8. Battlefield 1 Campaign: Nothing is WrittenUpdate notes



"In the deserts of Arabia, an insurgency war was raging years before I got to France. Tribes of Bedouins had united to fight a war that was very different to the ones we fought in the trenches. Using small and mobile units, they challenged the might of an Empire. And they were rallied around the ideas of a single, influential warrior. Ideas of freedom...and change."


Objective: Use binoculars to spot enemies
Challenge: Scout the crash site in Hidden in Plain Sight

This is the final chapter of the campaign, so you're almost through. The first challenge is incredibly easy to accomplish. Just use your binoculars (with cn_RB) to spot all of the enemies ahead of you, in front of the train cars. There are enemies to the left and right, so be sure to scan the entire scene to get them all. As you exit the binoculars, the challenge will complete, and your next objective will appear.

Objective: Enter the rooftop hatch
Challenge: Find the book without being detected in Hidden in Plain Sight

We're back to using stealth to get through the mission. There are quite a few enemies scattered around the train, hence why it was so important to spot them all beforehand. There's a soldier above the trench that's immediately ahead of you as well, so watch out for him. There's also an enemy on the top of one of the trains. My suggestion is to leave him for last, and lure the other enemies away with your actual lures to get easy melee kills off of them. Once he's the last one left, climb up the train behind him and take him out.

Once all of the enemies are down, do not go inside the train. We need to collect field manuals now. Unlike with previous chapters, the field manuals in this section are infamously difficult to find, as the desert all looks the same. So bare with me as we go through the directions. The first is by far the easiest.

Hidden in Plain Sight - Field Manual #1

While at the train, look towards the center car that has your objective marker. Head towards the train car to the right of it (when coming from your spawn location). Inside will be a field manual in the corner.

Field Manual 53

Hidden in Plain Sight- Field Manual #2

After the previous manual, go straight ahead (south-east if you're using the mini-map) and head up the small incline towards the rocks. You can use the objective marker as a gauge for where you should be standing. The farthest group of rocks from the train will have a field manual crate sitting against them.

Field Manual 54

Hidden in Plain Sight - Field Manual #3

From the train, look towards the right side of the map. In the distance are two sets of rocks. One is large, and one is small, closer to the train. We're going to visit both of them. But for now, head to the small one that's just ahead. There will be a field manual against the side that's closest to the train.

Field Manual 55

Hidden in Plain Sight - Field Manual #4

From the previous field manual, head towards the rock formation that's further ahead. If you're approaching the rocks from the same direction, the field manual should be right in front of you, slightly under an overhanging edge.

Field Manual 56

Hidden in Plain Sight - Field Manual #5

The last field manual is way off into the distance. From the train cars, head south-east (use the mini-map for a compass). You're going to need to walk quite a ways, almost to the edge of the map. Once you get close enough, you'll be able to see a small supply tent in the distance. Be careful as you approach, as there's a single enemy waiting. If he spots you, you'll ruin your stealth run. Once he's down, look to the left at the rocky edge. The final field manual is up against the rocks.

Field Manual 57

Challenge: Collect all field manuals in Hidden in Plain Sight

Collecting all five field manuals will unlock the corresponding codex challenge. So all that's left is to get inside the train without being caught. You can head back towards the objective to do so. As you enter the train, look to your right to see a small crate, which will have the code book you need. Picking it up will advance you to the next cutscene. The codex challenge will unlock as it plays out. This is all we need to do for this section, so we're off to the next one.


Objective: Recon Any of the Ottoman Strongholds
Challenge: Kill one of the officers by using a bolt-action rifle in Young Men's Work
Challenge: Kill one of the officers by using a melee attack in Young Men's Work
Challenge: Kill one of the officers by a tank in Young Men's Work

There's one very important thing to note in this chapter. We're going to be working towards a specific achievement during this section, which requires you to kill three commanding officers with melee attacks. The codex challenges in this section also require you to kill these three ottoman officers. Except the codex challenges require one melee kill, one kill with a bolt-action rifle, and one kill with a tank. Needless to say, with only three officers available for the kills, you're going to need to revisit this section to collect the other kills.

My suggestion is to divide the codex entries and achievement in this order:

  • Split your run into two separate playthroughs
  • Playthrough One
    • Easy difficulty
    • Get the bolt-action rifle kill
    • Get the tank kill
    • Stealth does not matter
  • Playthrough Two
    • Hard difficulty
    • Get the three melee kills
    • The melee kill codex will unlock with it
    • Stealth is recommended, but not required

Using a bolt-action rifle and a tank is going to alert all of the enemies nearby. So it's pointless to try to be discreet. Playing on easy should increase your chances of surviving once they find you, hence why you should try for the challenges on this difficulty. As mentioned in the walkthrough before, your codex entries will save as you unlock them. So you can quit as soon as you get the two kills; you don't have to play the section all the way through. The melee kill codex will unlock as you complete the three melee kills achievement, so there's no need to worry about that one at all.

The second playthrough, you'll need to complete all the way through, as to get the hard difficulty achievement. Taking a stealth route will hopefully make things go smoothly. But regardless of how you want to divide your playthroughs, you're going to need to replay this section of the mission either way. You can also revert to the last checkpoint from the menu, but the result is the same. With all of that out of the way, we can head out towards the objectives

The last thing to note: this walkthrough will only demonstrate one playthrough, despite requiring two to complete the game. This is because this level is the exact same, regardless of how you earn your officer kills. So all you need to do is keep track of what kills you do and don't have, and to remember to do a single hard difficulty playthrough.

Now we're ready to begin. You will spawn on a cliff; use your binoculars with cn_RB to scout out the area. There are three fortresses that you need to investigate. One to the left, one straight ahead, across the train tracks, and one on the right. Each fortress has one Ottoman Officer stationed there. These are the soldiers you need to kill for the codex challenges and achievement. Coming into contact with one of the officers will permanently spot him, so you should always be able to tell which soldier you need to kill.

Objective: Eliminate the Commander

Once again, we are going to worry about field manuals last, after all of the enemies are gone. So pick a fortress to fight through to get started. The walkthrough will start with the fortress on the left-hand side, though it doesn't matter which one you start with. This mission gives a lot of freedom to the player, so again, you can virtually do anything you want, so long as you get those codex entries. A few tips:

  • Left-hand fortress
    • Your tank kill should be done on this objective
    • There are two tanks here. On hard, these are a pain, so avoid them
    • Try and take out the men around the outskirts before going to the officer
    • There is also a sniper on the water tower to the left, just avoid him
    • The officer is located near the center of the ruins, with at least two others
    • It's wise to grab explosives, just in case a tank sees you
  • Center fortress
    • This fortress is good for the bolt-action kill, as it's easy to get
    • The officer will be facing a window as soon as you come over the hill
    • Lure the soldier up front away from the window before you kill him
    • Once he's down, you can sneak into the building and get rid of the officer
    • Try not to get caught, or else the enemy will use field guns and artillery
  • Right-hand fortress
    • Save this fortress for melee kills, as it's a pain
    • There are at least two flame troopers guarding the building
    • The officer is located inside the center building, surrounded
    • Lures are a must here, otherwise, it's going to be a long fight
    • Grab explosives for the elites, just in case you get caught

Take note of the artillery truck that's roaming the roads as well. If you're caught attacking any of the objectives, the truck will stop at that particular fortress and provide support for the enemy. You can avoid it entirely by just not getting caught. If, at any time, you do get caught at one of the locations, and you can't fight all of the enemies, just run. Once you reach a different fortress, the enemies will lose your trail, and will go back to patrolling the town.

Once you have taken down all three of the soldiers via melee kills, the achievement will unlock. Once again, don't forget to go back for codex challenges if you still need them.

Triple Boluk-Bashi

Kill all 3 Ottoman officers in Young Men's Work with melee kills in the campaign

Triple Boluk-Bashi
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Objective: Seize the Commander's Satchel

Finally, once you've taken down all of the officers, you can send out the messages via the messenger pigeons. Grab their satchels after each kill to get the message. If you don't grab it the first time around, you can still return later to pick them up. But do note that there is a common bug for this objective. If you can't pick up the final satchel, you'll have to restart the entire mission. There is no fix, unfortunately.

That being said, do not send the messages just yet! If you've already sent the first two messages, that's fine. But do not send the third one, or else you will end the section, and miss all of the field manuals. Because these field manuals are scattered all over the map, you'll be walking all over the place. So it's wise to grab a horse to make things go quicker.

Young Men's Work - Field Manual #1

In between the left and right-hand fortress, there is a narrow trench-like pathway. It's behind the cliff that you spawned on. Head through the trench until you find a small camp with some torches and crates. Among the crates on the left side is a field manual.

Field Manual 58

Young Men's Work - Field Manual #2

In front of the left-hand fortress and across the train tracks, there is a large group of overhanging rocks, with a few tries on top. Head to this ledge and climb up the small incline. Next to a few crates is another field manual.

Field Manual 59

Young Men's Work - Field Manual #3

Head to the central fortress next, the one that's straight across from the spawn. In the same building that the officer was in, look at the bottom floor. A field manual will be tucked behind some crates, by the door.

Field Manual 60

Young Men's Work - Field Manual #4

Head towards the right-hand fortress now. Stick to the right side of the path, closer to your spawn location. You will see a wooden archway that leads into the city. Take this path, and then head into the building that's straight in front of it. In between two beds will be a field manual.

Field Manual 61

Young Men's Work - Field Manual #5

The final field manual is also near the same fortress on the right-hand side. Look for a water tower in the distance. There are two near this fortress, but one is farther back, away from the town. This is the one you want to go to. Climb up to the second story, and the field manual will be just to the left.

Field Manual 62

Challenge: Collect all field manuals in Young Men's Work

The challenge will complete as you collect the last field manual. So long as you have replayed the section for your missing codex challenges, you should have nothing left to do but to finish the mission. Head back towards the last pigeon location to send off your last mission. A cutscene will ensue before you can send the message, and the section will complete.


Objective: Destroy all Ottoman vehicles
Challenge: Destroy the three vehicles while undetected in Hear the Desert

This challenge can be a bit difficult, but there's a good trick to getting it done. First things first, we're going to grab a rifle with a silencer on it. It's located in the supply tent just to the right of the spawn. If the soldier above you gets suspicious, you can just take him out with the rifle as you grab it. You're also going to want to grab explosives, particularly dynamite, from the supply tent as well. Once you have it, find a way to get to each of the armored cars. We're going to lay dynamite at each of the cars, but we're not going to set it off just yet.

As said before, you can use the rifle to take out a few enemies without being detected, but you need to get a killing blow on the enemies you target. Otherwise, they'll detect you immediately. You also don't want to be firing at a soldier that has two of his buddies right next to him. They'll notice your position, even if you kill the enemy you were aiming for. So you essentially want to wait until a soldier wanders off on his own, and then pick them off one by one. Once an enemy notices a dead body, they will patrol the area. So be sure to lay down the dynamite before they do this. Lastly, don't target the sentry. He takes two shots to kill and will be alerted as soon as you take the first one.

If you've forgotten, press cn_LT to toss the dynamite. As I said above, I would recommend getting the first truck out of the way first, as the enemies will start patrolling the area after you shoot down one of the infantry. Before getting too far away from the first car, we're going to grab the first field manual as well.

Hear The Desert - Field Manual #1

From the spawning point, look ahead towards the town. There will be a ruined building that's right up front, near the first armored truck. Head inside this building to find a field manual against the farthest wall.

Field Manual 63

Once you have dynamite under the first car, you're free to head to either of the other two. The walkthrough will head to the right-hand side first, as there are three different field manuals to pick up along the way.

Hear The Desert - Field Manual #2

From the spawn point, look directly right. Way back on the edge of the map will be two buildings. Head towards them, and then enter the building on the left-hand side. There is a field manual crate near the bench.

Field Manual 64

Hear The Desert - Field Manual #3

From the previous field manual, look towards the city. Before you get to the water tower, there are a few piles of rocks along the way. Search the ones closest to the houses behind you, and you should find yet another field manual.

Field Manual 65

Hear The Desert - Field Manual #4

From the previous field manual again, head towards the water tower ahead of you. Slightly behind it, near some more rocks, is the fourth field manual.

Field Manual 66

Now you can head for the nearest armored car. If you killed a few enemies near the first vehicle, chances are, the enemies near the other two cars have left to search that area. The few times I attempted this section, there were no enemies around this car whatsoever because of it. If there are a few enemies waiting, remember that you can always use lures as well. Once you've placed the dynamite down, do not leave the area just yet. There's one last field manual to grab.

Hear The Desert - Field Manual #5

From the armored car, look towards the buildings to the left. One of said buildings will have a netted canopy and a map outside the door. This is the building you want to enter. Immediately turn right to find the final field manual in the game.

Field Manual 67

Challenge: Collect all field manuals in Hear The Desert

This should be your last field manual in the entire game, unless you went out of order. The codex entry will unlock soon after, as well as the corresponding achievement, listed at the end of this chapter.

All you need to do now is place down the final dynamite pack at the last vehicle. As you're heading around to the next car, watch out for the soldier that's standing next to it. He will not leave his post unless you lure him out of it. Regardless if the other soldiers are searching for you or not. Once you've taken out the enemy and laid dynamite at all three vehicles, then you can finally press cn_RT to blow them up, completing the objective.

Objective: Clear the village of enemies

Once the dynamite is detonated, the village will instantly be aware of your position, so get ready. Remember that you can run away and find a place to hide if there are too many enemies for you to take on. Otherwise, stay behind cover as you take them out, and try to use explosives on the sentry. Alternatively, the silenced rifle only takes two shots to kill him, as said before. So either method is fairly quick. Once all of the enemies are down, a new cutscene will begin, along with your new objective. We're at the final battle of the campaign.

Objective: Destroy the armored train
Challenge: Keep at least 2 field guns operational in Hear the Desert

After the cutscene, you'll be tasked with destroying the armored train from before. You're going to want to head down from the building as soon as it begins to find some cover. It will be a bit difficult, but it's nothing major, so don't worry. There are a lot of different tips to give, so pay attention:

  • You absolutely must keep moving during this entire battle. Standing still is a death wish
  • Avoid the planes above and the guns on the train itself. Try to keep to the sides of the map
  • The train will move across the tracks as it attacks. Head to the opposite side when it moves
  • There will also be infantry enemies with it. Ignore them, let your allies handle them
  • There are explosives all around the area. Use dynamite and limpet charges on the tracks
  • Rocket guns are incredibly useful, as you can go prone far back on the hills and fire away
  • While a bit more dangerous, you can also throw AT grenades from a distance
  • In one of the tents to the far right, there is a Tankgewehr M1918. Use this to get rid of the guns

The last thing to note: don't use the field guns. Using them increases the chances that they get destroyed, for starters. But on the hardest difficulty, the train will also immediately use its mortars on you, killing both you and the field gun. So it's better just to avoid them altogether. If you're nearing the end of the battle, and you're running out of explosives to use, then you can use one of the field guns. But I highly recommend that you only take a single shot before exiting and putting some distance between you. The mortars are very deadly.

As said above, this is the final battle. So if you can pull this off, you'll be done with the campaign. Just keep searching weapon crates for explosives and try your hardest not to stay in one place for too long. Once the train is down to its last sliver of health, it will explode, ending the final chapter and the campaign.

Challenge: Complete Nothing is Written

With the full chapter complete, two achievements will unlock. Provided that you have collected all field manuals and challenges, there should be nothing left for you in this section.

Nothing is Written

Complete Nothing is Written

Nothing is Written
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

All men dream

Unlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written

All men dream
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Before the campaign ends, there is one last mission to visit, titled Remember Us.


When you return to the campaign menu after completing the final chapter, a new section will be available on the map. This is a closing statement from the BF1 crew, and a reminder of all that WWI began and ended in the world. All you need to do is watch this final cutscene, and you'll be finished with the campaign. For completing every chapter on the hardest difficulty, you'll unlock two achievements.

The Great War

Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty

The Great War
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStory CompletedDifficulty SpecificStackable

The War to End All Wars

Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty

The War to End All Wars
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

Finally, after collecting every codex entry and completing all challenges, two more achievements will be unlocked. If you're having trouble getting the codex challenge achievement to unlock, try playing a random section of the campaign, as this reportedly fixes the issue.

Enough for a library

Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign

Enough for a library
7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Master of adaptation

Complete all challenges in the campaign

Master of adaptation
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectableTime/Date

And with that, the Battlefield 1 campaign is now complete. Congratulations!

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