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    04 Apr 2021 01 Sep 2021
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    Telltale continues their take on Batman with Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series. Players are given the chance to jump back into Gotham as a new wave of crime sweeps over the city. But as the stakes get higher, Bruce Wayne begins to debate within himself, who does the city need more? Him, or Batman?

    The story picks up a little while after the first season. It lets you carry over your choices from the previous game, but if you're like me and you happened to play the sequel before the first, then it gives you the option to pick your way through the most important choices of the previous title. As Batman you're faced with the Riddler, a murderous puzzler who's a bit more psychotic than his comic book counterpart. Beyond him is the crime ring he works with, a group of villains consisting of Bane, Mister Freeze, and Harley Quinn.

    The gameplay has made a small improvement this time around. Telltale has seemingly found a better balance of talking points, quick-time events, and puzzle solving. Although it can occasionally drag on for a little too long sometimes, it isn't mind numbing like other titles these guys have put out there. Of course if you're looking for some thrills, or something with very quick pacing, this probably won't be your thing, but I would definitely say it at least isn't super boring. For most of my time playing this, I felt pretty involved with what was going on.

    The graphics are a also a bit better, but it still feels like it's a little dated, even for the time when it was released. This feels more like a game that would've come out on the 360, and not so much for the Xbox One. The action sequences are also choreographed a bit better, making the fights not as clunky as before.

    If I did have to single out any one thing that I do love about this game, it's where you leave off with each character. This is one of the few Telltale games I have played, where I felt like I could achieve a few different endings. I think the only exception for me, was the Joker. I know a lot of other people praise how the Joker was done in this, but to me it felt like we should have been able to get a better ending with him, as while we can change his path, it ultimately felt like it ended up in the same place. I also love the take on Harley Quinn and Riddler especially in this game. Quinn is typically a character I find to be annoying and predictable, but this game took that trope and really turned it on its head.

    The achievements in this game are once again a bit of a let down. Sure there's nothing tedious, but there's no real reason to try and get a different ending, or try and do something that other people might not have thought to do. On one hand, yes it's an easy 1000G, but on the other hand I really prefer when games have you explore some different aspects of it, and I didn't get that with this game.

    I think The Enemy Within proves that Telltale doesn't try to come off as lazy, even though most of the time they do. I definitely think that their sequel takes their ideas from the first game and really gets to run with it. There are a few different times where sometimes the story feels a little forced, and there are a couple of missed opportunities, but overall this was a much better experience. I would recommend this game to people who are looking for a unique take on Gotham and its residents, as well as anyone looking for an easy completion.

    Overall Score: 55/100
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    Gilbert PrimeBatman: The Enemy Within is just about the only Telltale game in which your actions actually have story consequences. Both plot branches show aspects of the Joker that are novel and even heartbreaking.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime On 09 Nov 22 at 07:32
    Sir Noncy Dorp@Gilbert Prime - I'd agree with the general statement, but the Joker was the exception for me. His outcome is the same in both of his endings. The only reason both plot branches show those things is because they are essentially the same branch.
    Posted by Sir Noncy Dorp On 23 Nov 22 at 06:12