Battleship Reviews

  • PangoBaraPangoBara1,244,995
    23 Oct 2017
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    This isn't your father's Battleship... Every mission begins with the normal placement of your 5 ships, but then it gets much more refreshing. You have 'Attack' and 'Scan' resources (Red and White pegs) that you gain a few of after every turn. Each of your ships have special abilities that utilize these resources with some slight variation amongst the "factions" of ships. For example, the military cruiser can use 5 white pegs to detect an entire row/column. It will cover 4 squares at a time and mark any ships in its path with a green peg. This is the game's greatest feature. It allows for enjoyable variety in a classic board game.

    Game Modes:
    Campaign - This is where you will probably spend most of your time. There are 30 missions to complete against the AI. If you thought that playing a game such as Battleship against AI would be a bad idea, then you'd be right. Missions 1-19 and 26-30 are a breeze, with the AI making dumb choices or just not finding you quick enough. Missions 20-25, however, are much tougher. The 24th mission is pure pain. The AI suddenly becomes a god-tier Battleship player, sometimes hitting multiple ships on its first turn. It also recieves 4 of each resource every turn whereas you only recieve 2 of each. This leaves you understocked and against an extremely precise bastard (that makes really stupid mistakes just to give you a chance). The campaign is a small bit entertaining, but not very great.

    VS - Allows you to match against an AI or another local player. Playing against the AI is basically the same as the campaign, but where both players recieve 3 of each resource every turn. For local players, it is the same, but each player is expected to look away as the other play places their ships. There is also a classic mode. In this mode, each player gets 1 attack per turn and nothing else like normal Battleship. There is, of course, an Online Vs mode too!

    Battleship has a pretty easy, short completion except for completing all of the Tutorials and Campaign missions. Mission 24 is still a pain. Everything else is quick and easy with 2 controllers.