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  • Bomb Jack DKBomb Jack DK810,341
    22 Sep 2011
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    Sorry for the bad English. Translated from Danish to English using Google Translate smile

    Just as we went and thought that chess game - the noblest among all games - in its current form, was here to stay, so smoking Battle Vs. Chess in through the mail slot, and our beliefs must be reconsidered. Developers from Topware Interactive has namely been really good at finding new ways to use the six different types of pieces, and exactly what is innovative Battle Vs. Chess' great force!

    Chess has no tradition of being notified on the actual gaming sites, where Fritz, Rybka and Deep Blue is foreign to most and only belongs in chess enthusiast the world. Battle Vs. Chess brings - so to speak - chess into the gaming room in a more gamer-like shape and features as well as quite traditional chess on a lot of interesting modes that neither ordinary gamers or chess enthusiasts have seen before.

    Battle Vs. Chess provides the first called a Skirmish mode, where the pieces displayed in different ways. Naturally, the fairly traditional layout, which anyone who has tried to play chess, knows, but in addition the starting location of the pieces also be swapped around (Random mode inspired by real Fischerandom mode) that can be line-up of where the pieces are scattered -mell across the boards, and even modes, where one part of the tile determines starting position. 10 difficulty levels means here that even beginners can join in, and if you have not acquainted with chess fantastic world in the past, there is also ample opportunity to learn it, since Battle Vs. Chess has its own instruction program, where you will be put neatly into the rules. The highest severities were not overly strong but is still fairly challenging for even the more experienced players, so there is practically something for everyone.

    In Battlegrounds you play with the same options as in Skirmish mode, but here the game begins to vary significantly from the more usual chess rules. Each time a piece cast, the black and white: the battle of who pulls himself victorious in battle. Battlegrounds offers two different types of games, Duel Slasher where the Duel will play a series of quick-time events (ie, who pressed most rapidly and accurately in one of 4 buttons on the controller) and the Slasher controls simply a piece on the board, which one with his sword to try to defeat the opponent's pawn. Battlegrounds occurs Gameplay wise for both chess players (and probably for most others) as stupid, though of course there's a tactical element to be sure to get the piece you settle.

    Far more interesting is the game's two campaigns, where you really are challenged. 15 tracks in each of the two campaigns is a challenge a lot, and here it can for example be that your runners can revive the lost pieces to the opponent's "court" is covered in a puff of smoke, so you can only see their pieces when you beats a pawn, or that one should not turn some of your opponent's pieces before you put checkmate. The courses are rewarded with either gold, silver or bronze, and often the requirements are really tough if you are to achieve gold medal - even for experienced and skilled chess players - because you have to think out-of-the-box and not only can cope with its ordinary chess abilities.

    Without this there is also a series of minigames with, among other things, a lot of chess problems as you often see in newspapers and magazines. The severity varies, and for non-chess savvy, it may seem almost impossible to checkmate with runs, jumps and king against king. Others of the game's minigames are more lenient in severity, and here everyone will participate.

    Besides the single player portion contains Battle Vs. Chess, of course, a multiplayer part. You can play offline head-to-head in all the above modes, as is possible online, where you can also play such Suicide Chess, where you MUST take an opponent's piece if you can, and where, therefore, comes to lose all of his checkers first.

    The online portion runs fine but unfortunately there is no opportunity to set the important parameters; time, which means that chess games can drag out indefinitely. Remarkable that this very important standard feature is not implemented in Battle Vs. Chess.

    Graphically and sonically, there is certainly nothing to boast about. The pieces can appear as small, vivid characters in 3D (just like the old Battle Chess - pending reportedly a lawsuit about this), but it's hard to see which pieces are which, and therefore one can fortunately To view the pieces in 2D or just ordinary chess break in simple 3D. The quality of the graphics are very low, and in this area does not seem as if the developers have made a special effort.

    All in all, Battle Vs. Chess quite a reasonable game. Not because of its regular chess game values, but more because of the many new and well thought-out modes, the game contains. Have you already no knowledge of chess, it is hardly something for you, but there is interest, you'll probably just like me could easily thrilled by Battle Vs. Chess.

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    Titanus FerrumIs this game available in NTSC? I know that this hasn't been released in the US yet due to an injunction by Interplay.

    The PC version should be universal but the X360 isn't.
    Posted by Titanus Ferrum on 24 Feb 12 at 20:42
    SpectreSubZeroI guess this game still isn't available in the US!
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 02 Jul 12 at 17:13
    Bomb Jack DKI got a review copy directly from Topware. I believe the game hasn't been released in Denmark yet either. There were some legal issues with the copyright holders of Battle Chess.
    Posted by Bomb Jack DK on 02 Jul 12 at 17:28
  • Fariko LympFariko Lymp115,354
    22 Jul 2012 24 Jul 2012
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    Chess, the age old war game is back and this time it's a real battle.

    It's a game that is timeless, with millions around the world playing it every day, so how can you sell what is already so common? Battle vs. Chess does it's very best to breathe some fresh air into the game, with various different modes and challenges. It brings in campaign mode where you fight a virtual war through different scenarios, whether it be checkmating with a knight or winning without taking a piece and so forth.

    The animation of pieces battling each other is great however the novelty wears off soon. The design of the pieces aren't intuitive and you'll find yourself missing the opposing threat purely because it's difficult to know what each piece is unless you play this game a lot. As a result, the graphics are wasted as you'll most likely play in 2D mode.

    If classical music is your thing than you're in luck. I quite enjoyed the laid back feel of the soundtrack however most won't, including a mate of mine who was watching me play describing the tune we were listening to as "crap".

    It's almost impossible to find an opponent but when you do, there is no option for time, so games can go on for a long time. Plenty of game types but you're better off playing with a friend. System link is included.

    Despite a very difficult opponent for the majority, most of the achievements are gettable for a half-decent chess player. People who are new to chess will struggle, despite the tutorial available. Online will prove the biggest challenge because finding an opponent is next to impossible, organising a boosting session may be the only answer.

    Overall this game is ok. It has some nice ideas however the execution is seriously lacking. Whilst the majority of chess rules are included, the absence of perpetual check and timed games is a big oversight. Few Xbox live opponents, confusing piece graphics and a distinct lack of statistics all lead to a disappointing experience. It should've been a marketplace game rather than a retail release.