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    I am writing this review to help people better understand this game and also for those who have played Battle Islands will know the similarities and what they have changed from Battle Islands. I have some things I really wanted to get out to everyone about this new game that is luckily free so if you want to try it you won't be wasting any money.

    As for credibility I play many strategy games (currently #3 for TA points in the world) I was #3 to finish Battle Islands. I have not reached the highest base level yet but the concept will remain the same through-out the game, if there is anything that I see new in the game or find anything new to say I will add it to the review.

    If you are new to Real Time Strategy with 1 base (or haven't played Battle Islands):

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Graphics/sound effects 8/10

    Battle Islands:

    Battle Ages:

    Graphically it is not too far off from Battle Islands, if I had to say 1 was graphically better I would say Battle ages is slightly more enhanced (nothing wrong with the graphics).

    One thing that is a big difference between the 2 games is that the theme of your base and the enemy remains the same in Battle Islands but changes through-out Battle Ages. I thought this was very interesting and can keep you into the game until you reach the final age upgrade, this is a plus on my perspective of the game.

    The sound effects of the game and music matched up with the game and I had no issues with it while playing the game. It did not feel fake or cheaply done.

    Since battle Ages and Battle Islands are so close in comparison I believe the same thing for both games: They are great games added to the Xbox One and the change from the phone to the system is a big screen change and it doesn't look like it even started on the phone and was modified for the One. This is why I give Battle Ages a 8/10 for its graphics and sound effects, well done.

    Gameplay/Mechanics 6/10

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    Now the game of course runs exactly the same as Battle Islands, you search for an opponent and invade their base going after trophies (dog tags for Battle Islands) and currency to build/upgrade your base and units. There isn't much changed when it comes down to it, you can still put walls down, traps down, towers down, and even garrison units that come out and defend your base while you are away. The only thing different is that instead of islands you are on land (at least what looks like on top of a small planet).

    These kinds of games are usually for phones due to the fact you would be able to pull up your game anywhere you are at, instead its just limited to your Xbox and you have to be at home. But that isn't a make or break for this game because they did a fair job bringing it to the Xbox in my opinion.

    There are a few things that they decided to change when it comes to gameplay that makes this much more challenging and time-consuming (or spending time waiting off the game to be able to do anything in-game).

    First off and most importantly they removed the "Supply chain". What is the supply chain? In battle Islands you could spend 1 gold (secondary currency explained in introduction) and it rolls random amounts of primary and secondary currency. If getting the right Supply chain you can easily gain secondary currency over time because you can keep rolling the supply chain.

    Using the gold bars you could just upgrade your buildings without having to wait by spending a good amount of time in the supply chain increasing your gold bars. This is not in Battle Ages, possibly due to everyone taking advantage of the supply chain in Battle Islands instead of spending money which is their primary goal as a Free-to-play game.

    Now that the supply chain is removed the game is a whole different experience (unless you have money to spend on the game) because now you cannot earn the secondary currency in this game and skip building times. Not being able to skip building times like your main structure you are forced to wait until that time end. This forces you to stop playing the game if there is nothing else you are able to do in the game. The times become so large in the game you will be waiting a ton only being able to attack others.

    Secondly you are no longer able to battle anyone in clans or do a revenge attack on someone who just beat you up, you can only look at them. The only way to battle is the search system through the menu which that alone is flawed because in my experience currently pulls up 1 or 2 people to attack, making me press the refresh button if its people far above my tech. Also I have experienced constant disconnections when attempting to attack people, and getting the annoying message "this person is already under attack" even though I have pressed the attacking button within 2 seconds of finding them. Sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes to get someone who isn't under attack already. (As of 2 days after its release it seems as though this problem has been fixed).

    Good news is this game has only crashed on me 1 time while I was trying to attack people, never while in the middle of a battle have I been Disconnected or the game has crashed which is the most important time in the game is when you are attacking someone.

    Entertainment/Re-playability 7/10

    This game can be very entertaining and fun until you pretty much have done everything in the game and have got that "destroy the enemies base!" out of your system. There is no clan wars just leaderboards which are just a bunch of people's scores adding up to a big score.

    This kind of game does work better on phones as said earlier but that doesn't mean you can't hop on it every time you get home and play for a bit before you are limited to what you can do, its also nice that the game runs while you are away. When you get stuck waiting for the building or upgrading times you want to play more but you are forced to wait and not having or wanting to spend the money on the game to speed up your buildings.

    The battling and building is extremely fun especially for your first experience (Mine was Starwars Commander on Android phone). You can pour hours upon hours into this kind of game if you have the taste for this kind of action and strategy. I don't see any possibility of more content coming out for this game but anything is possible.


    All in all the game is like a different skinned and different themed version of Battle islands with a few changes to the system. I for one Enjoyed Battle Islands and it didn't feel like a drag at all. I have not finished with this game yet but with the current achievements keeping me on this game It will take some time to finish. I do not feel like it will be a drag at all though I will enjoy it until I finish it.

    The few changes they have done definitely IMO are in the wrong direction but it wasn't a massive change. If you enjoyed Battle Islands you will surely enjoy this game too. If you didn't enjoy Battle Islands don't even try this because unless the theme of the game is what bothered you nothing will change.

    If you haven't played Battle Islands at all I definitely recommend trying this game for the current price its at........ FREE

    Total Score: 21/30 = 3.5/5 stars
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    Strategy OneGood point Shadow, I will take some time when I get it and try to do that. Also I want to get more pics but am having a hard time getting them. I will try to take some X1 pics and add them. Thanks for the comments guys, very helpful.

    I know I have some things that do under-sell the game I will try adding more positives, appreciate the feedback!
    Posted by Strategy One on 22 Apr 16 at 19:58
    JASON3535I've been enjoying the break from my 2500 dog tag quest I was making good progress towards 2300 tags until I got brutally snubbed multiple times and sum how took a double damage dose from an attack the other night w/ loss of 24 tags and the battles have gotten a little stiffer for gaining dog tags.
    Posted by JASON3535 on 23 Apr 16 at 00:02
    Strategy OneI would say not, I love age of Empire games. Wish they would come to X1
    Posted by Strategy One on 24 Apr 16 at 16:54
    Shadow 00 FoxNot time based ones!!!!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 24 Apr 16 at 17:42
    Strategy OneOh its a Time based Age of Empires? I was talking about the original ones, I miss them..
    Posted by Strategy One on 24 Apr 16 at 19:27
    KyoshiiTheBronyThis game is a piece of trash.
    Posted by KyoshiiTheBrony on 24 Apr 16 at 22:07
    Shadow 00 FoxThe Windows 8 Age of Empires was fun.... for a while. I would like a console Age of Empires.. no, would LOVE a console Age of Empires!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 24 Apr 16 at 23:17
    XtowersYou summed up the game very nicely. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I'm not sure I like the game, but I keep going back to play it. CURSE THESE FREE GAMES!
    Posted by Xtowers on 27 Apr 16 at 05:12
    Shadow 00 FoxI think I've found a solution to keep me from playing. I just tell myself, "FARMVILLE" then I run away. lol
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 27 Apr 16 at 06:58
    BAD T0ASTI don't understand the high review nor do I think you should do the entire review as a comparison of Battle Islands.

    The game is highly repetitive and contains grindy achievements that you cannot hope to get legitimately. It is also incredibly buggy. A bunch of people (myself included) had their progress reset to the beginning with no explanation and the developer just shrugged their shoulders at the support tickets ("we're working on the issue"). I'm not convinced they even know what is causing the issue nor do they have a way of bringing back your progress. The bug still happens as of this post.

    If you do start this game, you should be aware that you're in for quite the unpleasant grind and that to top it off you might log in one day to be reset back to the tutorial.
    Posted by BAD T0AST on 04 Jun 16 at 18:07