9. Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360) Final Stand DLC

Final Stand is the last DLC with achievements released for Battlefield 4, however there are multiple updates that will need to be installed if you are returning to the game. Completion of this DLC will require 10 hours of grinding assignments and rubber-banding in either legit or boosting lobbies. For these we will be using Hammerhead, as everything is easy to find and boost on this map but any map works in the same way.

It will be presumed that you are at least Level 10 or followed the multiplayer guide for Rank 25. Ideally you will have unlocks for the Recon spawn beacon and Assault defib paddles. Without at least Rank 10 you won’t be able to do these assignments.

To view assignment progress you can go to www.battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4 and login to see the progress.

To switch teams, first redeploy from the pause menu, then from here you go to Team Management cn_Y and then clicking the cn_LSc.

4 people are required before boosting anything as the game will not start with any less players and will restart the lobby if players are lost.

First-up we will knock out the assignments mostly on Hammerhead but keep these in mind when doing kills for other achievements.

XD-1 Deathbringer

  • Get 30 kills with the XD-1 Accipiter
  • Travel 3KM in the XD-1 Accipiter

On Hammerhead, we will be going to Flag C Generator, Conquest Large. Spawn beacon will be dropped by the US Sides recon soldier who has it unlocked. The RU Soldier (Support class) will pick-up the remote in the middle of the glass container in the left section of the submarine bay can be accessed from downstairs or upstairs. Now avoid moving around too much and just kill all enemies with the Accipiter except the Assault who will then use defib paddles. Rinse and repeat until it runs out after about 8-10 kills.

Now I am going to include the remaining assignments to be done while waiting for it to respawn or to be done as-well. You will need flashbangs equipped and a carbine for those assignments. You should have the RFB or QBU-88 unlocked from completing the single-player. Use these and the flashbangs, dropping ammo as needed to get these requirements done as-well. Melee can be done quickly just by killing 3 soldiers.

For the travel requirements, you will likely have avoided moving much while grind the kills so instead do this while AFKing the 10 hours out. On Hangar 21, Conquest Large there will be an XD-1 Accipiter on the top of the ship in the construction bay area. There are stairs and ladders to the right which lead to the top. There will be a star on your mini-map, so look near the middle or end of the ship near some containers for this drone.


  • Affect 10 enemies with M84 Flashbangs
  • Get 3 melee kills

Eye Spy

  • Get 2 Spotting Ribbons
  • Get 20 DMR or Carbine Kills

Snowmobile Slayer

  • Get 10 road-kills with the snowmobile
  • Get 5 minutes of Air Time in the Snowmobile

From the US Deployment spawn a Snowmobile and have the RU soldier meetup with the other three players. The RU soldier will then use the Snowmobile to reverse into two of the US soldiers, the third should be a Assault with defib paddles at the ready. You will get 4 kills from each spawn and a 5th from the Assault guy that is still alive. Do this once more having them drive or fly out of the US Deployment, then repeat for everyone else.

For the 5 minutes of airtime, most maps have Snowmobiles so I recommend doing this while grinding out the time so as not to waste boosting time. Hangar 21 is the best map for this, like the rest of the time-based requirements. They will be available in the spawn and around the middle flag areas.

Hover Tank Harbringer

  • Destroy 15 vehicles with the HT-95 Levkov
  • Spend 10 Minutes in the HT-95 Levkov

Playing on Hammerhead map on Conquest Large, you will find this at Flag A just outside the US Deployment. It will appear on your map just outside the shipping depot, meanwhile the RU side can go from their Deployment and capture Flag D to get a second one if needed. With two flags captured the tickets won’t drain too quickly so long as neither side captures any other flags.

The RU side, will drive up to the US Deployment with their tank and kill both soldiers on that team, who will then spawn snowmobiles at either Deployment or A Flag for RU soldier to kill. The third guy can rack up time in the second Levkov and by the time the other RU soldier is done he should be ready to do his killing.

Railgun Rampage

  • Destroy 10 vehicles with the Rorsch MK-1
  • Get 25 Kills with the Rorsch MK-1

Again, with the Hammerhead map on Conquest Large, this time you will meet up outside the US Deployment opposite side of the map from RU Deployment. From the US Deployment follow the road leading out of the base and you will see a bridge, on this bridge you will find the Rorsch MK-1 sitting on a box. This box will be marked on the map as a star as-well.

You will return here multiple times while going for this, for the US part they will drive out on snowmobiles and damage it significantly until they are nearly destroyed. This can alternatively mean the RU play is an engineer with the blowtorch equipped in his load-out, the US team will shout-out to avoid the vehicle being destroyed by blowtorch. The RU player will then use the Rorsch to destroy the vehicles, one shot for each to make this significantly quicker and less painful. You have 10 shots so these should be knocked out without needing ammo, however you will need more ammo anyway so a missed shot or two won’t hurt progress.

For kills it is significantly easier to have someone nearby to spawn-off however due to reloads, proximity to base and needing to get ammo every 10 kills you can just drive out from the base. Rinse and repeat as needed until this is completed. You can now proceed to the next part of the map.

Mechanised Mayhem:

  • Get 25 kills with the Schipunov 42
  • Spend 5 minutes in the air with the Launch Pod

We will continue using the map Hammerhead with game-type Conquest as we have for the Rorsch MK-1 and XD-1 Accipiter. Go to the middle of the map with the Assault class just outside the tunnel that is B Flag on the US side of the map facing A Flag is a Shipunov 42 turret. This is basically a shotgun turret, so have it face the Assaults and you should get 2 kills per person making sure that they have someone to spawn off.

Launch pods can be found on Hangar 21, Conquest Large above the E Flag among some ruins. They are tough to spot but they look like a black object that can be entered. Once you have entered the launch-pod launch it straight into the air and stay in the capsule until you have landed. You will have to do this about 21 times if you miss the pop-up or are doing this first. Recommend doing this while grinding out time.

At this point you will have met the requirements for:

Has science gone too far?

Get a kill using the HT-95 Levkov, XD-1 Accipiter, Rorsch Mk-1, and Schipunov 42

Has science gone too far?
2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusPlayers Required4 Players Required


  • 10 hours on Final Stand Maps
  • Win 10 rounds on Hangar 21
  • Win 10 rounds on Operation Whiteout
  • Win 10 rounds on Giants of Karelia
  • Win 10 rounds on Hammerhead

There are two ways to go about this final grind, assuming you have done all other achievements and assignments up to this point you should have at least 3 hours of game-time on Final Stand maps. You should have several wins as-well.

Wins Boosting:

For this you will want to rent-a-server or find an empty lobby, at this point the advantages should point clearly to rent-a-servers.

Pick the game-mode Defuse and have 4 friends or dummy accounts to allow the game to launch. Now put those who are losing on the Attackers team, once the game launches press start and select “Redeploy”.

Every 3 rounds the defenders will get a win and after 6 rounds the map will rotate, if hosting a rent-a-server you can keep it to the one map you want to grind out. So, if everyone needs all map wins, this will take 40 rotations and will gain you about 160 minutes to your play times.

Time Boosting:

Now pick a game-type you want to idle on and do this for the remaining 5 or 6 hours. Remember to rubber-band in case you get idle kicked. While AFKing, players who still need 3km travelled in the XD-1 Accipiter, 5 minutes airtime on a Snowmobile, 5 minutes in the air with the Launch pod or 10 minutes in the HT-95 Levkov can do that in the meantime. Do Conquest Large on Hangar 21, for most of these. Whiteout or Hammerhead for the Levkov.

At the end we shall be justly rewarded with:

King in the North

Complete all Final Stand Assignments

King in the North
1 guideOnline Game ModeVersusCumulative +LevelPlayers Required4 Players Required

Now we know all about the assignment requirements and what is needed to be done we can focus on the other achievements.

You will get the following achievement while doing everything else so no need to worry about that:


Play all Final Stand maps

2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusPlayers Required4 Players Required

This one is done on Hangar 21, we will do it on Conquest and one player will be designated as a Recon class to be killed by the button pushers. Drop a spawn beacon or capture Flag A, hard to miss as there is a giant carrier in the middle of the flag point. Just look to the right for stairs to climb up or fly a helicopter to the top and land it. Once captured you can parachute down and start looking for the tunnel. You won’t have to look hard as it is at the bottom of the ship, just go down here and go into the middle of this tunnel.

The button pusher will go to the back of the spawn behind the ship is a construction office with some a console that has a pushable button. Once the other guys is in position press the button, to get this:

Your Titan is Ready

Get a kill by activating the Titan Engines

Your Titan is Ready
3 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusPlayers Required4 Players Required

The next person will have to wait 90 seconds for it to become available again, so have the first button pusher switch sides so the other person can go for the achievement.

Or use this video:


Random Chievo's

Final achievement for this game can be done Operation Whiteout in Conquest by Flag C. You will see a lot of buildings with icicles hanging off, most of these aren’t useable. A staircase leading up to the container by the largest building near this flag, will have some icicles hiding underneath. Smash them to grab one and then have your boosting partner let you kill them with it. Remember when you die the weapon disappears, so they will need to search around the large building or the container for another one. Do this for everyone, so they all get:

Cold Blooded

Get a kill with an icicle

Cold Blooded
2 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusPlayers Required4 Players Required

A video:


Random Chievo's

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