Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY (PC)

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Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

Freeflow Combo 55 (5)Complete a combo of 5 moves (any play mode)
Shocking Rescue10 (10)Take down Zsasz in the Patient Pacification Chamber
Malpractice Needs More Practice10 (10)Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchman
Leave No Man Behind11 (10)Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in Decontamination

Least Earned

Perfect Knight236 (75)100% Complete
Freeflow Gold154 (50)Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges
Predator Gold147 (50)Achieve 24 medals on predator challenges
Freeflow Silver71 (25)Achieve 16 medals on combat challenges
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