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Battle vs Chess
Type Game
Publisher TopWare Interactive AG
Developer Targem Games
Platform Xbox 360
Discovered 20 Jun 2014
Last check 04 Aug 2020
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Release date -

Easy and genial! The consolidation of a professional Chess Software with an accentuated fight simulation, including sumptuous animated figures to provide brain sport AND action show with no end! Challenging chess parties for wallowers, thrilling battle duels for action fans and, of course, many lovingly handcrafted mini games for quick fun inbetween!

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Dark Desert Map and RuneRunner Mode

Again the armies of the Kings meet! Between the dusty graves of long forgotten giants and the burning sands the battle rages in the Dark Desert. Lead your men to victory. Beside a total new battlefield the DLC contains a new Battleground-Mode called “RuneRunner”. Bomb your way to victory and let your enemies run into your explosive traps, while defending your positions. Attack and defense it´s all in your hands!

Floating Island and Master Campaign

A brand new campaign awaits you. Only one can be the Grandmaster, will you be the one to beat all six Masters of the Game? The journey starts high above the clouds with your battle against the master of the wind. A totally new battlefield lies there on flying isles of stone. Between bruning fires and beautiful waterfalls you will fight till victory or defeat! All six masters will come for you with a different strategy, you will need all your knowledge and tactics to become the one Grandmaster!