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    Battlefield has always been a coveted series for its multiplayer. It has always been fast, furious, and FUN. It was heradled as one of the top, until Call of Duty 4 and changed how we think about multiplayer. DICE struck back with the original Bad Company in 2008, adding a GOOD single player for the first time in the franchise. It met with good sales and above average scores, but now it's sequel is out and going. Does it surpass the original, or is it just a bang and a whimper?

    The story in BC 2's single player campaign is fairly average one. Basically, the gang from Bad Company (Marlowe, Sweetwater, Sarge and Haggard) have uncovered that a superweapon, originally activated during Operation Aurora in WW II, has reappeared. The Russians are planning to use it to wipe out America's power grid, leaving them defensless, and easy to attack. It's up to said Bad Company to stop them.

    As I said, it's an average plot, but it's made better by the constant banter between the gang of BC. It's not quite as funny and witty as the original, but it's still pretty good. It's not all positive though. It's slightly annoying to hear them swear more often then they normally did, and Haggard seems like a new person (I liked the old Haggard better). Luckily, their banter is what you'll hear the most, as the over-arching story isn't hugely important.

    As I said before, the game has a single player, as well as a fully fleshed out multiplayer. The SP occurs over 13 missions. This may sound alot longer than the first, which had only 7, but these only take a half an hour or so, compared to the hour it used to take. Roughly, the game will take about 7 hours to complete. It's quite short by today's standards, but there's multiple difficulties and various guns and satellite uplink stations to find or destroy along the way, prompting a second playthrough to find everything.

    Also, unlike the original's wide open levels, the ones in BC 2 are more linear. There is one instance where you're given some freedom, but I wish there were more like that mission. In the original game, if you killed someone, but then you died, the person you killed would still be dead when you respawned. This time, it's like every other shooter, where they'll be alive again if you died. This also comes with the traditional checkpoints.

    In multiplayer, there are 3 modes. The first one was introduced in the original Bad Company, called Rush, though it was named Gold Rush in the first. There are two sides, the Defenders and Attackers. The Attackers try to destroy various stellite uplink stations while the Defenders try to stop them. The game ends when the Attackers destroy all the stations or they die enough times.

    The second mode is Conquest, which is in every Battlefield game. There are 3 to 4 flags scattered around the map. Your team must try to control as many as possible, killing people along the way. The game ends when one side dies too many times.

    The third mode is called Squad Deathmatch, the first new mode. There are four teams of four people each. Just keep killing members of the other squads, until your squad kills 50 people.

    There is a fourth mode, but it's only available to people who preordered the game. Everyone else has to wait until a month after the game's release. It's called Squad Rush. It's basically a mini version of the Rush mode, with two teams of four, with one as the Attacker and the other as the Defender.

    As for the rest of the multiplayer, the game has a rank system; get enough points and you rank up. You unlock various wepaons, gadgets or perks as you level up. There are also 4 classes you can choose from. The Assault is for run n' gun people, Engineers heal vehicles, and blow them up, Recons are the snipers, and medics heal people. The more you kill people using a specific class, the more weapons you can unlock for that class. You can do the same for getting points in vehicles.

    Basically, it's a well rounded package that will keep you busy with it for days.

    The gameplay is basically like every other shooter, the tried and true formula. Aim down your sights, shoot, jump, knife, crouch, etc. It is all instantly familiar, though it is slightly different than the first game, which might mess up a few people.

    There are some other things that have changed since the first game. Gone is the normal health system, with the injection needles to boost. In is the regenerating health, which is basically in every game nowadays. Personally, I liked the original's health system better.

    There are some good changes though. Grenades aren't just a subweapon that only came with a few guns like in the first game, you always have them. Also, you have permanent access to the binocular airstrike thing. Finally, throughout the campaign, there are supply crates where you can switch your guns to any one you have previously collected, which I like very much.

    All in all, the core gamplay hasn't changed much, which isn't a bad thing, and most of the changes do good for the rest of the game.

    Bad Company 2 is a gorgeous looking game. There's great detail everywhere, and everything has a very realistic look to it. The character models look great and animate well, as do the guns.

    The voice acting is good too, but they weren't given any justice with some of the stupid lines, though most are good. It's also great to hear how guns sound different depending on their surrounding. For example, if you shoot a gun in a small room, there's a great echo that comes back at you.

    Overall, it's just a great looking and sounding game.

    Bad Company 2 is a great game. It has a fun, but brief, campaign and an addicting multiplayer. It plays, looks and sounds great. But I feel the game has lost the charm it once has. It doesn't feel like a sequel to the original. If it weren't for the returning characters, you probably wouldn't guess it was Bad Company. This probably has to do with it trying to compete with the likes of Modern Warfare 2, but it has just become to much like that, which disappoints me. It's an awesome game, don't get me wrong, but it has just lost what made it different than all the other shooters.

    I give the game a 4/5.
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a FPS modern-military shooter. The second (obviously) of the Bad Company line, and one of many in the Battlefield series, the game is a substantial make-over to the first Bad Company. As a number of games of this ilk, it consists of both single- and multi-player, with a different "feel" to the game depending on which mode you are in. I will evaluate both of these broad gaming modes in the review.

    As is often the case with game reviews, comparisons to similar products can offer value and are an approach many may take. Given the time-line of Bad Company 2's release, and its substantial MP fanbase, the logical target of comparison would be the "other" major MP modern-era shooter: Modern Warfare 2. I, however, have not played that game, so I will be making no such comparison. Instead, I will highlight differences that I think are noteworthy between Bad Company 2 and the first Bad Company, which I did play in SP and MP mode.

    Anyway, on to the specifics.

    Graphics/Sound (9/10)
    Graphically, this game looks great. Both the SP and MP mode take place in many different climates/conditions (snow storms, jungle, desert, etc.) so BC2 successfully avoids the dreaded "gray and brown" stigma that many modern games that emphasize gritty realism have come to be known for. I did encounter some clipping issues in the MP, but these were fairly rare and minor in nature (usually cropping up during death and not really compromising gameplay).

    Audio effects are great, though particularly in SP I did note the reduction in radio usage. In BC1, vehicles were everywhere and playing music; you'd walk by enemy vehicles and hear different stations. It was by-and-large subtle, but I always appreciated it. There are radios about in BC2, but it's not like it was in BC1. It results in BC2 being less "playful" than the first (something I'll hit on more in the Story section of my review).

    Controls (8/10)
    Overall, I think the controls are pretty intuitive. Standardized reload/shoot/crouch/run commands that most FPS veterans are used to. Vehicle are a bit different, but handle much like they did in BC1, and on-screen tips display to give even those unfamiliar the tools they need to get those tanks and jeeps rolling.

    I do downrate BC2, however, for multiplayer vehicle controls. Especially choppers. Now, I know some people feel that aircraft should be hard to handle, and some think BC2's choppers are too easy. Likewise, some think it is still too hard. My opinion is that BC2's flight is fine as-is, except there's no place for people to practice! A training room mode would really be valuable for people to learn to master the controls. Since there isn't one, the only place to practice is online in games. And yup, you guessed it, the result is people taking off and immediately listing into the nearest mountain. Of course, those who know how to fly get frustrated at the wasted vehicle, those trying to learn are embarrassed and either give up on learning or keep trying (and thus feeding the annoyance cycle unless/until they learn how to control the thing).

    So, my "tl;dr" summary of the above paragraph is I'm downrating the controls slightly for failing to include a training mode to teach people how to work the more complicated control schemes. We must save the choppers!

    Story (7/10)
    The SP story is short, but tight. It's not a great story (this ain't Uncharted 2 after all), but it's solid and workable. At no point did I feel the story was dragging. The game opens in the past to focus on a superweapon that becomes the subject of the modern game's plot.

    The crew is exactly the same as from BC1. While the banter is still present (and in many ways more realistic than in BC1... it seemed to flow in a more natural manner), and the voice-acting as solid as the first, the game just didn't feel as light-hearted. Some of that was one of the NPCs, Haggard, who comes across as both more competent and less funny than in the first. Some seems to be a decision to make the game more serious overall. I never got the feeling that Bad Company was really "bad" about anything, whereas in BC1 they definitely felt like a bunch of misfits.

    Overall, I think this story is fun, just not as fun as the first (maybe if there'd been a pimped-out Hind...).

    Replay Value (10/10)
    This game has excellent replay value, thanks almost entirely to the MP modes. The SP game can be completed on the order of 6-10 hours, depending. I played it from the get-go on Hard, and found it not particularly challenging (even with the changes to a traditional checkpoint system from BC1's arguably generous health-injector + baddies-stay-dead approach). Achievements only mandate the last mission be done on Hard (and you can do that without playing the whole thing that way), and some collection/destruction achievements may drive an additional 2-4 hours out of the SP experience.

    The MP mode more than makes up for this, though. Rush, Conquest, Squad Rush, and Squad Deathmatch provide a plethora of gaming styles to choose from. BC2 emphasizes teamwork on the squad basis (up to 4 players on a squad), and thus it offers quite a unique approach versus the traditional every-man-for-himself kills-are-everything mentality. In my experiences I guess I'd compare it to Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, though without the strict "need" for particular classes that ET:QW forced upon players to win objectives.

    MP achievements are, by-and-large, straightforward. There are only a couple, in my opinion, that would put pressure on to boost. The rest can be done just by playing the game. Given the two rank-up achievements, I'd estimate a non-boosting time estimate of somewhere between 30 and 48 hours of MP in-game time to get almost all the MP achievements clear (quite a bit shorter than many games).

    Beyond achievements, the pins, insignias, and in-game ranks provide even more incentives to continue playing.

    "Fun" Factor (10/10)
    While I think BC2 has a fun SP campaign, the real blast is playing MP, especially if you have friends you can form a squad with. The teamwork with vehicles, capturing flags, assaulting/defending stations, and the vast load-out assortments people can choose for weapons/tools just means there are a lot of ways to play. That, in turn, means there are a lot of ways to keep having fun. That I'm still playing this after getting all of the achievements speaks volumes, as it's something I rarely do (not to mention I rarely play much MP in the FPS genre).

    Overall, I strongly recommend BC2 for those looking for a swell FPS to do online with some pals.

    Overall score average: 8.8

    Score-to-Star Translation Guide:
    5 stars: 9.01 to 10 (out of 10)
    4.5 stars: 8.01 to 9
    4 stars: 7.01 to 8
    3.5 stars: 6.01 to 7
    3 stars: 5.01 to 6
    2.5 stars: 4.01 to 5
    2 stars: 3.01 to 4
    1.5 stars: 2.01 to 3
    1 star: 1.01 to 2
    0.5 stars: 0 to 1
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    Ahhh here comes the comparisons to Modern Warfare 2, some things are just predictable.
    Let’s get this nice and straight, this is NOT Modern Warfare 2, it does not play or feel like Modern Warfare 2 and the only realy comparisions are that it is a FPS and involves shooting people in the face, sometimes the chest but preferably the head.

    Bad Company 2 contains a singleplayer mode and of course, Multiplayer, which is Battlefields main draw.
    But we shall start with the Singleplayer, y’know, because I want to.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Singeplayer is a solid if unspectacular journey through a very short 6 hours of gameplay.
    But in that 6 hours you will be treated to some beautiful vista’s that the Battlefield team have really nailed.
    This is thanks to Battlefields amazing visuals, there are some rough patches with textures but overall they stand out and look amazing as you wonder out of a small enclosed jungle path and stand on a hill overlooking a sunlight clearing with massive mountains in the background, it looks amazing and is certainly a standout part of the singleplayer campaign.
    But while Bad Company’s singleplayer is a solid, enjoyable effort it’s lacking in any real standout moments and it’s lost the large, open battlefield feeling of it’s forebearer instead going for much more linear levels.
    While this does help focus the action I can’t help but walk away with the feeling that its lost that “Battlefield” feeling that the series does so well.
    In some ways this is a good thing thanks to the more focused action but it does take away some of the strategic flanking and sniping from the first Bad Company.

    Dice have made an effort to make bad Company 2 a more dark and mature story, sadly this has resulted in the main characters swearing every couple of sentences and much of the humour has been lost but it still contains the occasional line to make you smile and the often cheesy scenes will also bring a smile to your face, though most likely not on purpose.

    The storyline is certainly unsual considering the more realistic setting, Bad Company 2 focus’s on stopping the Russians using new Scalar weapon technology ( which is actually a real theory, Scalar Energy is a theoretical type of enery that could be used in many things but remains unproven, there, you learned something today) and is fairly well told, if a little far fetched in places.
    However the unusual story is used to good effect as you jet across the globe allowing you to venture into jungles, blast through a desert in a jeep, plow through wallks in fields in tanks and fight your way through snowstorms.
    All this makes good use of Bad Company’s visuals and each location is well designed and beautiful to look at with some great layouts.

    It’s the multiplayer that is Battlefields main draw though thanks to it’s brilliant online pedigree.
    Wieghing in this time with an improved ranking system, 4 game modes and even more awesome maps and ways to annhilate your enemies it’s certainly back with a bang and contending with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the most played Xbox Live game.
    Battlefield is a very large scale affair tanks, helicopters and infantry all colliding on massive maps that range from deserts, jungles and night maps in the snow.
    It’s also a a slower affair than many shooters and Battlefield requires tactics and teamwork to beat the opposing players.
    Players can pick from 4 different class’s and each has a good selection of weaponary and gadgets, snipers can call in Mortar strikes, Assault troops can drop ammo etc.
    Along with this you can select 3 different specialisations to further customise your character, things like increased accuracy, improved ammo, scopes on your weapons and more.
    This gives the game some much needed customisation and allows players to tailor their character to their playstyle, however having to take up a specialisation slot just to put a red dot on your weapon feels a little cheap and it would of been nice to see a bit more customsation to the loadouts.
    The only major flaw with Bad Company’s multiplayer is the steep learning curve for new players, Bad Company is a difficult game to just pick up and play and it would of benefieted massively from a tutorial on how to play some of the game mode’s.

    Of course the Destruction 2.0 engine in this game allows for utter destruction of Battlefields, don’t want to use a door? blow a hole through the wall and go in that way.
    Buildings can be brought down killing anyone in them, however certain things can’t be destroyed such as staircase’s, this maintaints a more playable game but does look a bit odd.
    However it does make for an interesting game in multiplayer as you can blow through cover and bring down the entire building to destroy the objective

    Overall Bad Company’s singleplayer may not impress but it’s an enoyable romp, but the multiplayer will drag you in and keep you playing for a long time.
    It’s a great shooter that requires patience to master with brilliant maps to play, the singleplayer may not blow you away but the multiplayer will.
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    04 Mar 2010
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    You love to hate EA but this is another reason why we love them, for mind blowing experiences such as this and who could forget multiplayer experts dice.

    The latest of the Battlefield franchise is nothing less than unique from the way it looks, the way you have to apply tactics to overcome challenges and even all the way how you make think your safe but then somebody decides to take the building down on your head.

    It goes to show that a lot of effort has been put into this work of art from the very first scene, with a epic story that only builds up from the first bullet you fire into that unfortunate person.

    A huge amount of weapons and abilities have been added making the choice of what to use in what situation a decision that only comes with experience.

    The single player campaign Really shows the effort put in with moss on the rocks and weed covered jungle rocks not to mention the water looks perfect (yes a lot of games do water well but i think this one stands out), following on from the last game bad company finds themselves back at work with one final job to pull off (i know again), but this time the threat is much higher with the history of this story going all the way back to WWII with the discovery of a Japanese secret project with devastating effects code name 'Aurora'. In your adventures you will experience many different landscapes all with there own unique way of fighting in them and saving the day.

    The bad company has not lost any of its touch with the player either with Haggard being the main standout in making sure your laughing away throughout the whole story. Preston Marlowe (the guy you play), seems to take on a much larger role and has a lot more guts when it comes to taking the fight to his enemies without backing down no matter what the cost to himself.

    The only downside I have found with single player are the AI's in particular on one of the later missions them not being able to cross over a drain way leaving them stuck there until you progress enough to have them spawn on you.
    Now to the multiplayer experience what to say about it except that it will keep you going for hours with all new maps and game modes to become a killing machine on. Rush makes a return but not with gold anymore, making defending these M-com stations harder to defend then ever is the addition of destruction2.0, giving players the ability to bring the roof down on many objectives forcing the defending players to advance themselves to take out anyone causing havoc from a distance. Conquest makes an appearance with the objective to hold as many flags as possible, making this more difficult is the size of the maps as well as the fact as flags are captured you can find the side of the map you started on is not the side you will remain fighting from. Squad rush has come in bursting for people who prefer smaller more planned team attacks, the goal of this being to take two M-com stations with a 4v4 setup. Finally squad deathmatch pitting four teams of four against each other in an all out war to reach 50 kills.

    The original classes have also had a work over with the original five being moved to four you have assault, engineer, medic and recon. The assault class continues to use mid range weapons now with the added ability to resupply your fellow troops anywhere on the battlefield at anytime and are the only ones who gain a grenade launcher for their weapons. Engineers are your go to guys for vehicles coming equipped with an RPG and the repair tool (after some leveling), their weapon of choice is the SMG's a close range weapon with a powerful kick if used well. Medics are the new guys on the block taking up the challenge of machine guns and the life of their team rests in their hands being able to heal them anywhere, anytime and if you don't heal them in time you could always pull out the defibrillators and give them a zap (if attacking in rush this gives you a point back to fight with), these also have negative effect for your enemies one zap with these suckers and they will hit the ground. Recon makes a return boasting stronger sniper rifles than before with much more choice than the previous game.

    With all the positives I've given you wouldn't think i could say something bad but everything has its draw backs and alot of them are appearing in the multiplayer. Firstly helicopters (if flown by someone who can), are impossible to destroy leaving anyone against them helpless. Second when you first start you will find that you are useless as any class as it takes about 30-60min of game time to just unlock the health kits for the medic which is why you play them. Thirdly pistols and the WWII weapons are completely over powered with a pistol being able to kill quicker than a SMG pointed at someones face leaving you very frustrated as you attempt to kill a person over and over but yet they seem to kill you with that pistol and never run out of ammo. Fourthly the amount of extras added have caused some conflict as when you level enough as a recon you unlock the ability to equip a sniper finder which in the jungle maps makes being a sniper a complete waste of time you might as well where a bright pink shirt trying to shoot people with love. Lastly On a few of the maps (when playing rush), when you start to learn them and the way vehicles weapons arch you can find people destroying the stations without even coming into sight and when you do land a hit a engineer just repairs the damage you do anyway.

    But against the few problems i have found you will still get 9/10 games where you will have a lot of fun both attacking, defending and showing off your skill. If your a fan of these games then this still is a must buy i would of given this 5/5 but with the few problems i found in multiplayer it receives 4/5 but don't take my score as a true judgement because as every game online warns ' game experience may change during online play'.
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    History: The battlefield series has come a long way since the release of “Battlefield 1942” back in September 2002. Some would say that the series itself has gone through a rocky timeline, as each game has released. I for one agree partly to that. Having played every single Battlefield game, I can tell you, that the Battlefield series itself, has never been at a high point. 1942 was a game that was played online for only a short period of time. Battlefield Vietnam on the other hand, didn’t get much online attention. When Battlefield 2 released in June 2005, the remaining Battlefield 1942 players quickly jumped to what seemed like a more modern version of their beloved game. One year later, Battlefield 2142 comes out. This is where the tide of war comes in. The player base of Battlefield 2 had split. Many players left Battlefield 2 to play 2142, while others played both games. I for one didn’t care much for bf2142, nor bf2, due to the lag problems. Even with a server filled with people from one country, the servers would lag as if you were using a 56k connection.

    But enough back history. Let’s skip forward in time to June 2008. The release of Battlefield: Bad Company for the Xbox360 and Playstation 3. Many players that had played the “Battlefield: Modern Combat” game, were not expecting this game to be as great as It was, since Battlefield: Modern Combat had a poor design from the get-go. Battlefield: Bad Company’s single player storyline wowed players, as they took control of Preston Marlow, a new member to B-Company, aided by Sarge, a sergeant close to his retirement, Haggard, a demolitions expert, and Sweetwater, the “Intel” guy. Players found this single player very unique, as it didn’t just feel like an objective-to-objective walkthrough of the game that they received playing Modern Combat, but instead, they felt as if they were actually in the game. Why you might ask. Well you’re about to find out.

    The year is now 2010, it’s been two years since Bad Company’s release, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is here. But the question is, does the sequel live up to the level of sophistication that it’s predecessor did?

    Story: Without giving away too many details of the story, which is really hard to do, since it is a short story, let me put it like this. You once again play as Preston Marlow, again companied by Sarge, Sweetwater and Haggard. This time around you travel to different parts of the world, in an attempt to stop the Russians from starting world war 3. Many players find It entertaining that this game, as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 portray the Russians as terrorists. I ask you, what did the Russians ever do to us?

    Graphics: Really, I honestly don’t see much of a graphical enhancement from Battlefield: Bad Company. The games graphics look pretty much the same as they did before, but I guess you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken as the saying goes. What is really pretty about the graphics, is the unique style they put into the buildings, and the after-effect as they are collapsing onto your enemies.

    Gameplay: The gameplay in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is solid. But that solid is slowly turning into a liquid. As many people know, the first games health system pertained of a number on your hud in the left hand corner of the screen, as your health dropped ever quickly to zero (0), you could use a little needle gadget, which would heal you back up to 100. The only catch was that it took time to recharge. That gadget is absent in the sequel, and has been replaced by the ever horrific regenerating health system. Why developers put this into games is beyond me, but players lose the “semi-realistic” feeling they would have, when they see themselves get shot 30+ times, only to be fine a minute later.

    Also removed, is the death system. When you died in the first game, you would respawn at a checkpoint you passed earlier in the mission, which made it unique if you kept dying. This time around, you die, you must restart at a checkpoint, and fight any baddies you killed previously again. This system is tedious, why add a couple extra menus, when you can pretty much skip that and jump right back into the action…..I don’t know, but I sure would like to know.

    Finally, the entertainment of the single player has gone down. Everyone who’s played the first game knows all the jokes Haggard and Sweetwater cracked, during the most inappropriate times. This time around, Haggard seems to make a complete ass of himself, While Sweetwater is afraid of everything, even his own shadow. We’re lucky that Sarge and Preston still remain themselves. Did I fail to mention the cheesy characters added to the game that you are praying from the start would just die? Well…I won’t tell you about them, but rather leave you discover their ugliness for yourself.

    Sound: The sound from both games is ingenious. In most first person shooter games, the A.I. speaks things that human beings probably wouldn’t ever say. In Bad Company 2, you’ll hear everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Guns sound unique, some guns from the first game sound the same, but the random characters voice acting can get on your nerves.

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer is where the Battlefield series truly shines. It consists of 4 game types, the original conquest from Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2, Rush from Battlefield: Bad Company, and two new game modes Squad Deathmatch, and Squad Rush coming April 1st. (Unless you pre-ordered, and got in early) In the multiplayer, you can choose from 4 different classes, Assault who uses assault rifles, rifle grenades and hands out ammo, the Engineer, who uses sub machine guns, a rocket to destroy Planes, boats , and automobiles as well as a repair tool to repair teammates vehicles, the medic who carries Light Machine Guns, heals and revives players, and finally the Recon who carries a sniper rifle, either C4 or an unlockable Mortar strike caller, and motion balls to track enemies nearby his position. Each class can also use a variety of different guns from an “all kits” category. The only difference with these guns, is you cannot customize them with scopes or sights. Players have the ability to earn 50 ranks, unlock 85 total weapons, gadgets, and specializations for all classes. During gameplay, you have the ability to earn 40 different pins for completing different tasks, as well as 48 different insignias. As for maps, there aren’t many. In total there are 8 different maps, but if you buy the game new, you get a VIP code, and are allowed to download 2 exclusive ones for free off the in-game store.

    Achievements: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 comes with 50 achievements, 30 single player achievements, and 20 multiplayer. To earn all 50 achievements will take some time and some patience. The easiest achievement of the bunch is probably finishing the first mission, while the hardest achievement is the “Demolition Man” achievement, in which you must collapse buildings on 20 enemies, which is accumulative. The hard part about this achievement, is that when a building collapses, it makes a noise before coming down, and sometimes a voice will tell you to get out of the building, so many players will leave before the building crushes them. Unaware enemies however, will get you a “Demolish 2.0 kill”. There are also more achievements coming, a date is still unknown about that.

    So, is there going to be a Battlefield: Bad Company 3? The answer to this is still unknown, but if there is, it will most likely be released in 2012, 2 years after Bad Company 2, and hopefully before the world ends. Despite the fact of a somewhat linear, boring Single player, the game still lives up to 5 stars.
  • Junk87Junk8777,793
    17 May 2010
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    If you're a Call of Duty fan, you will find it difficult not to like this game. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 offers almost everything that any Call of Duty game does, and more. The only CoD fans that seem to dislike it, are those who are dedicated fans and are afraid of Battlefield taking over as the 'superior franchise'.

    I am a huge Call of Duty fan, myself. Yet, at this time I'd rather play Battlefield: Bad Company 2. There is just so much more to do. There are a range of light and heavy vehicles, sea vehicles, helicopters and UAV's, much larger environments that allow you to take full advantage of the provided classes, the ability to level buildings to the ground, and more. There is also a lot of potential to come up with your own games with the use of private matches, and will soon be topic to a massive majority of youtube videos.

    A lot of people would say that this is not what's important in a warfare game, and I would not disagree. However, it does make the game a hell of a lot more fun!

    So, I'll start with the campaign.

    The campaign is definitely not the best part of this game. It can easily be finished in a few short hours, and each level is like most other games, from point to point. Even on the hard difficulty, this game is no great challenge.

    The storyline is also like most other games; a small platoon sets out on what seems to be a simple mission, but then it escalates into something that could bring the planet to the brink of destruction by some kind of super nuclear weapon, so you have to save the day. Then, when it's all over and you're the unnamed hero of the world, something happens that makes it seem as though the game continues into a sequel. We've seen it all before! Although, even though it's not as successful in doing so as other games, it's still fun.

    The cinematics are also fun and at times impressive, but again, nothing new. Also, I don't know if it was just me, but at times during the cut-scenes, I had some trouble trying to hear what was being said over the music and background sounds.

    There are a few points in the game where I could not help but feel that they were 'taking the Mickey' out of Call of Duty. Especially the final level!

    If you've played Call of Duty 4, you may remember the 'Mile High Club' achievement. This involved a quick mission to save a VIP on Veteran difficulty, which takes place on a mid-flight airliner. For some, this achievement proves almost impossible to get. Well, Bad Company 2 seems to have done the opposite. Although the level has a few differences, you can blatantly see the similarities. What's more, the level is almost impossible to not finish, considering you are actually trying to finish.

    What really makes this game, is the on-line experience. It is, in my opinion, by far the most fun game to play on-line.

    Firstly, you have to choose what type of game you wish to play. There are four game types to choose from; Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, or Squad Deathmatch, each with their own unique maps. Hopefully, they will introduce even more game types in the future.

    Conquest is a type of 'capture the flag'. Two teams, each with a maximum of 12 players, are set with a specific number of tickets and no flags. The first to lose all their tickets, loses. How you can deplete your opposing teams tickets is determined by two things. Capturing a flag slowly lowers the amount of tickets the enemy has, and the more flags you have, the faster it lowers. Secondly, for every time a player is killed, their team loses a ticket.

    This game can last anything from a couple of minutes, to however long it takes to finish without anybody being killed.

    Rush is simply a game of search and destroy. Again, with a maximum of 12 players on each team, one side is chosen to be the 'Attackers' and the other as 'Defenders'. This game too can last depending on how well either team does.

    As an Attacker, your goal is to storm the enemy base in order to capture two M-Com stations. Once you have done this, you have to drive the enemy team back so that you can move onto the next base to do the same thing again. As a Defender, you must prevent just this from happening.

    Once again, you have a limited amount of tickets. Only this time, only the Attackers get tickets whilst the Defenders have an unlimited amount. If the attacking team runs out of tickets, the game is over, having lost. After each base is captured, tickets are restored, and you will win the game if you can keep at least one ticket by the time you have captured each base and destroyed all M-Com stations.

    Squad Rush is the same as Rush, except that there are only two M-Com stations to be captured throughout the entire match, a smaller environment, less tickets, and there are only 4 players per team.

    Finally, Squad Deathmatch is a battle between 4 teams of 4 players, to be the first to achieve 50 kills.

    I cannot stress how important teamwork is on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Although it is possible to win without having contributed any teamwork what-so-ever, you will find it difficult to do so, and only leave yourself open for abuse from fellow players.

    When beginning a match, you have the choice to pick from 4 different classes; Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. Each class is capable of contributing to the next in it's own particular way.

    If you are Assault, you are able to drop ammunition for other players as well as yourself, and command some of the most useful hand-held weapons in the game. This class is best for medium to close combat, and should always be the front-line on your team. However, don't be afraid to engage an enemy at long distance either, if you think it necessary.

    Engineers, I find, can be the most effective class, second to the Medic. They can come equipped with a tool that can only be described as a power-drill, which is capable of repairing damaged vehicles. Just make sure you don't run out into the heat of battle, hoping to fix a helicopter that has been blown in two by an enemy RPG. It is not going to happen!

    As an Engineer, it is best to keep your head down, but not be afraid to unload your clip into any enemies that come your way. They also come equipped with an RPG, but try not to waste this on anybody who just so happens to be passing by. You will need this to destroy enemy tanks, vehicles, helicopters, and sea vehicles. This can also be of use when you find that a group of enemies have bunched together inside of a building, hoping to take advantage of the situation. You can blow a hole in the wall, and in some cases even blow the building down, to retake control and destroy their defences.

    The Medic can be your most important asset, especially when you have limited tickets to play with. If an ally is hurt, you can throw down a medi-kit in order to help them back to health. You can also obtain a defibrillator, which can be used to bring dead team mates back to life. By doing this, you will regain the ticket that was lost when that person was killed.

    However, try not to run out into fire, hoping to bring back a team mate. Them dying means you lose one ticket. You running out after them, into certain death, means you could be throwing away another ticket. Tickets are important! When they reach zero, you have lost.

    Once again, stay low, cover your team mates, and keep an eye on their health.

    Finally, the Recon class. A lot of people question just how useful this class is, but you will find that this is probably the most popular class. One annoying thing about this game, is that there are so many snipers which can sometimes contribute next to nothing to the main objective. Others who you will find running around with a hand gun because they don't actually want to be a sniper but like the look, hoping to get their hands on somebody else's kit to obtain a better gun.

    Recon can be very useful, considering you are actually willing to use the class effectively. Take up a position out of sight, as far away from the enemy as possible. The more experience you gain in this class, the better the scope you will unlock, and the easier you will find it to pop somebodies head off from further distances.

    If you are a Defender on a Rush game, ensure that you keep a look out for any enemies who may be approaching your M-Com stations. If you are on the attacking team, cover your team as they are the ones making the approach. The same principle applies for a Conquest game; cover your flags. On Deathmatch, just kill all you see, providing you don't kill anybody on your side.

    If you find that you are near an enemy vehicle, you will be able to either stick it with C4 or rain down a Mortar Strike on them. Don't forget to be at a safe distance when you do either.

    No matter what class you are, always ensure that you 'spot' the enemy. By pressing the 'Back' button (On an Xbox controller. Not sure what it is on PC or PS3, sorry.) whilst aiming at an enemy, you can spot them. This will notify the rest of your team of their whereabouts by showing the location on the radar, and you will get bonus points for doing so. Although the radar is not viewable on Hardcore Mode, this can still be very useful and you will still get the points.

    The 'Back' button can also be used to communicate with your team mates. If you are low on ammunition, aim at a fellow Assault unit, and you can ask for more. If you are in a Vehicle, you can ask an Engineer to come repair it. Low on health? Just ask your Medic.

    You will soon find that this button has many uses.

    Also, don't be afraid to switch kits. If you see a gun on the floor, it is not only the weapon that you will pick up. By switching, you are actually switching your kit to that of the person who died and left it behind. This can be of great advantage when used correctly.

    For example, if you are using Assault and you see the enemy take down a fellow Medic, pick up their kit so that you can use their defibrillator to bring them back. Note that after doing so, you will have to remain with the Medic's kit, as they will re-spawn with your previous kit. However, there are ways of swapping back.

    Another thing that I found annoying about this when playing Hardcore Mode, is that sometimes when you do this, you will find that your team mates can be immature and kill you in order to retrieve their kit. Sometimes they will be even more immature and not bother reviving you after doing so, even after all the trouble you went through to ensure they can carry on the fight.

    Hardcore is a mode that has been added to increase the realism of the game. If you decide to play on this mode, you will notice that you will no longer be able to view the kill-cam after you die, there is no HUD, and the amount of damage you can sustain before dying is dramatically decreased.

    You will also notice that physics plays a bigger part in this game than most others. Gravity is a huge issue in this game, and you will notice this more so than any other class when playing as the Recon. If your target is far away, aim high and watch it take place. Don't center a target in your sights that is over half a mile away, shoot, and then wonder why they're not dead. Also, take note of the delay in the time it takes for your bullets to hit the target. Do not complain of how 'laggy' the game is, as this is called realism!

    Lastly, there is a lot more to the vehicles than meets the eye. Using a vehicle is like taking control of a whole new class. You will find that they all handle differently, especially when taking control of a helicopter.

    In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it is not simply a case of accelerate or ascend, left and right. Some vehicles will take patience and some getting used to. However, they can be of great use no matter what game you are in. You can also get extra specialisations for them, as you can with every class in the game.

    Overall, I have decided to personally give this game a rating of 8.7. It is a great game, and a definite must buy. Although, there are still quite a few things that need sorting, such as glitches and specific things not working.

    But the rest is for you to find out for yourself.
  • LessrOf2WeevilsLessrOf2Weevils83,121
    17 Oct 2010
    12 3 0
    Okay, let's see. Single player worse than the original, multi-player better. Since almost everyone who buys this game will do so for the multi-player, can I go home now? Hmm, guess not.

    Alright then, let's start with the good. First off, I'm not a big multi-player guy, but the Battlefield games definitely are up there as an exception. I like the objective based games, huge detailed maps, and class based combat. Like the first Bad Company, the game place you in squads and most of the game times are objective based. What's more, the game rewards you for accomplishing those objectives. For example, the player that spends his time capturing and defending flags will gain far more experience then the one sniping from the rooftops collecting kills. For me, this is very satisfying, especially when you find players that realize that the classes provided in the game actually complement each other and sticking with, and helping, your squad mates improves the experience overall. This creates a player community that actually, more or less, supports each other in game as opposed to simply running around trying to humiliate as many people as you can (I'm looking at you CoD).

    But all this was in the first game too, what's the improvements? Well everything you got in Bad Company you get more of in BC2. The destructible environments play even more into game play, with many buildings being completely capable of being raised to the ground, stirring of clouds of swirling dust obscuring the battlefield. There are more, and better balanced, weapons and gadgets, as well as vehicle variety. The maps are more detailed and much bigger, the perfect playground for great battles.

    Now for the bad, this single player. I enjoyed the simple characters and story of the first game, but here it seems they felt they need to amp it up. The result in a nonsensical, loosely connected, sequence of missions which is presented in such a confusing fog of attempted story telling and find it hard that anyone can make sense of it. Hey, if just giving you an excuse to go shoot Russians and blow up the next objective is good enough for you, that's fine, but it seems very little thought went into the campaign here, either in story or in level design.

    But like I said, you're likely here for the multi-player and when it comes to fun modern combat, this game is second to none.

    Immersion: 3
    Interface: 5
    Game Play: 4
    Challenge: 4
    Fun: 4

    Overall: 8.5/10
  • KG MonkeysKG Monkeys150,688
    16 Mar 2010 16 Mar 2010
    7 8 2
    Battlefield Badcompany 2 is an first person shooter that unlike many other games offers an unbelieveable amount of destruction infact destruction 2.0 is what the people at EA called it.

    Lets start with the singleplayer, unlike the first battlefield this singleplayer seems to be quite short, infact only about 6/7 hours gameplay to complete the story on normal difficulty which is quite short compared to the first Battlefield Badcomany but compared to competitor Call of duty modern warfare 2 it has around amount the same time of completion.

    The story is based around poking fun at the call of duty modern warfare franchise which is fun and all when you first realise its been put in to take the piss out of call of duty but after awhile of call of duty jokes you feel they tried to hard at finding the jokes and should have concentrated on more important things within the game. Like any other first person shooter that is set in a war there is only so much you can really with the story but in Battlefield i feel they created a well balanced story with a number of different enviroments including the jungle, snowy hills and burning towns.

    Towards the end of the story you start to feel it is becoming a chore to complete rather then having fun which lets the game down big time for me as i'm a guy that really does like my singleplayer although it does make it up by all the features that are put into the game, things such as collectable guns ends up with you going around all the dead bodies searching for guns you haven't picked up yet even if you are enjoying the gun you have at the moment.

    Now onto what i think is where this game really comes to life, the multiplayer.

    The mutliplayer has only four game modes which includes:

    Conquest - five flags that you aim to control, a good team will scatter out to each flag to gain control of all five.

    Rush- attackers must destory the crates which push the enemy team back where as defenders must try surviving the attackers coming at them.

    Squad rush- same as the game mode rush but just in your squad which is only 4 people on each squad.

    Squad deathmatch- the only game mode that involving reaching a ceratin number of kills to win. Just teamdeath match in your squad.

    Every game you play online is completly different to the one you played before due to the mass amount of destruction at your disposal, see that building? Yeah, so? BOOOOOM!!! what about now?. This is sort of thing you will hear when playing online with friends which gives the players within the game a new tactic of destroying everything in sight which may not be the best tactic but sure as hell is fun to do.

    Unlike call of duty the online on this allows for 24 players to be in on game at one time where as the most you will get in a game on call of duty is 18 but ov course i'm not camparing two of the biggest first person shooters in the last couple of months, am i?wink. Onto the maps. Completly new maps that you won't find anywhere else can be found on Battlefield Badcompany 2 with a wide selection of enviroment and vehicles the maps seem to be unbeatable with the pure scale and look of them.

    Thanks for reading.
  • x crazy burnerx crazy burner77,062
    05 Aug 2010
    0 5 1
    it's the first time i bought a battlefield the game bad company is a great game everyone can play it bad company 2 is much better then call of duty games aswell the single player mode as the multiplayer.
    i won't sell the game for any money in the world i like it too much.
    gamen is my largest hobby .
    i hope when they bring a new bad company that the game is from the same quality or even better peace up gamers toast compute i like the sigle player mode and the multiplayermode is fun even if you are loosing it's still funny because you make points and you rankeng up one gamer goes faster than others but for me it does'nt matter
  • Rvah07Rvah0762,793
    12 Oct 2014
    4 12 5
    I picked this game up when it was free with GwG and I have been loving it so far. It has a more realistic feel then COD (and also it doesn't take a full clip to kill a enemy) but it also lacks the same feeling as multiplayer COD. My experience so online has been a lot of lone wolfing which is fine all, but I haven't really been able to talk to other gamers. I guess it's probably because I am only starting out a good couple years after the game has been out. All in all though I give this game 4.5 out of 5 stars. Bottom line THIS GAME IS AWESOME.
  • MrIAmTheLawMrIAmTheLaw135,005
    28 Apr 2011
    2 10 4
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Online gaming should be fun and exciting. BBC2 Is the worst FPS ever, and not fun at all. In the all of the game modes there are people who can shoot you before you even know whats going on. There are many times that I have been playing and got killed form some unknown direction or players will knife you before you can do anything about it. At least in Halo and Call of Duty Franchise games you at least get a chance to get some kills. Most of the time in BBC2 people are camping and spawn killing. To all of you who love the game I'm sorry, but it is the most aweful excuse for a FPS that I have ever seen. Oh yeah I also forgot all the dirty filty cheaters on that game. Also the developer of the game did a really bad job in thinking about how the players should be matched up. A 1st level will be thrown into a loby with a few 50s and lower rank people "no lifes" which is dumb because how are you suppose to kill people who know the game inside and out. In my opinion EA needs to stick to making sports games, and give up making FPS. Metal of Honor (the new one) and all of the Battlefield games are Trash and should be treated as such. Thats just my opinion I could be wrong.