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Posted on 19 May 12 at 22:43, Edited on 13 August 14 at 02:32
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Video games that are adapted from movies have had a nice streak of just sucking. They usually pick an action packed movie with no real story in a vain attempt at capitalizing on the movie that has either just come out to the Cineplex, or will be out within a few days. Essentially, they’re just really long, expensive, crappy commercials. This game is no exception because the movie itself has a huge sign for me that says “STAY AWAY.” Anyways, I liked the idea of the game being a first person shooter and a strategy game together, but, sadly, when this isn’t done right you are left with a very dull game and a hunger causing pain to the nearest brick wall.

You are Chief Cole Mathis, an affable fellow who seemed to spend most of his time laying around and disarming bombs, until the aliens attack! It’s up to you to fight on the ground and control the Navy fleet against the horde of alien creatures. Just an FYI here, to all of those non-Veteran readers out there; there is no way in hell that a Chief would ever control the Navy. Anyways, that is all you get. There is no real connection in the story. You aren’t told anything about the alien race or the soldiers you interact with.

Ok, so the story blew chunks, but I figured at least the game play would be fun, right? Wrong. The first person controls were very clunky and slow. I spent a good five minutes messing around with the sensitivity and finally found something I could work with, but it still moved horribly. Aiming down the sights wasn’t that hard because of the auto aim feature which made everything easy to kill. The weapons were at a minimum and very cliché. M-16, shotgun, pistol and grenade for the humans; and a machine gun and sniper rifle you can pick up from the aliens. Because, obviously, aliens hell bent on destroying us will do so with machine guns and sniper rifles.

I love strategy games and this was somewhat fun, at first, when you were controlling the ships. It doesn’t matter what ship you have or what the enemy has it is really easy to take them down. Wildcards can be picked up after shooting an enemy down in the first person mode and you can then apply it to your ships, giving them more fire power or range. There are certain squares on the map that you can place your ship on and they can give your character support fire which was a neat idea. However, as I’ve mentioned there was no real strategy in any of this, all you have to do is tell the ship to attack. It was like strategizing a pack of wild dogs whose enemy is covered in raw meat.

The graphics were at a bare minimum and so was the sound. You could tell that the folks behind the movie rushed at getting this game ready for the theatrical release. You would think for a game that takes you about three or four hours to beat they would at least beef up the presentation on it, but alas, they did not. The first couple of levels were descent; however the last three were just copies of the others, but in reverse.

This game was just done lazy, which is no surprise because every damn game that is based on a movie is typically like this. The gameplay was boring, the controls were awful, and the story is about as short as this review. Do yourself a huge favor, instead of buying this game for sixty bucks, pick up a real game like Diablo 3 or Max Payne 3 and save yourself from kicking your own ass for picking this up.
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Posted on 21 May 12 at 03:18
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We all have played games based off of movies which usually results in us regretting the decision. For me when I decide to play a movie tie in I hope its not as bad as the majority of them.

When I first heard about the Battleship movie I thought it was a terrible idea right away. Never in my wildest imagination did I think Hollywood would make movies based off of board games, with the exception of Clue from the 80s. Once I read up on it and found out it was about an alien attack I came to the conclusion that there is no way the movie would be any good, when I saw there was a game based off the movie I thought to myself that this is going to be a disaster. I was also concerned that there was no way the original subject matter would be seen in the game or movie.

I have not seen the movie yet but I assume that the game would take place at sea because the game takes place on the ocean. 95% of this game you are on land fighting four different aliens that are in soldier uniforms (which makes them look human). When you kill the enemy they will randomly drop wildcards, which are used to either powerup, reapir or use your ships to attack. Saying your battling at sea for 5% of the time is generous because your wildcard will get you up to 20 seconds of sea battle, that is if you dont destroy the alien ship faster. When fighting at sea every battle is the same and the alien ships all look the same.

The graphics arent bad but the environment looks the same throughout the entire game. The game gets boring fast becuase you feel like you are doing the same thing over and over. It would had been nice if part of the game took place at night or there were some shoot outs on one of the ships but unfortunately you are running through trees and beach the entire game.

There is no multiplayer mode available which is a shame becuase capture the flag or team deathmatch but apparently replayability was not a concern with this game. Even though addition of a co-op mode would had been nice.

The achievements are short and simple. The hardest difficulty is not very hard at all. There was only two sections I got stuck on going through the game. By time you finish the campaign you should have half a dozen achievements left to grind, which will take about an hour.

At the end of the day I wouldnt recommend Battleship to anyone that wasnt achievement hunting, I definatelty wouldnt recommend buying it for more than $5-10 becuase there is no reason to play it after you get the full 1000. With the exception of the easy completion the only thing the game is worth is a weekend rental. Im going to be generous and give the game a three stars, the game is not bad it just gets boring about half way through.
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Princess Luna41
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Princess Luna41
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When I first played Battleship I didn't expect much another over priced unknown game however I was pleasantly surprised.

While starting the game I assumed, based on the back of the case, that it was a re-imaging of the battleship board game and not the movie,which to be honest I never knew existed till researching the games origins, and with that in mind its best to believe that it is the re-imaging as that makes the game way more enjoyable rather then knowing its just a quick movie tie in cash grab.

Story opens and you are on an island and you play as Cole Mathis ,which you will be constantly remind of thanks to you commanding officer. This start is similar to many game of the genre get a basic objective, in this case disarm bombs, this run you through the basic control move, interact and crouch and run and just like most other games such as Turok for example there will be a sudden incident that will thrust you into the main game teaching gun controls as you go and for Battleship this incident is an alien invasion and that is all the plot you get as for the rest of the game will have you do small task such as destroy relay towers or rendezvousing with other solider.

However there is one special aspect of this game which is its defining feature apart from the constant FPS anarchy which you will experience you are giving a ship control pad which looks exactly like the case used from the board games a nice touch if I do say this turn the game from FPS to RTS as you will have to use this little gadget to move your ships into strategic location around the multiple island you play through to help provide cover fire such as missile barrages or rockets that disorient enemies or you will you your ship to fight other alien ships. This feature adds a more exciting background during the mission as at any time you can look out onto the ocean and see massive naval battles happening at any time which helps add a nice sense of scale to the game as its not just on lone warrior fighting his way through a metro tunnel or through a jungle with that said this is probably the most interesting aspect to the game.

Game play as previously discussed the naval RTS is an enjoyable feature but may have taken away from the rest of the game. Primarily the guns in any FPS is what is most important well in Battleship they nail it nor did they screw it up the guns look nice feel like they have weight and feel like they have a real impact however they aren't many types of guns in the game there is Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun, The alien assault rifle and a Chargeable beam rifle. This severely limits option throughout the game as you most likely just want to have the shotgun and carbine as your only two weapons as they get the job done. Enemy variety isn't much better there is standard grunt and brute plus giant explosive homing balls it feels like more time was spent developing the naval enemies as there are at least 3 times more varied then the aliens you will be shooting. Objective are also limited as you will primarily destroy a relay tower, defend something/someone or fight your way to extraction point again this leaves something to be desired.

However at the start I said this can be a enjoyable experience and it is if you have never seen the movie but know of the board game believe to be a reboot of the board game because as far as a reboot is concerned it nails it, or as another reason it is something that fulfill a FPS urge you might get it is varied enough to stand out from other FPS and can easily provide that entertainment if you hunger for such a type of game.

Lastly I should mention the achievement standard 1000 Gamerscore all achievable through single player as there in no multiplayer for this game the campaign is roughly 5 hours and can be done in one or two runs as there are difficulty run through achievement and an achievement for collecting all pegs in the game another nice throwback to the board game.

In conclusion if you are able to preconception of this being a movie game and instead associate it with the board game there is a bit of fun to be had if you can find this game in a bargain bin or for sale cheap online you should give it a try.
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Battleship (Xbox 360) Game Review

Released : April 20th , 2012
Reviewed : June 3rd , 2012
Genre : First Person Shooter / Real Time Strategy

Review :

Well another movie game. Must be pretty bad right? In short yes, yes it is. Battleship the game comes in barring a story for the ages. By that we mean it will take you ages to wonder why this game really doesn’t have a story. You play a Chief whos job it is to disarm bombs. Magically though when the aliens attack he springs into action like Rambo and somehow knows what to do.

The game though is your generic first person shooter. You run in a narrow path killing aliens (of which there are apparently only 3 types of) and disarming control panels. Now that sounds like fun right! The weapons in this game though are your average Sniper, Shotgun, M16, Grenade and two added alien weapons which somehow your guy knows how to use. In addition to that though they also added in a bad “Battleship” (see what I did there) type RTS button mashing part of the game. Now that works as you are trying to capture points on a grid and for some reason that is never explained there are other Navy ships attempting to sink you. You can pick up Wildcards that will help your ship but in the end it turns into a hassle since every time you have to enter and exit the mode you have to wait for loading. The actual ship on ship combat is really just button mashing and only lasts around 15 seconds. It gets old fast.

The controls for this game though are stiff and clunky. After a while you get use to it but you can tell it was rushed. Graphically it looks around early xbox times. Nothing impressive in the slightest. Even the sound just sounds rushed since it really is all just the same sounds. The game itself is only around 4 hours long if you take your time. Even achievements wise just by playing the game normally you’ll unlock the majority of the achievements.

Overall, this game really isn’t worth anyones time. In the end it is just another generic movie game.

Score :


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