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    This is actually a very decent kid's game based on the best selling legacy books. Here's what your in for as far as achievement points. One of the first frustrations in this game is also the one that will waste more than HALF your time playing it. Namely, just play out to the end of the game first, then you'll thank me later!

    I want to say it again here in CAPS so everyone will see it: PLAY TO THE END OF THE GAME FIRST, without worrying about the numerous just-barely-unreachable collectables that you will see as you move through the maps.

    Everything that you cannot reach you will inevitably get to as the maps progress. Wasted time is the catch phrase here. More than half your time will end up being wasted if you brainstorm ways to (try to) reach said collectables, almost to the point of frustration. However, like many other games out there, this title *really* needs to just be played to the very end. Then you will say, "Ahhh, now I see how that's done".

    Semi-Review: The game involves these two crazy dudes, one small fry Asterix, and the big fat guy Obelix, each with their own personality as well as this itsy-bitsy dog (who, btw, can climb onto the fat guy, and act as a wicked radar to find collectables after you finish the game and do clean up).

    You are at the Olympics in ancient times and you go through a small set of maps along with assorted mini-games. These dudes are actually quite cool when it comes to their character mechanics, and the overall control of the characters is actually quite good.

    Bits of Lara Croft climbing along with Lara-type puzzles are primary in this game, as well as the numerous button combos that are needed to complete some of the combat with the ancient Roman soldiers.

    In fact, this is one of the few titles that I've seen that actually make you use these neat combos to get through the game (you cannot continue the level usless you can pull these off). And, it is the ONLY title that I've *ever* played that has a combo that you will need to use two fingers from BOTH hands at the same time to rope-walk little Asterix across maps in his little trolly - quite fun really.

    Overall, this very hard-to-find, very hard-to-get title was quite enjoyable. The 1000 will take you roughly 6-8 hours IF you follow my guidelines above, and just play to the end of the game without ripping your hair out at the collectables that you can 'almost get to' - trust me on this one.

    Difficulty: 3/10
    Graphics: N/A (Kid's game type)
    Story Line: 7/10
    Voice Work: 7/10
    Music: 6/10
    Fun Factor: 5/10
    Cool Factor: 6/10

    PROS: Some of the mini-games are wicked cool with the combos needed.

    CONS: Teasing, teasing, teasing collectables waste total playtime by 2-3 hours, and could lead even the avid gamer to punch the walls out.

    Final Note: It's really the perfect game for a hangover, or on a rainy day when you just want to kick it and zone out in front of the Plasma. Sorta Lara Croft-ish. Also keep in mind that this title is in extremely high demand by achievement junkies due to its Region Free status, and easy 1000, as it will play on *any* XBox with no problems. Many copies are mainly out of Canada, tho it will usually run you full price for even a used copy.

    For Kids? Yes!, but help them understand the puzzles. Some are out of their league and they will get frustrated too easily.
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    BenDanUKi've just ordered the last copy from! £6.85 - bargain
    Posted by BenDanUK on 06 Aug 10 at 15:03
    DisguisedMikeNice review, I rented the game last week. It's far from being a perfect game, but I think it's a good game for Asterix fans like myself (I own every Asterix books). This game brought me back to my childhood and I had quite some fun with it.
    Posted by DisguisedMike on 19 Jan 11 at 14:40
    ZZRsythis game is very rare, ebay have it for £35 and i have been a fan since i was 8, i would play this and im 36 lol.
    Posted by ZZRsy on 26 Sep 12 at 21:35
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    Atari. Please do us a favour and stop any involvement with the games industry. Ok, your 2600 console did mould the whole future generation of consoles that we play today, but since then you’ve just gone downhill and this game isn’t exactly helping your cause. Asterix at the Olympic Games, as far as I know is not available for our American counterparts and count yourselves lucky you don’t have to have this abomination staring at you on your shop shelves. I can understand that it is aimed at the youth of today, but even so, our youth have eyes and (hopefully) a brain.

    So the idea of the game is get some guy to hook up with some princess or queen or something or other, I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying too much attention as right from the word “go” I was bored of the storyline. You have to progress through a sort of small town whilst participating and hopefully winning in certain “Olympic” events. I’ve quoted the word Olympic as I don’t ever recall anyone throwing a Hammer at a 50 metre long Nail. These Olympic events are quite fun however, but are far too easy. Being that I am 27 years of age I do find myself acting as a child for most of my day and certainly whilst playing this game I felt I was. My point being that I’m sure even a child could win these events. Just mash the buttons. That’s pretty much all there is to it and if you can’t manage that than may I suggest that you seek psychological help. Having said all that the puzzles you encounter in the game do require some logic (believe it or not). I actually got stuck on a couple of parts, but that doesn’t count for much as playing this game I’m sure I lost more than a few IQ points.

    The worst part and the biggest fault in this game is... The camera angle. My god! It’s setup in a 3rd person view and the camera has a real tough time trying to keep up with you. If you’re trying to tackle a tricky jump, be warned. As soon as you jump it’ll get stuck on some unknown void making visibility almost impossible. It’s nice that they tried to vary the camera angles at various points in the game by way of 3rd person and views from the side (almost like an old school platformer), but for the most part the camera just outright fails.

    Overall it’s worth a play if you have absolutely nothing else to do, and I mean absolutely nothing else to do. Or if you have a kid and you really hate him/her, let them sit and play it for 2 hours and watch their brains turn into a pinky mush.