6. Bard's Gold Story walkthrough


Bard's Gold is an (takes deep inhaling breath) Action Adventure Rogue Like Role Playing Dungeon Crawler. WOW! That's a mouthful! Now for the bread and butter. For those of you unfamiliar Rogue Like games are those that have the tendency to have some degree of randomness straight to complete randomness. That just means that every time you play the game, the level layouts and enemies will be different in order to create a fresh and new experience each time. Now don't let that scare you! I know I know... Random games can be a pain in the you know what to get achievements! Don't worry! There are NO difficulty related achievements and as one of the aspects of the increasing difficulties is increasing randomness, on Normal difficulty each level only has 3 variants. There are 4 Worlds with 6 stages each + 1 Boss. SO essentially on Normal difficulty there are only 28 stages with at most 3 permutations of each stage. This walkthrough will show hand created, screenshot stitched together maps for each of the variants which will help you beeline straight for a key on a "Flawless Don't Die" playthrough or will help you find all the secret ledges and knick knacks.

Now let's get to the story / plot. laugh Well as much as I loved this game, that's one thing that's rather lacking. You basically start the game with no explanation of what you are doing or why you are doing it. But doing some digging and you can find that the developers suggest you are Bard and a Goblin has stolen your gold. You must track said Goblin down through increasingly difficult worlds and dispatch all enemies who stand in your way.

This walkthrough will solely focus on Normal difficulty as any higher difficulty would increase the randomness factor squared and create epic more confusion when considering level variants. What variant am I on? #22 or #26?!?! I'm lost! laugh

Image 2

There are some advantages to playing on higher difficulties. Once you've completed each World at least once playing on RETRO will yield you more Gems. Playing on ROGUE-LIKE can make the do not die achievement easier. However, there are also disadvantages of both. Less lives for RETRO and with ROGUE-LIKE you don't get to spend your hard earned Gems once you die. You also don't get to use any of your upgrades you've acquired. Upgrades must instead be found in game.

The object of the game is very simple. You must find a GOLD Key somewhere in the Level. Take the GOLD Key to the Locked Door (Usually the only other door on level) and wam bam thank you ma'am! Next Level. Rinse and repeat. There are 4 Worlds and each World has 6 regular Levels followed by a 7th Level BOSS FIGHT. So you're going to need to find a GOLD Key 28 times and fight 4 Bosses. Easy peasy!

You start off the game with one Skill Book. Maximum Life.

PROGRESS: Bookworm (1/15)

You start off with World 1 - Level 1. Every time you lose all your lives be sure to spend all your Gems. You can't take them with you! BUT you can spend them before you continue and the progress towards a Skill will carry over. Each of the regular levels (non-boss levels), has 1 hidden section of map. Hidden Maps Sections can be seen with Magic Glasses just like all other Secrets with the GLIMMER SPARKLE. Use the maps I provided for each level of the Variants in order to find these easily, spam the attack button at all corners of the map, or use the Magic Glasses to track them down yourself.

Now that you're at the WORLD Select screen you'll start off will only the door open for WORLD 1. Each time you beat a new WORLD you will have access to start at any WORLD previously unlocked at the WORLD Select screen.


At any time during the game you can see your HUD hugging the bottom of the screen. Here is the breakdown of everything on your HUD.


Ok, now onto the meat and potatoes. From here on out, due to the nature of a "randomly" generated game, the walkthrough of each World will be outlined as such.

Level X

  • General World hints and tips
  • Level specific hints and tips.
  • Screenshots of each of the 3 "random" level variants. Each screenshot will be followed by spoiler tags. Clicking these spoiler tags will reveal the expandable map of a dozen screenshots stitched together to form one giant map. THESE stitched maps are enlargeable. Simply click the image within the spoiler tags and it will open in a new tab and be expanded (for detail if needed or your glasses aren't nearby) laugh
  • Video Guides of any achievements from World

The Maps I've created are pretty self-explanatory, but in case you get lost or don't understand.


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