2. Asterix at the Olympic Games General hints and tips


This game features two main characters which you can switch between at any time by simply using RB. As you progress through the game you will find several sections in which you must control one character or the other in order to complete puzzles. This will be fairly obvious as the game gives you clear hints, but just so you know who to control and when, let's meet the characters you will be playing as/interacting with:

  • Asterix: Asterix is the main character in the game, he is the short one with blonde hair and a winged helmet. Asterix's attacks seem slightly faster than those of his compatriot, and you will likely find yourself wanting to use him whenever possible.
  • Obelix: Obelix is the larger, cone-headed character with the horned helmet. There are some points in the game where you will need to use him, but as mentioned earlier you will likely be using Asterix for the majority of the game. Obelix does have one particularly useful ability, but that will be covered under the next character, Dogmatix.
  • Dogmatix: Dogmatix is a ...Dog. He follows your two characters around without contributing much, but if used in combination with Obelix he can be very helpful. Scattered throughout the game are 50 pigeons which need to be released from their cages. If you are unable to find some, controlling Obelix and holding RT when no enemies are present will turn Dogmatix into a pigeon homing beacon. If the arrow spins around and around, no Pigeons are around, but if a pigeon is nearby the arrow will point directly at it.
  • Brutus: Your nemesis in the game is Brutus, who, according to the game, is the son of Julius Caesar... no comment. Brutus is using some sort of time travel to do naughty things and it's your duty to stop him.

There are severaly other characters who you will come into contact with, but none are particularly important.


The controls of this game are very simple, and you are given short tutorials each time you are required to do something new, however, the basic controls are:

  • A = Jump (tap A twice to double jump, hit B during a double jump to "Bomb Drop")
  • X = Basic attack/action around certain objects
  • Y = Grab (hit Y while grabbing someone to spin them around, and Y while aiming to throw)

And that's really all the important ones. There are several special "Bashes" that you can perform, most of which have to be purchased in order to use (there is an achievement associated with this). This moves list can be viewed from the menu screen at any time.

Collectables & Currency

There are four types of collectables in this game:

  • Glue (3): Each glue increases the spinning gauge (how long you are able to spin a Roman over your head)
  • Magnesia (3): Magnesia increases your climbing gauge, allowing Asterix to grip ledges for longer
  • Shields (12): Shields increase your health. Each shield you collect gives you 1/4 of a shield on your health bar. They also refill your health gauge entirely.
  • Pigeons (50): Pigeons don't have any particular advantage to them other than unlocking new characters in Olympic Mode, however, by collecting all 50, it allows you to get the 12th and final shield.

Currency in this game is denoted as Helmets. These are collected by smashing environmental objects, as well as killing enemies. Helmets can be used to purchase new attacks or health from vending machines. Note that the shop is not available until a certain point in the game, so don't fret. Your Helmet intake can be boosted by collecting multipliers (3x and 10x respectively). These randomly drop while killing enemies. They stack (i.e. three 3x multipliers = 9x), but only last for a set amount of time between collecting multipliers, so once you learn the timing you can grab another multiplier just before it disappears.

Mechanisms and Devices

There are several kinds of mechanisms and devices throughout the game, most of which require some sort of teamwork to solve. The differents kinds of mechanisms are:

  • Rope Pulled Cable Car: You will come across these at several points in the game. You will see a red house like thing with a door that Asterix may enter, and he will end up on a cable system. Use Obelisk to grab the rope dangling beneath the cable car to pull Asterix along. If you get too far away, the rope will flash and may come out of Obelix's hand if you continue pulling.
  • Targets: There are two types of targets: Roman targets and Toad Ball targets.
    • Roman targets will sometimes be neutral (any Roman can be thrown into them), or a specific colour, meaning that target will only take Romans of the same colour. First you must daze a soldier by hitting them, pick them up with Y, hit Y again to spin them, then aim at the target and press Y once more.
    • Toad ball targets require teamwork. Asterix will often have to climb to where the toadball dispenser is (costs 5 helmets per ball), and kick the ball to where Obelix is. Obelix can then kick the ball into the target.
    • Each target is different, and some rquire more balls/soldiers than others.
  • Romanophone: Romanophones are music box type objects that are often used to open a certain gate throughout the story. When you activate a Romanophone, several Roman soldiers of different colours (Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green) will appear along with coloured notes at the top of the screen. You must hit the Roman of the colour matching the current note in order to proceed. If you hit the wrong colour, the tune resets, and you must start again. Once you hit them all, the tune is complete and the corresponding gate opens. Romanophone later becomes an Olympic event so it is important to understand this concept.
  • Saving in this game can only be done at save points. These are boothes with two shiny pedastels in front of them randomly spread throughout the Olympic Village. The first save point is shown clearly by the game, so don't worry if my description makes no sense.
  • You can regain health one of two ways: Buying meat chunks from vending machines or performing bomb drops near the sparkly spots you see on the ground. Doing this several times brings up urns from the ground which contain meat (creepy...).
  • In some areas (including the first section of the game) there are magic potions which increase Asterix's strength and speed temporarily. They aren't needed most of the time, but will come in handy during the final battle.
  • You must complete an Olympic event in story mode before you can play it in Olympic Mode to earn the achievements. All events are required to complete the story and are non-missable.
  • In fact no achievements in the game are missable. You may have to back-track at one point or another to grab missed collectables, but there are no points of no-return.

That should be all the information you need to complete this games, so lets move on to the story walkthrough.

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