Battlestations: Pacific (GFWL) Achievements

Full list of all 55 Battlestations: Pacific (GFWL) achievements worth 1,150 gamerscore.

The base game contains 50 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 5 achievements worth 150 Gamerscore.

  • Long-range Gunnery

    Destroy an enemy ship which is over 2800 meters away using a battleship.

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  • Flat-top Commander

    Send 50 planes into the air with the support manager.

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  • Death from Below

    Sink an enemy battleship with your submarine.

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  • Fighter Ace

    Destroy 5 enemy planes in less than 30 seconds without losing your fighter plane.

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  • Hat-trick

    Achieve 3 torpedo hits with the same torpedo bomber.

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  • Deadly Accuracy

    Cause 20 magazine explosions with dive bombers.

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  • Double Whammy

    Damage at least two targets in one bombing run.

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  • Supply Line

    Use the support manager to successfully send up a plane or request a ship.

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Carrier Battles Map Pack

35 (92%)
This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store and is no longer available for purchase.
  • The Protector

    Protect both carriers as the Japanese in Escort mode on Map 12.

  • Northern Waves

    Win a large map sized Island Capture mission on Map 14.

  • Battleship Shutout

    Win 3 straight rounds without loss as the Japanese, in a battleship Duel on Map 13.

  • Siege of Midway

    Win a Siege mission on Map 11.

  • The Survivalist

    Win a Competitive match without losing your submarine on Map 12.