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    21 Jun 2019
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    Back in 1995 first caught my attention because the year 1995 was very significant for me. It was the year I graduated from high school, started college, and started dating the woman that would become my wife. My initial thoughts were that this game would be about how life was in 1995, but this game was more than that; for better and worse.

    Let's be honest about why you are here, you've probably heard this game has easy achievements. You would be correct. A full 1,000 gamerscore can be had in about an hour or two. I would suggest using the guides on the achievements if you are looking for a quick score. The game has some hidden items you could miss if you just rush through.

    If you are actually interested in the game, it is an...unusual attempt at nostalgia. It is a game made as if it were 1995. The graphics and controls are straight from that era; in other words, if you are young, these things will be terrible in your eyes. For most people, the controls will take some getting used to, and might cause some mild annoyance. Maneuvering is wonky and combat can be irksome, but it isn't vital to completion to be an expert at either. The game isn't long, so it's not something you have to deal with that much.

    So, what is Back in 1995? It actually has an interesting story idea about mental health and the power of video games. It is an obscure, but intriguing attempt to make a game that has something important to say, but I think it is possible that message gets lost in a game that many will easily dismiss. Is it a good game? That is quite difficult to answer and for individuals, I believe it will vary greatly on what your memories (if any) of this era of video games is and how much time you actually put into this game. I would think that most people will simply complete it and forget it, but I would urge to at least give the story a chance. The game was made by three people and I think they deserve a chance to tell their story.

    Honestly, there isn't much else going on with this game. The controls are odd, the graphics can give you a headache, the menu is awkward, and the story is bonkers...but that is all the point.

    At the end of the day, this is just an average game that has something intriguing about it, but it's so short and strange, it gets lost a bit. I would suggest waiting for the game to be on sale, as I would say it is not worth the original $10 price.
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    TheOnlyMattoI think the price of this game should be 1.99 1/2 cents cuz it aint worth 2 bucks. Great review though I think 3 stars is a bit generous.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 12 Jul 19 at 21:37
    Drachen77Thank you and fair enough smile. You certainly prove my point that some people will not like this game at all.
    Posted by Drachen77 on 14 Jul 19 at 03:19
    FejerI think it's a fair reciew even though I personally enjoyed the game and would rate it higher. The developers tried to evoke a nostalgic feeling, reminding us of games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark from the PlayStation 1. In that regard I think they succeeded. Like 25 years ago, I personally was able to look past the "flaws" (bad camera, tank controls) and felt interested in the story.
    Posted by Fejer on 21 Apr 20 at 20:08