1. Battlefield: Bad Company Walkthrough overview

Welcome to Bad Company!

1.) Start the game on Normal difficulty. It really doesn't matter whether you do the Hard playthrough or Normal playthrough first as difficulty achievements are NOT stackable. You have to play through the game twice to get all achievements. On your Normal run, you should get all achievements that require you to complete levels on Normal Difficulty. You should also focus on collecting all weapons and gold bars. The game itself isn't very hard because you respawn when you die and all enemies that you killed are dead. Most of the single player based achievements are very easy.

2.) Start and finish the game on Hard difficulty.

3.) Multiplayer: You are in for the long haul with the multiplayer. The first 930 achievement points in the game come easily. But the last 3 achievements can be a pain. This walkthrough will guide you through the process of earning all 1000 points.

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