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  • SashamorningSashamorning1,926,270
    05 Apr 2010 21 May 2010
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    Growing up in the 80s, I used to watch Transformers and G.I. Joe, like lots of kids at the time (and of course I wanted all the toys). Usually playing around (or in between) the two was a cartoon about a girl band called Jem and the Holograms. The first time I put this in my 360, that's immediately what I thought of.

    This is a Jem and the Holograms game.

    To be fair, it's really just Guitar Hero 5 with a different skin. Like GH5, most of the songs are importable/exportable with each other, and GH: World Tour and GH: Smash Hits tracks can be imported for a small licensing fee. However, if you'd rather be playing Jem instead of GH5, then this is for you.

    (A note: If you really want the track list, wait for it to get cheaper and buy it NEW (not used), since you can only export songs if the code on the game manual hasn't already been used. This is a newer trend we will undoubtedly see more of in the future.)

    This is not to say it's a bad game. The track list is made to be more accessible to a younger female audience, as well as a more casual player base, and the game itself was clearly designed as counterprogramming to Harmonix's Lego Rock Band. (I can't compare the two since I don't have LRB yet.) However, a major flaw of BH is that the track list is comparably small: 65 songs compared with GH5's 85, a substantial difference for a game that was released at the same price point.

    The achievements are also quite a bit simpler than GH5, which makes sense, given the target audience. It's pretty simple to get most of the achievements through career, with a few multiplayer achievements thrown in. Very few require a higher degree of difficulty. As I said before, the audience for BH is much different than for GH5, but that's not to say it isn't a solid game on its own.

    Still, I have a thing for Taylor Swift, so I needed to get those songs. ;-) However, even with 3 Taylor songs, the game isn't worth any more than 3 stars because of the much smaller track list. Unless you really want to see Johnny Napalm as a clean-cut Backstreet Boy. That's just terrifying.
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    JoeCool7835Actually, Lego Rock Band was released by Warner Brothers, not EA.
    Posted by JoeCool7835 on 05 Apr 10 at 21:07
    SashamorningWhoops! There I go assuming. I knew it was Harmonix, assumed it was EA. I'll fix that.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 05 Apr 10 at 21:22
  • SuperEboySuperEboy116,694
    20 Nov 2009 21 Nov 2009
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    Seeing as the Band Hero was intentionally released to combat Harmonix's Lego Rock Band, it wasn't as terrible as the negative reputation gives it out to be. Activision knows that Guitar Hero 5 was done right, and so they spent a quarter of what Harmonix spent on LRB and produced a game that would do the job (- or debatably better job than LRB).

    For any GH/RB junkie who lives to be challenged by the next Expert/Expert + song, you'll be disappointed with the variety and difficulty that Band Hero has to offer. However, this shouldn't be surprising - I don't recall Hillary Duff or Maroon 5 ever having any sort of facemelting solo. The setlist is comprised of bands everyone has heard of, but many that you'd be ashamed of knowing. This makes gameplay fun for a child, (especially one that listens to the Disney channel soundtracks,) but boring and repetitious to the original Guitar Hero crowd.

    The gameplay/engine is a mirror of GH5, with an occasional curveball that Rock Band had already done something similar to. For the first time, Guitar Hero brought in the taped-off sequences (like RB's solo sequences) and added a little spice to getting that 100% completion.
    The guitar riffs were surprisingly fun considering the repetition and that many sounds that you play to aren't actually guitar. The drums were fairly standard, most songs seemed more playable than GH5. The vocals is where the game shines, especially for teenagers who are more familar with the music. (I'm sure many of you have sung a couple of these in the shower anyway :P)

    The achievements, especially compared to all of the Guitar Heros before it, were a breeze. If you have a noisey fan and a mic, more than half of them are already pounded out for you (- it's just a matter of having the patience to sit through the music).

    The game as a whole didn't have really much to offer other than a child's setlist, as mentioned earlier. Spin-offs don't typically introduce anything really new, though.

    If you jump into the game with an open mind and an understanding that it IS called "Band Hero", you definitely could have a bit of fun with it. As for myself, it was worth a rent - but I'm sure that a 9-year-old girl out there somewhere thinks it's the newest form of chocolate.
  • nonzzerononzzero74,563
    19 Nov 2009 19 Nov 2009
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    I'm all for new games if they have something new to offer, but Band Hero does not. Again, this is nothing but a rehash of GH5 with a family friendly setlist and only trivial visual changes.

    Some song selections are puzzling, and there are several instances where they're clearly not family friendly songs, because they've been butchered with censorship. Like in Sugar, We're Going Down several suggestive lines have been excised including "The friction in your jeans" and "A notch in your bedpost". Even American Pie has the word "whiskey" edited out. I don't understand why songs like these were included if they had to be censored, for the most part you'd hear these songs on the radio unedited.

    Also, I find it odd that even though this is touted as a family friendly game that you can play all GH5 DLC in it, even the aggressive metal songs that clearly don't fit with the game. For this reason this game doesn't really have a characteristic that defines it as unique from GH5 aside from its on-disc setlist.

    That's not to say that this game doesn't have fun songs in it, it does have its fair share. However, as far as guitar goes this game is clearly lacking. Drums fare a bit better, but it only really shines on vocals if you're into that sort of thing. The vocal system is still the same, though, and it's still a bit too strict on Expert.

    61 of the 65 songs in the game export for $5, which I have to say is a much better ratio than previous exports (Smash Hits - 21/44, World Tour - 35/85). However, Mr. Roboto is one of the 4 that doesn't export. NOOOOOOOO.

    As far as career goes it's pretty much exactly like GH5, though a new type of challenge was added, the "nail this section" challenges that specifies certain areas of the song for you to do well on. This works a lot like RB's guitar solos, although you won't see these outside of career mode.

    Achievements are pretty easy, I got all of them in two days. You might struggle with getting enough stars in career mode if you're not good with all instruments though.

    I really can't think of anything else to say about it. It was a totally forgettable experience. It fails as a full game just like most GH spin-offs do.
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    *Another request review by that sexy beast known as Frank9080*

    Have you played Guitar Hero 5 by chance? Well, this is the SAME DAMN GAME, just oriented at the 15-18 female demographic. If not, I shall give a rundown:

    Guitar Hero 5 is considered to be the best GH in the series since GH2, (though I would put Metallica above it) due to its ability to have multiples of the same instrument, jump in-jump out party play, and a solid (but WAY too varied) setlist.

    Band Hero is basically this game again.

    But GH5 was critically praised, so it makes sense that band hero is a good game...right? Well, kind of. Everything is literally unchanged from GH5, save for different venues, songs, and the characters... which all now look horrible. Axel Steel in particular is supposed to be a metalhead, now he looks like a gay. You still have all the 3 star bonus challenges, (for instrument specific challenges, such as a certain score, streak, etc...) and 8 player online modes, but just read a review for GH5 and it'll say everything.

    How many times have I said the two games are the same?

    But it's the setlist that'll make or break the game, and to me (an 18 year old who's favorite music genres are punk rock and thrash metal) it's HORRIBLE. Fall Out Boy is in this game... we haven't seen them since the original Rock Band and boy did we not miss them. It's all based on taste of course, but for me this is awful.

    Lego Rock Band (which could be considered BH's main competitor) had a better setlist, but Band Hero lets you play ALL the DLC from Guitar Hero World Tour/Guitar Hero 5, as well as your imported songs from WT and Smash Hits. Suck that down Lego Rock Band!

    Also, the importing is FAR better than in the other Guitar Heros. You got a nice 33% of the songs in World Tour and 40% from Smash Hits, but in Band Hero, you get ALL but 4 songs (that's 60!) for half the price for exporting LRB's 40 something. Good thing 3 out of those 4 songs are trash... the other one, which happens to be Mr Roboto, is actually good and we don't get it? POOP.

    People tend to complain how there are few songs in music games that girls want to sing, well... here you go. Now don't speak about it again.

    But what about the achievements? Easiest. Guitar Hero. Ever. Most are similar to GH5, such as winning pro faceoffs and completing challenges and earning stars, but there is one in particular that stands out, the "Treasure Hunt" achievement. This 490 point juggernaut is unlocked when you collect "secret notes" which nobody really knows what they are, other than you have to play a certain part of a song perfect. Do all 18 (@5G each) and that's that. 18*5+490=580 for nothing. This game is an achievement whore's dream, and unlike the other GH games, doesn't require you to be godly to get em all. I got 955G in 2 days effortlessly.

    So here's a brief recap:

    - It's Guitar Hero 5 reskinned with a full price tag
    - Setlist blows unless you are a teenage girl
    - Better than Lego Rock Band BY:
    1. Graphics
    2. Export value
    3. Setlist (depends on your taste though..)
    4. Ability to play ALL DLC (no damn "family restrictions")
    - Expert players will blow through this one
    - Good export value (400 points for 60 songs)

    I really liked Guitar Hero 5, and this being the same game I really can't say it sucks, but for a guy who thinks modern music is a joke, it's hard to get into it. Rent it, export it, (if you really want to) and 1k it with ease.

    PS. Guitar Hero 6 is inevitible, DJ Hero 2 is coming... but please god don't let Band Hero 2 come to be. I'm probably one of the only people on the planet who still supports the Guitar Hero franchise over Rock Band. (Green Day Rock Band killed that series for meangry) Just... don't do it. And how long until we can export the rest of the WT and SH songs huh?