2. Battlefield: Bad Company General hints and tips


This game is not the typical shooter since you can actually destroy walls with explosives, meaning that sticking behind sand sacks against a tank is a bad idea.

As long as you play single player I strongly recommend a few things you should always have on you: A weapon with a grenade launcher (mostly MG´s or similar mid-range weaponry) and either a laser designator (mortar or rocket support) or a rocket launcher/C4. The obvious reason is, that although the sniper weapons are useful (even if they have ridiculous reload times) the sidearm is useless. The same goes for the shotguns and heavy MG´s, even though grenades are ok, they are by far not as useful as the tubes. Having C4/Rocket launchers makes destroying walls easy, and being able to deal serious explosive damage is always a plus since you can take out stationary turrets/emplacements AND unwanted vehicles pretty fast and easy. (yes there are quite a few of those)

Never rush into enemy encampments without proper preparation (especially on hard). Even though you respawn if you die, its always a pain to run the whole way back if you have a far off checkpoint. Enemies tend to appear out of nowhere so be careful on your approaches since one wrong step might leave you dead in a second.

Be a hypochondriac, use your health injector as often as possible! You don't suffer any long term effects (well, maybe a sore trigger finger) and since you can use it as often as you like I recommend massive abuse!!

If you have the chance to get a vehicle (it doesn't mater which one) use it since it will increase your survival chances AND will take you A to B much faster (not to mention that if you crossed a checkpoint in it you will respawn with the same vehicle again)

Clear objectives ASAP. Yeah, its obvious since you want to progress in the campaign but if you do it right you can ignore any enemy presence after you've done so. in about 75% of all the cases (as far as there aren't multiple objectives at once) you will get the "rally at a certain point" objective. As soon as you enter the smoke, you get a cutscene and every enemy is gone (invisible assassinations?). Make ample use of this, especially in hairy situations (like a tank you cant get rid off)!

Your squad is mostly useless except for acting as decoys and using mounted weapons on vehicles. Keep that in mind and use it to your advantage!!


As I've said, getting the first 930 achievement points in the game from the offline and online achievements isn't very hard. It's the last 70 points that will be a pain. Boosting this game is extremely annoying. It is still an active game and has a decent amount of people playing it. You will have to play Bad Company at awkwards times like 4:00 am in the morning to get some of the harder awards. (if you intend on boosting)

Remember that you're doing this for that 11.00 TA ratio achievement. I suggest that you find a group of dedicated boosting partners and play the game when the servers are dying down (1:00 am to 3:00 am EST). Awards such as Chopper Chopper and 1 on 1 Air (God forbid that stupid award) are nearly impossible unless you have a lobby to yourself. Playing at the suggested time will often put you in an empty lobby. If you get into an empty lobby, immediately set your online status to appearing offline. Then, invite as many boosters as you can. But, make sure that before they join, they're appearing offline. If this works, the lobby will go into something that I like to call Ghost Mode. Meaning that the lobby will not be detected by the players that are searching for a game and you'll have your own lobby. Unfortunately, this only lasts for about 10-40 minutes maximium so you have to move FAST. If you get into an empty lobby, run to the helicopters and organize everything for helicopters. They are a pain to obtain normally and you want to get everything you can out of them.

"Beans, Bullets, Bandages", in my opinion, is worse than "I am Bad Company!". This is because you have to play legitimately in order to get the 10,002 kills. If you boost it, the time for completion will be longer. I recommend using the NS2000 shotgun mostly because it is cheap. It can one shot people from mid-close range. Although, you'll receive bad feedback for being cheap, you'll have around 20-30 kills per match. If the NS2000 does not work for you then I recommend the UMP Sub-machine gun. It has a pretty good attack power and is considered a cheap weapon. Lastly, if neither works for you, then I recommend the M-16A assaualt rifle. It has very good range and attack power, but it's only suitable for long-mid ranged combat. It's considered cheap to do this, but I recommend kill stealing. People will do it to you and you're just losing kills. So it's often better to just steal kills because you benefit. After all, most people that are playing the game has had it for years.

Now, let's get down to the maps that you should play on. First off, remember this, close range maps equal more kills. That being said, I recommend that you play on either Over and Out or Ascension only for your 10,0002 kills. In a good game, you can get about 35-40 kills with the NS2000 or UMP on those maps. Now let's move onto helicopters. I am in no way a great pilot and most of the time, players take the helicopters before you can. The following maps have helicopters: Gold Rush: End of the Line and Oasis. Conquest: Par for the Course and Crossing Over. Helicopters are glitched. Nothing you get or do with the Russian Mi28 Havoc. This is the helicopter that has camouflage. The Apache and Alligator are both one color. The Havoc is white and gray. Never use the Havoc. Let me make this clear. NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH THE HAVOC HELICOPTER. Don't even try to destroy for your Chopper Chopper kills. They won't count.

Lastly, keep in mind that "I am Bad Company!" has been patched. You should get the achievement after the end of the match that you get the final award. If you don't, then I suggest that you contact EA and they will manually unlock it for you.

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