Assault Heroes 2

Assault Heroes 2

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Assault Heroes 2 Achievements

Most Earned

Moby Dick
Moby Dick10 (10)Single Player: Destroy the Mecha Orca.
Hot-wired18 (10)Single Player: Capture all 3 hijackable vehicles at least once.
Smoothie Heroes
Smoothie Heroes58 (20)Co-op Campaign: Kill 100 infantry, one player freezes & the other shatters, on Hard in one session.
Assault  Flags
Assault Flags30 (10)Single Player: Collect all of the Flags scattered throughout the game.

Least Earned

Escapist94 (20)Zone Battle: Defeat all spaceships in Areas 29 & 30: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.
Zoned Out
Zoned Out86 (20)Zone Battle: Complete 6 Zones, each with the help of a different LIVE enabled friend.
Fearless82 (20)Single Player: Complete 3 sequential areas on foot: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.
Ice Cold
Ice Cold38 (10)Single Player: Freeze 50% of infantry in any Zone: Medium or Hard difficulty in one session.
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