5. Assetto Corsa Drift

Drifting is undoubtedly an acquired skill, and is something that took me a while to get the hang of. Fortunately in this game there are again little tips and tricks you can do that will help you keep drifts going, keep combos going and improve your score before the time runs out. One such tip is snaking (I’ll link a video later showing this technique). Of course, you get more points for a more fancy drift at a tighter angle and greater speed, but if you’re having trouble with that you can do what is known as snaking. This is effectively just turning from left to right while driving down a straight bit of road and letting the back end come out slightly. You’ll be able to see if you are drifting enough by looking at your points. If you’re gaining points, that counts as a drift. If you’re having trouble getting the back end out, tap the handbrake (this was the cn_X button for me) but use it with caution. You should normally have no trouble getting the back end out with just the accelerator. Rear wheel drive cars are going to be your best bet for drifting. Select Drift Mode. The easiest car choice will be the BMW M3 E30 Drift and select the track called Drift. Drive out of the pits and initiate a drift and you’ll get:

First Drift

Complete a drift in drift mode

First Drift
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

The following achievements can all be achieved in this same session with enough practice. Make sure you continue getting points by drifting and don’t be caught out by failing a drift when the clock hits zero. The clock can hit zero but as long as you continue your current drift combo, you’re all good, as once you’ve finished the drift you’ll be awarded more time. There are many different routes you can take on the drift track. In the centre of the track there is a smallish oval which I used to drift around which I found the easiest and most consistent way to rack up large amounts of points. Here’s a video from zocker1990 that demonstrates the same strategy I used -

Just keep doing more drifts and getting more points until you reach Level 50. Once you have, let the time run out and you’ll unlock:

Drift Master

Reach level 50 in drift mode

Drift Master
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

When attempting combos, the easiest way is by snaking. It racks up combos in the fastest way possible and it can be done again in the same session if you haven't already racked up 50 combos when going for the drift master achievement. Here’s a video from Robby van Herck showing the technique if my previous explanation wasn’t clear to you -

Once you’ve hit 50 combos, let the time run out and you should then unlock:

Combo Master

Achieve 50 combos in drift mode

Combo Master
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now onto Hotlap mode.

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