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Posted on 12 July 09 at 05:16, Edited on 04 August 09 at 17:37
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I wrote this review for Game Seekers but I will also post it here as well.

Battlefield 1943 is the latest MP only game from DICE and EA. It is the Xbox 360 and PS3 remake of the 2001 game, BF 1942, and features 3 maps from the original and 3 classes on the Frostbite engine. It features unlimited ammo and regenerating health as well. Was released on Xbox 360 on July 8, 2009 and the PSN on July 9, 2009

Upon first hearing about the regenerating health and unlimited ammo I was pretty skeptical about the game. It seemed it was going to be a more "casual" game like Call of Duty where anyone can pick it up and play with no trouble. Upon playing it yesterday and more extensively earlier today I saw that the game was really well built and very balanced. Despite the regenerating health and the unlimited ammo, the game still proves quite a challenge to those who are new to it. The classes too, are easy to use, but hard to get good at as they all have their pros and cons.

Infantry classes are equipped with a sub machine gun (Thompson or T100), bazooka, wrench and grenades. They are useful at close to medium range, but useless at longer ranges.

Riflemen classes are equipped with a long range rifle (M1 Garand or T5), rifle grenades, bayonet, and grenades. Are great at medium and long range, though suffer when it comes to CQC or against tanks.

Snipers are equipped with a sniper rifle (Springfield or K98k), demo charges, pistol (M1911 or Nambu) and knife or katana. They are useful from longer ranges than the rifleman class, but the farther away the harder the shot and the harder to kill due to bullet travel time. They can also stand a chance against tanks with their demo charges as well in CQC with their pistol.

Graphics. The graphics in the game are great and beautiful. I don't even know what else to say. Dust and fire from a destroyed building impair ones vision so you cannot really see. Explosions look great as does the water. Lighting is also top notch seeing shadows of the destroyed buildings and planes above.

Gameplay. The gameplay in 1943 just feels so smooth and fluid. Everything runs great and it really pulls you into the game. Aiming and the feel of hte gun do not feel as clunky or obtrusive like it was in Battlefield Bad Company, nor do the vehicles feel slow and weighed down. Jeeps are quite fast compared to the Hummers in BFBC, and do not stop on a dime when you hop out. Tanks feel more controllable and easier to manage. Overall, everything is much more smoother and more manageable than in BFBC.

Concept. As I said earlier Battlefield 1943 is a multiplayer only game. It features 3 classes (Scout, Infantry, and Rifleman), 3 maps (Wake Island, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, soon to be Coral Sea), and the only multiplayer mode is Conquest. Conquest is similar to Domination from Call of Duty. There are five flags positioned around the map in strategic locations. The objective is to capture the flags and hold them for as long as you can all the while taking out the enemy team while they try and do the same. Capturing the flags and taking out the enemy team will bring their ticket counter down (bar indicating how many reinforcements each team has left). When a teams ticker is out, that team loses and the other team wins. Teamwork and communication is key to winning in this game. One man cannot win the battle by himself and has to rely on his fellow team mates to help him out now and again. Fighter pilots must rely on ground troops to take out any enemy pilots in the sky if they cannot by the AA guns. Tank operators have to rely on there being an Infantry (if the tank operator isn't one) soldier around to fix the vehicle. As well as so much more.

This game is not like Call of Duty World at War. The maps are a lot bigger, the gameplay is nothing a like, and everything from weapons to the vehicles are completely balanced. Only things BF43 and WaW share is a few rifles, and the WWII setting. Other than that, nothing is the same in terms of gameplay. So if you are looking for a game similar to WaW this is not it. Like wise, the game is a bit different from BFBC in terms of gameplay and control. As said earlier, everything in BF43 runs much more smoothly and fluidly than in BFBC. Weapons no longer take 50 bullets to take someone down, vehicles are now fast and efficient and maneuverable, and you can pull out your weapon right after you're done sprinting.

My final thoughts on the game is that, BF43 is probably one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played on the Xbox 360. It's smooth, easy to control, intense, a blast to play, and adds a whole new level to FPS'. I would easily recommend this game to anyone who likes shooters, WWII, huge battles, or even if they like intense situations that this game provides.

I would rate this game a 9/10. There are very little flaws with the game that I have encountered. The only one I have really seen is the server issue and DICE and EA are already hard at work fixing and adding in more servers for us. Other than that I have no complaints on the game (except for dying, but that's my fault :p). If you are unsure about the game, download the demo off the PSN or Xbox 360 Marketplace and give it a try.

See you on the Battlefield.
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Taco Bob
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Taco Bob
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Posted on 20 July 09 at 02:12
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Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
DLC: Coming Soon?*
100% Completion: 20 hours**
Achievement Difficulty: 3/10

*EA has said that if there is enough interest in the game, they would release more maps as DLC.
**Most achievements can be gotten in several games, however there is one achievement that requires 100 games to be played.

The fight in the Pacific returns, with the highly anticipated Battlefield 1943. Sprouting from the roots of EA's extremely successful Battlefield 1942, console players can now enjoy the classic Battlefield feel. Fight with up to 24 players over land, sea, and air, as they battle for control over flags across four separate islands; All in a highly destructible terrain, courtesy of the Frostbite engine.

For those new to Battlefield gameplay, let me debrief you. You choose from several layouts (Rifleman, Infantryman, and Scout) and attempt to capture 5 flags, spread throughout the map. These flags can be captured back and forth, so both defense and offense are needed. Each team has a life bar of sorts, measuring their amount of reinforcements, which depletes as they die or lose flags. The first team to lose all their reinforcements, loses the match. Simple enough, but combine this with massive amounts of players and vehicles galore, and it can rightly be called a battlefield.

Although I have never played the original Battlefield 1942, I have played the glitchy Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and the unusual Battlefield: Bad Company, so I have some experience with the franchise. In spite of several hiccups at launch, this one still beats the other two hands down, and at only a fraction of the cost. Although being an XBLA title, it is a bit limited on maps and weapons, but the solid gameplay more than makes up for that.

One thing that really surprises me, is how balanced it all is. Trust me when I say, there really isn't anything that is too overpowered. Each method of play has its pros and cons, effectively canceling each other out over the spread. It might be a bit frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will know when and what to attack, depending on the situation.

The best part of the game however, are the vehicles, and how well they are integrated into the game. Like I said, nothing is too overpowered and that goes for the vehicles as well. An infantryman can easily go 1 on 1 with a tank, if he knows what he is doing. Now that might sound a bit odd, seeing as it is a TANK, but for the sake of balance it works. One thing to note though, are how the vehicles control, especially the planes. The land vehicles seem to have zero traction, as they have trouble climbing even the slightest incline, and the planes take quite a bit of practice before you can consider yourself a Maverick. After some trial and error however, the vehicles soon become second nature.

Despite being such a good game, it does have one major flaw, and that is its variety. As of right now there are 4 maps, including the plane-only Coral Sea, and although they are very large maps, I can see someone getting bored of them after extended play. Especially since the game feels the need to play the same map several times in a row. Although this is to be expected of an XBLA title, that doesn't change the fact that you can only play it so much. However there is a slight glimmer of hope, since EA has said that they would support DLC if there was enough interest in the game, and this game has been more than successful.

Overall (9/10):
Great for Battlefield fans, new and old alike, and a price tag of only 15$, makes this game a must have for any FPS fan.
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Posted on 10 February 11 at 17:13, Edited on 05 September 11 at 01:00
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A PC-only release back in 2002, Battlefield 1942 was a big ball of stupid fun amongst a plethora of po-faced twitch shooters. Up to 64 players scrambled to reach the nearest vehicle before ploughing it into the side of a mountain; tanks rolled across the desert, only to get blown up by a kamikaze jeep, laden with C4; pitched navel battles took place with marines falling off aircraft carriers only to be scooped up by a surfacing submarine. It was World War II, as imagined by 9 year-olds in their back-garden.

As serious as I began to take it (clans matches and the like), it retained this air of unpredictability where you were never more than a minute away from a Zero falling out the sky. It is truly the closest the PC had to an arcade game, and was just screaming out for a console conversion. Which brings us to the present day (well, a couple of years ago)...

Battlefield 1943 is ostensibly an HD version of 1942, limited to three maps from the Pacific theatre: Iwo Jima, Wake Island and Guadalcanal. This limitation isn't the handicap you might think, as the maps merely provide a backdrop to a massive array of different experiences thanks to Battlefield's scale. It also helps that the 3 provided are arguably some of the best in the series, and the Pacific setting's Sega-esque blue skies certainly allow for a graphical showcase.

And a showcase it most-certainly is. 1942 was never a looker and suffered from some limited draw-distances and low-fidelity models. This time DICE have lifted the Frostbite engine from their current Bad Company series with all its destructible scenery goodness, and it looks a treat. Even better is the sound-design which complements the intense local battles with muffled sounds from the wider conflict.

But none of this matters. What Battlefield was to me was the battles, rather than an elaborate team deathmatch, and by limiting the player count to 24 there is much lost in this console transalation. These maps have been reduced in scope accordingly, but that brings its own problems - the epic naval battles in the PC Pacific maps are reduced to two static aircraft carriers acting as glorified spawn-points. It's sad that the space year 2009 could not even produce an equal version of a 2002 PC game, and whilst the improvements in fidelity are welcome it's not like anyone ever played 1942 and thought: "You know what this needs? Less players, and more destructible environments!"

A final bugbear are the online statistics pages. Some two years after release and it still provides a horrifying vision of a universe where maths is banned as some sort of baffling witchcraft. According to it I have a 46 headshots with the M1 rifle, but an accuracy of "0", I have killed 220 people with the Jeep, and my K/D of 971/688 = "18". What?

Battlefield 1943 is non-the-less terrific fun, and whilst it isn't the console re-imagining the original so desperately deserves, it is still undoubtably one of the best Live experiences.
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Posted on 17 December 09 at 17:00, Edited on 17 December 09 at 18:34
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Picture the scene the sun is raising on a nice little island in the pacific the sea is crash against the shore the wind is blowing the tall grass for side to side the all of a sudden you hear the thunder of a bombing raid the rumble of a Sherman tank firing 20 pound shell past you and the squeal of a zero flying in for a bombing run and you think your in hell, well wrong your in paradise welcome to Battlefield 1943 the newest Xbox live arcade game to hit the marketplace from DICE studios

So right off the bat solo gamers stay home for this one because Battlefield 1943 is an online only affair, There’s no single player campaign, no bots and you can’t ever run around the maps by yourself (unless you’re playing the tutorial though even then that’s just one map out of three). Battlefield games are built on the roots of multiplayer games from 1942 to 2142 and everything in between all the games are based on multiplayer at their core and this is why 1943 is solely a multiplayer game.

So what do you get for your 1200ms points well for a start you get one of the best looking Xbox live games to date if not the best looking one. The game is built using a modified version of the frost bite engine which DICE used on last years hit game Battlefield Bad Company. The game is a FPS and is played over 3 maps (though there is another map called The Coral Sea but I’ll come back to that later) and you play 12 vs 12 in a sort of hybrid between team deathmatch and territories called Conquest which has you fighting to capture spawn points across the map while scoring kills for a win.

You play as Americans or Japanese each country has the same 3 classes to pick from. These are a rifleman, sniper and a infantryman each one has their own strengths and weaknesses but in short the sniper is long range the infantryman is short range and rifleman is best of both and is an all round good guy. On top of this there are vehicles in the game to get to grips with like tanks, jeep, landing craft there all easy to drive and get the hang of and then there’s the planes, sure getting to grips with the flight controls can be a real pain, but once you get the hang of it, the planes in particular open up a wealth of new attacking options to you and your team.

So what are the maps like, well they are beautiful but space-hungry and they are well balanced Wake island is the best map to start with as it is a horse shoe shape and you observe both teams racing from aircraft carries to get a foot hold on the island, then fight there way to the air field to gain more fire power in the form of tanks and more planes as well as the bombing run bunkers which lets you call in a squad of 3 bombers and drop bombs on any part of the island as the players fly the bombers and drop the bombs. Though the bombers are slow and cannot fight back against enemy fighter planes. The other maps are well balanced Guadalcanal, which has you starting on an aircraft carrier, this map is long and narrow so expect lots of fire fights working your way to the flags. Stand out points on this map are the airfield at the bottom of the map. At the top of it there’s a easy to defend flag with bunkers that over looking the battlefield and are good for snipers to fight from and MG nests to stop the enemy rushing the flag and all this is built on a hill so attackers have to plan and think how to assault this flag. The last maps is Iwo Jina and this one is the only one of the three maps where each team has a ground base to spawn from, this is the biggest of all three maps and see some of the best mixed fighting of the game as it is built around a mountain, and is heavy armed with tanks and planes on both side though don’t under estimate the power of a lone sniper in the mountains can do to an enemy flag if unseen. The three maps are great fun to play though you may get tried of them after playing them a hundred times, so lets hope DICE / EA support the game in the future and have plans for DLC for the game.

If you find yourself feeling bored of the same three maps in Battlefield 1943, try thinking out of the box. You need to think about using the skies and the seas to your advantage instead of just running around the maps playing it like it’s a FPS like halo 3 or Call Of Duty. Its a sand box game in away, do what you want how you want where you want there thousands of way to play and half the fun is finding them. Though try rigging a jeep with dynamite and driving it straight into a enemy flag or tank and blow it up always seems to work well I think. That one of the best things about 1943 is that nothing in the game is scripted. Ever game plays out different to the last and no two games are the same, for the fire fights on the beach to the epic dog fights above nothing is ever the same twice and this gives the game and players a sense of camaraderie that few other multiplayer games manage out of the battlefield family.

Also on the games release a community challenge was set by DICE to unlock Coral Sea map, which will be available soon. After the community reaches 43 million kills in total an Air Superiority (team deathmatch in planes) mode is unlocked

The downsides to the game if any are the lack of music other than the theme and the fact that the Japanese sniper rifle is really a German one but that has to do with the cost of development of the game. Though the game looks so good anyway. The only other thing is that EA didn’t set up enough servers for the game at the start, the first three days saw players waiting up to a hour for a game though now DICE / EA have fix most of the sever issues.

When a game is built entirely for multiplayer there is always going to be a make it or break it point because it is based on players an not AIs, But the thrills of Battlefield 1943 outweigh the frustrations. A must buy for all FPS fans and battlefield fans alike.

See you on the Battlefield
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xxW0LFxx TFD
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xxW0LFxx TFD
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Posted on 13 July 09 at 10:14
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Reviewing this game was always going to be a problem,as normally i review full retail games,however this is actually a LIVE Arcade title and so i the rules have to change.
Battlefield 1943 is a remake of the classic BF:1942 and add's in BF:Bad Company's Frostbite engine which allows for scenery to be destroyed and tree's to be uprooted making for a more realistic battlefield as plane's do low passes over your head and bullets hit the ground.
The game comes packaged with 3 maps ( and a 4th unloackable map) and just 1 game mode ( though there is another game mode gets unlocked with the 4th map) which is dissapointing as the 3 maps got dull quite quickly for me,however i can understand why there are only 3 as this is a fairly large download already.
This will no doubt be bolstered by the inevitable map packs and add-on's.
The 3 maps are well layed out and designed allowing for some great fights,my only complaint about the maps is i get the feeling they are just slighty too large as the figting often feels very spread out.

There are 3 vehicles included,Jeep's,tanks and planes.
All in all jeeps and tanks handle very well,though they use and unusual control scheme that may catch you out for the first while.
The tanks feel a little underpowered as you can hammer the area a soldier is standing in and never kill him unless you hit him dead on,and even then you will have to hit him twice,however he can hit you just twice with his grenade launcher and destroy your tank.
It doesnt feel like tanks are much of a threat,which is wierd as the last time i checked a tank rolling into your base would be the cause of mass panic to stop it.
The planes require the most skill to use out of all the vehicles,they come equipped with machine guns for taking out enemy planes and bombs for your ground targets.
They feel a bit clunky to use but once you get used to the controls they feel fun to use and you can get around the clunky controls.

It also add's a fantastic visual effect to the already stunning graphics.
only yesterday i was standing up on a huge hill sniping,and as i turned around to fire at an enemy taking pot shots at me an enemy plane came flying up the side of the hill and missed me by inches followed by an allied plan with it's guns was a breathtaking scene....though i did stand there gaping for far too long as a sniper put a bullet through my head.
The graphics are truly astounding,pretty good by retail standards and breathtaking by LIVE Arcade standars,thats not to say that they dont have glitches like plans wheels folding up while it's still on the runway and other little glitches but nothing game breaking or too noticable if you arent looking for it.

There are 3 classes: Infantry,who is your close combat specialist and good at dealing with vehicles,Riflemen who is your more meduim range class and can still help with vehicles,and Sniper which is very self explanatory and comes with remote explosives.
Oddly you cant just pick up a weapon on the have to pick up a "pack" which changes your class entirely to whatever that Pack is.
It's a very odd system thats take's getting used to as i found myself killing a sniper and automatticaly trying to pick up his sniper rifle and accidently changing class.but once you get used to it it seems to work.

The game use's an unlimited ammo system and regenrating health giving it a very arcade feeling as it also takes quite a bit to put an enemy down.
If you run out of ammo,it regenerates fairly quickly,same with health.
It provides a fun system as you dont have to worry about how many rounds you have left.

All in all this is a fantastic game at a good price (1200 msp) and well balanced and thought out.
Now for the tough bit,this game was going to get 4 stars as it was a astounding game but let down by the lack of maps,options and game modes,but then i remembered that this is in fact an Arcade title as whilest i was playing it i firmly thought this was a full retail title which goes to show it's brilliant qualitys. as such the final score is.........
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A Defiant Sith
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A Defiant Sith
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Posted on 06 October 09 at 19:06
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"Battlefield 1943: One hell of an Arcade game"
One of my favourite game series of all time was Star Wars Battlefront. And I knew then that Battlefield was its starting point. So when I heard that the next Battlefield was purely online, and cheap (1,200 MS Points if I remember correctly), I was happy. Even though it was set in World War II, which is one setting that has become overdone. Seriously, I hate WWII games. But this suprised me when I played the demo. I forgot the setting, and enjoyed the game. I think this was down to the lack of cutscenes, or any story, so the setting wasn't shoved in your face as say, Medal of Honour or Call of Duty. So, to the review soldier!

Graphics - 8/10
Remember, this is an XBLA game, and quite frankly it still beats many other full games out there. The environments are detailed and really well designed. Each weapon is brilliantly done, same with the character models. But it is the effects which deserve the special mention. When planes drop bombs, not only is the explosion well done, but it actualy leaves a dent in the ground. While bullets don't do the same, tank shells do.

Gameplay - 9/10
The gameplay is a solid first person shooter. Standard controls, are easy to remember, the most difficult thing (for me anyway) is getting used to was the plan controls. But thankfully, they aren't essential, and you have the training level to practice. In game, there are three classes, Rifleman, Infantryman and Sniper. The Rifleman is anti-infantry, with a mid-long range rifle, a powerful Rifle Grenade, and regular Grenades. The Infantryman has a short-mid ranged semi-automatic machine gun, a Bazooka and a Wrench to repair vehicles. The Sniper has, obviously, a Sniper Rifile, a Pistol and Demo Charges. All three classes are balanced, although in my experience, a good Sniper can rack up some serious kills.

There are three maps, all around the same size, although very different. I can't remember the names of all three, but one is sniper heaven, tall mountains provide numerous spots for snipers to hide. Another is in a horseshoe shape, where fighting is fierce, but there are some oppourtunities to sneak round and undermine their work. The last map has a hill on one side which has a view of most of the map, whereas the other side has planes and the bombing run.

The play is frantic at times, quiet at others. The only problem with the gameplay I can think of is that at times you'll die without any notice, or even a hint at where your attacker was. But this is mostly because of either a lucky headshot, or a brilliant headshot.

Sound - 10/10
From the music in the main menu, to the raido broadcast informing you of the result of a match, and all the battle sounds in between, this game is pure excellence to your ears. You can hear the fighting from near enough anywhere on the maps, distant explosions and tank engines, to the rumble of low flying planes. The guns sound perfect, and nearby explosions cause ringing in your ears, and nearby troops will shout and yell in either English or Japanese, depending on which side your on. I haven't found a single fault with the sound in this game.

Longevity - 8/10
It will take a few games to get used to how it all plays, but it becomes a very addictive game. The ranking system isn't anything new or original, and means little, since 'ranked' matches are a mix of all ranks. But you won't struggle for a game, I have yet to be in a game with less than eight people a side, and I've had this game for about three months now. Plus there is an achievment for playing 100 matches for 30 points, for those achievment hunters needing an excuse to play this fantastic game.

Overall - 9/10
Easily one of the best XBLA game out. A fantastic multiplayer game which is fast paced and exciting. Not one to miss. For those still in doubt, consider this: This is an Arcade game, has an Arcade game price tag, and is a better game than many games on disc. At the very least, try the demo, which lets you do the tutorial and play a regular match to get a taste of things.
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Posted on 17 October 10 at 18:47
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The first plus on the side of this game is that it is only 1200 Microsoft points (about $17) on Xbox Arcade. For that you get a well balanced WWII, multi-player, shooter. The game is set in the Pacific. You play either the US or Japan in a battle to control the islands. There are only three maps, but the maps are huge and sprawling. Although there is only one game type (well two, if you count the dog-fight game) the gameplay is varied giving you lots to do while trying to take control of several strategic points on the map.

The variety is accomplished in a number of ways. There are three classes that play differently, a number of drivable vehicles(jeeps, tanks, boats, and fighter planes), anti-aircraft guns, machine gun nests, and the ability to control bombing runs. There are up to a dozen people on a side, giving players the opportunity to support their team's efforts in a variety of different ways depending upon their own style and preferences. Gameplay is fast and fairly quick to pick up with no need to memorize "power spots" on the maps as the only weapons you get are the ones provided with your class (which you are free to change mid game). There are no hidden power weapons.

Graphics are adequate and the sound design is great (the sound of fighters screaming overhead will make you duck in your living room). This certainly doesn't have all the game play in a full-priced game, but what it does provide is slick and fun.

Story: 3
Interface: 4
Game Play: 5
Challenge: 3
Fun: 5

Overall: 8.5/10
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