4. Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) Side Missions (Riddler, etc)Update notes

The following is a table of content numbering the side missions, this is done to allow easy navigation through this section as you can choose to do these when they appear or at the end of the main story:

01. Watchers in the Wing
02. Distress Flare
03. AR training
04. Calendar man / Story teller
05. Cold Call Killer
06. Acts of Violence
07. Shot in the Dark
08. Enigma Conundrum and subsequent Riddler side missions
09. Identity Theft
10. Remote Hideaway
11. Heart of Ice
12. Tea Party
13. Hot and Cold
14. Miscellaneous achievements


The first possible side mission, Watcher in the Wings comes after Joker attempts to assassinate Catwoman. Once you have done the detective work head to one of the double doors that were locked when you first went into the Courthouse. Walk towards the entrance and then up the stairs where the viewing area into the Courthouse is. Once you get to the top of the stairs turn left and head out the door with the green exit sign above it, and this will lead to a balcony. Look to the building across from the Courthouse entrance, a mysterious caped gentleman that can now be seen on the roof (click in the right thumbstick to zoom in if you can't see him). as mentioned in the main sorry section make sure you first throw your remote Batarang at him to get the achievement Catch.

You will now be required to track the mystery gentleman 5 times, and he can be located in the following areas:

Image 2

Credit goes to Iv ARK ANGEL vI for the map.

You cannot locate him at point 2 until after leaving the Steel Mill for the 1st time.

You cannot locate him at point 3 until after you interrogate Mayor Quincy Sharpe.

You cannot locate him at point 4 until after you rescue a Vicky Vale.

If he doesn't appear immediately save it and reload, and sometimes if you are really unlucky he will be stubborn and not show. Don't panic just continue with side missions or doing Riddler trophies etc. and try coming back.

After speaking to the chap he will leave a symbol on the ground, requiring you to enter detective mode to scan it. After scanning all four symbols, your map will pop up, and you must solve the puzzle by moving the symbol to place the flashing small circles in line with the locations where you met him on the map. Use the left and right stick to move the symbols, make sure you zoom the symbols out to fit over all the points. This will lead you to a final location and symbol which you should head to and scan. You will get a cut scene and the following:


The next side mission also becomes available immediately after you rescue the 1st hostages in the church. Make your way to the side mission Distress Flare. There will be a few goons outside to take care of, once inside the Krank Co. toys building you will find Bane. Walk down the stairs to speak to him, starting the side mission, Fragile Alliance and this will unlock:

You will now be required to find and destroy 6 TITAN barrels, I would recommend tracking them down as you play through the main story but if you prefer you can mop them up at the end of the game. Once you have this side mission the barrels will be easily seen as you near them in detective mode as they will emit a red pulsing signal. As for locating them, two are readily accessible at any point and the other 4 will only be accessible as you progress through the main story line. You cannot access the barrel in the Steel Mill until your second visit there in the main story line, the one in the museum is when you locate Mr Freeze, when you move down into the subway for the 1st time to destroy the final signal jammer there is one there, and the other one in the restricted area is not accessible until you enter the subway for the 2nd time and is found in the predator room where one of the goons has a remote signal jammer.

Once you destroy all 6 TITAN barrels you will be required to return to Bane, approach him and you will both fight a number of goons, a small cut scene is next and then destroy the remaining 6 barrels to unlock:


Head to the first of four AR training areas, this is fairly easy and just a series of gliding tests, complete all 4 to get the grapple boost upgrade. Completing the first basic 4 will unlock the advanced AR training 1 - 4.

Access your map and systematically work through all 4 advanced training side missions, again these are gliding tests, and with a bit of practice you will walk through them, completing the last of the 4 will get you:


As mentioned in the main story section in the Courthouse there is a downstairs jail area. This is located by leaving the main court area with the judge's seating area to your right, going through the door look right and there are stairs leading down to the cells. You will hear Calendar Man and follow his voice to find him sat in his cell. The achievement related to this guy involves speaking to him on actual holidays, as in based on the date that your 360 thinks it is. If you want this achievement without waiting for a whole year you can simply disconnect your 360 from the internet and go to System Settings to change the date. You will have to speak to him on a holiday that occurs each month. These holidays are region specific, so look at the large calendar next to his cell. The dates that are circled are when you need to speak to him and consequently hear about one of his very, very disturbing holiday adventures. Be sure to leave the Courthouse when you're done speaking to him to save your game. The quickest exit is located by heading up the stairs, turn right at the top of the stairs and a small door is found on the left under the sparking electricity. When you return to the outside of his cell look at the calendar and if you have been successful, that month will be scribbled out. To ensure you get this online just save one date to do legit, if you are not bothered about the date stamp just complete all the months and you will get:


You may have already discovered a ringing phone through your play through, however if you haven't you will occasionally be prompted that a ringing phone is nearby, simply go into detective mode (lb) and answer the phone for an easy 5g:

You will now need to keep an eye out for ringing phones as Zsasz will be calling you for the side mission, Cold Call Killer, you are required to locate the ringing phone within a certain time limit to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians. When you speak to him on the phone you will be required to use the left stick to trace the call, keeping within his signal will show the cursor as green, not doing so will show the cursor as red. You will need to keep the trace going through several phone calls, and until the bar at the bottom of the map is full, if you fail to keep the cursor green the progress bar will reduce. A full progress bar will lead you to the location of his lair, enter the lair and look up and to the right for a vent to access. Using the Freeze Blast and Bathook, make you way around the lair and after you deal with Zsasz you will receive:


As you progress through the game you will notice on the map "assault in progress" helping the first chap, Jack Ryder will start the side mission, Acts of Violence, your target is now to save the 16 political prisoners. These will ping on the map as you get close to them, and you will hear a goon threatening the prisoner. The subtitles will show "Political Prisoner"

The map is credited to Kirblinx, and his excellent solution states that if you cannot locate the assault in that area, then enter and exit a builder to refresh the map and soar around in detective mode can also get the assaults to show up. There is also mention that you may need to clear some of the excess goons in the area, and then enter and exit a building to get them to spawn. I cannot confirm this but if you're struggling it is worth a try. There is no method of recording in-game which assault you have and haven't completed, so I just kept a note of which areas I discovered saving myself searching areas I already successfully completed.

Image 4

Once you clear all 16 assaults you will get:


After completing the Steel Mill area for the first time, you will be required to track down Mr Freeze, whilst searching for his lair you get a person asking for help saying someone is trying to kill him. Locate this male, and start the side mission, Shot in the Dark. You have to investigate where the shot came from, and discover that the world’s deadliest assassin, Deadshot is in Arkham.

The next 2 victims in this side mission seem to appear randomly, so just keep playing until you were hear a gunshot. When you do, Oracle will tell you about another victim. Head to the general location and search for clues. You will find the second victim on the broken bridge. Enter detective mode and follow the trajectory through a water tower and to a building with a crane. On the corner of this building is a tripod. Search the rooftop for clues, namely the tripod and that concludes this section of the side mission.

The third and final victim is located behind a car next to a gate. Face the Courthouse and turn left 90 degrees, look for a building with a sign saying 'Harvey Dent campaign office' on your right the burnt out car is directly in front of you. Enter detective mode and find the bullet hole in the gate, follow this to a shutter and scan again. Follow the new trajectory and just before you reach the end of the trail Batman should start saying about how Deadshot would need to lay down, scan for more evidence and find the last bit of evidence on the corner of the building. Gathering this last bit will unlock:

You have now narrowed Deadshot's location to 3 buildings, head to the one above the GCPD building. Once you reach the rooftop you will be prompted to enter detective mode. Open the electric station up and find Deadshot's PDA. Using you Cryptographic sequencer hack this. You now have 3 minutes to save Jack Ryder who is situated on the opposite side of the map. You will have a cut scene providing you made it in time, now you have to defeat Deadshot. Make sure you sneak up on him, it's a 1 shot = death if he gets you. Taking him out unlocks:


Upon leaving the GCPD building after initially tacking Mr Freeze there you will get a call to the church, head there to start the side mission, Enigma Conundrum. This will require you to solve several of Riddlers riddles to save the hostages, to progress through this you need to locate an amount of the Riddlers trophies. This side mission will account for 7 achievements. The first two achievements in this side mission you don't need any Riddler trophies to progress, but from there on to locate the hostages you need 80, 160, 240, 320 and finally 400 trophies. This will progress naturally through the game, however solve the first riddle, by holding lb near the organ and the back of the church, and you will unlock:

You will be directed to the Courthouse for your first hostage, battle your way past some goons and onto the Courthouse. You will now have the option to interrogate Riddlers goons, if one of them shows up glowing green don't take them out if possible, kill all the rest then press Y to interrogate them on trophy locations and other Riddler bits and pieces.

So you've made it to the courtroom, take out the 5 goons and speak to the captured police officer. You be required to locate a radio frequency and then solve a further riddle using the enigma machine, the answer is secret. Head to the location of the doctor where you will see a large Riddler question mark on the wall, approach it and press A to access some rooms. In the first room press LB, and turn around. Use a Batarang to press the button under the question mark and open the door. In the next room the floor is electrified, using the Batarang hit the question mark directly in front of you, follow the safe path and the hit the question mark adjacent to the door you just entered, walk to the safe area. Hit the first question mark again to get to the elevator, and finally hit the last question mark in the room to raise the lift, glide across to save the hostage. Successfully completing this will unlock:

So after receiving 80 Riddlers trophies you will receive another riddle to solve using the enigma machine, the answer to this riddle is darkness. Answering this gives you the next location of a hostage.

Make your way to the location and interact with the large question mark on the wall, leading to a room with a sadistic version of the ball and 3 cup magic trick. Riddler will move the hostage around getting you to keep an eye on where they go, he will cheat! This is a lot simpler than it seems, simply enter detective mode and you will see which cup officer North will appear under. Do this and after a cut scene you will unlock:

Now you have 160 Riddler trophies you will receive another riddle to solve using the enigma machine, the answer to this riddle is penny, go to the next hostage location. Interact with the large question mark and head in.

You will find yourself in a room with water and 4 turbines. Throw a freeze blast to make an ice raft. Use your Batclaw to manoeuvre around the turbines and grapple up to the ledge. Now to your right is a tunnel with some electrified gears grinding and in front of you is a waterfall. Look above the waterfall to see a metal block, and either side is a generator. Using the Remote Electrical Charge push the block to the right and the question mark will light up, take this out with the Batarang. Move the block all the way to the left and using the remote Batarang throw this under the cage to hit the second question mark light. The electric will turn off and use your line launcher to go through the gears, and pressing LT quickly re-position the line launcher to the right. Into the final room you will be taunted by Riddler, do not enter the room where the hostage is yet! Instead look to your left you will see three power generators, a metal block and an unlit pressure pad. This is a very simple game. Use the right generator to lift the block, then whilst it is in the air use the left generator to pull the block across out of the cage. Using the left generator again, but this time push the block across, and then finally using the centre generator push the block onto the pressure pad allowing access to the hostage, and unlocking:

The next riddle is available after collecting 240 Riddler trophies, the answer to this riddle is shadow. Time to save another hostage!

Another electrified floor room, but with a spinning blade of doom to contest with. Turn around and find a terminal to hack, once successful you'll have a time limit to get to the safe zone, but you also have to contend with the spinning blades, the first movement is easy, Next, enter detective mode and look to your right to see a question mark on the wall, hit this to activate the next path, again you have a time limit. Follow this path and jump up, you'll be adjacent to the question mark and run across the bridge till the 2nd from last tile. Looking at the fire, turn 90 degrees to the right and look across to see an opening in front of you to the left side, use the Line Launcher to get there safely. Turn around and enter detective mode to see the destructible wall, blow this up showing a generator. Using the electrical charge pull the block towards you, and select the remote Batarang. Aim over the gate and direct it through the gap you just created to hit the question mark, switching off the sensor. Make your way through the doorway and walk onto the pressure pad. Use the Line Launcher and aim directly opposite, and then holding LT aim for the hostage, and as you fly past him you'll pick him out of the air saving him, and unlocking:

The next riddle is available after collecting 320 Riddler trophies, the answer to this riddle is mirror, almost done with them now!

Look to the right and slide under the small gap, enter detective mode and look for the generator above the gate. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to lift the gate and slide under, be careful for it dropping. Enter a passage way where the floor is electrified except the first two double tiles. Stepping in activates the next challenge, an easy one. Wait for the first question mark in the ceiling to light up and hit it, you'll now notice another light up, hit it in the time limit and repeat till this challenge is complete, move on.

You will come across a sensor barrier and 3 crates, and behind you is a generator. Using the generator push the crates into the destructible wall. Now using the remote Batarang throw this over the gap between the ceiling and the sensor to hit the question marks, move quickly off the floor.

Climb the ladders and use the Line Launcher. Aim this directly opposite, and then LT and aim into the moving gears, and hack the terminal. Return the way you came and make your way through the sensor that was just deactivated.

Look up and see a generator on the ceiling above an electrified floor use the Remote Electrical Charge to drop the crates. Look to where the crates fell, and there is another two generators here, use the Remote Electrical Charge and push the crates and these will get thrown opposite into the destructible wall. Line Launcher across.

Again using the Line Launcher make your way across the electrified floor, and near the end press LT and aim the Line Launcher down the corridor to the left, now midway along this corridor get ready to press LT again and through the gap to land on the platform and save the hostage, unlocking:

So by now you’re fed up with the Riddler and his trophies, but after you collect the 400th and final Batman trophy you face the Riddler for the last time. Oracle has tracked down his final location, believed to be Riddler's headquarters, time to head there. To locate the hideout, head to the entrance of the Iceberg lounge, look to the right of the entrance and jump over the side leading to an underground area with an electrified fence. Grapple up to the pillar, and dive bomb allowing you to glide over the fence, now look to the left and enter the door.

You will come across a door that is wired up, look up and to the left to see a ledge to grapple to and open the vent. Walk through the duct and drop down. You will see prisoners walking around, do not get in there way or they will die. For the first bit, follow the track clockwise, and move into the archway.

Follow the track, again clockwise but make sure you are very close to the back of one of the prisoners. As soon as you can get to the next archway and out of the way of the prisoner the better.

Now for the final part follow the track anti-clockwise, again get close to a prisoner and around halfway you will be prompted to press Y for a takedown, if you miss it don't worry just head around again.

Once you have beat the Riddler a cut scene will play and you'll unlock:


After heading down to the subway to destroy the final signal jammer you will have the opportunity to pick up the side mission, Identity Theft. There are 3 victims, and an interrogation section to this side mission followed by locating the hideout and identifying the serial killer, the map is credited to MissJaded:

Image 3

The 1st victim can be located by following the waypoint immediately after accepting the side mission. Locate the victim on the floor at the end of the alley, enter detective mode to search for clues. After collecting both clues, follow the blood trail to a political prisoner.

The 2nd victim can be located after you fight Penguin in the Iceburg Lounge. You will track an assassin, and then be helped by Robin. Straight after the cut scene look around to find a Riddlers trophy and in the alleyway directly below this is the 2nd victim.

The 3rd victim can be located after leaving Wonder City, and he is located south of the Ace Chemical building in the middle of an alley. Search the area in detective mode and follow the trail of bleach to the interrogation, and deal with the man who will identify the hideout of the Identity Thief.

Head to the hideout on the map, located in an alleyway. Upon entering you have to search for evidence. You will find a journal on a small table to the right of the hallway just before you enter the main room,(opposite some X-ray pictures) this starts a cut scene. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the access point, and after chatting to Oracle you will get:


Time for an easy side mission, Remote Hideaway this is obtained directly after interrogating Mayor Quincy Sharp. Simply attend the Iceburg Lounge and speak to the cops after taking out the goons near the door. He will hand you a new chip for your Disruptor gadget and mission complete, but no achievement for this one.


After the fight with Mr Freeze you will automatically be given the side mission, Heart of Ice. Mr Freeze has managed to track his wife Nora down to a specific area, namely the Industrial district, head over to this area and more specifically the area where Joker's Funland is. Be careful for snipers around here. Look to where the sign for Jokers Funland is, and you want to search for a large set of double doors surrounded by multicoloured light bulbs. There will be two armed goons protecting this as well as two patrolling goons, take them out. Now interact with the door and if you have the right door someone will answer and say there is nothing to see. Grappel to this roof and look to the water for a barge amongst two bouy's jump to this. Using the freeze blast make a platform in the water and then look at the wall opposite, when you enter detective mode it's destructible. Use the Batclaw to pull yourself to this wall and blow it up withe Explosive Gel. Enter the building and prepare to fight 10 goons. Once you defeat the goons head back to the GCPD building and speak to Mr Freeze. You will find the front entrance has been frozen shut, head to the rear of the building. Swoop onto two floating platforms in the water and grapple up to the ledge that has ice on it, you can now access the building. Speak to Mr Freeze and after a small cut scene you receive:


After rescuing Vicki Vale, you can start side mission, the Tea Party. Take out the 3 guards on the roof and interact with the bat vault drop. You will now watch a very bizarre cut scene after being drugged by the Mad Hatter. This leads to a fight sequence with a continual flow of goons to fight, the Mad Hatter will appear randomly during the fight. Hit him 3 or 4 times, and finish him off to unlock:


After entering the Steel Mill for the 2nd time, after progressing through the room where you find 7 goons, 2 with proximity mines strapped to them you will finally come across Harley. Un-gagging her will automatically start the side mission, Hot and Cold where you have to find the Freeze technology stolen by Joker that is stored in the Steel Mill.

Making your way through the Steel Mill, you will come to a room where there are 5 goons, 2 of which are snipers, clear this room and head to the far end, enter detective mode to see a roller shutter, and open this using the Electrical Charge and open some double doors to find yourself in the Freight Elevator. Hack the terminal and head to the right hand gate. Look down the shaft to see a stuck elevator. Use the Electrical Charge to move the elevator up (RB) inside this elevator are 3 goons, feel free to take them out or leave them. Anyway after lifting the elevator up move underneath it and through the gap. You are now under the elevators, look up to find a ledge to grapple to, and 2 goons to take out.

Go through the double doors into the boiler room, which contains 7 goons, again take them out and make your way into the area on the right to collect the Freeze technology, and a new gadget Freeze Cluster Grenades. Unfortunately no achievement for this but it is necessary for other achievements.


Now it's time to list some of the miscellaneous achievements:

The first is a very easy achievement, head south from the church and you are looking for an alley way. Open your map and look for the alley above the word Restricted Area. Once you are in this alley, look closely to the floor and you will see a rose, and chalk outline of people. This is the crime scene of Bruce Wayne's parents. Look for the tape Hugo Strange left you, pick this up and listen. Approach the rose, and you will be prompted to press A to pay your respects. Stay like this for a minute or so and you will unlock:

Just before the end of the game you will be required to climb the Wonder Tower, this can also be done after completing the game if you so wish.

Anyway climb the tower to the highest point, which is a ledge just before the caged maintenance shaft, and right after the two protruding poles with the connecting tightrope. Now there are 2 commonly use methods, and I will list both so if you struggle with 1 you can try the other, credit to smallest kiss for method 1 and Beavis XBL for method 2.

1st method - Jump off the ledge and hold back on the left stick allowing you to descend slowly, you want to then grapple boost repeatedly off the two poles previously mentioned allowing continuous gliding.

2nd method - Jump off the ledge, and use the dive bomb and recover mechanism (glide, RT to dive, pull up with the left stick while releasing RT) and using a circling manoeuvre around the tower repeating this mechanism allowing for continual gliding.

Providing you have glided continually for 60 seconds you will unlock:

Through the game you will gather XP through fights, riddles, Riddler trophies and so on allowing you to level up. Each level unlocks an upgrade for either your Batsuit, Combat, or Gadget. You will automatically unlock Predator. Once you have upgraded all of these tabs, Catwoman is not necessary for this, you will unlock:

Finally the Riddler challenges and achievements obtained easily through the Riddler challenges are in the next segment, so head there!

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