Kinect Fun Labs: Avatar Kinect Reviews

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    06 Dec 2011
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    Avatar Kinect has fairly easy achievement points, needing at least five to six people to perfect in about 45 minutes. It is not really a game that you would just sit around and play together, more like something you try out once and never go back to again. Unless you happen to like making videos of yourself talking through your avatar and uploading them to the internet. Then this game is all you! Except for the fact that the longer the video is the more time it takes to upload, it can record up to 5 minutes, but even uploading a 2 minute recording still seems to take way too long. Not bad overall, there are definitely better Kinect Fun Lab games to try out than this. smile
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    GodLike499Two stars is a gift
    Posted by GodLike499 on 16 Apr 16 at 16:00