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Posted on 18 February 19 at 01:34
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I have an odd feeling whenever it comes to a game with the publisher Sometimes You on it. It's not to say the games are always bad, but it's always been a very mixed bag for me. These are games from a wide variety of developers so there's never an expectation when going into a new game of theirs. Specifically in their platformer selection, it's been rough with games like Alteric and Deep Ones where I've actually enjoyed time spent with Where Are My Friends? and Save the Ninja Clan. So let me surprise some of you by saying that "Awesome Pea" wasn't bad. In fact, I had nice little time with it.

This isn't to say that it's some amazing game, but it's competent in what it sets out to do. PigeonDev's take on a classic Game Boy inspired platformer works. The controls are crisp (although I think that has more to do with using the D-Pad rather than the Left Stick for movement - in the moments I tried the control stick, it felt a little off for me). There is a double jump and just a bunch of obstacles between you and the end of the level. I had a few times when it appeared my inputs were eaten, but nothing too glaring.

Awesome Pea consists of 30 levels. The game swaps between a few different common game settings:

- Cave
- Tower Climb
- Train
- Castle/Dungeon
- Jungle
- Desert

None of these themes do anything too new with the idea and after a while I joked about the cycle of the levels. Besides a few design decisions in each level, the look and obstacles doesn't change too much. You'll be seeing the same spikes and saw blades and other obstacles in each environment.

So why after this discussion of generic design am I saying this game was actually fun? Personally, I think this game tapped into a feeling of nostalgia in just the right way even with what might be cliche at this point for design, I wasn't having a bad time. The aesthetic of this game is pure Game Boy. While it tries to add a CRT filter to the game, it's not required (and was quickly turned off by me). The CRT filter was just an added annoyance and hurt the graphics for me. As soon as I turned it off though, everything was fine.

My favorite part of this game though is the music. The jazzy tunes across the levels and the overworld map just elicit smiles from me. As I write this review, I'm sitting in the game just letting it play. The song loops might not be the longest, but who cares. The game never lingers too long on a single song (since the levels are short as well).

From an achievement perspective, this game should not be too difficult one (especially for those who play many platformers). When I streamed this game, I went from 0 to 100% within 1.5 hours (70 minutes to be exact). You need to collect all the treasure in each level (gems and coins both count to this) and reach the exit. In general, all the placements of the treasure are visible. Only one coin off screen on the first island really was bad, but that appears to be more of an oddity than consistent design choice.

With all that out of the way, here are a few other random thoughts:

The difficulty curve is really random. Some levels take only a minute and are completely painless, while others are 3+ minutes and the obstacles feel like they really present a danger to the player. The flipping back and forth felt jarring to be honest. I know that Level 1-3 was a few minutes and felt more stressful than almost every level after it simply because of how long and how much treasure there was in paths you had to double back for.

The levels do not have a checkpoint system. I'm mixed on whether it's necessary. The levels are mostly short enough where that doesn't present an insurmountable task, but some of the longer ones could benefit from it. Since I was able to complete the game, it doesn't affect me as much as it might others, but I figure it's worth mentioning.

Overall, Awesome Pea is short and sweet. It accomplishes what it set out to do. That might not be something overly complex or new, but I enjoyed my short time with it.

NOTE: A code for this game was provided by the developer for streaming.
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Posted on 06 April 19 at 13:09
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Awesome Pea failed to live up to it's own hype.

Not sure why they decided to create a game that looks like it belonged on a 1st generation Gameboy and then add two visual options to make it look worse or more horrible, as if it wasn't poor enough! At least the sounds and music fitted in with it's era.

This would have been a reasonable game in the early 90's but now, it was simply a basic platformer without much level innovation. Some of the hardest levels come in the first few so don't be put off if you're getting a little frustrated before level 5, it seems to get much easier after that.

Use your double jump to collect all the coins and diamonds in each level and every achievement will be yours in under a couple of hours comfortably.

Cheap and inoffensive but barely worth your money and time.
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