Bard's Gold Reviews

  • FullMoonBeaverFullMoonBeaver856,565
    21 Jun 2016
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    Welcome to my review for Bard's Gold

    Developer: Pixel Lantern
    Publisher: Pixel Lantern
    Release Date: June 17th 2016
    Price: £3.99

    Bard's Gold story is a simple one. A goblin has stolen the Brad's gold, and our nameless protagonist has decided he's going to get it back. Harming back to an era, where gaming was a lot simpler in terms of story telling. You get the basics, and of you go on your travels.

    The pixel art design of the Bard is a nod to old school gaming, with a very retro visual, including the AI that thwarts you in every room of each world. The level designs have more detail to them, and they compliment each other.

    There is no real depth to the game, and with how the game presents its content, Bard's Gold doesn't need complications of the modern kind of game. Which if you want a simple pick up and play, then it's the perfect time killer.

    The premise is very simple to follow. Defeat enemies, collect gems, upgrade skills with skill books and Gems, and defeat bosses. Doesn't get much easier than this.

    Whilst the idea is simple, the game does have its downfalls sadly. Which is a shame. As an Indie game fanatic, and supporter of the Indie dev scene, I do believe that Bard's Gold could have been a far more satisfying experience.

    Pixel art Bard and enemies, which look good, and level designs are pleasing to the eye. Not going to blow you away, but that's not the idea. Runs smoothly, with no lag, clipping or stutter.

    A bit of a let down here, as the music is very tedious and repetitive. You may find yourself turning the volume down, and playing some music from your collection instead.

    This may take you some time to complete if you search out all the skill books and go for all the achievements. Other elements may contribute to this factor which I will discuss in the next section. But once you are done with Bard's Gold, there will be little to keep you coming back for more.

    Sluggish controls Mar what could have been a great gameplay experience. It feels as though our Bard has weighed himself down with feasting on food before hand, as he is slow to move and on some occasions, jump or double jump when requested. This can lead to frustrating, and irritating times. Coupled with a somewhat dubious collision detection, and the result? You putting another game on to play. Thankfully, every few levels there is a door in the level that allows you to purchase extra lives, weapons and a few other bits and bobs. Magic glasses being handy for finding hidden doors and Gems.

    A quite straightforward list, with a bit of a grind in farming 50,000 gems. But honestly, don't worry about that one. I've almost got it without my real effort. Finding all skill books will certainly test your hunting skills. But otherwise the only real tough achievement I've had issues with, is completing a world without dying. If the game at issues were not present. This achievement would likely be a cakewalk. Put in enough time, and you will either have the 1000g or close too.

    Not a terrible game by any means. Marred by a few problems which does drop the score, and sully the experience a bit. But that price of £3.99 is the deal winner in my opinion. So many people coming about the price of Indie games in the £15-20 range, and here we have a game for less than a fiver. Support a not so greedy Indie dev today, and snap up Bard's Gold. You can get a fair few easy achievements from it too. The price certainly will tempt many people looking to boost their score, or those who fancy a retro fix.

    I award Bard's Gold 6.5/10 or 3 stars.

    I was not provided with a code for review this time, and spent my own money. Still, a thanks in order for Pixel Lantern in not being greedy and charging an excellent price.