1. Assault Android Cactus Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for Assault Android Cactus, a frantic twin-stick shoot 'em up with some pretty hefty ratios mostly thanks to the game having been given free with the Games with Gold program. The story follows Cactus and several other playable characters as they try to rescue a space freighter from hordes of rogue robots.

There are 29 achievements, none of which require any sort of co-op or online play.

  • 5 are vaguely story related and require defeating each of the game's five bosses
  • 1 is for getting an S+ rank on all campaign levels and is the most difficult achievement in the game
  • The remaining 22 are completely miscellaneous and cover a wide array of requirements that will be explained in full detail

None of the achievements are missable as you can replay levels to complete anything that you might not unlock through normal progression.

In order to complete this game, you'll have to:

  • Play through and complete the campaign, earning most miscellaneous achievements along the way
  • Unlock everything in the Codex, Art Gallery, and Ex Options
  • Get an S+ rank on every campaign level
  • Complete Boss Rush mode
  • Get to layer 25 in Infinity Drive mode
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