7. Assetto Corsa Part 2: Career Mode IntroductionUpdate notes

Here we are in Career Mode. In this mode you will start off in the slower cars and work your way up through the ranks driving faster and faster cars as you go. Most of the events in Career Mode are quick races, but there are a few Time Attacks dotted around the place, as well as a fair few ‘race weekends’. Quick races and Time Attacks are straightforward. However, race weekends involve practice and qualifying sessions. Fortunately, these are not compulsory and you can skip them and go straight to the race. This will cause you to start at the back of the grid, but this shouldn’t be a problem with what I’m about to explain in regards to the difficulty setting.

The good thing about Career Mode is that there are no difficulty requirements. As such, drive with whatever difficulty settings and assist settings you feel most comfortable. For me personally, I would recommend driving with the Opponent level set to ‘Very Easy’. The Automatic Gearbox, Automatic Clutch, Automatic Blip, Ideal Racing Line, Traction control and ABS settings can be set to whatever you like as this is personal preference. I also had stability control set to 100%, mechanical damage set to 0%, Tyre wear set to ‘Off’, Tyre blankets set to ‘On’ and Fuel Consumption set to ‘Off’.

You want to be making sure you win/get the gold medal in EVERY event I tell you to do, as this will be the fastest way through this. Career Mode can feel very grindy, especially as we get to the end, so this should be the most efficient way to complete it.

Due to the difficulty (or lack thereof), I shan’t be going into detail regarding each particular event, and assume you already know the trick to complete time attacks with ease (that I explained earlier in the guide) and also assume that you are able to beat very easy AI without much trouble at all. There will also be no need to run specific setups, as the standard setup should suffice. The only thing I did to the setup was remove as much fuel as possible to make the car as light as possible, as we are not running any fuel consumption.

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