2. Assetto Corsa General hints and tipsUpdate notes

When first starting out on Assetto Corsa, you should first make sure your options are how you like them. From the main menu, go to the options page. First of all, we’ll have the general screen. Here you can select your speed units, either MPH or KM/H, and select whether In-Game Name Labels are on or off. I prefer to use MPH and in-game labels off, but this is my personal preference. You may want to choose KM/H as there is an achievement for achieving a certain speed in KM/H, but ultimately this won’t be an issue anyway. You can also view the credits on this screen.

If you select right on the D-Pad you will come to the controls screen. I personally didn’t change anything in terms of the button layout, but you can create a custom button layout more suited to you here if you wish by selecting create. If you go to advanced, you will be able to select specific settings for your controller input. If you’re using a wheel, it is particularly important to get these to your liking so you can best feel the car. I personally use the following settings on my Logitech G920:

Force Feedback: 100%
Kerb FFB: 40%
Road FFB: 50%
Slip FFB: 0%
Understeer Effects: Off
Use H-Shifter: Off

This is all personal preference and your preferred settings may be very different to mine, as everyone is different. Settings will also differ if you are using a different model of wheel to me as well.

If you select right on the D-Pad again, you’ll come to the audio settings. Again this is personal preference, however I found the game music was quite loud so I turned that down.

And finally, if you select right on the D-Pad again, you’ll come to the Video settings. This is actually quite an important screen as it includes the field of view setting. This is important as having the best possible view is extremely important in sim racing. Normally I have found that the default is quite alright, and you can actually change this setting and better implement it on the track, so it’s best to leave it for now, This screen also includes the virtual wheel rotation limit (not massively important), the HUD (which can be changed in game, same as the FoV), and the colour filter, which I have always left on default.

Before you enter any sort of event, you will always be greeted with the difficulty levels screen. For the difficulty levels, I use the following: The Automatic Gearbox, Automatic Clutch, Automatic Blip, Ideal Racing Line, Traction control and ABS settings can be set to whatever you like as this is personal preference. I also had stability control set to 100%, mechanical damage set to 0%, Tyre wear set to ‘Off’, Tyre blankets set to ‘On’ and Fuel Consumption set to ‘Off’. Use these settings for the majority of your playthrough unless I otherwise specify. It's also advisable to move all the fuel in the car to the lowest possible setting under all circumstances to make the car as light as possible, seeing as we are running with zero fuel consumption.

Once you’re comfortable with your settings, it’s time to head to the track.

I’ll break down the following section into each game mode, to give you a taste of each and my best tips to complete each mode too.

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