Kinect Fun Labs: Battle Stuff Reviews

  • LoofahdogLoofahdog197,791
    02 Feb 2012
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    Ok, I actually didn't want to kill myself AS much as with any of the other Fun Labs created so far. Battle Labs takes place inside of an Arcade fighting game. It starts with the usual quick walk-through of the who-what-where-when-why's. After that you get to scan any object you can find laying around to create a digitized battle master (which by the way will look horrible). Once you're finished creating your fighter you'll get to put it into the ring battling versus an AI fighter or you can go head to head with the phallus shaped object your best friend made.

    Of course Microsoft wouldn't waste your time that much so they throw in a few achievements to entice/tempt you to play/try this. This was one part that I actually enjoyed a bit more. Instead of having you upload your crappy video six million times, you'll only have to do it once. Most of the achievements for this were gameplay based, leaving you more time to experience Kinect rather than loading dumb videos that no one will ever watch (toast Good Job Microsoft).

    As for Kinect usage, it has shown obvious signs of improvement. There seem to be less mistaken movements as well as tracking being a touch bit better. The graphics though suffer and are a tad on the lame side as this once again is NOT a game but merely a 'fun" way to showcase Kinects capabilities.