5. Battlefield 3 CooperativeUpdate notes

The co-op is fairly easy to run through and aside from some tricky achievements like Bullseye, you will find that a competent team-mate will make this go by quickly. Always revive them and ensure you always have ammo plus the right weapon for each part of the co-op campaign.

Operation Exodus

We will be doing this on easy for the Car Lover achievement however I will note the difference on hard.

This area may look familiar to you because we have been in this area before in the campaign, well now we are for some co-op action. Have one guy equipped with the Javelin and a sniper rifle, his job is to get on that bridge in front of you and take out the enemies coming down the road. Once he kills 6 or 7 enemies, a tank will show up and take 3 shots of the Javelin to kill. On hard there will be a lot more enemies and you will go down if not careful, may be wise on this difficulty to keep close. Use the machine gun and go prone to deploy the bipod to get some extra firepower on the enemies.

The other guy meanwhile will be in the alley where all the weapons and ammo is, grab some mines and throw them down in the alley to the left where another tank comes from. The rooftop in front will have enemies spawn once the road is clear as-well as the alley to the left of this rooftop. Nothing too hard, tank will drive into the mines and that will be that. The sniper buddy will shoot anyone on the rooftops the other can't see.

Now on the right side, the sniper guy will climb up the ladder behind the ammo area and snipe the RPG guys showing up in the building. This building also contains ammo if needed, which on hard would be recommended. One guy should have a SMAW and the other a Javelin. After killing a 10-15 enemies running down the road and the rooftop. Hit the vehicle that shows up twice to destroy it and end the level by going to the extraction chopper where the jeeps were parked previously. On hard you will a lot more enemies but shouldn't be too bad.

On hard you will not be so worried about keeping the vehicles alive and instead just keeping enough alive to get through.

Car Lover

Complete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus

Car Lover
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A video:

Credit - RoosterTeeth

Fire from the sky

If you are terrible at flying then this might seem like the worst mission out of the lot, however if you can grab a buddy who knows how to fly this should be a lot easier. On easy there is an achievement for getting through without using the fire extinguisher, obviously on your hard playthrough you will need it.

For easy do not press cn_RB, I will go over helicopter controls now for those that are new to piloting. If you have flown in previous Battlefields there are control setups that make this easier, you can find those in the options -> controls menu.

Controls for default setup, different for other layouts:

cn_LT - Throttle down

cn_RT - Throttle up

cn_LB - Fire

cn_RB - Gadget (Don't use on easy run)

cn_Y - Switch weapon

cn_B - Exit (Don't worry you can't in the co-op mission)

cn_X - Reload

cn_A - Switch Seat/Deploy Parachute (Again not used for co-op mission)

D-Pad - Up, Down (Free look), Left and Right

cn_LSc - Controls where you look, Yaw with left right and up down for looking down. Pressing RS does nothing.

cn_RSc - Up/Down is pitch, Left/Right ROLL/LOOK, Press LS changes camera.

cn_start - Pauses

Now for some flight lessons:

Pitching the cn_RSd like so will move your helicopters nose forward, do this very gently and use cn_RSu to get your helicopters nose to go up to slow down or move backwards.

Use cn_RSl or cn_RSr to roll the helicopter, this for moving either left or right. Doing this while pitching the helicopter cn_RSu for forwards or cn_RSd for backwards to keep the helicopter in the air and not blown up on the ground.

For hovering which is useful for a few villages you need to clear you should keep the RS centered and use the LS to yaw the helicopter around. Throttle up with cn_LT and descend with cn_RT, doing either too quickly result in the helicopter falling to the ground and crashing.

Using the controls like so should be enough to ensure the helicopter doesn't smash into the ground as often, the rest is up to your use of weapons in the mission.

The mission will start and you will need to use cn_LT and cn_RT to throttle up or down respectively as describe earlier. Once you have taken off, fly down the valley towards the first objective. The gunner will need to communicate smaller threats towards you like infantry and most importantly RPG guys.

Use your flight school training to hover over the fields in front of you as some infantry will try to ambush the Fireteams. The gunner will start clearing the fields when a mortar shows up with a large orange marker pointing it out. The gunner will destroy this and then slowly work through the infantry positions ensuring that the fireteams are kept alive.

Now once those are worked through the pilot will want to move the gunship to the village and have the gunner target the buildings where large groups of infantry are hiding out. Blow up the gas station of the left side of the town and beware of a few enemies shooting up your helicopter, at some point when cleaning up the pilot will need to press cn_Y and switch to guided missiles. Use them to take out the BMP and clean up the remaining enemies in the village.

After the fireteams move through the first buildings in the town an RPG team will show up, take them out first and then clear out the large group of infantry. Again shouldn't take long before you are attacked by a group of armour determined on blowing you up. Be careful here as they can blow up the helicopter easily, the gunner can help the gunner out here. The gunner should if needed focus on any infantry that show up while finishing off the armour.

Once all armour is destroyed and infantry been killed off, the fireteams will move into the village where the BMP were before and need you to defend them while they do their thing. You can take the BMP out on the right with guided missiles by throttling up a little while hovering and then using rockets to destroy the second on the left. Use guided missile once it has reloaded to help out if needed. The gunner should be clearing out the infantry while the pilot is doing this, then 2-1 will complain again about infantry showing up on the right flank. The gunner can easily take them out or the pilot with rockets as a jeep will sneak in with them.

Head further right and two BMPs will show-up to cause you grief, being so close together used the guide missile and finish off with rockets plus cannon. The evac helicopters will show up to then evacuate the fireteams, that wasn't so bad as long as you didn't crash too much. Should get the achievement if cn_RB wasn't used:


Complete the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky

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When doing this on hard enemy numbers won't change much at all just more RPG teams to take out, and enemies pack a heftier punch. With a decent pilot and using flares you should be ok. Don't be afraid to pull back a bit when the armour tears up your helicopter, you should survive with little trouble then.

A video guide:

Credit - RoosterTeeth


Again for the mission specific achievement we will run through on easy, this mission is rather short so shouldn't be too bad. Just remember to be stealth, the game will give you instructions on what to use but basically you start with a silenced pistol and your knife. Your co-op buddy will need to be in sync with you at all times, do a small countdown (1.2.3 FIRE) so both enemies go down. Also headshots will kill enemies in one shot and not cause them to raise any alarms. Also crouch with cn_RSc to avoid being spotted just like all good forced stealth sections in games. Spotting also helps with this as the orange dot above their head is easier to see in the glare from lighting or when in a dark alley.

Enter through the door around the wall to find two enemies watching TV and have your partner shoot the one on the left, you shoot on the right. Both should go down, and you can head on through the doorway, around the corner and down the stairs for the next two enemies.

You will now be in a laundromat area with two enemies next to each-other, you aim for the front one and your partner the back one. Once they are both dead, do not enter through the doorway as there is a CCTV watching it. Creep forwards towards the door until you can see the CCTV slightly to the left and shoot it once to knock it out.

Now head through the door that it was guarding, your guy will call out another one which you can see in front of you. Then go around the corner in front up high, slightly to the left is the next one. Now you are free to exist this are and move onto the next part. Shoot the guy in front in the head, knifing seems to alert the guards up the stairs. Creep up the first set of stairs until both of you can see the heads of the next soldier and CCTV, again get your timing and shoot them both.

Now as we go up the stairs this one in the next part of the staircase has three enemies, one guys shoots the guy in the back. The other guy however has to be on the right of the staircase as he goes up and from there try and line up the CCTV as-well as the front soldier. Take your time and only shoot once he lines them both up otherwise you will need to restart.

Final group are there at the end, go through the doorway and creep around the corner, like before line up the shots and take them both out at the same time. If you have been successful the achievement will pop:


Reach the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration

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Now continuing on open the door they were guarding and quickly pick off the two enemies in here and rescue the VIP hostage. Run back out of the building to a waiting Humvee convoy.

Now comes the part where you need to defend the convoy, run to the right and around the corner will be an ammo box and some weapons if needed. Move down this street clearing the rooftops to the right and continually moving up to clear out each building on the right while your partner clears the road. There will be an alley to the right with some enemies, clear them out and wait for the Humvees roll down the road you were on before.

They will smash through a gate and drive into an ambush, clear the apartment in front of them and use the thermals on your weapons to spot them. Some will run onto the road and an apartment block on the right also to the left of the convoy. Now that .50 gunner got wiped out, you will need to do some on-rail shooting, so just focus on enemies as they appear. Of course the first Humvee has to hit an IED and you will need to shoot your way out, this part is not very exciting and you will reach the end with the gate you need to blow up.

Blow up the gate with the provided C4 and prepare to shoot your way back to convoy, on hard it is recommended to kill a number of enemies plus the RPG guy before getting back in the Humvee. Use the .50 to take out some of the remaining enemies and get driven to your destination, shooting the enemies running around in the open. You will soon be driven to the final point of the mission and need to clear out some enemy positions, use the thermals to spot enemies hiding in the building across from you, has a huge billboard on it. Enemies will pour in, running down the road as-well so kill as many as you can before they get into cover. Keep protecting the VIP and reviving your team-mate. Keep killing the guys in the building and check behind the Humvees as-well as right flank to finish the enemies off. Exfil to finish the mission.

A video guide for Ninjas:

Credit - RoosterTeeth

Hit and Run

At the start of the mission you will be told enemies are incoming and be prepared for enemy fire, so without further ado place a claymore in the doorway on your right as you enter the room with a desk on the left. Duck behind the desk and clear out the room from the front as-well as right, then enter the doorway guarded by the claymore. Grab any guns or ammo you want from the dead soldiers, now look to your right to see a doorway with a green exit sign. More enemies will pour in from there, so use grenades to clear them out. Then go past the probably priceless vase (You know you want to smash it), kill the enemies in the next area and grab ammo to your right. Enter into a large room, killing a couple more enemies in here.

Now to your right will be stairs guarded by any remaining soldiers, head up here and check the cubicles for ammo and weapons. Kill the soldiers between you and the exist, grenades will make short work of the destructible cover. Turns out the exit is behind you and an angry shotgun wielding enemy is waiting for you, kill him then exit down the stairs. Open the door and quickly the guy waiting for you on the left. Clear the left side of the upper story while your team-mate clears the lower floor. Move up and a hallway with more bad-guys will need to be cleared. This leads into the garage where two enemies need to killed, enter the car and use it to ram through the gate. Dodge around the pillars and up the exit ramp, this will lead to a path leading to the exit. Your team-mate can kill the enemy while you drive onto the exit.

If you did not go down while doing the easy run, you will get:

Push On

Reach the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run

Push On
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Credit - TheGamerReviewVideos

Drop 'Em Like Liquid


Reach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid

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When doing this mission on hard do not worry about stealth, enemies are not prominent enough to cause trouble like previous missions. For the Bulls Eye achievement remember ensure communication with mics, use Easy Difficulty, never rush and know basic stealth stuff from earlier missions.

Step 1.

Enter the sewers via the manhole and climb down the ladder, approach the first guy and snipe him or run at him and use the silenced pistol, once he is dead exit the sewer via the ladder.

Step 2.

Once up the ladder and in the open DO NOT jump over the rail or get too close to the staircase or you will be spotted.

In front of you are three sets of two guys working towards the apartment building, take them out using the cn_LSc and your sniper rifle.

-1st set is directly below you after exiting the sewers.

-2nd set is right under the arch to the right of the first set.

-3rd set turn left out of the arch, they are standing beside the apartment door.

Step 3.

Once inside the apartment switch to the silenced pistol and make your way up the stairs to the door, once it opens run in and take out the two guys. Be aware of the guy in the other room, if he runs he will glitch into either the cupboards or out the window and will reappear to knife you.

From here on out DO NOT fire a shot without deploying your bipod, which is used by being crouched near a window sill.

Once both guys are dead have one person sit at the very first window and the second sit at the very next window. You should both crouch and deploy your bipods, you may have to sit on the right side of the window ledge to get a good shot.

Alpha Team will knife a guy near the staircase and then two guys will appear from the steps, let them walk to a complete stop and dispatch them.

The next two guys will appear from around the back of the white van above the staircase let them walk to a stop then take them out.

------Bus Flashbang--------

As with the other guys, one person take the left bus and one take the right bus, mark them (cn_back) so you know where they are as this is the most important part..


It will stop the left guy on each bus moving out of position to reach for a hostage and will save you lots of hassle as you can now take out the two guys with them close to each-other.


DO NOT fire before the flashbang breaches the window sill or it WILL end your mission because it glitches the guys out and makes them untouchable. You'll fail in seconds so just wait before picking them off.

Leave the apartment.

Step 4.

Go down the stairs and out onto the street, run up to the wall and stand a yard or so apart and setup the bipod. The next two targets are the two guys walking directly at you, you should be standing pretty much 12 o'clock from them let them walk to a stop count down and take them out.


Step 5.

Go downstairs to the next two guys.

Here one person can take out both guys if they are laying in prone with the bipod deployed and move until they line up then take them out within one shot.

Once they're dead:

Another three guys will exit the blue bar, one guy goes to the left while two go to the right. So both lay in prone with bipods deployed and as with the previous guys one person lineup the two guys while the partner lines up the solo guy, count down then shoot.

Get up and run up the stairs.

Step 6.


------Three sets Of three moving Guys-------

First off DO NOT shoot at different groups at the same time...YOU WILL FAIL

Focus on one set at a time then move on to the next set and so on and so forth.


-Set 1 The staircase with the hotel sign going down the side of the building.

-Set 2 At the green bar, they are walking right to left and are at the right of all the sets. You cant miss them just look for the green bar.

-Set 3 In the cafe area, they come down stairs and into the cafe area.

So here is how you do it:

Set 1. As soon as you hit the top of the staircase, one person stand here and deploy the bipod while the other goes behind and to the left on the long wall and deploys their bipod.
Stare up at the top of the stairs and wait for the sniper crack to signal the start.
Wait until all three guys are beginning to walk down the steps, one person takes out the left, one the right and both meet for the middle guy. Two shots on each should do the trick.

Set 2. The moment they're dead, run to your right, past the crates and you'll see two green and white bins. One person will go in-between the bins while the other to the right of the last bin. Bipods deployed, quickly one person line up the front guy and the other the back guy, make sure you're both ready and shoot. Leave the middle guy then as with the stairs, take him out.

Set 3. Rush back to your starting position for the Cafe Set. Again, bipods deployed on the long wall, if you were quick enough the three guys will not have separated. If that's the case, shoot at the same time and take them out as quickly as possible because if they separate. Have one person take out the two guys going left while the other takes out the sole guy that ends up walking near the umbrellas.

Once they're all dead, take out the sniper in the window.

Step 7.

Move up the street and climb the stairs, this is the best vantage point for the remaining guys.

Pick up ammo if required and both crouch up against the wall and deploy bipods. You won't need to remove your bipods now at all, make sure you're on the corner on the wall, one person on each section.

The Alpha Team will proceed up the stairs onto the streets, once the blue square disappears two guys will appear in the gap in the wall. Let them stop then line up your shots, count down and shoot.

The Alpha Team will now proceed into the gardens again when the square vanishes, the next two guys will appear so let them walk to a stop at the bottom of the stairs and take them out.

Move your scopes up the stairs to the door behind the statue. when it opens three guys will appear. Let them leave the mansion and walk away, they will go about 15 meters and stop. They only stop for a brief moment so be ready, one guy will take out the lone guy and the other will take out the two guys, if your in the right position the two guys will be automatically lined up.

Bottom left window, once those guys are dead two more guys will appear in the bottom left window, they will walk in and stop so double tap and take them out.


As with the bus moment you'll want to press the flashbang right away but it's not essential, one guy will already be in the room on the second window from the left, mark him.
Wait and four more guys will appear, one from the left and three from the right. Mark all of them and then press the flashbang button.
Wait for Alpha Team to countdown before firing then proceed to take them all out, if you miss at any point don't panic as Alpha Team will clean up after you.
(Credit: Deranged Asylum)

A well earned achievement will pop-up:


Reach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid

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- D A Game Guides.

The Eleventh Hour

In the nick of time

Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour

In the nick of time
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This is an amazingly easy achievement. Put the level on easy difficulty and sprint through the turnstiles, down the escalators then use the subway cars to get to the bomb. It doesn't matter who does the disarming, as both people will get the achievement. Take your time with the disarm, but If you mess up the quicktime disarm, reload. The disarm is always the same order:cn_A - cn_LB - cn_RB - cn_RT - cn_RSc -cn_B - cn_A - cn_LB - cn_RB - cn_RSc

Lock 'n' Load

Unlock all unique co-op weapons

Lock 'n' Load
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For the run through you will start in a Metro similar to the one in Operation Metro, there will be a corridor with a ticket booth at the end. Enemies will be hiding behind the pillars, around the turnstiles and in the ticket booth. Take them out before proceeding, use the pillars for cover and take your time to take out the soldiers before proceeding. As you kill them, proceed through the turnstiles then head down the escalator and clear out the trains on the left.

There are escalators to your right with two enemies, kill them and go down the other side. Kill 8 or 9 enemies, have the defusing use the code from above to quickly defuse the bomb while the other guy kills the enemies as they head down the escalators.

Kill 10 or so enemies, move up the escalators when the game tells you to and the area is clear. An ammo crate is to your right before heading up, once at the top you will need to clear this huge area out. The enemy may deploy smoke grenades so utilise any cover before proceeding to the second bomb and pick off the enemy as they run out from the left trying to get to cover.

Once the area is clear, you will get objective to leave the subway do so and head up the stairs once outside and head to where all the police cars are. The police will kill most enemies in this area, however you will have to proceed through the smoke into the building the enemy are defending. Carefully clear the stairs then move through the building to the left, killing enemies as they show up until you can move through a doorway at the back.

As you into this building and past the dead civilians you will see a desk to your right, feel free to grab an LMG as-well as ammo. Move up more stairs now and through a door into a media centre, which we all are familiar with from the campaign. As was in the campaign clear out the upper story areas while your team throws grenades into the booths, kill the reinforcements that show up and as there is plenty of cover this shouldn't be too much of a bother to get through.

Take up breaching positions on the large double doors as pointed out by the blue objective marker, head up the stairs and be careful in this next area as there isn't much cover. The enemy will be up high to your left and spread out across the floor, more enemies will come in as you kill your way through them. Flush them out of cover with grenades to help kill them quicker. Move along the wall to your right and you will have the option to breach a blue door, do so. A cut-scene will play out and you will need to enter a QTE to kill the main terrorist as-well as saving your partner.

You will get:


Complete all co-op missions

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For completing all missions on hard:

Army of Two

Complete all co-op missions on Hard

Army of Two
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You can check this via MY SOLDIER > STATS & PROGRESSION for Co-op. This is the grind, but not as bad since the Karkand update. Keep playing stages until you have accumulated enough points to unlock all the weapons. You will need 160,000XP to complete this grind, most of which should be covered by your playthroughs of the co-op missions. And no the shortcut bundles will not help out with this achievement.

The unlocks:

MP412 REX: 5,000pts. Revolver Handgun (All Kits)
KH-2002: 17,000pts. Burst Fire Assault Rifle (Assault Kit)
MP7: 34,000pts. High Fire Rate PDW (All Kits)
M39 EMR: 58,000pts. Standard Battle Rifle (Recon Kit)
93R: 86,000pts. Burst Fire Handgun (All Kits)
SG553: 120,000pts. Standard Carbine (Engineer Kit)
G3A3: 160,000pts. 20rd Magazine Assault Rifle (Assault Kit)

Presuming you are going for the other Coop Mode achievements (including the mission specific ones and the Hard difficulty one), you will probably have run through the missions a few times and accumulated anywhere between 200-300K.

To effectively farm points for the rest, select the final mission, The Eleventh Hour, on easy. On the first hallway of the mission, kill all the PLR and have one player pick up the AK-74m with the Thermal Scope. Continue the mission until you have to disarm the bomb, and have the player drop the gun for a random gun before defusing. When the bomb is defused, the player's guns are reset back to the M16A3 ACOG and the Shotgun. Pick up the AK again and look nearby for the ammo crate and there should be another AK that the other player can pick up.

Work your way through the mission until just before you exit the Metro and you will notice a resupply crate. Remember this as you will be backtracking to it several times. Move to the police cars outside the stock exchange and have one sit on the cars to the left and one to the right. Switch the AK to Single Fire mode, (Press down on the D-Pad) and there will be an endless stream of enemies. You also get points from shooting the police but they don't respawn.

Each kill is worth 100 points, a Head-shot is worth 10 and a spot (using the Back button) is worth 10. If you sit outside here for about 30mins you should get about 40,000-50,000.

Credit: MIL5Y

Should unlock once the last weapons unlocks at the end of a mission:

Lock 'n' Load

Unlock all unique co-op weapons

Lock 'n' Load
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