The Banner Saga 3 Achievements

Full list of all 49 The Banner Saga 3 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. It takes around 35-40 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One.

  • Finish Strong

    Complete the game on Hard difficulty level without losing a single battle.

  • Bat out of Hel

    Complete Chapter 21 with only one return to Arberrang.

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  • Hard Difficulty

    Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

  • Guided

    Complete the game with all possible heroes still alive.

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  • Double Blind

    Put an end to the warped Sundr.

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  • Normal Difficulty

    Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

  • We Made It

    Reunite separated family.

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  • Looter

    Defeat the final wave of every wave battle in the game.

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  • Warmonger

    Fight at least 30 battles in a single playthrough.

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  • Keep It Together

    Finish the game with Hakon and Canary allied to you.

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  • I'm Being Repressed

    Now we see the violence inherent in the system.

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  • Worse for Wear

    Keep Folka from losing her head over Bolverk.

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  • Journey's End

    See Rook or Alette safely to the end of the Saga.

  • Witch

    Defeat 3 enemies with Alfrun.

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  • Scrivener

    Defeat 3 enemies with Ubin.

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  • Bastion

    Defeat 3 enemies with the Bastion.

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  • Apostate

    Defeat 3 enemies with the Apostate.

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  • Castaway

    Defeat 3 enemies with the Castaway.

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  • Ruined

    Defeat Ruin on the battlefield.

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  • Rings a Bell

    Fail to learn your lesson the first time.

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  • Godstone Denglr Redux

    Return to the godstone Denglr.

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  • Godstone Dredge

    Visit the godstone of the dredge.

  • Pass It On

    Pass Juno's Weaved Energy buff 4 times before it expires.

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  • Pacified

    Put Bolverk to rest once and for all.

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  • Talk It Out

    Convince Eyvind to do the right thing.

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  • AKA

    Award a heroic title.

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  • Living Legend

    Promote a hero to rank 15.

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  • Scrape By

    Complete the game with both caravans alive, but fewer than 16 characters.

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  • Came a Long Way

    Reach the end of Chapter 20 with 300 clansmen.

  • Passive Aggressive

    Use items and heroic titles to have 3 passive abilities on one character.

  • An honored guest

    Spoke with King Meinolf in Chapter 16.

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  • Which Witch

    Alfrun joined the the caravan.

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  • Horseborn Rampage

    Minimized casualties during 'disagreement' over horseborn.

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  • Bromance

    Put Gudmundr and Petrus into battle together 5 times.

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  • Poetic Justice

    Listen to Aleo's recitation.

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  • Sole Survivor

    Juno wanders alone for all eternity.

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  • Shortcut

    Arrive safely at Ridgehorn.

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  • Eww

    Salvage a treasure trove in the darkness.

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  • Good Listener

    Talk to at least 15 allies in Arberrang and the darkness.

  • Thin Ice

    Survive the trek across the frozen sea.

  • Dredge Lover

    End the game with all possible playable dredge alive.

  • Dredge Slayer

    Leave no dredge alive.

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  • Peace Offering

    Make peace with the enemy for the greater good.

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  • Shipped

    Accept the proposition.

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  • Restless

    Never let the Ravens stop for rest.

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  • Trapped

    Trap two enemies in sinkholes.

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  • Fighting to live

    Successfully hold out to the bitter end.

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    Win a battle with at least one human, horseborn, varl, and dredge in the fight.

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  • Young Love

    Do you like me? O-Yes / O-No

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