, eavesdropping without being noticed, saving citizens without getting yourself killed, and even pickpocketing without causing a huge scene in your wake. These missions, however, get repetitive quickly, almost making you want to just do the bare minimum to finally get to the main event. The true fun of the game is the adventuring and seeking out cool areas to run through. The game almost asks you to seek out the collectibles by doing this. The collectibles, though, are very overwhelming in some cases. Each area has so many flags to collect, and some of them can be a huge pain in the butt because there are just so many, that guides can get confusing. Combat in the game isn't a full frontal assault. It has more of an assassin feel to it. You basically live to counter enemy attacks and find your blade at their throat. It isn't difficult at all, but man does it feel good to watch as your character can take down ten trained soldiers with only your single blade. The parkour elements you use to get around are somewhat wonky at times, but are also very cool to do. Back in present-day your gameplay is limited to simply talking and toggling some things and walking around in first person for the most part.

    Looking around while on a view point can be very cool as you can see a lot of the surrounding area. A whole lot of work obviously went into making the different cities that you find yourself using as a playground for hunting. Close up, however, isn't the greatest. I mean, it doesn't look bad, but there is your standard "what the even" moments of most RPG-type games you've played. The majority of the lands are fairly awe-inspiring and beautiful as a whole though.

    The sounds are nothing special either. Most of what you really listen to are the ambient sounds within the cities you're in. Sometimes they are even annoying with how repetitive some NPCs can get. Other than that, you have your two way conversations that also take place. Nothing special there, just standard voice acting.

    Other than your normal, smaller, and often hilarious RPG-type bugs there isn't much to talk about. It seems like the NFL linemen dressed as mental patients should be a bug with the whole not letting you ever go by them thing, but no, they are supposed to do that...for some reason.

    The standard storyline achievements are all there with this one. Each milestone pops that delightful sound we all cherish. The majority of the other achievements are basically collectibles. Combat-types and normal collectibles (back when games didn't have you do outrageous things just for five gamerscore amirite?). The real issue in this list are really the collectibles that you must seek out. There are 420 flags across each land you find yourself in and 60 Templar Knights that you must slay all the same. Like I said before, even using guides doesn't lessen how daunting this task can seem. You feel beyond accomplished when you are finished and never want to do anything like that again. When it comes to missable achievements, there aren't a lot in this game. There are really only three that you have to basically play the entire game again if you happen to miss them, but the others you can basically do within an hour of starting it all over again. For the love of god though, don't miss a collectible while using a guide. You will go mad.

    Achievement Hunting Rating: 3.5/5
    Good old times with simple combat collectibles and storyline achievements. Very few missable achievements. The amount of time you must devote to collecting all the map-based collectibles is absolutely unforgivable...especially if you miss one while using a guide.
  • x MiidgyKiidx MiidgyKiid387,755
    30 Jun 2010
    7 10 0
    Very Good Game. Quite Addictive But Slightly Repetitive & Time Consuming For Achievements However I Think Its Worth It wink Love The Sword Fights & The Free Running & Basically All The Action. For Sure In My Top 10 Games Of All Time So Far. There Is Plenty Of Things In This Game To Do So Most Completionists Will Get Thier Money's Worth So Indulge !!

    Assassins Creed Is A Fantastic & Enjoyable Game :) I Loved It It Was Amazing. Buy It & Play It & Soon You Will Begin To Enjoy It. Recommended If You Like Hitman/Crackdown Games As It Offers Assassinations & High Climbing.
  • senor scientistsenor scientist227,261
    10 Jan 2013 09 Jun 2014
    8 12 0
    I started playing this game around Christmas 2009. I had one play session and stopped for whatever reason. I recently decided that I was going to play through it and beat it with ambitions of working my way through the series. After starting the game back up I remembered why I stopped playing it to begin with.

    The game is rather frustrating. The mechanics are off. The controls are sloppy. The AI is ridiculous and it is just so repetitive. Throughout the game, you have to complete little side missions before moving on to the main objective. My favorite side objective was collecting a certain number of flags in a time limit (usually 3 minutes). Unfortunately, this did not make the list of over repetitive tasks and quickly disappeared from my to do list.

    As far as mechanics and controls go, they almost work hand in hand. I tell the controller one thing, and the character does the opposite. Sometimes it is not even the fault of the controls, but rather a fuck up in the coding. More often than not, I was bouncing off environmental objects that I was supposed to be able to grab onto and then I was falling down and missing multiple ledges on my way down. This wouldn’t be so bad if climbing were easy. I found quite a lot of blunders in the grabbing of ledges. Ledges that were grab-able, but unless I retraced my steps and did something ever-so-slightly differently, I would not be able to grab onto what I should have been able to. Before I realized I had to backtrack and just try again until I got it, I marked somethings down as impossible to climb.

    In terms of controls they were all too simple. Simple to the point that they hinder advanced players. The same buttons are used to run, climb and jump. So, I would be running along a building and go to climb another part of it, but simply jump off the side of the building. More common, I would go to climb a ladder and run up the wall next to it, which takes much longer to scale the building. In terms of following my commands for which direction to go, the game had an incredibly difficult time with this. I would tell the character to jump to one ledge and he would wind up jumping completely off the building about 4 stories to a loss of health.

    The game encourages stealth kills, but never really goes through the motions of teaching you how to do it. As of this posting, I have not achieved one achievement that was to get 50 stealth kills despite my best efforts. For all I know, I just do not know what a stealth kill actually is.

    Assassin’s Creed attempts to be a Sandbox/exploration game, but is deeply rooted into traditional gameplay. They attempt to encourage the exploration aspect by including 480 collectibles (420 flags in the cities and space between cities as well as 60 specific targets to assassinate that are in set locations throughout the game). If you want to include the synchronization points that you have to climb to complete your map as well as the saving of the citizens, you are adding 199 more items to complete (91 climbs and 108 citizens to save) easily putting you at 679 total. In comparison, the GTA IV collectibles total out to be almost half that at 350 (Pigeons, jumps, deliveries, cars, most wanted and vigilante missions).

    Overall, I really just wanted to play the game and get into the story. I am going to play Assassin’s Creed II in the coming weeks and see if I want to continue along with the story or not. The story was pretty solid (for a video game no real surprise as to the path it took), but I am hoping to get a better experience out of the next game in the series.
  • cc99999cc99999322,922
    09 Dec 2009
    3 8 0
    In a Minute Review - Assassin's Creed

    Let's get the formalities out of the way, shall we? Assassin's Creed is not the game you were sold three years ago when you thought it was a period piece with unprecedented graphical detail. If I'm spoiling you with this vague allusion to its seemingly tacked on prisoner sci-fi conceit then you've either been stuck under a rock since 1997 or stoned to death in some middle eastern world for cheating on your husband.

    That said, there really isn't much of a game to this game- the controls are mushy like mash potatoes. You will never have to perform a combo- in fact if you really don't go out of your way to learn how to do one- you may finish the game using only direct attacks and counters.

    The amount of fun you will have, in all likelihood, will be killing templars and finding flags- that is- until you miss one somewhere and have to retrace your steps.

    I will admit though, I did enjoy playing the game. Maybe it was the knowledge that Assassin's Creed II was out and supposedly much better that made going back something that interested me.

    It surely wasn't mindlessly fighting guards every three minutes because I bumped into somebody.
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils84,597
    17 Oct 2010
    0 7 5
    Receiving mixed reviews, I can certainly see how this game is not for everyone, but I loved it. It's not perfect. The unskippable dialogue scenes can be insufferably long, but I actually found the story engrossing. You play Desmond, a citizen of the near future who is prisoner of an unknown group. They place Desmond into a device that allows the user to search through his genetic memories to the time of the Crusades where an ancestor of Desmond's was an assassin in the Holy Land. The concept works amazingly well with two parallel, but somehow connected, story threads - one in the past and one in the future.

    The game itself is gorgeous, with the ancient cities of Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus being stunningly realized and populated. The character animation and mechanics of moving around is so well done that simply stalking the streets and scaling buildings is a delight. The quests that you are sent on do get a bit repetitive, but I was more than willing to put up with that and will be there to pick up Assassin's Creed 2 when it comes out.

    Story: 5
    Interface: 4
    Game Play: 3
    Challenge: 3
    Fun: 3

    Overall: 8.0/10
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    2 12 3
    This game is the biggest load of padded out repetative crap I have ever had the misfortune of playing! Thank God I borrowed the game from my brother who also thought this game was total crap and sold it. Lets take this step by step shall we.

    GRAPHICS 0/10

    Graphics what bloody graphics! Worst graphics I have seen on the 360! Biege, Biege, Biege and more Biege with biege on the side oh and a little bit of white and blue! YAWN YAWN YAWN! Pathetic! I have seen better graphich on the Master System! Totally Unimpressed!

    GAMEPLAY 0/10

    Gameplay what gameplay? There isn't any gameplay! This is a break down of the gameplay in AC, pickpocket, eavesdrop, kill someone, climb walls RINSE AND REPEAT AD INFINITUM! The most repetative game I have ever seen! Coupled with having to ride a horse for boring hour after boring hour makes the gameplay HORRENDOUS!

    STORY 0/10

    Story what story? This is the most pathetic story I have ever come across in 30 years of gamming! Some guy thinks he an assassin because it is in the memory of his Genome? WTF!!!! Do me a favour and get a grip!


    This has the worst voice acting I have ever herd in 30 years of gamming! There was no emotion or anything! Just mono-tones through out! It was like the cast just could not be bothered!

    CONTROLLS 0/10

    What controlls? There werent any! I will warn you now this game has the worst controll system in the history of gamming! To kill someone you have to press virtually EVERY button on the pad. To climb a wall takes about 3 or 4 buttons and it is the same for everything else.And the are TOTALLY UNRESPONSIVE! Worst system EVER! I can usualy play games for hours without my hands hurting but with this patetic controll system they were sore after 5 minuets.


    Most boring game I have ever played in my life! I would rather cut off my nutsack with a rusty jigsaw than play this crap again.

    OVERALL SCORE MINUS 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    WORST GAME EVER!! I totally agree wiht IGN! It is nothing but a BLAND PADDED OUT REPETATIVE TECH DEMO! It is nothing but another crap pathetic game from the worst games company on the planet UbiSoft! They should really give it up as they have no idea in hell how to make games!

    I could not stomach this game for anymore than 2 hours! 1 hour 20 minuets if you take out the endless boring as hell cutscenes! After riding a horse to Damascus for what seemed like an eternity I said thats enough, ripped it out my 360 and threw it back onto my brothers bed as I had borrowed his copy. Most fun I got out the game.

    It is a real pain in the ass that you cant delete achievements from your game list. As I would give ANYTHING to be able to delete this embarrasment from my GC! Unfortuneatly I earned 3 pathetic crap achievements on it.
  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside905,805
    04 Feb 2009
    13 36 9
    Games are supposed to fun and challenging. This neither.

    All positives the game may have are eroded by the time you get to the second assassination when it dawns on you all the reviews are correct and you are playing the most repetitive game ever made.

    It's just pure laziness on behalf of the developers and a total insult to anyone with an attention span longer than a goldfish.

    Combat is nullified when you are granted a special dodge-attack after the first assassination. This reduces combat to simple one-button block-dodge-attack, making you almost invicible.

    As for the stealthy assassin elements, apparently getting into a fist-fight is okay, and climbing buildings is fine, but accidentally nudge the wrong person or get pushed around by one of the infuriating idiots in the crowds and the whole city goes on alert sending hoards of soliders after you! On many occasions has my cover been blown simply for walking past soliders!!

    You will die a little inside every time you get to a new part of a city and you realise, yes - I do have to save 10 citizens, climb 9 high points, pickpocket 2 people, eavesdrop 2 people and interogate 2 people AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.

    Avoid the like the plague.