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Kinect Share Disabled, Takes Many Achievements With It

With almost 12 years gone since the Xbox 360 landed on the Marketplace, support and features for it are in a steady decline. Microsoft has announced that support for the Kinect Share feature has become officially disabled.

Posted 6 months ago by Kelly Packard, 151 comments

Next Up for Kinect Fun Labs is Junk Fu

More Kinect Fun Labs action is on the way, with Junk Fu set to debut in a few weeks. In Junk Fu you hone your karate skills on incoming junk while burning calories. Burn enough calories and you can t

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Kinect Fun Labs 'Battle Stuff' Out Now

Yesterday saw the release of the most recent Kinect Fun Labs gadget, Kinect Fun Labs: Battle Stuff. The title describes the game fairly well. You take regular, everyday items, and scan them using the

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New Kinect Fun Labs Gadget Coming Later This Month

The Kinect Fun Labs keeps chugging along, and the next gadget slated for release is Battle Stuff. You scan your ordinary household items to see what sort of fighters they become as you coach them on

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