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Posted on 24 August 17 at 11:20
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Bleed Review
Developed by: Bootdisk Revolution/Nephilim Game Studios
Published by: Digerati Distribution
Release Date: 24th August 2017
Price: £7.99 - Currently discounted

Bleed was originally released back on the Xbox 360 Indie Game Store back in December of 2012, garnering praise across all platforms it has been released on. Now it's finally made it to Xbox One.

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Your in control of Wryn, a young girl with a big arsenal of weapons and one goal in mind, to become the ultimate hero of all time by defeating all the other heroes. Bleed's gameplay is relatively simple at its core, which is to run and gun your way through the games 7 levels, defeating a mid boss and then the Hero for that level at the end. Enemies will quickly swarm you and overcome you if you're not quick to despatch them, and quick reflexes are essential especially if you're to attempt the games unforgiving Arcade mode which awards you a single life to complete the entire game. At the time of writing, no one on the site has managed to successfully achieve.

Gameplay is quick to learn, twin stick controls with the triggers allowing you to triple dash or slow time down as you navigate the platform elements, and with the hordes of enemies relentlessly hunting you down you're going to need to be on top of your game the entire time.

Bleed does suffer in terms of longevity, as it's a short experience and can be completed in a single sitting. There are 4 difficulty settings, each with their respective achievement and you will have to play through 4 times if you want them all. Upon completion you unlock Arcade mode; which is going to push you to your limits given you only get one life. I've tried several times and only managed to make it as far as the end of the second level, and that was on the easiest difficulty setting. Bleed's Arcade mode is not for the casual gamer that's for sure. But practice makes perfect right?

Another unlock mode is an arena styled game mode where you can fight up to 3 bosses at once, and any combination thereof. Difficulty settings mirror those available in Story and you dash and slow time abilities are a must here. Even set to easy this can prove to be one hell of a challenge, with bosses filling up the screen giving you not even a second to relax and compose yourself.

New weapons and upgrades can be bought from the in-game shop, increasing you health and ability bar to give you a fighting chance. Akimbo pistols, laser gun, katana and more can be added to your arsenal, but these cost points which are awarded at the end of each level. Play badly? Then you won't be getting much. Those all important S Ranks are essential to unlocking them quicker, and this in itself isn't an easy task. You'd have to be performing a flawless run through the levels, and this is no easy task. Bleed will punish any sloppy playstyle.

Whilst I enjoyed Bleed, and have tried my hand at Arcade mode several times to no avail, I felt like it just lacked content to keep me playing. It's by no means a terrible game, and one to keep you on your toes but with 7 short levels, it's on the short side of things. Not only that but Arcade mode and it's one life will prevent many people from ever completing it.

A retro look as per the norm for many Indie titles. No noticeable drop in frame rate for me, and runs smoothly.

Nothing that will blow you away, as you'll spend most the time listening to the sound effects of gun fire almost constantly.

Easy to pick and play but hard to master. Easily accessible in essence. But don't forget to use dash and slow time. A lot.

Replay value
Plenty of it if you're determined to finish each of the 4 available difficulties and nail an S Rank for each boss fight. Not a game pull be finished with quickly if your intentions are to do everything achievement related.

For those who hunt achievements, this is the point at which many will come unstuck. There's one for each difficulty on Story and Arcade mode with the latter going to prove impossible for all but the most determined and exceptional gamer. An S Rank achievement for each boss fight, which again will prove to be challenging as you need to be flawless in your approach. Some miscellaneous achievements for meeting certain criteria in each level and defeating 3 bosses at once in the arena styled Challenege mode. Overall, a very hard completion.

Bleed is short, fun for pick-up-and-play bursts and incredibly challenging. I'm sure that there are plenty of gamers out there that will just see this as another obstacle to overcome and give it there all. If anyone does manage to complete Arcade mode then some serious bragging rights will be claimed. A niche game perhaps, and one that provides a hefty challenge.
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