1. Bard's Gold Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Usually there's a wiki or wikia fanpage or IGN page out there that has a littany of details on the game with stats and walkthroughs. I couldn't find anything for Bard's Gold, and I personally really enjoyed it, so I decided to use this walkthrough as an opportunity to collect some stats and details on the game!

A lot of what's in the walkthrough you may not need, but I've made every effort to give you every tool you might possibly need. (Not everyone needs to or wants to know the Hitpoints stats of an enemy, or the Damage modifiers for a particular weapon) But for those of you that do want to know these trivial things enjoy!

This is a very enjoyable game imo and since one of the achievements (insert 50,000 Gem) requires a small grind, I'd personally recommend playing through each level for fun to get a feel of the game prior to plowing through the walkthrough! You'll have to play each level multiple times any ways to gain the necessary Gems towards your 50,000.

Things to immediately know if you choose to do this and jump right in will be included in the hints / tip section on the next page.

Included in this walkthrough you will find:

  • The standard achievements listing in the suggested / earliest places you can obtain them.
  • Maps of all variants of each level. These will usually be hidden in spoiler tags in order to declutter. Simply compare the starting screenshot to your actual game and you will know which variant you are on. Then you click the spoiler tag below that screenshot and you will see the map layout.
  • Videos of the tricky achievements
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