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Posted on 27 June 19 at 22:39, Edited on 27 June 19 at 23:37
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This game is garbage. Try to imagine if you had no skill and wanted to make a game difficult, that's this game. Save your money people and believe me, or have a 100/1000 on your list. Rage inducing trash that I wouldn't suggest to someone, even if I hated them.

The game is a 2 dimensional platformer, think Mario but not fun, and the majority of the game is dodging the most basic of game mechanics. In fact I'd assume the maker of this game had absolutely no skill, not even enough for basic game mechanics.

The game can be unresponsive, the game can glitch and force a rerun, and let's talk about the challenges. The challenges consist of an endless dying attempt to get super lucky and squeak by after 1000 attempts.

Horrible game, the worst I've played on Xbox One.
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