1. Asterix at the Olympic Games Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for the historically innacurate, bash-em-up, action-adventure game known as Asterix at the Olympic Games. This is a very easy game to complete, and if you follow the instructions in this guide you will be polishing another 100% game after about 5-8 hours of gameplay.

This guide will be broken into two main parts which will reflect how you approach this game:

  • The first portion of the guide will focus on the story line, covering all of the progress related achievements, and all collectables found throughout the game.
  • The second portion will cover the various achievements earned by playing each event in Olympic mode. There are two achievements for each event (medium difficulty and high difficulty) which unfortunately are not stackable.

Now that you know what you're in for, let's move on to some hints and tips to make this game go as smoothly as possible.

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