2. Bard's Gold General hints and tips


ACHIEVEMENTS FOR COMPLETING EACH OF THE 4 WORLDS CAN BECOME TEMPORARILY GLITCHED AND NOT UNLOCK PROPERLY ON FIRST PLAY THROUGH WITH MULTIPLE PROFILES SIGNED INTO DASHBOARD. In addition to the 4 level completion achievements, the following can also become temporarily glitched in the same manner.

You've got yourself a deal

Find the secret discount

You've got yourself a deal
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If you didn't heed the warning, don't fret. They are not perma glitched. You can always go through and fulfill the requirements a second time once you've rebooted your XBOX ONE and made sure that only one profile is signed in and the achievements will unlock for you.

1) No difficulty related achievements. This is a 'rogue' like with "randomly" generated levels. However there are minimal random generations for each level on Normal difficulty, so everything included in this guide whether it be stats or maps is based on Normal difficulty. Playing on the 2nd difficulty increases the Gem's dropped by enemies and increases randomness factorial while reducing your starting lives. Playing on the hardest difficulty further increases the Gem's dropped by enemies and randomness factorial while also giving a new life system (instead of 1 hit kills you and you have 5 lives, now you have 3 hits kills you and only one life)

2) Any enemy, trap, or spikes all does the same damage to you. You get hit by anything and you die. AKA -1 Life.

3) When you get to a game over screen, be sure to use / spend all your gems to upgrade your abilities before exiting. This makes subsequent playthroughs easier!

4) Utilize the cn_RSd and cn_RSu scout functionality of the game. This allows Bard to look below him and above him. This is CRITICAL when descending down a level as you may accidentally jump down onto a spike trap or a nest of monsters.

5) There are only 12 "Collectibles" in the entire game. You start with 1 and by just beating the game you will receive 4 more (1 for each Boss Fight). This will bring you to 5 of the 12. 3 are found from killing a particular MINI-BOSS. 2 Randomly located hidden in specific level variants. 1 for climbing all the way to the top of a Tower of Patience and finally 1 for obtaining a World's Treasure Map by collecting all 6 scraps of Treasure Map (1 located in each Level).

6) Focus on beating each of the 4 stages and their boss first. You will accrue a great deal of Gems.

7) When you find a Skill Book you would think to yourself (Awesome I just got a new ability!) No! You just got the ability to spend 3 or 4 continues worth of Gems to finally save up and purchase new said ability! Don't get discouraged!

8) Vases / Pots are sporadically placed in all levels. Destroying these provides a small amount of Gems but more importantly counts towards a Destroy 200 Vases achievement. DESTROY all vases!

9) There is a timer in the top right corner of your screen for each level. Once this counts down to zero, you can continue to play the level, although randomly generated fireballs will rain from the sky and float towards. These are relatively easy to avoid so don't sweat the timer to much.

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