Axis Football 2018

Axis Football is an American football simulation featuring immersive gameplay and a complete franchise mode!

Game Modes:
- Player vs AI
- Coach Mode: Call the plays and watch the action
- Spectator Mode: Watch a simulated game between the AI
- Local Player vs Player
- Franchise Mode (See below for details)

Game Features:
- 36 Teams
- Stylized playbooks
- Wide variety of uniforms for each player
- In-game uniform editor
- In-game player editor
- 1000+ plays and 50+ formations
- Several high quality stadiums
- Hot routes, audibles, coaching strategies, shifts and more
- Aimed or traditional icon passing
- Jukes, spins, dives, and loads other player moves

Franchise Mode Features:
- Player contracts
- Trades
- Injuries
- Practice squads
- Free agency
- Retiring players
- Weekly and yearly awards
- Dynamic, tiered league structure featuring playoffs, promotions, and relegations
- New GUI design for ease of use
- Unlimited seasons
- 16 week seasons
- Player progressions based on performance, age, potential, and playtime
- End of season drafts
- Season-long team stats
- Individual league leader stats
- Franchise stats
- Depth chart control
- Play, coach, spectate, or simulate your matches
- League and team schedule viewer
- Spectate other matches
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Broadcast SupportLocal multiplayerXbox Live

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United StatesUnited States $19.99 $14.99-25%

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Axis Football 2018
2-3 hours

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