Asterix at the Olympic Games

Xbox 360

Asterix at the Olympic Games Achievements

Most Earned

Adventure Mode 10% complete
Adventure Mode 10% complete5 (5)You have completed 10% of Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode 20% complete
Adventure Mode 20% complete11 (10)You have completed 20% of Adventure Mode
50 combo hits achieved
50 combo hits achieved54 (50)Your combo hit counter has reached 50.
Adventure Mode 30% complete
Adventure Mode 30% complete17 (15)You have completed 30% of Adventure Mode

Least Earned

All shields found
All shields found43 (30)You have found all the shields.
Free all the pigeons.
Free all the pigeons.43 (30)You have freed all the pigeons in the game.
100000 Helmets found
100000 Helmets found132 (100)You have found 100000 Helmets.
50000 Helmets found
50000 Helmets found65 (50)You have found 50000 Helmets.
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