5. Battlefield: Bad Company Collectibles

To compliment the walkthrough, a full collectible guide has been included to show where all gold bars are located as-well as unique weapons and where they are on each mission. Find gold-bars by looking for the Acta-Non-Verba white sign with a black symbol which designate where a gold-bar can be found. Follow the video guide below or for a text guide scroll down.

The best video I could find for weapon locations, unfortunately lacking details on the locations:

Credit: Hiorthen

Welcome to Bad Company (5 Weapons, 0 Goldbars)

Weapon 1-2/5 : Those weapons are the AEK971 and the S20K. These are the standard weapons the enemies in the whole game carry. No need to search for them, just walk to the dead and scavenge them as you go. Those are actually also available on other missions, so just pick them up whenever you want.

Weapon 3/5 : Automatically obtained when going for objective RAM, inside the house (It's the XM8).

Weapon 4/5 : When prompted for objective MUSTANG and proceeding towards the farm there should be a small area that cuts through the trees and there should be enemies gathered around a small destroyed building. Rush in, kill them and the weapon should be inside (It's the 870MCS)

Weapon 5/5 : When prompted for objective BRONCO, before you head north to the farm, behind you should be a destroyed bridge and in the small building near the bridge is the last weapon, the SCAR.

Acta non Verba (1 Weapon, 5 Gold Bars)

Gold Bar 1/5 : Automatically obtained after searching the house for it

Gold Bar 2/5 : When heading towards the "move out, kill all enemies" objective, you will come to an area where the road circles around some buildings. One of the first buildings has an emplacement and on the west side an "acta non verba - sign" on it. Its on the upper floor, rather easy to spot.

Gold Bar 3/5 : When prompted to destroy the fuel depot, take a boat and head southward on the river until you reach a small enemy encampment. Dismount and dispatch them all and head to the southern part of the camp to a small ditch with 2 small bridges above it. Its inside that ditch.

Gold Bar 4/5 : When going for the stationary guns, when being attacked by a tank there should be a shielded turret in the same area. Dispatch them all, head upstairs to the turret (acta non verba sign should be visible) and search the adjacent room. The place is also signed with a X on your map.

Weapon 1/1 : When prompted for the keep the tanks alive objective, at the first ambush head to the house with the RPG inside (marked with a X on your map) and the M249 is on a Weapon grate inside.

Gold Bar 5/5 : After you protected the tanks and reached the town, to the far south west corner of the graveyard is the last gold crate.

Crossing Over (6 Weapons, 5 Gold Crates)

Weapon 1/6 : Head down the hill at the start in the small building to pick up the AN-94.

Weapon 2/6 : The SPAS-12 is located not too far from the AN-94 on the same side of the river, south-side of the road. If you are facing the bridge you are meant to cross it is to the far right in one of the buildings there.

Gold Crate 1/5 : When prompted to destroy the south antenna box, keep heading along the road and you'll come to a blocked area. Behind the barrier is the gold crate.

Weapon 3/6 : Same area as above gold crate, you will find the XM8C on the road side.

Weapon 4/6 : After this point you will face various snipers and all of them will carry the SV98.

Weapon 5/6 : When prompted for the east antenna box, you will come across a guard tower on the right (Has an X on the map, but hard to spot) with a MG on it. Kill the guard, climb up the ladder and the SVU should be lying there, waiting for you.

Gold Crate 2/5 : When prompted for the northern antenna box and fleeing the helicopter you will come to a small encampment with a barn. The barn has a basement underneath and it can be entered through the southern entrance. It's right inside there.

Weapon 6/6 : Head farther down the road until you reach a dirt path that leads to the west until you reach a small hut. You can find the MG36 just inside (iIt's marked with a X, has a power tool inside as well).

Gold Crate 3/5 : It's just inside the above mentioned building.

Gold Crate 4/5 : When prompted to scout the harbor, after you crossed the 2 water trenches you'll find a set of blue and brown containers to the northern part after the 2nd trench. Its located on one of these.

Gold Crate 5/5 : When dropping down to the dock, to the far south west corner of it is a small green little house. The last crate is just inside.

Par for the Course (8 Weapons, 5 Gold Crates)

Weapon 1/8 : After heading down the path from the start you should come to a small Russian outpost. Kill the enemies and check for a nearby house with a X on the map and the VSS is inside.

Weapon 2/8 : Once you reach the town with the first rocket launcher, the NS2000 is in one of the southernmost buildings.

Weapon 3/8 : Now grab a boat and head to the northwest corner of the map to a lonesome island. The M24 should be in the building with the X marked on the map.

Gold Crate 1/5 : It's in the same building as above weapon.

Weapon 4/8 : Now head to the far northwest corner of the map to a small outpost with no rocket launcher in it and 2 X´s on the map. In a building should be the M16 (near the lower mentioned gold crate).

Gold Crate 2/5 : Same spot as the weapon, in a house with a power drill inside.

Weapon 5/8 : After heading down to the 3rd missile launcher there should be on the northern side of the outpost near the missile launcher and an explosives shack, the MG3 lying around.

Weapon 6/8 : Once you reached the supply point, to the furthest west is a building you can climb up. The PP2000 is on the first floor.

Gold Crate 3/5 : Same spot, slightly to the north of the heli Pad should be a tee-off with the gold crate on it.

Gold Crate 4/5 : When you head to the smoke, you can spot a X to the north on your map. It should be next to the power tool.

Weapon 7/8 : Before you actually reach the bridge you come through a small outpost. The UMP is the northernmost X (There are actually 3) in a small tollbooth.

Weapon 8/8 : Before entering the palace you can get the PKM near the stairs in front of the feet of the golden statue.

Gold Crate 5/5 : Before heading upstairs and finishing the level, head to the back of the palace and take the gold crate on the first floor on the western side of the room.

Air Force One (0 Weapons, 5 Gold Crates)

Gold Crate 1/5 : When prompted to destroy the military Infrastructure, land on the southern side of the dam and you should see a white building. The crate and a sniper rifle is in there.

Gold Crate 2/5 : When you land the heli to reach the radio equipment, head downstairs and it's in the adjacent room.

Gold Crate 3/5 : When heading back to the heli, you will head across a very small island (It's near the horn of the larger island) with some ruins on it. It's inside the ruins

Gold Crate 4/5 : Once you destroyed the trucks on the eastern side, head to the southern side of the base to find a white building near the water (It's the X on the furthest south with a power drill inside)

Gold Crate 5/5 : When searching for a fuel truck, to your left down the ramp is a white building with a power tool inside. The crate is inside the building.

Crash and Grab (3 Weapons, 5 Gold Crates)

Weapon 1/3 : At the start of the mission, head down to the X at the small village by the boats and you find the M95 in a small building with the rocket launcher.

Weapon 2/3 : When prompted to reach the Com center, Head along the river to the south. There should be 2 X´s on the shore, south of the previous village and in the northern building with the X, is the XM8LMG.

Gold Crate 1/5 : Take the boat to the Easternmost bridge, follow the bridge south to a small outpost, take the car east along the dirt path and follow each dirt path until you reach a dead end with a small house. Inside is a M16 and a gold crate.

Gold Crate 2/5 : Take the round path up to your objective and you should see a small dith path to your right (you see a circle of buildings on your map) and check the southernmost building for the gold.

Weapon 3/3 : When you enter the base from the southern entrance you should see a green building to your left. Enter the first one and you find the AKS74u.

Gold Crate 3/5 : When heading for the monastery, you will come past a dam. stay along the east coast until you reach a small group of houses on the northernmost part of the map. Grab a car, and head east along a dirt path and take a left when you reach some houses. The gold is inside one of those.

Gold Crate 4/5 : Still on the way to the monastery you will have to fight a tank and head up a pretty windy path. Take a turn after you fight a turret to the right (blocked by roadblocks) and head that windy path up. You'll spot some ruins on your right and on your left some flat area without anything at it. Drive your car north from there and you should find another ruin with the "acta non verba" sign. Head into it and the gold is in there.

Gold Crate 5/5 : Still on to the monastery, after backtracking from the previous gold, head across the 2nd bridge and look as far up and to the right as you can. You should spot some ruins which contain the last goldbar in this level.

Ghost Town (6 Weapons, 5 Gold Crates)

Weapon 1/6: In the pretty first confrontation with the enemy you can find an AUG on almost every enemy (pretty common in the whole level).

Weapon 2/6: Same area as above weapon, you can find the 9A91 in the building furthest to the west near the rocket launcher.

Weapon 3/6: Same area as above weapon, the QJU88 can be found on the easternmost building on the 2nd floor. C4 spawns there too.

Weapon 4/6: When prompted to go towards Sadiz, use a vehicle and you will come to a heavily guarded outpost with some roadblocks to your left. Inside the first blue house to the right on the northeastern part of the camp is a spawn for a SPAS15 with probably a guide inside guarding it.

Gold Crate 1/5: After you circled the same area, the last house down the dirt-path before you leave the outpost is having an "acta non verba" sign and a gold bar on the first floor inside it.

Gold Crate 2/5: When coming to an artillery trench with a lot of tanks to fight, head to the right to a rocket launcher spawn. From here you should see a water-tower with 3 blue houses. The gold is in the southernmost house.

Gold Crate 3/5: When prompted to destroy the 2 bridges and ducking down under the pipes, there should be a lonely brown building. Check the north of the building.

Weapon 5/6: After the previous gold piece, look to the nearby small shack for the GOL.

Weapon 6/6: After using the laser designator, head to the furthest southeast X in the village and inside the small 2 story building you can find the T194.

Gold 4/5: Before you head out to the objective, get on the roof of the most northwestern building to get another gold crate.

Gold 5/5: When prompted to locate the transport, head east from the objective to some empty pools and the crate is just inside.

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