Bankshot Billiards 2 Reviews

  • Galactic RhymeGalactic Rhyme322,049
    05 Jun 2011 05 Jun 2011
    4 1 0
    For a Pool video game, this is probably one of the better ones I've tried. The physics seem pretty good, although I did notice a little gravity pull into the pockets from time to time, usually with the cue ball.

    Grinding through 200 games played takes some real patience. Some seem to think you have to WIN 200 games to get it, but I nabbed it with around 155 wins; just finishing out some games, even losing, will get it.

    The Time Trial achievement is probably the hardest and takes a good amount of skill/practice. Just get under 13:00 across all 12 tables (they evidently didn't know what a 1 minute average across 12 tables added up to).

    Golf and Trick Shots take a small amount of work, but aren't terribly hard.
  • OsirisOsiris253,993
    08 Mar 2009
    7 5 2
    Bankshot Billards 2- 3 out of 5 stars

    Bankshot Billards is your run of the mill computer pool game. It offers all the usual suspects as far as game modes go, 8-ball, 9-ball, Cut Throat, 3-ball, Golf and Trick Shot. It also has a aim help feature that can be turned off for more competitive play online and offline. BB2 also has the ability to change table colors and floor colors to customize your playing area. Online play is this games most rewarding aspect due to the poor AI during offline sessions but even then it can be hard to find a game in anything other than 8-ball.

    Presentation is done well but not anything noteworthy. If you have played the first BB on the original Xbox its almost the same look and feel of the original. Acheivments in this game are pretty hard to come by outside the normal play "X" number of games. Lots of which require you to play golf and trick gametypes to perfection. Over all if you are a fan of billards this game will be right up your ally, if not then i would steer clear.