6. Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) Harley Quinn's Revenge DLCUpdate notes

Welcome to the final instalment of DLC, Harley's revenge.

This is a standalone DLC and is recommended to be played after completing the main story as it could contain spoilers for the storyline. There is one collectible achievement involving popping 30 balloons, these do carry over multiple playthroughs, but what does need to be noted is that unlike the main game this does not have a free roam and to go back to get balloons you will have to play the entire DLC again. There are four achievements linked to playing through the DLC and are un-missable, and the rest relate to use of gadgets etc. This DLC should only take 2 - 3 hours and I will describe where to find the balloons in an attempt to help you play this DLC once, that being said let's start!

You start the DLC as Robin, you will have a cut scene where you are trying to find Batman. If you don't have the previous DLC pack for Robin he can take sometime getting used to him.

So the first room you will fight 3 goons, make sure you double tap RT to shield bash these 3 it goes towards your first achievement. After dispatching them move through to the next room, grapple up into the air duct and open the grate. Chat to Oracle and open the gate by pushing the button.

After walking through the gate, turn right into the next room and look up to the ceiling for the 1st balloon, pop it. Walk down the stairs and enter a door to the right, 3 more goons await you. Double tap RT on 2 of them to unlock:

With the 3rd and final goon get close to him and select the Snap Flash gadget, and press LT + B as long as Robin shows he is putting a Snap Flash on the thug, and you then press LT and B again causing that thug to fall over you will have successfully worked towards another achievement, Snap To It. This achievement requires you to use the Snap Flash on an unarmed thug, an armed thug (for the purpose of this achievement this relates to a thug carrying a gun), an environmental object and a Titan. You have to do all four in one playthrough and if you miss one they do not carry over. So if completed, that’s 1/4 done. I will remind you through the walkthrough when it's best to get these.

Defeat the goons. Enter detective mode, and walk to the orange door with the padlock symbol, look up to find the 2nd balloon, pop it.

Look immediately to your left, blow up the destructible wall and walk to the area where there is water, look up and turn to the right for the 3rd balloon, pop it.

Look over the river and use LT and Y, aim at the brass rings to Zip Kick across. Look to your left and open tth grate, walk through the duct and time to fight four goons, use LT and Y to Zip Kick these enemies, this works towards another achievement, these can be a little frustrating as sometimes Robin won't kick them, he will drag them to him instead, persisting with this through your playthrough and after eventually Zip Kicking five individual goons (has to be different ones, you can't just repeat it 5 times on the same one) will unlock:

After defeating the four goons walk to the blast doors and look up to the left, grapple into the vent and find yourself in the pump room, select your Bullet Shield and while holding RT walk to the left and a turret gun will shoot you, make your way around the left of the room and to a pipe blowing steam use the Bullet Shield to manoeuvre past this.

You will now see the laser from a sniper, make sure you walk in the lane with the turret, your Bullet Shield has a limited life, so walk towards the turret and nip into the cover to the right to allow your shield to regenerate. Once back to full health continue to walk towards the turret and then hide in the cover to the left between the turret and the sniper. Let your shield fully regenerate and head to the sniper, shield bash him and finish him. After dealing with the sniper you will clearly see the 4th balloon in front of you, pop it.

Straight from this look to the right (the direction you just came from) you will see two stairs leading up to the 1st floor, head up the left side stair and look up and slightly to the left to find the 5th balloon, pop it.

There are three goons in this area, and this is a perfect place to knock out another achievement, using five different quick fire gadgets in one fight, these do not need to be in one continuous combo, just in one fight. Obviously the explosive gel has to knock/hit one of the goons, and you have to activate the Snap Flash after attaching it to one of the goons. This is a list of the moves you need to complete:
- LT - Quickfire Shuriken
- LT+ X - Quickfire Explosive Gel
- LT+ Y - Quickfire Zip Kick
- RT+ RT - Quickfire Bullet Shield Charge
- LT+ B - Quickfire Snap Flash

Successfully doing this will unlock:

Defeat those three goons and head back down the stairs, enter the blast doors and keep walking in a straight line until you hit some water, look over and to the left for the 6th balloon, pop it. Turn around and enter detective mode, look for the door on the left, de-activate detective mode and enter the door.

This room contains 8 goons, defeat them, entering a cut scene and unlocking:

Time to control Batman, head into the Steel Mill be careful for the goons around the Industrial District, the vast majority are armed and will kill you easily.

Once inside the Steel Mill head down the small set of stairs and look to the left once in the room, you will see the 7th balloon attached to a cot, pop it. Turn around and you will see a police officer hanging above a load of goons, 9 to be exact. Looking into the room, if you look to the right of the police officer you will see the 8th balloon, once you defeat the goons don't forget to pop it!

Interact with the control panel and save the police officer, now talk to him for a cut scene, look to the centre of the room, and look up to the office where you find Joker in the main story, grapple up here and head out of the building.

Now outside head to the waypoint and find five goons to deal with, dispose of them. Now look for the radio on the floor, the goons were surrounding this. You will be prompted to enter detective mode to scan for evidence, do this now.

So before we follow the trail of blood, let's knock out some of the balloons:

Image 1

9th balloon, open the map, and look for where it says Amusement Mile, follow south from the second M and you will see a broken bridge, head here. You will see all the cop cars parked up, as you are looking at the cars, and stood next to Jim Gordon look up and to the left and the balloon is attached to the metal girder.

10th balloon, open the map, and look for where it says Industrial District, head north from the last T, you will eventually come across an archway flashing green this says, "Jokers Funland" just before this on the right hand side you will see a street light, and a large soldier statue and in the open arms of the statue is the balloon. (Behind the statue is a archway with three red diamonds on it)

11th balloon, from the 10th balloon look up and you will see a girder directly above the soldier, grapple up and head south, with the flashing green sign to your left look on the rooftop and attached to a set of speakers is the balloon. In the background is the Gotham City Bank.

12th balloon, open the map and look to the left of the word Industrial District, from the L go directly left and you are aiming for the building in the upper left part of the map (this building has a large crane attached to it and is overhanging the river) Once on the roof of this building face south and you will see a sniper on a tower, attached to this tower is a balloon.

13th balloon, open the map and look to the right of the word Industrial District, from the D head right and you are aiming for the square shaped building to the right of the D (where the Ferris wheel is) Now on top of the Ferris wheel look North East and on top of one of the large towers is the next balloon.

14th balloon, turn 90 degrees to your right, and it is on top of the Ferris wheel.

15th balloon, open the map, set a waypoint to the IND in industrial District. (Careful for the sniper!) Now from the 14th balloon spot glide down onto the roofs just to the right of the waypoint. Look forward and to the left for the large building with the orange neon sign saying "Tricorner Naval" and the word Harley graffitied on the side of this building. Look from the neon sign down the building to the ground floor and look for the large soldier statue. The balloon is attached to this.

16th balloon, open the map and head down from the I in Industrial District, and aim just before the Steel Mill. Walk through the tunnel that looks like an open mouth and has Harley in red letters sprayed over a green Jokers Fun House sign. Once you're in the tunnel about half way down on the left is the balloon.

17th balloon, from the 16th balloon location turn around 180 degrees and walk out of the tunnel. Once into the courtyard turn back around 180 degrees and face back towards the tunnel. Grapple up onto the roof and you are aiming for the tall building west of the large chimney where you entered the Steel Mill for the first time in the main game. Once you have located the chimney look for the tall building with the large soldier statue climbing it, and the balloon is just above this.

18th balloon, open the map, looking at the left edge of the Steel Mill head up slightly to the building in the middle of the map. Once on the roof of this building face south, and look for a broke sign saying Sionis Industries, look left from this for a creepy clown face and above this clown slightly to the right is the balloon.

19th balloon, from the position you just took down the 18th balloon, glide south to the building with the Sionis Industries sign. Look south west and look to the ground level for the green sign above a large opening that says Death Ride. Walk through the opening and look to the right for the balloon.

20th balloon, open the map. You are aiming for between the Steel Mill and the Shipyard, and adjacent to the entrance to the Steel Mill on the south of the building. On the Steel Mill you will see the little rectangle protruding from the bottom of the building, place your waypoint just to the right of this. Once you arrive, look for two cars on fire, and a metal gate guarded by two jester statues holding a burning banner which says "Burn in Hell" climb onto this gate and look to your right and the balloon is there.

So back to the trail, head to the area where you took out the guards and located the radio, enter detective mode and follow the trail of blood which will eventually lead you to the Shipyard. You will have to fight a number of goons here, slide under the door and fight the 3 goons within making sure to keep Harleys informant alive to interrogate him. You now have the location for three of Harley's trusted henchmen, make your way through them one by one to interrogate them.

The 1st target has 4 unarmed goons protecting him.

The 2nd target has 3 armed goons protecting him, and he also carries a gun.

The 3rd target is covered by 3 snipers, take them out before proceeding to him.

After interrogating all 3 you will have the code to enter the Shipyard, return there and hack the terminal, with the blast door opening you will unlock:

On entering you will see a pillar with the message "You're next B-man" behind this pillar to the right is the 21st balloon.

Now enter the double doors, and into the Pump room with 10 goons waiting for you, take them all out. Head down the stairs, and through the blast doors to the left. Enter detective mode to see the destructible wall, blow this up and using the Line Launcher head across the water and hold LT and aim to the right to go through the gap. Now safely across, look above the stairs to find the 22nd balloon. Now open the door and head up two flights of stairs until you come across a broken set of stairs. Look up to the next level and see the 23rd balloon waiting for you. Look to your right for a vent to enter, crawl through into the warehouse with 6 goons all armed including three snipers, and deal with them. Now rescue the police officer and enter a cut scene.

Time to control Robin for the second time. Once you take control of Robin look in front of you just to the right of the door is the 24th balloon, pop it.

Turn around, look opposite where you are standing to see a small door. Now you are aiming for the area left of this door, so walk diagonally left and climb up, you will see purple graffiti on the wall. Once on the ledge walk to your left and look for some lockers, the 25th balloon is hiding here.

Head to the door behind the 24th balloon, this is the area leading to the shrine of Joker. Immediately as you walk in you see the 26th balloon.

Now equip your Bullet Shield and make your way past the steam vent and dispose of the 5 goons. Go through the blast doors, and in front of you, you will see the Joker shrine, don't approach it yet, instead look up and to the left to find the 27th balloon.

So approach the shrine and a cut scene will activate, now it's time to continue searching the area. To the left, of the shrine is a control panel examine this and then Harley will taunt you. Make your way through the door adjacent to the roller shutter.

Into the next room and you will see two armed goons in front of you. This is the time to knock out the 2nd requirement for achievement, Snap To It. You will be prompted to use your Snap Flash on them, so sneak behind the guy on the left, select the Snap Flash gadget, attach to him and detonate, successfully doing this will make you 2/4 for that achievement, finish both goons off.

You have a locked blast door in front of you, access the floor grates and manoeuvre under the door. When you pop out the other side, turn around to see 28th balloon in the corner of the room, take this out quick and equip your Bullet Shield as the sniper at the other end will annihilate you.

So this is time to do the 3rd requirement for Snap To It. Walk forward with your Bullet Shield, and stick to the right. Look for a vent to crouch down on the right side, head through this and kick off the cover on the other side. You will see in front of you large yellow hooks moving. Approach this and place the Snap Flash on one, the hook will move to the left. Once you have a new hook in front of you detonate it, you now have 3/4 requirements done. Turn around and enter the door to your right, finish off the sniper and then deal with 3 goons who have just come from the blast doors.

Walk through the blast doors the 3 goons just came through and turn around to see the 29th balloon in the corner.

Now turn back around and follow the path and enter the next door.

You find yourself in an open area with Harley shouting. There are 6 goons, including a sniper to deal with. Look up and to the left to find a vent to grapple up to, this will help with the sniper. This fight is similar to the two-face fight in that the goons will keep respawning, so thin the numbers out and just beat Harley up. Take out any remaining goons and watch a cut scene. You will unlock:

So still in the room with Harley hanging, immediately turn 90 degrees left and walk to the end of the platform, looking down and to the left you should see a wooden boat in the water, jump down and walk forward towards the ladder, now turn to the left and you will see the 30th balloon near to the wooden boat, and you should unlock:

Now head back the way you came to rescue Batman, when you enter the shrine, you will have a large number of goons to deal with, take them out. Also in this group is a Titan, make sure you attach and detonate a Snap Flash on him, and if you have successfully done this and the other requirements you will unlock:

  • Snap To It

    Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a Titan

    Snap To It

After defeating the large quantity of goons, access the control panel to free Batman, time to watch another cut scene.

You are controlling Batman again, and now it's time to disarm some bombs, and there is an achievement attached to this.

Head to the first bomb, using your Cryptographic Sequencer hack the bomb and examine it, causing Batman to disarm the bomb. So now you have a time limit to locate the remaining bombs. To get the achievement linked to this you have to disarm the remaining two bombs in 3 minutes, so therefore you cannot let the timer drop below 2 minutes.

For the 1st bomb, head through the blast doors to the left, take out the 3 goons and Freeze blast the vent. Head into the next room and first deal with the sniper, he is up high to the right of the room. From where the sniper is, you basically want to head directly opposite, to gain access to the bomb use two Freeze blasts to stop the steam and hack the terminal, the password is murderer.

Drop down, and stick the left of the room, you want to enter the door with Pump Room written above it. There will be 4 goons to deal with here, but what you want to do is press start and restart from last checkpoint, this will reset the timer back to 4 minutes. So once you are back, take out the 4 goons and head through the blast doors. Head up the stairs and look for the platform floating on the right side, grapple up to this and get your Remote Electrical Charge, keep spamming RT until the platform is entirely across the other side and using the Explosive Gel place this on the wall and detonate. Find the final bomb and hack it with the password jokerforever, and providing this was done with more than 2 minutes remaining on the clock you will unlock:

If you didn't get to the bomb in time just restart from the last checkpoint and try again.

After listening to Harley head back to the Joker shrine for the final battle, you will have a number of enemies to fight, and have to put up with Harley shooting rockets periodically at you, just evade the rockets when they come. Once you defeat all of the enemies, grapple under Harley, when prompted counter her. This will lead to a cut scene and eventually the credits. When the credits roll you will unlock:

If you have followed the walkthrough that will be the last achievement in this DLC, hope it was of use to you and thanks to all TA members for their solutions which assisted in the creation of this walkthrough.

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